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President Trump Moves to Sign Executive Order Aimed at Social Media Platforms

President Trump Moves to Sign Executive Order Aimed at Social Media Platforms
President Donald Trump will sign an executive order "pertaining to social media" on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters late Wednesday evening.
Trump took to Twitter to tell Americans to "stay tuned."

The move comes after Twitter fact-checked the president's tweets warning about the potential for voter fraud as more states move to absentee voting in the face of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. It was the first time the social media giant applied the information label on one of Trump's tweets.

Trump's claims that voter fraud is a problem could "contain potentially misleading information about voting processes and have been labeled to provide additional context around mail-in ballots," a Twitter spokesperson told The Hill.
Democrats 'Dreading' Election Scenario Predicted By Obama's Top Economist: 'Best' U.S. 'Economic Data' In History About To Happen

The Democrat Party (the Left) want America’s economy to tank. They actually want businesses to go bankrupt. They want higher unemployment levels. They are content with the livelihoods of millions of American families being destroyed, because they believe that such a scenario will prevent President Trump from being re-elected. The Democrat Party is EVIL! The American people must make this anti-America party pay a HUGE price in November.

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The Albatross That Is Quid Pro Quo
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio 

The albatross is a superstitious relic written about in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” In that poem the narrator killed the bird and his fellow sailors eventually forced him to carry the burden of his crime by wearing the dead bird around his neck. Ever since, the albatross has become a metaphor for a psychological burden that feels like a curse. 

The Democrat party has an albatross, a burden that is a curse from which they have but one means of escape...they must remove said albatross from their ship. And that albatross is Joe Biden. He’s in trouble...deep trouble...and the peril for his party is real if they fail to cast the albatross overboard. The trouble Joe Biden is in is much more than political, it's legal in nature and it's international in scope. The peril for his party is of his party’s own doing as they continue backing Biden out of a combination of desperation, arrogance, and hatred of Biden’s foe in the upcoming election...President Donald J. Trump. 

We want to be very clear here that while desperation over losing the 2016 election and a defacto third term in office for Obama...with Hillary Clinton being but the facade of power in the U.S...coupled with the arrogance of the Democrat party feeling that they were entitled to a third Obama term to finish the “fundamental transformation of America” into a socialist state, did and still does indeed play a significant role in this dire saga. And it's not blind faith in Joe Biden that has driven the Democrat party to the brink of political's simply their blind hatred of President Trump which has now led them to the edge of the abyss. 

For the moment, we want you to set aside Joe Biden’s disastrous slipping mind. We want you to set aside what has become the fodder of social media including his recent completely racist remark, his inability to focus on uttering cognitive sentences, and his dementia-riddled appearances from his basement tapes, and instead focus on what the mainstream media and his own party are desperately trying to ignore. And as we always do, we will step back to see the bigger picture and provide better context for what is really going on as Biden and his presumptive nomination loom as an albatross for the Democrat party. 

After the Russia collusion attempted coup against President Trump fell apart like a house of cards built upon a foundation of lies in a tornado of truth via the Mueller Report, the Democrat party having failed to bring down the duly elected President of the United States, saw desperation quickly setting in. So on the heels of that debacle, even before the dust had settled, the Democrat party launched their second manufactured coup attempt and it came in the form of impeachment hearings in the House. And with the House in Democrat control the outcome of those hearings were pre-determined. President Trump would be found guilty no matter the evidence or lack thereof, and the final charges against him would be two-fold...abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. 

But that wasn’t where it started was it? Those weren’t the original charges were they? It was something else altogether. When the impeachment began the Democrats had charged President Trump with issuing a “quid pro quo” deal with the new president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, and doing so in a phone conversation. The Democrats claimed that President Trump had withheld defense funding from Ukraine and demanded that President Zelensky investigate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, for corruption. 

President Trump quickly declassified the transcript of the phone call and released that transcript to the public, as well as to the anti-Trump liberal media. That transcript should have ended the matter as it unequivocally showed that no such “quid pro quo” took place, that President Trump made no such demand as the Democrats had claimed, and that the entire manufactured charge was bogus. It should have ended the matter, but it didn’t. The liberal media ran with the manufactured claim and between the mainstream media and the House hearings, once they moved from secret star-chamber testimony to public testimony from witnesses that witnessed nothing...witnesses who admitted just that in both their secret and public testimony...witnesses also admitting that they heard no “quid pro quo” deal...the American public was carpet bombed with unending blather of President Trump’s supposed “quid pro quo.” 

Then, with just a day or two of public testimony in the House, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler began the process of wrapping up the House end of the impeachment before sending the debunked matter to the Senate with the charges suddenly being changed to abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, neither of which are impeachable offenses. 

And why? Because we believe it had quite a bit to do with a recently resurfaced video of Joe Biden bragging about the time when he got tough with then Ukrainian President Poroshenko, telling Poroshenko to fire his country’s lead prosecutor,Viktor Shokin, who at the time was investigating Burisma Holdings the very energy company where Biden’s son Hunter was a board member, or Ukraine would not get $1 billion in defense aide.

And that most assuredly is “quid pro quo.” More on that in a bit. 

And here we believe that by changing the impeachment charge from “quid pro quo” to abuse of power and obstruction of Congress two components came into play. The first being the combination of the transcript of the phone call showing no such “quid pro quo,” and the fact that not a single witness brought by the Democrats in the House hearings had witnessed any such deal being made. It would have been a tough sell to get enough Democrats in the House to vote in favor of impeachment based on a charge for which there existed no evidence and to which existed not a single witness, but we also believe that of greater concern to the Democrat party was that video. How could they impeach President Trump for something their backed and presumptive nominee had bragged about doing himself.

Very quickly the Democrat party tried to cover for Biden’s bragging bloviations by employing their propagandists, as in the mainstream media, to create a smoke screen. They tried to bury the bragging by saying that Joe Biden’s meeting in which he claimed that he got tough with Ukraine, to the tune of a $1 billion “quid pro quo,” took place months before Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko fired lead prosecutor Viktor Shokin and therefore, Shokin’s firing wasn’t related to whatever Biden may or may not have actually said. Furthermore, the Democrat party claimed that with no evidence of what Biden said happened existing, that it was probably just Joe Biden being Joe Biden. Move along. Nothing to see here. 

But now the tables have turned. While the transcript of the phone call between President’s Trump and Zelensky decisively showed no evidence of a “quid pro quo” deal, the evidence of Biden’s actual “quid pro quo” deal with Poroshenko has been made public in the form of actual audio of a call between then Vice President Biden and then President Poroshenko.

The date of that call was just shortly after Poroshenko fired Shokin, and in it Joe Biden clearly tells Poroshenko that he is a “man of his word,” and that he was prepared to sign the deal for the $1 billion based on the news that Shokin had indeed been fired. And you can also hear Poroshenko tell Biden that it was “extremely strong motivation” that made the $1 billion deal happen.

That audio of that phone call was selectively leaked, and much to the dismay of the Democrat party they have no recourse for it. And while it's illegal to leak classified material to the media, as was done in the unmasking of General Flynn, it's also illegal when said material is leaked from and by U.S. sources in the employment of the U.S. government or intel agencies that are privy to said material. 

RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS can only speculate as to where this leak came from, but it's what we like to refer to as informed speculation. It seems nearly impossible that the audio was leaked from U.S. sources as any such recording would have been classified and kept under lock and key by Democrat officials and intelligence agencies. RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS believes that the audio of those conversations between Joe Biden and Ukrane's President Petro Poroshenko were obtained from Ukraine itself. Remember, Rudy Giuliani, roughly six months ago, was making the media rounds claiming to have in his possession evidence of Biden’s illegal activities with relation to Ukraine. 

Rudy Giuliani was not then nor is he now an employee of any governmental body or agency. When Giuliani made several trips to Ukraine to gather such evidence, he was a private citizen and attorney for President Trump. It is the informed speculation of RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS that the audio was procured by Rudy Giuliani from Ukrainians familiar with the recording and then selectively leaked, not by President Trump now in the middle of the 2020 campaign, but by a private U.S. citizen under that citizen’s own direction and nobody else's.

So as we previously said, Joe Biden is now in deep trouble, and has become an albatross around the neck of the Democrat party. But the proof of Biden’s “quid pro quo” is just one factor in the curse he’s placed on his own party as there is more...much more...but first a bit more background to get up to speed as to where we are today. 

First, we now know that back in 2016, then Vice President Joe Biden was indeed behind the firing of Ukraine’s Chief Prosecutor Victor Shokin, the man who was investigating Burisma of Ukraine's largest independent natural gas producers...a company where Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was on the board at the time. Second, in a surprising turn of events, just this past February 24th, Ukraine's Prosecutor General’s Office along with the State Bureau of Investigations ordered an investigation into Shokin’s claim that he was fired only because of pressure Biden put on then Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. And third, when Ukrainian law enforcement agencies originally opened their investigation they did refuse to name Joe Biden as the alleged perpetrator of the stated crime...listing instead the soon to be defendant as an unnamed American. Thankfully, Kiev's District Court Judge S. V. Vovk then ruled that an “anonymous listing” was “improper” and ordered Ukrain's law enforcement agencies to “formally name” former Vice President Joe Biden as Victor Shokin's accused perpetrator adding that “the order of the court may not be appealed.” 

Then just a few weeks ago, Judge Vovk ordered Ukraine’s law enforcement services to officially and “formally list” ex-prosecutor Victor Shokin as being the victim...yes...the victim...of said alleged crime by Joe Biden. And why was Shokin suddenly perceived as the victim...because there now was enough evidence to investigate both Shokin’s claim regarding his firing as well as Biden's supposed threat to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, which together amounted to, as per Judge Vovk, an “unlawful interference” into Shokin’s work as Ukraine’s then chief prosecutor. 

So, as our upcoming presidential election starts kicking into high gear...Joe Biden's campaign could very well see itself being over even before July's Democrat nominating convention begins as ghosts of the past are surely now casting an ominous shadow over him. 

And it all started back in February 2014 when Russia invaded Ukraine, with then Vice President Joe Biden per his memoirs...that he told then President Obama that he must “take decisive action” to make Moscow “pay in blood and money” for its aggression. And Obama's response...he sent the Ukrainians blankets instead of the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missiles they had asked for. And Obama then sent Joe Biden, in his role as vice president, to the Ukraine six times not only in the role of “executor of his Ukraine policy,” a policy which included Obama having to caution Biden “about not over promising to the Ukrainian government,” while at the same time telling Biden to insist that Ukraine's leaders deal with the corruption that made their country not only a risky bet for international lenders but that reform was needed regarding Ukraine’s “cronyism-ridden energy industry.” 

And it's here where Joe Biden's hopefully soon to be downfall begins for Hunter Biden was now on the board (from 2014-2019) of the very energy company...Burisma Holdings...that Prosecutor Victor Shokin was in the process of investigating. And Joe Biden could not allow it to be known how his son secured a board of director's job that he had no background in nor experience for and yet it was a job he was being paid large sums of money to do. Simply, it appears that it was the politically powerful Biden name itself that was now being used as leverage to help secure his son’s business interests in Ukraine while at the same time Joe Biden was being tasked by Obama to oversee U.S.-Ukraine policy, quite the conflict of interest we'd say. 

And that is most definitely “quid pro quo” for joe Biden in his position as vice president was basically saying we'll give you this if you give me that...which meant having Victor Shokin fired. Fire the very man...the very prosecutor...who was now deep into conducting a series of criminal investigations for tax violations, money-laundering, and licensing infractions against Burisma and it's owner Mykola Zlochevsky...and if you leave my son out of it I'll make sure Obama gives you what you in loan guarantees for military aide and equipment...were most likely Joe Biden's thoughts. And that is true “quid pro quo” in action no matter Biden's denying that Shokin’s firing was due to the Burisma issue, but instead because Shokin was ineffective as a corruption fighter...something we now know he was anything but. 

So now we stand at a crossroads as new information keeps coming out...information that dare not be reported on by the mainstream media of course...including that on May 20th Senate Republicans authorized the issuing of their first document subpoena as part of a now even broader investigation into the Obama administration's doings. Voting, as expected, along party lines, the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, a committee headed by Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), agreed to not only issue a subpoena for Blue Star Strategies...the very consulting firm linked to Hunter Biden and Burisma...but to also investigate the actual “scope” of Hunter Biden's “work” for Burisma. 

But why Blue Star Strategies specifically...because it appears there's a possible conflict of interest as to whether Hunter Biden's role on the board of Burisma allowed those at Blue Star to improperly use their relationship with Biden, and hence his vice president father, to “influence” U.S. government agencies. The subpoena specifically asks for Blue Star's records from January 1, 2013 to the present as "related to work for or on behalf of Burisma Holdings or individuals associated with Burisma." which obviously includes Hunter Biden for he was the very one who connected Burisma with Blue Star Strategies claiming they could help Burisma fight the corruption charges being leveled against them. 

And while both House and Senate Democrats are furious that such a much needed investigation was called for let alone voted on during the COVID-19 pandemic, Democrats have been sounding the alarm for weeks that GOP senators are using this investigation, an investigation they knew would be forthcoming, “to target President Trump's political rivals (specifically Joe Biden) and potentially inadvertently spread Russian misinformation.” As usual for the Democrats everything is both partisan and Russian related, no matter that for five months committee chair Ron Johnson has been trying but failed to speak with Blue Star's co-founder and chief executive officer Karen Tramontano minus the need for a subpoena. 

So as we wait to see how this investigation unfolds, and with committee chairman Johnson saying that some preliminary findings could be released as early as some time in June, Democrats are now saying that this investigation is all about trying to “save President Trump's job.” No, it's not, for the bottom is twofold. First, the upcoming hearings will provide the Senate with the "full picture" and second, “We the People” are entitled to the truth as to whether Hunter Biden and his father Joe Biden tried to not only influence U.S. government agencies on behalf of Burisma, but to line their own pockets as well. 

And so now we come full circle back to the beginning of who exactly might have leaked the now damning phone call tape between then Vice President Joe Biden and then Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, which we, as RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS, believe is private citizen Rudy Giuliani, the man who traveled numerous times to Ukraine during the period of time in question. And during his trip last December, Giuliani  met with Andriy Derkach, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, who on May 19th held a press conference in Ukraine and played portions of the tape that featured the phone conversations between Biden and Poroshenko. And we believe that it was at the December meeting between the two men that Andriy Derkach gave the tape to Rudy Giuliani.

Now possibly being the key player in affording Ukraine the ability to formally name Joe Biden as the perpetrator in the crime of getting Victor Shokin fired, absolutely none of this has the hand of President Trump on it, but is the action of a private citizen legally allowed free reign to do what he thought best to do with the information in his possession. And how or from whom the information...the tape...was gotten is really not a legal matter for all, we believe, was under this private citizen's direction alone.

And if Rudy Giuliani is that private the tape's leaker...know that in his leaking said tape Rudy Giuliani is a hero for its this tape alone that has given unquestionable credence to the Senate investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden going forward. And really, if this tape had not surfaced...and Ukraine has obviously known about it for a few months if not longer...why else would a previously judged to be guilty man suddenly become the victim. Why else indeed...after all why would the Democrats be so protective of their very own closed.

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