Sunday, February 22, 2015

While I normally focus on jaw-dropping examples of hypocrisy by politicians, I realize that our beloved leaders also can be absurdly brazen in their exaggerations, deceptions, and prevarications.

But sometimes you can’t help but be shocked by their chutzpah.

Sort of like the time back in 2010 that a Greek politician issued an ultimatum that his country should get a giant bailout without taking the necessary steps to rein in bureaucratic bloat.

But nothing compares with Obama’s recent claim that his opponents are trying to “bamboozle” voters.
President Obama, in a fiery speech to Democrats Friday, accused Republicans of trying to “bamboozle folks,” saying their policies on middle-class issues did not reflect their lofty talk about helping ordinary Americans. …Obama went on to lambast Republicans for their opposition to his healthcare law… “Their grand predictions of doom and gloom and death panels haven’t come true,” Obama told the roomful of Democrats. “The sky hasn’t fallen. Chicken Little is quiet.”
Given the ongoing series of Obamacare disasters, I think there’s a strong case to be made that the American people have suffered some doom and gloom.

But I’m more amazed that the President, while defending his health plan, actually had the gall to accuse others of trying to “bamboozle.”

This from the President who prevaricated when he said people could keep their doctor.

This from the President who dissembled when he said health policies would be $2500 cheaper.

US signals likely delay in troop pullout from Afghanistan

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


US signals likely delay in troop pullout from Afghanistan
And so this endless, pointless bloodletting, with no goal and impossible rules of engagement, draining untold trillions from the U.S. economy and costing countless lives, will continue. Apparently the Afghan military and police will need the U.S. troops for target practice beyond the original departure date. “US signals likely delay in troop pullout from Afghanistan,” […]
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US Muslims criticize America, again

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

And what is the purpose of these remarks, if not to intimidate people into thinking that it is wrong to resist massive and unrestricted Muslim immigration and jihad terror itself?

Just read the Muslim quotes in the article — if they are so well assimilated, why all the non-stop grievance-mongering, complaining, lawsuits, and demands for accommodation etc.? Not mention Islamic Jew-hatred and support for a war on Israel.

The only difference between America and Europe is the number of Muslims. The bigger the Muslim population, the more restive, hostile and violent it will be — more on Muslim immigration here.

Obama’s self-congratulation is nothing more than a tissue-thin and pathetic excuse for his submission and...