Friday, October 6, 2017

Just a Thought...
It's Raining Snowflakes
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

I cannot believe how many 'snowflakes-on-the-right' there are...very frustrating indeed.

University of Texas at San Antonio: Prof threatens to expel student for saying Islamic countries kill gays
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


What Alfred McDonald said was true, but what does the truth matter? It has long been established that in the hierarchy of politically correct causes, Islam trumps gay rights. When AFDI ran ads highlighting the mistreatment of gays in Islamic law, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors issued a resolution condemning not that mistreatment, but […]
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President Trump to decertify disastrous Iran nuclear deal, Democrat traitors side with ….. Iran
Bravo! It was a terrible deal that should never have passed. Rewarding the world’s largest state sponsor of terror with nuclear weapons is evil and suicidal. The party of treason the Democrats have uniformly demanded that President Trump re-certify.
The Trump administration is expected to announce next week that it will not formally certify Iran as in compliance with the landmark nuclear agreement, a move that could kill the agreement and set the stage for Congress to reimpose harsh economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic, according to multiple U.S. officials and sources familiar with the situation. (WFB)
The bad Iran Deal endangers the United States and our allies because:
  • The deal doesn’t allow any U.S. inspections
  • Iran continues to cheat on the bad deal by testing ballistic missiles
  • Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism
  • The bad deal does not stop Iran’s nuclear program
Every day we stay in this bad deal, Iran gets closer to obtaining nuclear weapons. (hat tip Allen Roth)

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Today, Friday, October 6th from 7 to 9pm on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori expose the conspiracy theories surrounding the massacre in Las Vegas; Las Vegas and the Second Amendment; and important news of the day.

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Conspiracies Exposed...Conspiracies Unwelcomed
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

October 1, 2017...the day a lone gunman massacred 59 innocents and wounded 527 others at the 'Route 91 Harvest Festival,' a three-day country music event in Las Vegas. And before even one drop of the victim's blood had dried the usual roster of conspiratorists were out in full force spewing their nonsense. And their nonsense was pushed forward by major search engines such as Google, Tweeter, AOL, and Facebook who posted articles containing anonymous sources, 'we're waiting for confirmation,' and just fact-less speculation...claiming it all as truth.

But false information being disseminated at the height of a crisis is not unusual for chaos at first tends to be the order of the day. However, with the passage of time much of the false information tends to be righted by legitimate news sources while at the same time sensationalism becomes the fodder for those who think facts are lies and lies alone are truth.

And while numerous conspiracy scenarios are flooding social media sites, here I will address but a few key ones that seem to have taken on a life of their own.

Let's start with the conspiracy nonsense of there being more than one shooter because some claimed to have seen 'flashes' coming out of more than just the two fourth floor windows. Now here are the facts...facts both local and federal law enforcement have confirmed...with the first being that lone shooter Stephen C. Paddock's hotel room arsenal consisted of a single handgun and at least 23 rifles some of them with scopes, two of them modified with 'bump stock' devices to make them fully automatic. Using the now on tripods modified automatic rifles saw Paddock firing 40 to 50 'round-bursts' into the crowd of 22,000 concert goers from Room 135 on the 32nd floor of the gold-colored glass Mandalay Bay skyscraper. And he did so by breaking the glass in two of the adjoining-suite's windows he occupied. And why did he break the glass...believed to be with a hammer...because none of the windows in the Mandalay Bay opened...a very common occurrence in skyscrapers in order to prevent 'jumpers.'

And the two 32nd floor broken windows can clearly be seen in all the photos of the hotel taken that day, but nowhere can you see any fourth floor broken windows nor any windows broken on any other floor except the 32nd. Therefore, logic and simple fact dictates that no second shooter was firing from those or any other floors of the hotel.

Now remember I just spoke of the Mandalay's window being to reflect light away from the windows...this easily explains the so-called 'flashes of light' many claimed to have seen. Simple science here folks as those that do not open...are designed to reflect both light and this case 'flash reflection'...away from the room's occupants. And with all the commotion and panic going on down below, when you add in the lights reflecting up onto the 'golden building' from the lights of the Vegas Strip itself, the neighboring buildings, vehicles passing by, even by lights from the nearby airport, and from the actual reflection of the stage lights from the concert itself....easily and factually explains the 'flashes of light' some saw.

Now accompanying the 'flashes of light' conspiracy scenario is the actual sounds of the carnage relating to the gunfire some claim to have heard. That too is easily explained for sound itself is an odd thing in the way it bounces between hard and soft surfaces, especially off of a 'reflective wall' was the gold-colored Mandalay Bay building. With Mandalay Bay having three wings, all covered in glass from which sound can bounce, the angle of those on ground in relation to the point of sound origin...this being the 32nd floor windows...had those on the ground perceiving the sound of gunfire being not focused as it actually was but appearing to encompass them from different points of origin.

And when the echo factor is added in the reverberations and fluctuations in the intonations of an echo...that adds to the unreliability of those saying shots were fired from numerous locations, especially since there was no concave surface for sound wave 'focusing' to actually have occurred. And why...because the Harvest Festival and concert took place on an open flat field. And dare we forget that cell phone recordings some are claiming as proof of multiple firing locations...are not now nor have they ever been accurate in pinpointing a sound's specific point of origin.

Remember too, it remains unproven the claim of some to have seen or heard a shooter either on the ground or on the lower 4th floor level of the hotel...again...there was no second shooter just one shooter and one shooter alone.

Now let's move on to the conspiracy theorists favorite in blame any and all tragedies on opposing political core ideologies...'false flags' if you will. Here entering center stage are for the most part sadly those on the right...or so they claim as some are so far to the right that they actually shake hands with the left.

One case in point is a conspiratorist with a fairly large following...going by the moniker 'Kabamur on Twitter'...and is a man who claims George Soros staged and paid mercenaries to do the deed; claims Stephen C. Paddock is innocent; that Paddock and his girlfriend were first set-up and then killed to silence them; that local officials were not in on it but that the cleaning staff was; and that the F.B.I. planted evidence to implicate Paddock. And why did Soros do per start increasing military presence around the keep us all in line I would suppose is his implication.


Utter and complete nonsense as George Soros has nothing to gain from this event... there is no personal gain as Soros is all about money...amassing lots of money to help him set then push forward the New World's Agenda. George Soros is also about ruining a nation's economy, influencing political discourse, coupled with his desire to transform the world into his vision of a socialistic dictatorial utopia with him pulling his appointed one's strings as he rules over a grand "open society"...what Soros views as America's future. The carnage in Las Vegas in no way helps George Soros fulfill his agenda, in fact it is counterproductive to it for his agenda needs victims...not true innocent victims like those Paddock killed...but guilty perps pushing aside said innocents and taking their place. Victimization in Soros' world works but the victims must be of his choosing alone...randomness has no place.

And besides, Paddock's girlfriend Marilou Danley is alive and well, now in police custody, and being questioned. So much for this nonsensical conspiratorist's credibility.

And of course when any tragedy involving a gun occurs the Grand Poobah of all right-wing conspiratorists...none other than Alex Jones of Info Wars infamy...throws his two-cents into the mix. And this time Jones claims that 'Deep State' Democrats orchestrated the Las Vegas shooting to aid in launching a new Civil War in the U.S., and that said shooting was to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution...a revolution led by Vladimir Lenin against the existing Czarist government.

The literal grandchildren of the folks that financed the Bolshevik Revolution out of New York and London are now bragging saying Bolshevik 2 is launching. I told you over and over again that I believe their November 4th launch terror date was a smokescreen for them to begin launching terror attacks in October. They will get successively more intense until you basically come punch-drunk to them, then they’ll launch their main attack”...said Jones with a straight yet angry face while still claiming there was a nonexistent second shooter while relishing in knowing that only the gullible buy into his nonsense. So not caring about the 59 dead nor the 527 wounded, ratings rule Alex Jones' self-absorbed world with this tragedy but another tool to draw attention to himself.

And by the way, the Bolshevik Revolution started on November 6th and 7th, 1917 (or October 24th and 25th on the Julian calendar) not on October 2nd as Jones alludes to.

Now as for those conspiracy sorts screaming that this horrific event was staged via 'crisis actors'...people paid to show up at crisis' to play the victim of some vast government put it say or even allude to the massacre in Las Vegas as being a 'crisis actor' scenario while 59 innocent Americans lay dead let alone all those wounded is to dishonor those now gone, and shows just how gullible some on our side actually are.

And while I am not saying there might not be some of those sorts on scene now, I assure you it is for their personal gain alone. Remember when Obama was president how many of our own claimed Sandy Hook was a 'false flag'...that no one was killed...that paid 'crisis actors' were the victims we saw on T.V...that it was a set-up to push for more gun control...well those claims went nowhere except in the conspiracy sort's minds and will be proven so once again with Las Vegas. And while some legitimate Twitter now tweeting about a 'false flag' set-up by anti-Trump and anti-gun folks...have started using this tragedy to push their anti-gun rhetoric, they have no real basis for an argument for the automatic rifles in Paddock's possession have been banned for a long time. And with Obama gone...with Trump now's a new day folks...time to lay this 'crisis actor' nonsense to rest.

And lastly, adding into this conspiracy mix comes the as expected 'supposed' islam in ISIS did it...Stephen C. Paddock was radicalized...some on our side yell. And while it is true that Paddock was indeed radicalized...although not a member of either political party...he was not radicalized in the ways of ISIS but was radicalized in the ways of the far left's anti-Trump agenda and the agenda of the anarchist Antifa sorts whose literature was found in one of his homes. In fact, so much so that this man attended a Reno, Nevada anti-Trump rally this past August replete with his donning pink pussy-cat ears that seem to be the required dress of these vile sorts. Also wearing a pink NASA tee-shirt...Paddock did work for NASA at one time as can be seen in the press release above...clearly shows a possible motive and it does not concern ISIS but points to an aged 'snowflake' taking out his pent-up anger that Hillary lost on a group of what he perceived solely to be Trump supporters.

See the video of the August anti-Trump rally with Paddock in attendance here:

Also, ISIS is known to grandstand and take credit for any incident where mass carnage occurs...remember they took credit for the London highrise fire which turned out to be shoddy wiring. And what many forget is that ISIS has its own calling card...a bloody 'hands-on' calling card. Beheadings, stonings, stabbings, setting people on fire, throwing them off buildings, are more to ISIS' liking as they relish in seeing the fear in their victim's eyes. Randomly shooting unknowns...randomly 'spraying' a crowd from above...does not afford them the chance to experience 'the kill'...and experiencing 'the kill' is critical to ISIS for dipping their hands in human blood wets their appetite for even more blood...for even more killing.

And while ISIS loyalists did carry out the Paris concert attack as a shooting scenario, the all-important key difference is that the victims were basically trapped within the concert hall with little chance to escape. Those at the 'Harvest Festival' had open space in which to run and possibly escape, and escape is not an option for the hunters of ISIS...hunters who relish in trapping their victims affording them no chance to escape. That can be seen in the many incidents of locking Christians in churches and then setting the church on fire...hearing the screams...smelling the bodies burning...that is the hand of ISIS not shooting from 32 stories up.

So where does all this lead...I believe to the fact that a sole Antifa radicalized, anti-Trump, madman with money to burn stockpiled weapons for decades, hid some of them in suitcases, and over three days time either brought those now suitcased weapons up on a luggage cart or carried them up one or two at a time himself to room 132 of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and carried out the worst case of domestic terrorism in the U.S. to date. Either that or the Russians did it...I'm sure that will soon be the next conspiracy scenario to come.

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Today, Friday, October 6th from 7 to 9pm on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori expose the conspiracy theories surrounding the massacre in Las Vegas; Las Vegas and the Second Amendment; and important news of the day.

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