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Here's What Trump Had to Say About His 'Sh*thole Countries' Comment
While the White House has already issued a statement about President Trump's comments during immigration talks this week labeling some nations as "sh*thole countries," the president spoke for himself Friday.

"The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made - a big setback for DACA!" he wrote on Twitter.

According to The Washington Post, Trump wondered during the meeting: “Why are we having all these people from shi*hole countries come here?”

H.R. McMaster Rushes to Save Iran Nuclear Deal from Team Trump Destruction

According to several sources, H.R. McMaster, national security adviser to President Donald Trump, is trying to salvage the Iran nuclear deal and keep it from crumbling — despite the fact this White House wants it gone.

This isn’t the first time McMaster has come out in defense of Iran and the Muslim community, seemingly serving more as a mouthpiece for Barack Obama-era Islam apologists than his own tough-on-radical-Islam boss, President Trump.

In fact, as Pamela Geller notes, here he calls radical Islam “irreligious.”
If you thought the debate surrounding the phrase “Islamic terrorism” had ended with the departure of Barack Obama from the White House — think again.
President Donald Trump’s choice of national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, has once again tried to sidestep the connection between Islam and terror.
Some have even outright called McMaster an Islam apologist.
And here, also from Pamela Geller, he calls the September 11 terror attack a “mass murder attack.”

This is an affront to every Trump voter and every American who worked hard to elect him based on his commitment to address the jihad terror threat. This is an outrage and insult to every freedom-loving American.

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Sex, Enablers, and Oprah Winfrey 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

I want all the girls watching here to know that a new day is on the horizon.”
- Oprah Winfrey at the Golden Globes

The Hollywood so-called 'elite' were in tears...sobs and moans permeated the barely dressed black-clothed Oprah Winfrey gave her acceptance speech after receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award at last Sunday's Golden Globes ceremony. And the elite were so moved that rummages of a potential Oprah presidential run started surfacing all over social media as well as being reported on ad-nauseum by the liberal media just giddy over the possibility. And the Democratic faithful are spewing to anyone who will listen that what America so desperately needs at this point in time is a little inspirational leadership...leadership they say that Oprah Winfrey's speech proved only she can give.

Oh really...that is just so funny that I must stop laughing before I go on. Okay...serious face...the simple fact is that one speech given at a Hollywood leftist love-fest does not a presidential candidate make.

And if truth be told Oprah Winfrey has not a chance in hell of being president let alone of being the Democratic nominee as first, 'Uncle' Joe Biden would never allow it and second, after the nightmare of Barack HUSSEIN Obama...America's first black president...well half-black president anyway...for right or wrong the reality is that it will be decades before another person of color is America's president let alone one who is a black woman...especially one who is the poster girl for enablers everywhere.

Yes folks...the undisputed queen of women's talk shows is an enabler of the first degree.

So Oprah gave her speech...a speech that was cleverly crafted to capitalize on both the Time’s Up and #MeToo campaigns. And Oprah 'the actress' knew well how to play, manipulate, and bring the audience to tears when she chose as her speech's topic the story of Recy Taylor, the black woman who fought for justice after being raped by six white men. Twisting Taylor's story into a man-hating rage Oprah spoke of a culture...a Hollywood culture...that she said was “broken by brutally powerful men.” 

Adding that, “for too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men. But their time is up. Their time is up...” what Oprah forgets is that those she was speaking to...those sitting in the audience shedding phony crocodile tears... were some of the very women who 'whored' themselves out for a chance at wealth and fame yet who waited so many years before coming forward with their sob stories until it was advantageous for them to do so...sob stories they kept hidden knowing well that their silence would help give the Oprah called “brutally powerful men” who made them stars...the chance to do to other women what they now claim was their supposedly horrific fate.

Enablers all led by their newly crowned hoped for presidential candidate who was and remains the biggest enabler of them all. How so...because Ms. Oprah Winfrey knew for years what was going on in Hollywood...she knew of Harvey Weinstein's sexual shenanigans because she knew and was cozy with him, some of those covering for him, and of course with some of the willing...yes called victims.

I mean how could our dear Oprah not know for she has had for more than two decades both a close professional relationship and personal friendship with Harvey Weinstein...a professional relationship where she attended Weinstein Company sponsored events; where she starred in Weinstein movies including the recent film 'The Butler;' where she and Weinstein together won awards for their work in education and arts; and where as his friend Weinstein claims Oprah called him to offer her support after his sexual behavior...or should I say misbehavior...was outed. And while Oprah denies Weinstein's claim, I think here Weinstein is the one telling the truth because Oprah's silence over these many years proves she is no true champion of women no matter her October statement...her one of but a few statements concerning the accusations...where she said that Weinstein's behavior was hideous. words about words about arresting Weinstein...just hideous.

I’ve been processing the accounts of Harvey Weinstein’s hideous behavior and haven’t been able to find the words to articulate the magnitude of the situation,” said Oprah yet how can the woman who hosted over 5,000 women-oriented talk shows not find the words...oh wait...never once did she host a show about the always known sexual escapades in Hollywood...escapades as in the proverbial “casting couch” if you will. Never once did the hundreds of actresses on her show...actresses many whom are personal friends...actresses now shouting rape at the top of their lungs...bring up in any discussion the supposedly unwanted sexual behavior known to be rampant in Hollywood.

So while true rape is no laughing matter and must be taken seriously, selling oneself for fame and fortune is nothing but a form of prostitution...prostitution because these at the time wanna be “stars”...wanna be stars who enjoyed teasing and flirting as they advertised their 'stuff' while dressed like a hooker...these woman could have easily just said NO...could have not gone to Harvey Weinstein's hotel room...could have not 'put out' for a chance at a movie role that most likely paid big bucks...hence the prostituting of themselves.

Forgotten to them is that actions do have consequences both good and bad...something these women obviously didn't care about when Weinstein locked the door to his hotel room or office behind them...consequences some actresses who still insist on 'strutting their stuff' don't care about now...don't care about even while knowing what allegedly happened to many of their colleagues.

And know that no one...most assuredly not disputing the fact that Harvey Weinstein is but a lecherous pig but his being a pig...his being a sexual predator...has been known for decades by those who live and work in Tinsel Town and not a one in either the 'boy's club' or any of his alleged victims did a damn thing to stop him...that is until now. But why now...maybe it's as simple as some felt the stakes were too high for them to come forward right after the assault or harassment allegedly in film execs losing money or their cushy jobs if they talked, or actresses losing coveted film roles...or just maybe the lure of Weinstein's money and power had simply worn off.

As for Weinstein's good friend Oprah of the most important and powerful women in the entertainment industry...let’s pretend for a moment that Oprah had no idea that Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator of the first degree. Now remember that in her Golden Globe's speech, Oprah more than eluded that men like Weinstein have for decades been the enemy. Do 'We the People' really need or even want a president so clueless as to not recognize an enemy while fawning over, draping herself over, and kissing that very enemy at every opportunity at both social and entertainment we do not. So when you throw out the nonsense that Oprah didn't know it all comes down to her silence protecting her Oprah “brand” for what would Oprah be if it became known that she all along was keeping the secrets of a man like Weinstein or that she was keeping the secrets of the women he allegedly harassed, assaulted, or raped. Even Oprah could not survive the moniker of 'enabler.'

But enabler she is and not just when in comes to the likes of Harvey Weinstein for while Oprah has done good things for one can deny that...what with her setting up foundations, schools and such; or with her donating monies to women's causes...but all that gets negated to some degree for Oprah follows the liberal tactic of throwing money at a problem hoping that money alone will cure the problem's ills.

And one of the chief ills against women that Oprah has not done a thing about is the greatest oppressor of woman...sharia law. In fact, Oprah did a show dubbed 'Islam 101' where she called islam, and I quote, "the most misunderstood of the three major religions"...oh really Oprah...sharia is misunderstood...I think not. I guess Oprah ignores the sharia mandated 'honor killings' now happening right here in the U.S. let alone the atrocities the sharia brings to women worldwide. 
Oprah also did an interview with Queen Rania of Jordan, where the queen stated that islam "doesn't impose anything" on people...on women...with Oprah shaking her head in agreement not questioning or even asking for clarification...another opportunity not taken to speak about sharia law and the abominable treatment of women under islam.

And when Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, the then Pakistani ambassador to the United States, was a guest on her show to specifically discuss the sharia and said, and again I quote, that "There is nothing in Islam that does not accord women equal rights," Oprah remained mum not asked even the most obvious of questions, as in name one muslim country in which women enjoy equal rights to men.

Shameful to say the least as no Oprah mention of the sharia since silence as in "if you don't condemn you condone." So much for Oprah taking up the anti-sharia much for Oprah helping to call out the world's main oppressor and subjugator of women. I guess in Oprah's world only liberal women's causes, issues, or allegations get the Oprah blessing to discuss even if it's well after the fact.

And so the woman who refers to womanizing Billy-Boy and his crybaby sham of a wife Hillary; the woman who refers to America-divider Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his America-hating wife Michelle as some of her closest friends has now been anointed by the self-proclaimed Hollywood elite and their cohorts in the liberal media as America's must have inspirational leader...and a hoped for presidential candidate is birthed.

And like with the British saying that goes “God Save the Queen,” I'll Americanize it a bit and say “God Save Us from an Oprah Winfrey candidacy and her Obamaesque, Hollywood sanctioned, media driven, liberal pussycat agenda.”

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Today, Tuesday, January 12th from 7 to 9pm on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss Sex, Enablers and Oprah Winfrey; the liberals craziest strategy yet; and important news of the day.

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