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USA Today Gets Caught with a Bogus 'Fact Check' About the Trump Campaign's Use of a 'Nazi Symbol'

USA Today Gets Caught with a Bogus 'Fact Check' About the Trump Campaign's Use of a 'Nazi Symbol'
Rumors have swirled on social media about the Trump campaign using an imperial eagle, also known as a "Nazi symbol" on t-shirts. USA Today decided to do a "fact check" on whether or not the claim was true. Of course, they ruled it was "true."

From the article:

The T-shirt for sale on the Trump campaign's website is called the "America First Tee." The design includes a left-facing eagle, holding a round emblem with the U.S. flag inside and "Trump 2020" in a banner underneath.

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Black Lives Matter leader declares war on police: 'We pattern ourselves after the Nation of Islam'
By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT'

Followers of the racist Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan and the assassins of Malcolm X (who was murdered because he left the Nation of Islam).

BLM is a terrorist group.

The claim they are defending the Black community is fallacious and absurd. 14 unarmed Blacks are shot and killed by police a year. But hundreds, thousands of Black people have been killed in the very violent crimes the police work to protect them from. But now the police cannot do their jobs. That’s why over 600 people have been shot since the BLM insurrection.

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The Leopard That Is Iran 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio 

As we've all been (rightfully) focused on the nasty little virus from China as well as the homegrown miscreants and thugs trying to destroy our beloved America, there have been other important events going on in the world that have been getting little to no media attention or airtime. And one such important event is that Iran has not so silently been pushing forward with its efforts to build and then possibly use a nuclear weapon. However, it now looks like their nuclear ambitions just got setback months if not hopefully years as once again Iran is blaming Israel for yet another cyber-attack on its nuclear facilities. And if that's proven to be true all I can say is, “Bravo Israel.” 

And it all seems to have come to a head when just this past June 26th, a fire broke out at the main power plant in Shiraz followed by an explosive blast at the Parchin military complex...a blast supposedly felt in Tehran. But while Iranian officials first claimed that the blast was caused by an “accidental” gas leak in the “public area” of the Parchin complex, Israeli satellite images showed that the blast actually took place at a nearby not so secret liquid fuel production plant near but not on the Parchin complex itself...a plant used specifically to manufacture and then test solid propellant rockets and explosives for nuclear warheads. 

Then on June 30th an explosion shook the Sina Athar Clinic in the northern Tehran town of Tajrish, resulting in 19 deaths and injuring 14 others, and was followed two days later by a blast and fire at the largely underground Natanz nuclear facility...the very facility which houses a major centrifuge needed for the making of nuclear weapons. And surprise, surprise, on July 3rd, the Shiraz power plant again was on fire, while on July 4th another power plant, this time in Ahwaz, saw yet another “accidental” explosion this time supposedly caused by a faulty transformer, as per Iranian officials. And not only did an explosion occur but said explosion set the entirety of the plant on fire. And to add insult to Iran's nuclear injury, on the same day as the Ahwaz explosion, a chlorine gas leak at the Karoun petrochemical plant sent 70 workers to the hospital. 

And of course as soon as they could Iran revoked their “accidental” excuses and blamed the “little Satan” Israel and Israel-backed hackers for their newest nuclear woes...blamed Israel for perpetrating a “kinetic cyber weapons attack” on Iran. But the question that remains is, is Israel truly responsible for all or any of these attacks? Right now as I write this article Israel has neither confirmed nor denied culpability for any of the said “attacks,” however, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz did issue this statement and said on 'Israel Radio' that, “Not every incident that transpires in Iran necessarily has something to do with us.”  

Maybe not “necessarily,” but nevertheless I will not lose any sleep over it if it is indeed true. 

And while Benny Gantz's statement itself rings true, it's also true that the defense minister's words are both cleverly veiled and calculatingly ambiguous, while Haim Tomer...the former director of Tevel, the Mossad’s foreign intelligence cooperation unit...did state that while he was not aware of Israel being responsible for the explosion at Natanz, "substantial damage" caused in the incident showed that "there's an operational capability here." Obviously a very dangerous “operational capability,” and the civilized world should actually be glad the Natanz nuclear enrichment site went boom, especially since President Trump removed our country from Obama's very bad and oh so treasonous Iranian nuclear deal, leaving Iran's nuclear ambitions to basically run unchecked...or so Iran believes. 

So what exactly was Iran's final, to date, official response to the “attacks” now being blamed on Israel? As per Iran's Civil Defense Chief Gholamreza Jalali, who said on Iranian state television that, "Responding to cyber-attacks is part of the country's defense might. If it is proven that our country has been targeted by a cyber-attack, we will respond," proves to be just more inflammatory rhetoric and as expected retaliatory words...“face saving” words and nothing more...for Iran is no match for Israel cyber nor technology wise, and if they don't know it by now, they very well should. 
And so Iranian officials continue to talk out of both sides of their islamic mouths, with one side spewing that they already know the cause of the explosion at Natanz but cannot divulge that information at this time due to “security reasons”...while the other side of their islamist mouths seek to downplay the very happenings at Natanz as but just an “incident,” thus wanting the world to believe that no real “significant damage” was done to the facility or that any radiation had escaped.  
And all this is really quite astounding what with Behrouz Kamalvandi, a spokesman for 'The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran' along with Iranian nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi having rushed to the Natanz site after the explosion and fire, and with Kamalvandi having issued a statement that the explosion had indeed caused major damage to the facility...damage which could now slow down the production of advanced centrifuges used to enrich uranium...while also releasing a photo showing part of the charred remains of a centrifuge assembly workshop at the Natanz facility.  
Now here it's important to note that not only are Iranian officials putting focus on Natanz, but so too are aforementioned Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and former Tevel director Haim Tomeri. And this leads me to believe that the Natanz facility was the major target that needed to be taken out for Natanz was not only a fuel enrichment site, but a site replete with at least 60 advanced centrifuges of its own used for enriching uranium, and uranium is the very “must have” item in one's possession when building a nuclear weapon. But why has Iran now accelerated its nuclear program...simply because its leaders are worried that a continuation of the still-in-place arms embargo coupled with crippling U.S. economic sanctions would make it even more difficult to obtain let alone pay for both the systems and materials needed to not only declare itself a nuclear power, but to be able to eventually wipe Israel off the map. 
So even though Israel is still denying any "physical" connection to the recent explosion at Natanz, which technically might not be a lie, for history itself shows that Israeli operatives need not be on the ground to do what needs to be in go in, get the job done, and get out before it's too late. And for proof of that one just needs to remember back to 2010 when Iran's nuclear program was “disrupted” via the Stuxnet in the malicious computer worm which specifically and successfully targeted Iran's supervisory control and data acquisition systems in regards to their nuclear centrifuges, setting Iran's nuclear program back years. And while Israel never actually admitted to being the culprit behind said attack, both Israel and the U.S. were and still are being blamed for it.  
Simply, with the Stuxnet cyber-attack having succeeded as it fact it caused damage to around 1,000 of Iran's centrifuges...and with Iran still not changing its ways nor its nuclear ambitions, surely they had to know that another cyber-attack...or two or three or more...was a strong possibility. And Iran also had to know that their tried for cyber-attack last April on Israeli civilians and on its water infrastructure would not go unpunished.  
As per London's Financial Times, Iran tried but due to Israeli top-notch cyber-defences failed in their attempt to not only inject dangerously high levels of chlorine and other nasty chemicals into the drinking water being pumped into residential areas of Israel, but could have also seriously interrupting the flow of water throughout the Jewish state. Again, thankfully Iran's attempt did fail as there was also a chance, albeit a small one, that said cyber-attack could have not only triggered a “fail-safe” that would have completely shut down Israel's water pumps but also sections of Israel's main water infrastructure itself, leaving most Israelis without any water during what was then a deadly heatwave. 
So Iran had to know that some sort of (rightful) Israeli retaliatory “kinetic cyber-attack” would be forthcoming, but they would simply have no way of knowing exactly when or how such an attack would be carried out. First, one does need to know that a “kinetic cyber-attack”...such as Stuxnet...can cause direct or indirect physical damage, injury or even death though the exploitation in tampering with...vulnerable information systems and processes, as is just what happened back in 2010. For example, a computer program can remotely monitor, control, and shut down security cameras at a targeted site so that security personnel would not be aware of someone sneaking into the site and doing or planting in explosives.  
But in the case of Iran more power to whomever...whether it be Israel as most suspect, the U.S., Iranian dissident groups or a combination of all behind these attacks for we all know that Iran wants nuclear capabilities not for peaceful purposes but to first wipe Israel off the map and then come for us and the rest of the civilized world next. After all, we all know that a leopard can never change its spots and neither apparently can this rogue islamic nation.

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