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Obama Abusing Power In Re-Election Bid

obama crowd1 300x195 Obama Abusing Power In Re Election Bid

There he goes again.

We’ve all grown accustomed to President Barack Obama spending our money like water but most of the time it is for his communist … I mean liberal … political agenda of creating a single class — poor. Because that is what happens when government try to make everyone have the same amount of stuff. Look at China, Cuba or the former Soviet Union if you want real-world examples.

Now, though, he has taken his spending to a new level. He is spending our money to enrich himself.

On a recent trip to three battleground states, Obama, spending more than $179,000 an hour to make the trip, attended campaign-like rallies trying to drum up support for a faux battle over student loan interest rates. There was no dispute, mind you. Republicans and Democrats alike were not going to allow the rates to spike and were working on a solution in the Congress, without controversy, to prevent that from happening.

In fact, his chief rival for the White House, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, also supported a plan to keep the rates from spiking, as did GOP and Democratic leadership in the Congress.

That, however, did not stop Obama from visiting these three battleground states and pretend there was some issue at stake.

However, Obama looking like a fool is not what concerns me. He does that all the time.

The problem is his complete disregard from the laws of this nations in doing so. The taxpayers footed the bill for this campaign trip, when it really should have been paid for by his re-election campaign.

His trip to college campuses in North Carolina, Iowa and Colorado was clearly not government business. It was obviously a campaign-related trip.

Apparently this is nothing new for Obama.

As a candidate, Obama pledged to strengthen the Federal Election Commission. Nearly four years later, he has not done so and, in fact, five of the six commissioners are serving on expired terms.

That’s because a strong elections law regimen would stand in the way of his blatantly skirting those laws.

Only in one case has he complained about campaign laws and that is the Supreme Court’s rightly decided decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which found that the First Amendment still matters.

He complains about the decision because it is going to make it harder for him to win re-election because corporations will be able to donate money to political action committees that will report on his activities. This would not be necessary if the media today did their jobs, but they don’t so it is incumbent on others to showcase the record, or lack thereof, of this clown in the White House.

As for Obama’s trips, he is claiming they are official travel.

But that doesn’t pass the smell test.

Or, as Speaker John Boehner said, “The president traveled across the country on taxpayers’ dime at a cost of $179,000 an hour insisting the Congress fix a problem that we were already working on. Frankly, I think this is beneath the dignity of the White House.”

What Boehner didn’t say, but probably knows, is that much of Obama’s official travel these days is taking place in swing states. CBS’s Mark Knoller reported that Obama has visited Ohio 20 times, Florida 16 times, Pennsylvania 15 times, Michigan 11 times, and North Carolina 10 times since filing for re-election.

Obama’s “official” travel has become so obviously campaigning that the Republican National Committee has filed a formal complaint, accusing his administration of potentially committing fraud by combining campaign and official business.

For presidents, there has always been mixing of official business with campaigning. It is probably unavoidable.

As former Republican National Committee Chairman Rich Bond told The Associated Press in 2004 when George W. Bush was under fire for the very same thing: “Using federal government assets is unavoidable in terms of having contact with everyday people and it’s a topic that White House lawyers from Ford to Carter to Reagan to Bush to Clinton and now to Bush have all struggled with to make sure that you don’t break the law.”

However, it appears Obama is taking it to a new level.
LTC Allen West...a man Obama truly fears
By: Diane Sori
There's a new site on Facebook called, 'Take Down Allen West.' Thought you all might like to see what I just posted on it.
My, my...lookie what I found here in liberal land, otherwise know as entire site dedicated to trying to destroy the only man in Congress that Obama knows he can't pull his race card crap on!

We all know that Congressman Allen West is probably the ONLY man in a position of authority that Obama and his cronies truly fear. And why is that...because Congressman West speaks the truth about the damage muzzie loving Obama has done to our beloved America!  Congressman West holds NO punches in calling the usurper out on his socialist agenda and traitorous actions. Congressman West is the ONLY one brave enough to bring to the forefront the subversive actions of 64 members of our United States Congress and to call them to task for it. Congressman West is the ONLY one to publicly stand against the Obama sanctioned islamization of America. Congressman West is the ONLY one publicly taking a a stand against Obama and the DC big-spenders who plan a massive and crippling tax increase at the beginning of next year if Obama is re-elected.

In other words, Congressman Allen West stands with America, with our Constitution, and with 'We the People.' Congressman Allen West will NEVER betray the trust 'We the People' placed in him, unlike those in Washington who operate on the same 'me, me, it's all about me' mentality that Obama and his cronies do.

Congressman West is a man of principal, a man who honors family, a man who loves and respects our Constitution, a man who will NEVER apologize for her actions nor bow down to her enemies, a man who believes in American exceptionalism, and above all else, a man who believes in God and country and would lay down his life in defense of her.

Obama is a man who is none of those things nor are any of you who would create such a vile hateful site whose sole purpose is to defame and destroy this American patriots name. To say shame on you is putting it say you will NOT succeed is something I can guarantee!

Shameful bloviations by a shameful man
By: Diane Sori

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the ‘supposed’ takedown of Osama bin Laden and once again Barack Hussein Obama is taking credit for the kill.  Never mind that George W. Bush’s policies led to the gathering of the information needed for this ‘supposed’ takedown; never mind that our Navy SEALS ‘supposedly’ did the deed; never mind that there is NO body...NO pictures...NO definitive proof positive for ‘We the People’ to see of this kill (remember, Osama’s ‘supposed’ body went swimming with the fishes); never mind that a short time later some of the SEALS involved in the ‘supposed’ takedown mysteriously died in a helicopter ‘accident’; never mind all that...after all we have Obama’s and his loyal minions word that the takedown happened.

Yeah right, like his or his minion’s word means anything.  With sagging poll numbers and his grasping at straws in this election year, Obama, the narcissistic blowhard that he is, recently gave an interview about how he, and he alone, made the decision to send in the Special Operations we believe that.     

Thankfully, word leaked out from some who were in the ‘Sit room’ that day that Obama, along with Biden and Penetta, did NOT want to take out Osama, that Obama hesitated to give the final go ahead, and only gave that order when pushed into a corner presumably by Hillary and some others.  Now that I can believe given Obama’s track record of placating, catering, and bowing down to his muslim brethren.

And now we have Obama patting himself on the back once again, as he shamefully tries to score political points not only from what our SEALS ‘supposedly’ did, but also for trying to gain points off the deaths of 3000+ Americans.  This man has NO shame, NO bounds of decency, and this proves just how low he is willing to sink to win re-election.

VP Joe Biden, the ever thoughtful fool, even gave a speech not long ago saying the Obama/Biden campaign re-election slogan would be "Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive."  If this is true, this is an act beyond reprehensible and crosses all the way over into vulgar commercialism, plus out and out total disrespect for those who lost their lives on 9/11, and to their surviving family members and friends.  

And while Obama brings this all up again in the public venue, not for closure for the victim’s families as any decent person might do, but for his own personal self-gratification, authorities across our country are concerned that a ‘lone wolf’ terrorist might try to use this May 1st anniversary to avenge bin Laden’s death.  In fact, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said that NYC must remain ever-alert. "There's no known specific threat to the city because of the anniversary," he said, "but the NYPD continues to maintain a robust counterterrorism posture regardless of anniversaries because of past and repeated interest demonstrated by terrorists in returning here to kill New Yorkers."

May 1st, May Day in the communist world (how apropo for Obama), might turn out to be not what he expected it to be because the American people, still raw and hurting from 9/11, might just see all his recent bloviating for what it truly is...a campaign ploy.   But wait, the mother of all campaign ploys might still be waiting for us... pictures of a dead Osama ‘suddenly’ being released in October...what an October surprise that would be!  Obama sure has had plenty of time to ‘manufacture’ them, maybe he’ll even use the same folks who made-up all those phony birth certificates. 

Hopefully, if he tries to pull that stunt it will come back to bite him big time come November. 

One World Trade Center to retake title of NYC's tallest building

Those bragging rights, though, will carry an asterisk.

Crowning the world's tallest buildings is a little like picking the heavyweight champion in boxing. There is often disagreement about who deserves the belt.

In this case, the issue involves the 408-foot-tall needle that will sit on the tower's roof.

Count it, and the World Trade Center is back on top. Otherwise, it will have to settle for No. 2, after the Willis Tower in Chicago.

"Height is complicated," said Nathaniel Hollister, a spokesman for The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats, a Chicago-based organization considered an authority on such records.

Experts and architects have long disagreed about where to stop measuring super-tall buildings outfitted with masts, spires and antennas that extend far above the roof.

Consider the case of the Empire State Building: Measured from the sidewalk to the tip of its needle-like antenna, the granddaddy of all super-tall skyscrapers actually stands 1,454 feet high, well above the mark being surpassed by One World Trade Center on Monday.

Purists, though, say antennas shouldn't count when determining building height.

An antenna, they say, is more like furniture than a piece of architecture. Like a chair sitting on a rooftop, an antenna can be attached or removed. The Empire State Building didn't even get its distinctive antenna until 1952. The record books, as the argument goes, shouldn't change every time someone installs a new satellite dish.

Excluding the antenna brings the Empire State Building's total height to 1,250 feet. That was still high enough to make the skyscraper the world's tallest from 1931 until 1972.

From that height, the Empire State seems to tower over the second tallest completed building in New York, the Bank of America Tower.

Yet, in many record books, the two skyscrapers are separated by just 50 feet.

That's because the tall, thin mast on top of the Bank of America building isn't an antenna, but a decorative spire.

Unlike antennas, record-keepers like spires. It's a tradition that harkens back to a time when the tallest buildings in many European cities were cathedrals. Groups like the Council on Tall Buildings, and Emporis, a building data provider in Germany, both count spires when measuring the total height of a building, even if that spire happens to look exactly like an antenna.

This quirk in the record books has benefited buildings like Chicago's recently opened Trump International Hotel and Tower. It is routinely listed as being between 119 feet to 139 feet taller than the Empire State Building, thanks to the antenna-like mast that sits on its roof, even though the average person, looking at the two buildings side by side, would probably judge the New York skyscraper to be taller.

The same factors apply to measuring the height of One World Trade Center.

Designs call for the tower's roof to stand at 1,368 feet -- the same height as the north tower of the original World Trade Center. The building's roof will be topped with a 408-foot, cable-stayed mast, making the total height of the structure a symbolic 1,776 feet. The U.S. Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.

So is that needle an antenna or a spire?

"Not sure," wrote Steve Coleman, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the building.

The needle will, indeed, function as a broadcast antenna. It is described on the Port Authority's website as an antenna. On the other hand, the structure will have more meat to it than your average antenna, with external cladding encasing the broadcast mast.

Without that spire, One World Trade Center would still be smaller than the Willis Tower in Chicago, formerly known as the Sears Tower, which tops out at 1,451 feet (not including its own antennas).

Debate over which of those buildings can truly claim to be the tallest in the U.S. has been raging for years on Internet message boards frequented by skyscraper enthusiasts.

As for the Council on Tall Buildings, it is leaning toward giving One World Trade the benefit of the doubt.

"This is something we have discussed with the architect," Hollister said. "As we understand it, the needle is an architectural spire which happens to enclose an antenna. We would thus count it as part of the architectural height."

But, he noted, the organization has also chosen to sidestep these types of disputes, somewhat, by recognizing three types of height records: tallest occupied floor, architectural top, and height to the tip.

Hollister also pointed out that, technically speaking, One World Trade Center isn't a record-holder in any category yet, as it is still unfinished.

"A project is not considered a building until it is topped out, fully clad, and open for business or at least occupiable," he said.

The debate doesn't quite end there.

Neither of the Willis Tower nor One World Trade are as high as the CN Tower, in Toronto, which stands at 1,815 feet. That structure, however, isn't considered a building at all by most record-keepers, because it is predominantly a television broadcast antenna and observation platform with very little interior space. The tallest manmade structure in the Western Hemisphere will continue to be the 2,063-foot-tall KVLY-TV antenna in Blanchard, North Dakota.

As for the world's tallest building, the undisputed champion is the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, which opened in 2010 and reaches 2,717 feet.

Not counting about 5 feet of aircraft lights and other equipment perched on top, of course.

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