Thursday, August 20, 2015

Here’s a question I might suggest be asked of our presidential hopefuls: In a time of war, would unilateral disarmament be a good idea?

Here’s how I might suggest they reply: This is a time of war, stupid! We have troops in Afghanistan and (again) in Iraq. Perhaps, as President Obama appears to believe, “engagement” will transform Iran from a revolutionary terrorist sponsor into an upstanding member of the “international community” but, for now, “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” remain among the openly proclaimed goals of its rulers.

North Korea -- nuclear-armed despite a 1994 agreement that President Clinton assured us would lead Pyongyang to “freeze and then dismantle its nuclear program” -- is developing missiles that can deliver nuclear warheads to distant targets (such as Los Angeles). China has been waging cyber attacks on the U.S. – with impunity. Having taken slices of Ukraine and Georgia, Russia’s Vladimir Putin may be preparing to test NATO’s mettle in the Balkans.

I would further suggest that the candidates stress what an unpardonable error it would be to intentionally diminish our military capabilities given these threats. And oh, yes, by the way: diminishing our military capabilities is the current policy of the Obama administration and it has the acquiescence, and in some cases the support, of many Republicans in Congress. The American military today is smaller than it was before the “Pearl Harbor” of Sept. 11, 2001 – with more shrinkage on the governmental to-do list.

FBI warns of attacks on Muslims by “militia extremists” incited by counterjihadists
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


FBI warns of attacks on Muslims by “militia extremists” incited by counterjihadists
As I told WND, the insidious goal of this libel is to stigmatize opposition to jihad terror, so that the jihad can advance unimpeded. That the FBI would be abetting the propagation of this libel is yet another new low for the Obama-era intelligence apparatus. “‘Ridiculous’: FBI warns of next big terror attack,” by Leo […]
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‘Israel Must Be Obliterated’: New Iranian Video Depicts Muslim Invasion of Jerusalem
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

The more the racist state of Iran calls for the genocide of the Jewish people and the death of the West, the further Obama digs in his heels and declares unequivocally that his nuclear pact will proceed no matter Congress does.

His enmity towards Israel is manifest in this deal.

Iran says the nuke deal will help it target Israel
March To Save America To Oppose Iran Nuclear Deal Set For September 9, 2015
PM Netanyahu: Khamenei makes it clear Iran will continue to fund terrorism 

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