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A War We Should Have Won 
By Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio
Afghanistan...a country with a hopeful future is now relegated to live in centuries past.

And so it seems that last week's happenings in Afghanistan, what with Afghan's president fleeing the country, his U.S. backed government collapsing, and our military racing against time to evacuate U.S. diplomats and civilians from Kabul, were just not important enough for Joe Biden or press secretary Jen Psaki to stick around Washington for. And the thousands of American military lives lost in our quest to help free both a nation and its people now sees their family members and “We the People” bearing witness to the world's greatest fighting force, like the Russians before them, returning home not as victors but as losers in a war that rightfully should have been won. 
But Afghanistan always was and always will remain an unpopular war, not unlike Vietnam, yet this war has gone on longer than any of our wars fought. Lasting almost 20 years, with more than 2,400 brave American men and women being injured or killed in battle along with tens of thousands of Afghans...many of them civilians...also losing their lives, this war came with a price tag of $1 trillion being spent to both arm and train Afghan government forces some of whom are now abandoning their posts while others are selling out to the Taliban...selling out in possible exchange for their lives. And while our now quite hasty departure from Afghanistan can somewhat be compared to the 1975 fall of Saigon, our departure here leaves pockets of resistance fighters vowing to fight on even as the Taliban are going door-to-door seeking out those who were America's allies...seeking them out and sometimes shooting them dead upon their opening the door.
And if you thought the Taliban would change its spots what with their propaganda machine claiming it's not the same brutal Taliban as 20 years ago...know that it is and it's probably even worse as its leaders have had 20 years to lick old wounds and sharpen their claws as they now have the opportunity...thanks to Joe settle old scores. And with their goal being to turn the clock back to the days when strictly enforced, unyielding islamic law was the ruler of the day...a day when women and young girls were considered chattel, were uneducated, and raped at the mere will of men; a day when “stoning” was the punishment for even the most minor of infractions; and a day when the old adage “an eye for an eye” was taken quite literally...know that today's Taliban has become both the visible and ideological reincarnation of what was and still remains al-Qaeda and ISIS, but taken to the nth degree.
And with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar being the Taliban's least he's now their public face...we hear him claiming that the Taliban’s real test, after having retaken the country, is to “serve the nation”...serve the nation and the Afghan people on a sacrificial platter is more like it if you ask me. 
But even as events in Afghanistan change by the day, certain questions must be asked and answered before one can truly understand the severity and the timing of what's going on half a world away, especially with just weeks to go before the 20-year anniversary of 9/11. So how and why did we get into Afghanistan in the first place and why did we stay so long as “nation building” was never America's intention?  
And the answers really are quite simple...we went into Afghanistan to defeat those who attacked our country on 9/11. The
“War on Terror” President George W. Bush called it, and said war did topple the then Taliban government in Kabul...a government where the al-Qaeda militants responsible for the 2001 attacks were freely hosted. A truly noble and justifiable reason to go to war... a war that eventually culminated in 9/11's mastermind Osama bin-Laden's death even though it took a decade to do so. And yet we stayed in Afghanistan even after bin-Laden's death...we stayed in one of the world's poorest and most backwards of countries...a country where for centuries the different Afghan tribes lived under local autonomy with little to no all-important centralized government to speak of, and where brutal tribal wars were the norm even in this the 21st century. 
And so we stayed on and fought in Afghanistan...a country whose mineral rich and highly profitable soil...profitable especially for the poppy growers and corresponding Taliban run opium drug trade...makes strange and profitable political bedfellows. And while we also stayed because the Afghan people desperately craved the freedoms others had, there had to be other reasons for our staying in Afghanistan and there were. Previously unspoken reasons for our not leaving sooner with, I believe, Israel rightfully topping that list. Simply, with the U.S. military close by...geographically that is...they were close enough to not only lend Israel immediate air and ground support if need be, but who would let Israel use Afghanistan as a logistical backdoor of sorts if Israel decided to move against Iran before Iran moved against them. 
Also, not to be forgotten is that our military presence in Afghanistan helped in assuring that no regional vacuum of power would be the one Obama created a few years back...but now Iran and even Red China has been given the opportunity to fill this new, thanks to Joe Biden, what will be a most serious Middle East vacuum of power. And while we know that the Taliban is already in cahoots with Iran and has been for quite some time, how exactly is China involved? First, China has already stated that they are preparing to formally recognize the Taliban as Afghanistan's new government and second, China has promised the Taliban leadership that they are also prepared to make big monetary investments in Afghanistan in regards to energy and much-needed infrastructure projects, which includes the building of a major road network and the refurbishing of outdated mines as soon as all U.S. troops have left the country. 
And this is what it's really about for China...Afghanistan's vast, untapped, “rare-earth” mineral deposits that need to be mined to help Afghanistan's now basically dormant economy grow. 
How so? With Afghanistan's mineral wealth now being estimated at one trillion plus U.S. dollars, it is not monetary gain alone that's the most important factor for China's buddying-up to the Taliban as there's more than just a bit of
“face saving” payback for China courtesy of the Taliban as well...tit-for-tat against America if you will. Again how so? With Afghanistan’s stated mineral wealth now obviously falling under Taliban control, our leaving Afghanistan results in a severe blow to our economic interests in that country as well, interests which for one includes the control of Afghanistan's huge lithium deposits...deposits which are not just necessary but essential for use in electric vehicles and much needed renewable energy batteries.  
Simple translation: lithium is necessary for clean energy initiatives...something China is in desperate need of...and it's also something that has the potential to garner a huge payday for what will be the new Taliban government. And if China can control said in be their puppet master as Obama is Biden's...and do so by simply investing in building or rebuilding Afghanistan's infrastructure and mines, it will be China who will profit from its puppet control of Afghanistan's what will be global lithium market...benefit them both on the monetary and the economic front, and it will be we who are the losers.
A trade deal lost to President Trump made up for courtesy of Biden's misguided and truly indefensible troop withdrawal from Afghanistan coupled with his placating the Taliban. And to add insult to America's injury, for all we know China might have secretly, under the radar, been helping to finance the Taliban insurrection all along.


And I also believe we stayed in Afghanistan for all-important national security reasons involving the fear of possibly another 9/11 style attack here on American soil coupled with the fact with the Taliban again in control of Afghanistan, aforementioned terrorist groups like al-Qaeda...with whom the Taliban have close ties based upon their shared islamic ideological well as ISIS and other assorted nasties will again have Afghanistan as both a base of operations from which to work from as they did in the lead-up to 9/ well as a safe haven to hide in. 

And while Biden continues claiming that any future terrorist threats could be
“managed with airstrikes and raids launched from outside Afghanistan” in from countries he admitted “we don't have a permanent military presence in”...pray tell exactly which countries will said launches be initiated from for by the time action is needed a vacuum of power will have taken hold within the entire area engulfing countries who themselves will fear terrorist reprisals if they dared to help the U.S. 
Lastly, regarding the Taliban and our country's national security is a factor some have in our southern border...a border that sees any and all being allowed to enter as long as they promise to vote Democrat...the Taliban soon to possibly be included. And while some think I'm kidding, I'm not, because if you haven't noticed, just like with the illegals, most, but of course not all, packed into Kabul's airport trying to get out seem to be strong healthy looking young Afghan men with few women and children seen. And what better way for the Taliban to spread its tentacles of hate and domination outward into the West than to infiltrate an emergency evacuation leaving women and children behind to be sacrificed for “the cause.”  
And for all that I have stated and for more reasons that we probably will never find out, we stayed on in Afghanistan. And know that by doing so we improved the lives of many Afghans by our helping to centralize the Afghan government and building its military forces; we helped to advance the rights of Afghan women and girls...rights that will now be lost under the Taliban's strict interpretation of Sharia well as our helping the Afghans to build schools, hospitals, and roads. And not to be forgotten is that we tried to bring democracy, freedom, and the rule of law to a people who had not yet really entered the 20th century let alone the 21st.
Yet Joe Biden ruined all of that as Afghanistan is now in shambles with the Taliban growing militarily stronger by the day. How so...because while Biden's foolishly ordered withdrawal began slowly and without too much fanfare...a withdrawal whose August 31st deadline basically handed the Taliban their timetable to victory...still unfolding circumstances see our withdrawal heating up to its now feverous pitch which is forcing our military to leave some equipment and ammunition behind, both of which have now fallen into Taliban hands...hands that are using it against Afghans who refuse to bend to their will.
But let's never forget that while Joe Biden has Afghan blood on his hands so too does his puppet master Barack HUSSEIN Obama, a man whose hands are awash in Afghan blood, for if he had not released Mullah Norullah Nori, Mohammed Nabi Omari, Mohammed Fazl, Khairullah Khairkhwa and Abdul Haq Wasiq...all part of the Taliban exchange for American traitor Bowe Bergdahl, the Taliban might never have grown into the force they are today. And with Biden still saying that while the U.S. will no longer have a presence on Afghan soil, his administration will continue working for “equality and the civil rights of Afgahns, especially Afghan women”...just another way of saying Obama's disastrous words about winning “the hearts and minds of the enemy."
And so I leave you with these three thoughts...first, we must keep the long suffering Afghan people, especially the women and children, in our thoughts and prayers... second, remember that the words of Afghan veteran Matt Zeller who recently stated that, “Unless there is a swift and meaningful effort to evacuate the thousands of allies and their families to the United States or a U.S. territory, we will have broken our promise to leave no one behind,” words that can sadly come true bringing not just a military defeat for our country but a moral defeat as well
And third and most sad of all is that for those whose loved ones gave their lives to bring freedom to an oppressed people sees, thanks to Joe Biden, the Afghan war ending just as it began with the Taliban in control of the country. May God our Father have no mercy on Joe Biden's soul. 

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