Monday, October 27, 2014

EPA official calls climate change a major concern for Americans as Weather Channel founder and 9,000 scientists insist it doesn’t exist

Speaking Friday at a Conference on Energy and the Environment at Georgetown University, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy insisted that climate change is an “overwhelmingly” major area of concern for Americans.

“From all the recent public opinion work out there on climate change, what stands out to me is this: First, people overwhelmingly consider climate change a problem, and they want action. And second, what’s even more impressive, is the overwhelming support specifically for EPA action to curb carbon pollution from power plants,” the official said.

Of course, recent polling data out from Gallup refutes the EPA official’s claim, as CNS News noted:
[O]nly 40 percent of respondents identified climate change as either a “very important” or and “extremely important” factor in their votes. That was well behind the second-lowest-ranking concern, which was abortion and access to contraception, which was considered an important factor by 50 percent of respondents.
Likewise, a Gallup poll in March 2014 found that only 24 percent of Americans worried a great deal about climate change. In that poll, both “climate change” and “quality of the environment” were near the bottom of a list of 15 issues Gallup asked Americans to rate.
And in last month, a Pew Poll found that while most Americans believe in climate change, they give it a low priority. Forty-eight percent rated global climate change as a major threat — well behind the level of concern shown for other issues.
Worse yet for global warming alarmists such as McCarthy, John Coleman, the founder of Weather Channel and a leading meteorologist, said in a letter last week that he and 9,000 Ph.D. scientists all agree: “There is no significant man-made global warming at this time, there has been none in the past and there is no reason to fear any in the future. Efforts to prove the theory that carbon dioxide is a significant ‘greenhouse’ gas and pollutant causing significant warming or weather effects have failed.

US journalist murdered after exposing Turkey’s support for the Islamic State

PAMELA GELLER / Atlas Shrugs

Obama said that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan was his “most trusted,” “favorite” ally on the world stage. And where did that get us? Not only is Erdogan supporting the Islamic State, but his party is killing American journalists who expose it.

With Obama at the helm, Americans are fair game. It’s open season. And just as I predicted in my 2010 book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, Obama endeavored to dismantle and succeeded in dismantling American hegemony across the world. We have lost our power, influence and prestige — and instead there is left an enormous vacuum. Ayn Rand said, “the spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. Whenever evil wins, it...

One week to go for the imminent decision on the new course that Americans will take their country. And there really are only two options nationally; the beginnings of recovery for a badly bruised intellect – or – unbridled bat guano crazy.
While the sparkle has come off Barack Obama’s crown, voters no longer have the opportunity to vote him off the throne. But next week, citizens will decide whether to checkmate the President by giving the Republicans a majority in the United States Senate. Here are seven reasons that America will vote Republican this year:

1. National Defense – This primary responsibility of the federal government has been effectively mismanaged for a good six years now. The world has always had an abundance of narcissistic jerks bent on world domination. But between 1783 and 2008, they operated more like delusional street-crazies. Their lusts were tethered by the knowledge that if they acted on their impulses, the United States military would shock them back to bearable behavior. But evil villains are evidently not intimidated by our current Sissy In Chief. The President will need the added pressure of Republican control in both houses of Congress to support his international spine.

2. Health care –Now that the Democrats have invited government bureaucrats into every one of our body cavities, it is time for the citizens to respond as if they still have some measure of self-esteem. Ideally, Obamacare will be uprooted and replaced with free-market systems in 2017. But while the President has two years left to complete his vision of socialized medicine, it is critical that both chambers of Congress are controlled by the loyal opposition.

3. National debt of $17,000,000,000,000 – Only a conservative-controlled Congress will bother to develop a plan to recover from the current 17 trillion dollar debt. And only a balanced budget constitutional amendment would deliver the nation from its current path of self-destruction. With the possibility of a Republican president and Republican controlled congress just two years away, we cannot afford to miss the rare opportunity to entertain a balanced budget amendment.

4. Energy – Controlling Washington’s ridiculous spending spree is only one half of the solution necessary to recover from America’s enormous debt. Paying down all those zeros will require an economic explosion akin to the dot-com era. Fortunately, the nation is sitting on natural resources that can provide exactly that. And displacing the religious environmentalist Democrats with pragmatic business Republicans will release America’s natural entrepreneurial spirit to pull energy out of the ground and sell it to the rest of the world for a tidy profit.

5. Supreme Court Justice Nominees – We are extremely fortunate to have made it this far with only two Supreme Court Justices having been appointed by the radical President Obama. The ages of the remaining justices dictate that more replacements are imminent. In the unfortunate circumstance where Barack Obama would nominate one or more additional justices, a Republican Senate would be able to non-consent another Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

6. Illegal Immigration – By now, it should only be a mystery to the New York Times that the Democratic Party has been flooding the U.S. with illegal immigrants toward increasing their voter base. Even Republican senators will need reminding from their base to behave according to the party platform on this topic. But a conservative majority in the Senate could help get the nation back to inviting only those who will contribute to the American dream rather than overwhelm our culture with conflicting interests.

7. Epic Lame Duck Syndrome – Elected officials who have no fear of voter reprisal in the final phase of their term will sometimes take actions that would otherwise ruin their chances of re-election. The last significant example of this is Bill Clinton’s impressive list of pardons and commutations for an unsavory group of thieves, tax cheats and drug traffickers. But the Obama Administration reportedly has plans to go non compos mentis as he golfs his way to the finish line. With unprecedented arrogance and a demonstrated disregard for the Constitution, only a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate will be able to withstand the behavior that promises to fly out of the West Wing between now and noon on January 20, 2017.
A lawsuit brought against the government by True the Vote, an anti-voter fraud group made up of volunteers that was inappropriately targeted by the IRS and Department of Justice, has been thrown out by a federal judge despite acknowledgement of illegal wrongdoing in the case. More from Breitbart on the opinion:
Judge Walton's opinion stated that because the IRS had finally granted True the Vote their 501(c)(3) status, the case "no longer warrant[ed] the Court’s attention and further use of its resources," and deemed True the Vote's lawsuit to now be moot. However, True the Vote had argued specific costs that the IRS' delay had caused them, including fees for attorneys and CPAs, as well as fundraising losses. A number of other non-profit organizations and other donors had either pledged or donated money to True the Vote with the understanding that the group would have official 501(c)(3) status soon. Some of these groups even had requirements in their organizational documents that they could only give money to other approved 501(c)(3) organizations. According to Churchwell, the IRS' years-long delay acted as a "functional denial of our application" and True the Vote was forced to return some donations, and other pledges were revoked. Churchwell described the total costs to True the Vote caused by the IRS' delay to be nearly $90,000.
So because the IRS eventually granted proper 501(c)(3) status to True the Vote, there's no need to hold IRS officials accountable for inappropriately targeting the group and weaponizing government to do so? No justice or reconciliation for the damage done during the delay of the application? What an absolute shame and horrible precedent to set. Not to mention, IRS abuse will continue if there are no consequences for the illegal behavior and decisions that were made.

"This is far from over. This is what the beginning of tyranny looks like and we cannot sit by as Americans and watch it happen," True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht said during an interview with Fox News Friday afternoon.

Other tea party groups targeting by the IRS are outraged and have issued a series of statements in response to the dismissal. 

Tea Party Patriots' Jenny Beth Martin:
“Within days of the Citizens United ruling in January 2010, which strengthened free speech rights and the freedom for the people to criticize the government, the Internal Revenue Service – the branch of government most feared by American citizens, and, therefore, best suited to act punitively on behalf of a lawless regime – launched a program that systematically targeted what it believed to be “enemies” of the Obama Administration. That scandal – which went on for several years – was admitted by the IRS and by the person most responsible for the agency's misconduct, Lois Lerner.

Several dozen victims of the targeting sued the IRS and individual IRS agents for violation of their constitutional rights. Yesterday a federal judge sided with the IRS and dismissed the claims of our fellow citizens and patriots. Amazingly, the Court’s ruling acknowledges the illegal activity by the IRS – but nonetheless concluded that because the IRS says it has discontinued its targeting, the case is "moot.”

We are dismayed, disappointed, and disheartened that the IRS would be allowed to get away with not just infringing on the rights of American citizens, but bulldozing them, casting aside any sense of propriety or privacy in its years-long effort to suppress the Obama Administration’s political opposition.