Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Manufacturers to EPA: We’re leading air quality gains, we don’t need more rules
The EPA says the rule will improve air quality, while manufacturers argue current rules are sufficient

Manufacturers are pushing back on a new air quality regulation advanced by the Environmental Protection Agency, arguing that companies in the sector are leading efforts to improve air quality and the agency putting forward new rules will hamper those efforts and slow economic growth.

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons delivered an address on the state of manufacturing on Tuesday, and said that "we’re going to tell the EPA that manufacturers are already leading to clean our air."

"The government shouldn’t enact rules that, however well-intentioned, would make it more difficult to achieve our environmental goals, slow our economic growth and push us closer toward recession," Timmons said. "In fact, the NAM is launching a nationwide campaign to tell regulators to protect manufacturers and not change...Read more and see video here.

What the Hell Is This Update Regarding the Grand Jury Probe on 2020 Election Interference?
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet 
This nonsense has led to the media ruining its credibility, especially on an investigation involving high-profile individuals like Donald Trump. A grand jury has investigated whether the former president and his inner circle tried to interfere with the results in Georgia. It’s one of many inquiries that has led to liberals drooling over the possibility of an indictment against Trump, though they’d settle for any of his top advisers. The amount of saliva pouring out of these people's mouths could probably fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool and then some. Still, every investigation into the former president has turned up zilch regarding anything felonious.
It’s another brick in the ‘walls are closing in on Trump’ narrative that’s been a source of immense embarrassment for liberal media outlets who have been forced to eat crow pervasively on botched or even wholly fake news leads on Trump. The latest from the Georgia grand jury probe is that they’ve...Read more, see tweet and video here.
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