Saturday, April 7, 2018

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By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

House Will Vote On Balanced Budget Amendment To The Constitution

House Will Vote On Balanced Budget Amendment To The Constitution
The House of Representatives will vote on a constitutional amendment meant to address Congress’s fiscal irresponsibility, an issue that continually irks conservatives.

However, The Hillstated that the amendment is very unlikely to garner the support required for addition to the Constitution: “The measure has virtually no chance of becoming law as it would need Democratic support in the Senate and ratification from the majority of states.”

In an attempt to combat Congress’s overspending addiction, thebalanced budget amendmentwould require three-fifths of both legislative bodies to approve spending that exceeds government revenue:

“Total outlays for any fiscal year shall not exceed total receipts for that fiscal year, unless three-fifths of the whole number of each House of Congress shall provide by law for a specific excess of outlays over receipts by a rollcall vote,” section one of the amendment states.

Section eight specifies that “Total receipts” would not include “those derived from borrowing” and that “Total outlays” would not include “those for repayment of debt principal.”

EU border boss: Smuggling of people into Europe from Africa is increasing, jihad terror threat high
By Christine Douglass-Williams / Jihad Watch


The hijrah continues, with open borders into Europe and Brussels screaming for more migrants, more open borders, and minimizing the damage done as a result of its reckless immigration policies. The EU border agency boss, Fabrice Leggeri, has now warned the European Parliament that the increase in people smuggling from Africa makes for a high […]
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Pulse nightclub jihad massacre survivors sue tech giants over ‘material support’ to ISIS
“The expansion and success of ISIS is in large part due to its use of the defendants’ social media platforms to promote and carry out its terrorist activities,” the lawsuit reads. “But for ISIS’s postings using defendants’ social media platforms, Mateen would not have engaged in his Orlando attack.”

Yes, and the social media giants let ISIS have a platform, allowing them to “act with impunity.” Instead of closing terrorists’ accounts, the social media giants cracked down hard on conservatives’ account, choking off our platforms and denying us the right to air our views. This is a massive problem, perhaps the biggest problem the U.S. faces today. Without the freedom of speech, we are not a free society. And the social media giants, which are conforming to sharia blasphemy laws, have far too much control over the means of communication in this country today. They need to be broken up, before even more damage is done.

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