Monday, February 11, 2019

A Blueprint For Stupidity Exposed
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Today I think is a really big day for our economy, the labor movement, the social-justice movement, indigenous peoples and people all over the United States of America, because today is the day that we truly embark on a comprehensive agenda of economic, social and racial justice.”  
- Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on last Thursday's unveiling of her “Green New Deal”

You know the old saying that he or she is “as dumb as a box of rocks”...well...the new saying making the political go-rounds is that he or she is “as dumb as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.” And that folks is pretty damn dumb, but it is also a blessing at the same time for this woman's mouth is not only splitting her own party in two but actually helps to assure President Trump's reelection in 2020.

And while the list of her past verbal, in print, and televised faux-pas are endless...starting with her looking forward to her “inauguration;” with her tweeting that the three branches of government are the “Presidency, the House, and the Senate;” and that in a '60 Minutes' interview she stated for all the world to hear that “facts don't matter if you're morally right”...Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become the poster child for why liberalism and progressivism should have best been left back in the '60's and '70's when at least then the stupidity and cluelessness of young Democrats could be blamed on Timothy Leary and his magic mushrooms.

And with said Timothy Leary in mind...for this could only come from someone smoking or popping something... here is the latest nonsense from Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Working in cahoots with a fellow Democrat loon, as in Sen. Ed Markey from Massachusetts, I present to you...drum roll please...their Green New Deal...a true “watershed moment” these two miscreants call it...a deal that would “remake the entire U.S. economy”...or so they say...while at the same time eliminating all U.S. carbon emissions.

And if you buy into that faux bravado then pigs do fly and unicorns are indeed real.

Oh and might I add, there is no price tag given or even eluded to as to how much it would cost to implement this nonsense, which means there’s no data given or even available so as to access how many new taxes would have the be levied to pay for this abomination. Afraid to release the numbers most likely...afraid that even their own party would gasp.

Submitting the “framework” for her “Green New Deal” as a non-binding resolution...what Ms. Ocasio-Cortez calls a “10-year mobilization” on everything ranging from energy to nationwide infrastructure to racism...simply means that even if this nonsense somehow was passed that no new programs would be created, but would, in our favorite socialist's own words, “affirm the sense” that these things should be done within the a fore mentioned 10-year time frame. Translation: if Democrats have their way we will see more, much more, government interference and intrusion into our private lives at, of course, our own taxpayer expense courtesy of the very woman who believes that the “solemn duty of the Federal Government is to create a Green New Deal.”

I thought the only true “solemn duty” of the federal government was America's protection and least that's what the Constitution says it is. But now I guess we need even more federal regulations to not only protect us from “the weather” but to defend us against “the weather” as well. I'm pre-Common Core so I didn't know that...sarcastically said.

But the question is what exactly do 'We the People' have to look forward to from this ever so self-absorbed “climate change” diva and her what amounts to being a massive government takeover coupled with their micromanaging of every minute aspect of our lives? The answer to that is that besides this "deals" terribly misguided measures to cut carbon emissions across the collective in from electricity generation to transportation and even to agriculture...returning us to hunters and gatherers I guess...Ms. Ocasio-Cortez insists we pay “special attention” to the poor, the disabled, and minority communities...illegals anyone...that might be “disproportionately affected” by massive economic transitions like those her “Green New Deal” calls for. Translation: cater to the minority by stealing from the rich, while leaving the middle class majority to basically fend for themselves.

And this comes directly from the very same woman who also demands economic security for those “unwilling to work”...not “unable” to work but “unwilling” to in the dregs, sponges, and gimmee-gimmee sorts who already are raping our welfare and health care systems dry.

It seems Ms.Ocasio...oh what the hell...I'll call her “Ms. Kotex” like I do on the radio. “Kotex” as in she strives to “soak up” every "bloody dime" of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars with the goal of funneling those dollars to those“unwilling to work,” thus being assured of their votes come her next reelection bid. Again, as always, it's all about about votes...enough votes to allow Ms. Kotex to hold onto her Congressional seat, but to also garner more support and encouragement as she works her way up the rungs of the new Democrat/Socialist party ladder.

But the bottom line is simply this, Ms. Kotex and crew want to replace our booming free-market based capitalistic economy with a socialist one, and the “New Green Deal” is laying the ground floor for just that.

How so...simply by even allowing the Democrats to present such an overt expansion of government via the sheer ludicrousness of what's in this “Green New Deal.” By their hopefully, in the near future, being able to allocate billions if not trillions of dollars to both impossible and improbable projects and tasks, Democrats know well that our hard-earned taxpayer dollars will be sucked down the proverbial money pit drain and thus collapse our economy from within. And its this economic collapse, courtesy of Democrats running out of our money, that has led Republicans to call Ms. Kotex's plan a “Trojan horse for Socialism,” which most assuredly it is. And remember, not only would it cost at least $2 trillion to implement, as some leading economists guess, but it would at the same time eliminate one million jobs already in existence...most especially coal mining, oil rigging, and gas-station attending jobs.

Eliminating jobs creates even more dependents on the government teat than there already are...socialism 101 come to life...just what the Democrats ordered.

"Even the solutions that we have considered big and bold are nowhere near the scale of the actual problem that climate change presents to us." - Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez last Thursday on NPR's 'Morning Edition'
Fact: the “New Green Deal” is but a continuation and perpetration of the “climate change” hoax what with its 10-year goal of “net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions” instead of “zero emissions.” And to that affect, Ms. Kotex stated in a recent NPR interview that, “we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast.” Never thought I'd hear “farting cows” and “airplanes” being compared to each other let alone to what is simply "the weather”...never mind the fact that any noxious gasses that emanate from either cows (as in methane) or airplanes pales in comparison to the noxious fumes emanating from the mouths of most Democrats these days.

And “net-zero” means that in the near future if we want to go to Europe or the Far East we will have to travel on the trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific railroads. Oh wait...lucky us as those trains will have to miraculously glide upon water not unlike Jesus did two plus centuries there's no way possible to lay tracks on water. But I guess when you're a liberal anything is possible while delusions of Democrat grandeur dance...or should I say one's head.

The Concord is sadly long gone, the rest of America's air transport system will be next as jets run on the dreaded fossil fuels, while they also make sure that hamburgers become a thing of the past...that is unless someone can genetically engineer a cow that does not to fart or even burp for that matter. And also going bye-bye will be our nuclear power plants...a truly clean source of energy that leaves no carbon footprint at all, yet a source of energy that scares the living daylights out of anyone with a 'D' next to their name.

Fact: and with the “ultimate goal” of the “New Green Deal” being to entirely stop Americans from using any and all fossil in oil, coal, and maybe even natural gas...means that according to Ms. Kotex we, again in 10-year time frame, must meet "100 percent of the power demand in the United States through clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources." 

I'm sorry to tell Ms. I relish in telling her...that wind, solar, and water energy sources...the other “zero energy” sources she is referring to...are but adjunct energy sources to electricity generating fossil fuels...sources that have proven not to be totally reliable nor sustainable on their own. And why...what if the sun doesn't shine, what if the wind doesn't blow, and what if the water levels get too low to flow (as is common when it doesn't rain enough over a given period of time), then electricity must be turned back on thus negating what these nothing but adjunct sources were supposed to accomplish.

But if fossil fuel sources of electricity are no more I guess on the days the sun doesn't shine, the wind doesn't blow, and it doesn't rain but a few drops will see us living in the dark, with no food to cook, and toilets barely flushing. Welcome everyone to Ms. Kotex's Venezuelan-style American utopia.

And even with all I've already mentioned, know the “Green New Deal” now goes from just being all-out bad to total unabashed stupidity, lacking in both common sense and sanity in the process.

First there's the part about "upgrading all existing buildings" to make them more “energy efficient”...with “all” being the operative word (as in millions if not billions of buildings and homes)...something that truly is undeniably cost prohibited. And where are we all going to live while our homes are being retrofitted or torn down...a little detail that never entered Ms. Kotex's minuscule mind. 
Then there's the part about the government working with America's farmers "to eliminate pollution and greenhouse gas much as is technologically feasible" a stroke of a pen and a new law will ever eliminate either man-made or naturally occurring cow fart pollution. And while the “Green New Deal” claims to support both family farms and the promoting of "universal access to healthy food" is left wondering just who will be the judge as to what's healthy or the words “the feds” pop into your mind as it does mine...just saying.

And dare we forget the part about "overhauling our transportation systems" to reduce emissions while at the same time expanding electric car manufacturing, building "charging stations everywhere," and expanding high-speed rail to "a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary" that will ever happen.

And lastly there's these two goodies...truly laughable and yet ever so dangerous in their implications.

Let's start with the “Green New Deal” guaranteeing every American not just a job but a job with a "family-sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations and retirement security." Translation: in-your-face, die-hard socialism that will bleed America dry. And last but not least, the “Green New Deal” demands "high-quality health care" in a single-payer system for each and every Americans...something we can surely do without, after all we already had a great health care system before Obama got his grubby little hands on it and allowed illegals to move to the head of the health care line.

So now that I've laid out at least some of the absolute unabashed stupidity that is the “Green New Deal,” know that several of the key Democrat 2020 hopefuls have actually endorsed Ms. Kotex's plan. And this includes Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey, Kamala D. Harris of California, and Elizabeth 'Pocahontas' Warren of Massachusetts, while others like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are saying little to nothing about it, and maybe it's because even the 'Botox Queen' knows what a joke this “deal” is and doesn't want to give ammunition to Trump.

But then again when you have someone like loud mouth, Obama wanna-be Cory Booker outwardly defending his support of this blueprint for stupidity by comparing this what would be a government-led overhaul of our nation’s economy and energy sector to landing on the moon and defeating the Nazis in World War II, you just know that in the days and weeks to come the Republicans will have much to laugh and tweet about as the Democrats might have just assured President Trump his second term in office.

America will never be a socialist nation” President Trump said during last week's State of the Union Address, and with moronic ideas like Ms. Kotex's “Green New Deal,” her call for socialism might hopefully have just blown-up in her face.

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