Friday, July 23, 2021

'Their hands are tied': San Francisco locals demand change to stop brazen crime
'We have to enforce the current laws we have," San Francisco Police Officer Robert Rueca told Fox News.
San Francisco local businesses and employees are calling for change as they describe increasingly brazen shoplifting and car break-ins

Many residents told Fox News they believe changing California law Proposition 47 is the solution.

"The police are actually wonderful, their hands are tied, that’s what’s going on out here." Gianni, a local who works in Fisherman’s Wharf, told Fox News.

San Francisco Police Department's Public Information Officer, Robert Rueca explained "There’s a threshold of 950 dollars that needs to be met in order for a misdemeanor to turn into a felony when it comes to theft."

"We have to enforce the current laws we have," Rueca added.

Mario Ruiz, a San Francisco employee near Union Square, felt because of this law "there’s no penalty to shoplift." 

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Progressive ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s is being criticized from both sides of the political aisle after announcing Monday it would no longer sell its ice cream in “occupied Palestinian territory.”

In response, Texas is considering whether to ban the ice cream company in the state.

Texas State Comptroller Glenn Hegar said in a statement that he has directed his staff to determine whether Ben & Jerry’s, or its parent company Unilever, have done anything to trigger getting listed under Chapter 808 of the state’s government code. 

If it is determined that Ben & Jerry’s or Unilever has engaged in any activities proscribed under Chapter 808, my office will take all appropriate and required actions. Texas Government Code Chapter 808 defines "boycott Israel" as "refusing to deal with, terminating business activities with, or otherwise taking any action that is intended to penalize, inflict economic harm on or limit commercial relations specifically with Israel or with a person or entity doing business in Israel or an Israeli-controlled territory."