Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Politics of Hate

One family cancelled Thanksgiving dinner so they wouldn’t have to be with pro-Trump relatives. Another family cancelled a Christmas reunion for the same reason. One couple changed the date of their wedding so that a pro-Trump relative wouldn’t be able to attend. Another couple chose to get married in Italy – a place too distant for their relatives to travel to. These are just a few of the ruptures that have followed the election of Donald Trump, as reported by the New York Times.

Are we a deeply divided nation? Maybe. But if we are divided the cause of that division comes squarely from the left, not the right. In virtually every case, the people who are cancelling reunions and refusing to talk to their friends and family members are Hillary supporters. The Times reported not a single instance of a Trump voter shun.

What’s the cause of all this? I think it is identity politics.

Remember, the two candidates ran completely different campaigns. Trump’s campaign was an issues campaign, mainly economic issues. In every speech he gave, he complained about abandoned factories, lost jobs and low wages. Even if he was completely wrong about the cause of those problems (bad trade deals), his was still campaigning on issues.

They Have Learned Nothing

They Have Learned Nothing
There is a lesson in every defeat, if you’re not too pigheaded to learn it. When it comes to the shellacking Democrats have taken in the last few elections, pigheaded doesn’t begin to cover their reaction.

With the exception of President Obama’s re-election in 2012, Democrats have been on a severe losing streak since 2010. It couldn’t happen to a nicer, more deserving group of people.

Americans had a large plate full of unfettered progressive rule in 2009 and 2010, and they did not like it. Ever since, they’ve been rejecting Democrats like a transplant patient rejects a bad kidney.

With the exception of Barack Obama.

The cult of personality surrounding the president is disturbing, but less so over time as it became clear it was not contagious. Every candidate he personally pushed for went down in flames. Every time he put himself on the line for someone or something other than himself, he lost.

One shining example came when Martha Coakley lost to Scott Brown, a Republican in the blue state of San Francisco, er, Massachusetts, in a crucial Senate race. The only issue was the president’s health care bill, and it lost.
Massachusetts Officials Say Only ‘Peaceful’ Jihad Preached in Prisons (with al-Qaeda Tapes)

muslims-prison-usPrisons are hotbeds of radicalism and jihad recruitment and have been for some time but like any evil left unchecked, it’s reached unprecedented levels.

The problem is the refusal by authorities to recognize this obvious problem.

This has been going on well over a decade. What better candidate for jihad then vicious, violent, broken men? In the UK, for example, Muslim ‘extremists’ are taking over UK prisons. Muslim ‘brothers’ provide protection inside.

Non-Muslim inmates are being pressured to convert to an “Islamic protection racket” which forms the largest “power block” in the jail. Muslim inmates in four of the UK’s category A prisons, which are reserved for the most dangerous criminals, bully others into either converting into Islam or paying a tax as prescribed by sharia law, a government inquiry has allegedly found.

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