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The Congressional Budget Office just confessed that the healthcare law passed by Democrats and only Democrats in 2010—you know the one that was supposed to save us so much money?-- is really a dud, a job killer, as we have said all along. 

And the consequences aren’t just that some guy you don’t know won’t have a job, the consequences are that guys you DO know won’t have jobs, and --in the best case—your tax bill will go up accordingly.

The reform package, derisively known as Obamacare, is going to cost the country an additional 2 million jobs by 2017 says the CBO in a new report. That’s in addition to the 6 million jobs Obama’s already managed to kill by reforming the greatest, most vibrant economy in the world.

“The Congressional Budget Office on Tuesday said that the Affordable Care Act will contribute to the equivalent of 2 million workers out of the labor market by 2017,” reports Yahoo’s Business Insider, “as employees work fewer hours or decide to drop out of the labor force entirely.”

As I wrote previously, the labor union-controlled Economic Policy Institute (EPI) estimated recently that the numbers of missing worker in the country has grown to 5.9 million people under Obama, through dropping labor participation rates.

These are people who have become so discouraged by the job market that they stopped looking for work entirely.

Imagine a state the size of Illinois being completely unemployed: That’s how many people we are talking about when combined with the new CBO estimate.

Actually you don’t really have to imagine: Illinois is trending that way anyway, with the third highest unemployment rate in the nation.

Thanks Obama! Care.

Since Obama took office, the country has added a little less than 2.5 million additional jobs while the populations from which we draw workers have grown by 12 million people.

That means that we have only created 10,000 new jobs per state per year, or 27 jobs per day per state.

With the entire federal government straining itself and Obama waving around his mighty pen, one would think that we could do better than that.

Mitt Romney would have done better. Donald Trump would do better, even if he fired them too.

Jimmy Carter would have done better, as well.

Not coincidentally, the unemployment rate amongst government workers is 3 percent, according to the BLS, which not coincidentally is about half of the new “natural” employment rate predicted by the Congressional Budget Office.

“The CBO also thinks it will be a long time before the country gets back to full employment,” says the Washington Post’s Wonk blog. “The unemployment rate isn't expected to fall below 6 percent until late 2017.”

Full employment means 6 percent unemployment?

Say what you want about George W. Bush, but people had jobs under Bush with unemployment only going above 6 percent once during eight years in office. It’s hard to create jobs when you are at full employment. 6 percent unemployment, the max under Bush, is Obama’s new “natural” unemployment rate.

O let’s just say that there are many problems that can be solved when people have jobs.

Conversely, not having jobs is a bummer.

I only say this on the off chance that someone in the White House is sitting on the can reading this column surreptitiously via their Blackberry—you know, without the NSA monitoring them.

How big of a bummer are no jobs?

Well getting past the obvious problem that the ratings for The View go up, a state the size of Illinois—which is roughly the size of the workforce problem we have-- puts out about $700 billion in GDP annually, or about 4 percent of our GDP. That’s about $225 billion in missing government tax revenues yearly.

While the Obama administration argues about the “fairness” of tax rates for corporations, or the “fairness” capital gains tax rates, I know this one thing: There’s nothing fairer than raising tax revenues by giving someone a job.

And that’s likely the real liberals problem with this very simple idea that the way out of our difficulties begins and ends with job creation.

It’s an ideal that actually is fair to everyone, and liberals can’t have that.

As approval of the Keystone Pipeline continues to be an issue of debate, Speaker Boehner felt it was necessary to give the president a nudge with some impassioned words. After a member of the press asked Speaker Boehner whether the pipeline plan was too complex to attach to legislation raising the debt ceiling, he quickly responded by shooting that idea down.
"Complex? The Keystone pipeline is complex?" Boehner said. "It's been under study for five years!
"We build pipelines everywhere in American everyday. Do you realize there are 200,000 miles of pipelines in the United States?
"The only reason that the president's involved in the Keystone pipeline is because it crosses an international boundary. Listen, we can build it. There's nothing complex about the Keystone pipeline. It's time to build it," Boehner added.
Boehner then went on to say that President Obama should stick to his promises of ending a time when science took a back seat to ideology. But of course, all of this is just speculation until there is actually a plan.

As of right now there is still plenty of time left in the 90 day time period it will take to get the State Department review. Until then, we won’t be seeing the pipeline attached or moved to any bills. At this point, really anything is possible, but clearly the GOP is quite interested in moving the country forward in terms of energy production.
Fraudsters on the inside, hackers on the outside. Here we are, stuck in the middle with the security nightmare called Obamacare. Can it get any worse? Yes, it can. 
After the spectacular website crashes during last fall's federal health insurance exchange rollout, enrollees will soon wish the entire system had stayed down and dead. "404 Error" messages and convicted felon Obamacare navigators may be the least of our health care tech problems now. The latest? U.S. intelligence agencies notified the Department of Health and Human Services last week that the infrastructure could be infected with malicious code.

Who's responsible? Washington Free Beacon national security reporter Bill Gertz writes that U.S. officials have "warned that programmers in Belarus, a former Soviet republic closely allied with Russia, were suspected" of possible sabotage. A government tech bureaucrat in the Belarusian regime bragged last summer on Russian radio that HHS is "one of our clients" and that "we are helping Obama complete his insurance reform."

Gulp. When an authoritarian minion from the country known as "Europe's last dictatorship" boasts about "helping" the Obama White House, be afraid. One of our intel people spelled it out for Gertz: "The U.S. Affordable Care Act software was written in part in Belarus by software developers under state control, and that makes the software a potential target for cyber attacks."

No kidding. The friends of Vladimir Putin are not our friends. If you've been paying attention, you know that Belarus and other Eastern European hacking gangs have been at the center of several recent international cybercrimes. These aren't merely schemes to steal credit card numbers or vandalize websites with annoying graffiti. They're acts of espionage and sabotage -- like using malware in a phishing scheme aimed at White House employees to gather military intelligence and pilfer sensitive government documents.

It's not just the federal health care system's problem. Former Obamacare website contractor CGI still holds dozens of contracts with other federal agencies and state governments worth billions of dollars -- and wide access to health and financial data. In my state of Colorado, for example, CGI has a $78 million contract to "modernize, host and manage" the state's financial system. Have they checked to see whether Belarus hackers are standing by?

For their part, Obamacare officials are making their usual "don't worry about it, the problem's under control" noises. But we already know the problem is far out of control. Last month, GOP oversight hearings exposed persistent failures by Obamacare overseers to fix security lapses.

Former most-wanted cybercriminal Kevin Mitnick concluded in a letter to Capitol Hill: "It's shameful the team that built the site implemented minimal, if any, security best practices to mitigate the significant risk of a system compromise." If the latest warnings from our intel agencies are any indication, it appears that Obamacare Keystone Kops didn't just leave out security protections, but also may have allowed foreign programmers to write in cyber-traps.

David Kennedy, head of computer security consulting firm TrustedSec LLC and a former cybersecurity official with the National Security Agency and the U.S. Marine Corps, warned that " is not secure today" and said nothing had changed since he gave Congress that assessment three months before. Among the vulnerabilities that the Obama administration still hasn't fixed:

--TrustedSec "identified the ability to enumerate user information (first, last, email, user id, profile, etc.) through one of the sub-sites that directly integrates into the website."

--"Tens of thousands of user-based data appears to be vulnerable on the specified website and has not been addressed. There are a number of other exposures that have been reported privately that continue to expose users of the website."

--Another exposure identified is "the ability to perform an open redirect." In fact, "there are multiple open redirects still vulnerable on the website and supporting sub-sites." What this means is that "an attacker can send a targeted email to an individual that has signed up for or is looking to and have it appear valid and legitimate and originate from the website." These can open avenues so that victims click on links "redirecting to a malicious website that hacks the computer and takes complete control over it."

Out: "Got Covered?" In: "Got Hacked?"

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Commander: If Muslims unite, U.S. “political breathing space will be restricted”

  / Townhall Columnist
And Israel will have “no air to breathe.” Good thing they’re all moderates over in Iran now; imagine what they’d be saying if they were “extremists.”\

“IRGC Deputy Commander Hossein Salami: If Muslims Unite, US Political Breathing Space Will Be Limited,” from MEMRI, February 1:

Following are excerpts from an interview with Hossein Salami, IRGC deputy commander, which aired on Channel 1, Iranian TV and was posted on the Internet on February 1, 2014:

Hossein Salami: Whoever seeks to talk to our nation in intimidating language – we will not be deterred by geographic borders from endangering their interests. Wherever they may be – we will be there as well. We will not confine the conflict to any border. We announce this loud and clear.

This region is ideologically united by similar faiths and common goals. If these goals can be merged, and the Muslim peoples are ideologically, strategically, and politically united, then Western, and particularly American, political breathing space will be restricted. Even the Zionist regime, which is America’s political, military, economic, and security bridgehead, will have no air to breathe.

Click link to hear and see video:
Hey Obama...the G.I. Bill is NOT welfare and the IRS is indeed corrupt
By: Diane Sori
"We have NOT expanded the welfare state...self-reliance is alive and well."  - Barack HUSSEIN Obama 2/2/14 
Grrrrr....NO better way to start this than with an emotion...a furious, 'how dare he' emotion for in his interview with Bill O'Reilly, Barack HUSSEIN Obama...the man who in his role as Commander-in-Chief has defamed and dishonored our military...our troops...and our veterans every chance he dared to equate the G.I. Bill with welfare and food stamps. 
Welfare...the once noble temporary help for the truly needy has been hijacked into becoming a system of freebies and handouts that the Democrats have turned into a living wage for the 'sponges' of our society in exchange for their votes.

The G.I. Bill...NO matter that Obama said it is an entitlement just like food stamps (which by the way if one is able-bodied and can work one should NOT get) is certainly NOT welfare by any means for it's a 'contractual entitlement' that was earned...earned in a way by doing a job that most Americans aren’t willing to do...earned with blood and in putting on our country's uniform and placing one's life on the line to keep us safe and free at home.

The Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944...commonly known as the G.I. Bill...was a law enacted to give certain low-cost mortgages; low-interest business loans; cash payments for tuition and living expenses to attend high school, college, or vocational school; and one year of unemployment compensation for returning WWII veterans. And while changes have been made to the original bill in the years since it was enacted, the G.I. Bill was and still is some every veteran who was on active duty...combat service per se NOT required...and to those NOT dishonorably discharged. In other words the G.I. Bill helps those who successfully did the job they were contracted to in to defend our country...and that 'contractual entitlement' is by NO means welfare.

Welfare on the other hand is public aid paid for with our taxpayer dollars. What's known as the 'welfare state'...NOT an ideal situation NO matter what Obama says...expands on this concept to include services such as universal healthcare (as in healthcare through Medicaid which has seen its numbers skyrocket thanks to ObamaCare), food and nutrition programs as in food stamps (SNAP), and unemployment insurance. 
And this is some of what 'the sponges' believe they are 'entitled' to for doing NOTHING...for doing NOTHING as welfare handouts do indeed affect work incentives giving those on welfare NO reason to get off welfare. Freebies and handouts for 'the sponges'...the 'gimmee gimmee you owe me' sorts...for simply promising loyalty to the Democratic party...the party who in turn continues to cut veteran's benefits across the board and funnel those monies into even more welfare programs to keep those on the welfare dole happy and content so they won't bite the hand that feeds them...translation: by voting Republican.

Welfare is as different from the G.I. Bill as Barack HUSSEIN Obama is from Ronald Reagan and the two should NOT even be mentioned let alone compared in the same breath...capeesh Obama.

And then we have this little bit of happiness...

"Not even mass corruption. Not even a smidgeon of corruption."
- Barack HUSSEIN Obama 2/2/14

In a vain attempt to sweep the IRS scandal under the rug...a scandal stalking his administration for quite some time now, Obama poo-pooed the notion that his administration used the IRS for political purposes by singling out, delaying, or outright denying tax-exempt status for TEA Party groups (and groups with the word 'Patriot' in their names) that obviously did NOT support his re-election bid or his policies.

And when O'Reilly questioned him on it Obama whined, “That’s not what happened" and in true Obama place the blame on everybody but me mode, he claimed that the IRS officials were just "confused about how to implement the law in regards to tax-exempt groups."

And if you believe that I've got some swampland to sell you.

Blaming instead "bone-headed decisions," Obama outright denied (translation: LIED) that corruption of any sort was going on...and he did it with a straight face with NO teleprompter needed to script him.
And the award for the best...or should I say the worst...impersonation of a president goes to Barack HUSSEIN Obama. And even though many organizations and groups came forward to say they indeed were targeted and either denied or delayed in getting tax-exempt status, Obama twisted the scenario and instead blamed Fox News for continuing to focus on this story. But hey, he had to twist it...deflect it...for what Obama dare NOT have mentioned again on national television was that Lois Lerner, former head of the very IRS division that oversees tax-exempt groups, admitted under oath that certain organizations and groups applying for tax-exempt status were singled out if they had the words 'TEA Party' or 'patriot' in their names.

And Lerner even apologized on behalf of the IRS and said it was “absolutely incorrect, it was insensitive and it was inappropriate.” This Obama 'forgets' to mention...'selective forgetfulness' I call it...the Obama tactic honed to a fine art.
And with Congress NOT even finished with its investigation into this matter, our self-anointed king has deemed this whole event inconsequential and NOT worth his time...and oh yes, NOT wanting to step on union toes the previously held up bonuses have now been released and will be given to the very individuals involved in the denials and delays.

Such is life in Obamaland...or should I say in the Kingdom of Obama...either way 'We the People' lose for as Bill O'Reilly found out...and something we've known for a long time...don't bother asking Barack HUSSEIN Obama a question that you know he will just answer with yet another LIE.