Monday, November 3, 2014

This started as a top ten list.

Let's face it, with President Obama's awful approval ratings and the unfortunate consequences of Obamacare felt like a sting around the country, Democrats were already vulnerable in this year's midterm elections. These gaffes certainly won't help. Let's take a look at some of the worst mistakes Dems have made on the campaign trail so far:

1.) That awful/insensitive/shameful and now infamous ad from the Wendy Davis (D-TX) gubernatorial campaign.

2.) Those colorful campaign memos from Michelle Nunn’s (D-GA) campaign, in which her own campaign referred to her as a “lightweight.”

3.) Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) saying he was “brain dead" after he couldn't answer a simple, softball question.

4.) Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) struggling to offer an answer as to how the Obama administration has handled the Ebola crisis. MSNBC even mocked him for that interview.

5.) Alison Lundergan Grimes (D-Ky.) refusing to say if she voted for President Obama.

6.) Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu (D) claiming Louisiana is full of sexists and racists.

7.) Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) trying to use Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski in his campaign ad, then ignoring her request to take her picture out of the ad, claiming she simply didn’t like of the picture. (Those easily offended women’s rights groups have yet to confront him about it.) 
8.) Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) rudely interrupting her opponent Scott Brown (R) during his final comments at a recent debate. She was booed.

9.) Sen. Begich forgetting that almost anyone can access YouTube and catch him in a lie.

10.) Michelle Obama getting Bruce Braley’s (D-Iowa) name wrong – multiple times.

11.) Landrieu makes another appearance on this list for having to pay back thousands of dollars to her constituents for flights she took to fundraisers or other campaign events that were inappropriately billed to her Senate office.

12.) Martha Coakley (D-MA) getting the current gas tax in Massachusetts very wrong
13.) The revelation that Mary Burke’s (D-WI) family fired her from their family business for “incompetence.”

14.) DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz claiming that President Obama has joined Democrats on the campaign trail, then failing to name even one Senate race for which he's campaigned.

15.) Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) neglecting to show up to the final debate with her GOP challenger Thom Tillis in one of the country's tighest races, giving him a whole hour to state his case uncontested. Hagan's absence even prompted a rant from liberal MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow.

This was quite possibly the quickest/easiest list I’ve ever compiled. I wonder how much it'll grow by Tuesday.
Some call the fear and hate ad campaigns being orchestrated by Democratic Party supporters to boost black turnout in next Tuesday’s congressional elections desperation.

I call it pathetic.

The way for a Party to get support is to deliver success. When there is no record of success, lies, distortion, and fear become the operative tools, in hope that uninformed voters will buy the garbage.

Black voters are becoming more politically engaged than ever, which means they are also becoming more politically informed than ever. This is why the sick ads being run on behalf of Democrats in battleground states, designed not to inform but to provoke fear in black voters, are likely to backfire.

A flyer being distributed by Georgia’s Democratic Party shows two dark-skinned black children holding a sign saying “Don’t Shoot,” suggesting that somehow voting for Democrat candidate Michelle Nunn will stop a tragedy in Georgia, like the recent shooting of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri by a police officer.

Or an ad in North Carolina suggesting that a vote for Democrat Kay Hagan will prevent President Obama from being impeached.

Another in Arkansas shows pictures of blacks in distress and suggests that conservatives are out to strip blacks of their rights and protections under the law.

There could not be a more telling sign that many Democrat candidates are about to be turned away by voters than the large sums of money being spent targeting the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituency, blacks, knowing that they are losing interest because there is no good news.
But here’s the worst part.

‘Greater Islamic Bangladesh’ is a serious threat to Indian Integrity, Sovereignty and Hindu Majority

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Of the following article, Dr. Richard L. Benkin, author of A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing: the Murder of Bangladesh’s Hindus, writes, “I can confirm this. I have spoken with Bangladeshi schoolchildren and older students who are being taught that there is ‘no reason for Dhaka [capital city of Bangladesh] and Kolkata [Calcutta] to be separate,’ and that they should both be part of Bangladesh. When I ask them why they both should not be part of India if they should be one (and given the fact that Bangladesh is a failed state), they are left without a response. But this is how they are being prepared. When we see how ruling WB [West Bengal] parties are willing to lay down for this in order to hang onto vote banks, we...


“One of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims” backs the Islamic State

/ Jihad Watch
Kireka-Whaanga“If you practise your religion then of course you’ll be 100 per cent behind Islamic State.” But…but…it’s a tiny minority of extremists who have nothing to do with Islam! How did Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga, one of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims, come to misunderstand Islam in this way? I trust that Barack Obama is sending John Kerry to New Zealand pronto Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga how to understand Islam properly.

“Maori Muslim backs Islamic State,” by Tony Wall and Marty Sharpe,, November 2, 2014 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
An influential Maori Muslim leader is openly supporting the Islamic State militant group and believes Kiwi fighters should not be stopped from joining.
Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga is the head of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association and in 2010 was named one of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims by a group in Jordan, one of only two New Zealanders to make the list.
The Sunday Star-Times began investigating him after discovering his Facebook pages were festooned with Islamic State imagery. He has 905 friends on Facebook, many of them Muslim converts from around New Zealand. His pages have been repeatedly taken down in recent weeks by Facebook administrators.
Islamic State has been taking over towns and cities in Syria and Iraq, conducting massacres and beheadings of hostages, as it tries to establish an Islamic caliphate. Its followers in the West have been conducting “lone wolf” terrorist attacks in recent weeks.
At home in Hastings yesterday, Kireka-Whaanga told the Star-Times Muslims were being killed all over the world, the United Nations “doesn’t care” and he understood Islamic State’ actions.
“If you practise your religion then of course you’ll be 100 per cent behind Islamic State,” he said, adding that he was not a violent person. His comments come as tension rises between Muslim New Zealanders and others in the community following statements by Prime Minister John Key about the domestic terror threat.
Vote As If Our Country's Survival Depended On It...Because It Does                                     
By: Diane Sori 

With ELECTION DAY just a day away all I can say is VOTE! The time for whining, finding excuses, complaining, and apathy is over, because if we do NOT take back the Senate, 2016 will NOT amount to a hill of beans.

VOTE...pull that 'R' lever straight down the line and make sure your vote registers as 'Republican' as voter fraud has already started with machine so-called 'irregularities.' Remember the Congressional candidate in Illinois who recently cast a vote for himself and saw his VOTE go to his Democratic rival...just keep your eyes open and make sure your vote goes where you actually want it to go.

Vote...NO matter that many of your fellow Americans do NOT exercise their Constitutionally given right to vote except in a presidential election. And that has serious ramifications affecting us all as it leads to a government controlled by strict ideologues instead of government truly representative of 'We the People.' Just look what happened in 2012...need I say more. show your dissatisfaction with Congress. With Congressional approval ratings at an all time low now is the perfect time to send those NOT doing the 'people's bidding' packing.
VOTE...NO matter if your primary candidate of choice did NOT win for the good of the nation must now more than ever far outweigh the wishes of the one. NO candidate is anyone's one hundred percent ideal...NO candidate is perfect so is it better to let someone who you agree with on NOTHING win over someone who you agree with on some things...I most definitely think NOT.'s the only way to render Barack HUSSEIN Obama politically impotent and stop 'his pen and his phone' from doing any more damage to our beloved America. take back our judicial system and remove activist judges from the bench.

VOTE...your political conscious NOT your religious beliefs or where you stand on the 'social issues' because morality and religious convictions can NEVER nor must ever be legislated. Everyone's moral standards are different and everyone's interpretation of religious dogma is different, and that must translate into and remain what our Founders vision intended for this great land...that being the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic NOT a theocracy. Remember, God is NOT a politician nor is He a candidate, therefore God is NOT on the ballot. As for the 'social issues' they can be addressed at the state level, where they belong, after we retake the Senate and NO longer have Harry Reid blocking every bill or issue our side proposes from making it to the floor for discussion. there is indeed power in numbers and if you don’t VOTE others will VOTE and you will NOT like the outcome that includes Democrats keeping control of the Senate. And that translates into 34 million ILLEGALS being almost immediately granted amnesty through Obama's infamous 'pen and phone' as the Harry Reid controlled Senate sits back and smiles.

And if that doesn't scare you maybe this will...ISIS will continue moving forward right into our country as Obama will again lay out the welcome mat like he's done for the ILLEGALS...our economy will limp along until it runs out of gas and then sputters and falls into total collapse and bankruptcy...Iran will become a nuclear power and Israel will be wiped off the map...our Constitution will NOT be worth the paper it's written on as more and more activist federal judges will be appointed and confirmed by the Democratic Senate and the first thing to go will be the Second Amendment...stealth jihad will become in-our-faces jihad as sharia law will make further incursions into our judicial system...ObamaCare will further rob people blind of their money and their health as death panels become the norm...need I go on. honor those who fought for and gave their lives for your right to VOTE. Always remember that throughout our nation's history there have been those who wanted to either take away our right to VOTE or to negate the VOTE cast and that includes members of the Obama administration. Voting allows us to stand up and stand strong to honor those who went before honor those who died for the freedoms we enjoy today.

But remember above all else that the Declaration of Independence NEVER was written as and remains a perpetual living is the law of our land...the Constitution. Remember too that our form of government exists only because those who came before overthrew the oppressive government the king had set in place...and we can do it again if...and I only say if...need be. And though we do NOT govern our nation based on the Declaration the Declaration...the Constitution does the least it did until Obama took office that is...the Declaration remains precedence. And while we truly want our country back via the ballot box, 'We the People' can NO longer allow the transgressions of the Obama administration to continue on for if it does the America we know and cherish...the America our Founders strove so hard to create...will cease to exist.

And know that when our Founders took to the streets in revolt, they knew that even the new government they were creating could become corrupted at some point in time...and the Obama government...or should I say exactly the type of government they wanted to protect us from. These brave and honorable men wrote the Constitution in such a way as to try and shield 'We the People' from government abuses and from overstepping its bounds. One case in point is the addition of the Second Amendment which gave us the 'right' to defend ourselves from oppressive rule, including protecting ourselves from the creation of laws and regulations that threaten the very integrity and foundation of the Constitution.

So tomorrow VOTE...VOTE because the bottom line is that if you do NOT VOTE...if you VOTE third party...if you VOTE solely based on the 'social issues'...if you do a write-in VOTE...if you do anything but pull that 'R' are indeed voting for Obama's politics and policies...and those politics and policies would have our Founders turning over in their graves. VOTE as if your life, your children's lives, and all or futures depended on it, because if truth be told America's very survival does depend on pulling that 'R' lever and turning the Senate RED...period.