Monday, October 15, 2012

Rebuild America Tour Announcement...

We have a major announcement to make that could dramatically alter the 2012 presidential election.

As you know, we've been in the middle of a national tour, rallying support for the Romney/Ryan campaign and working to ensure that Barack Obama and Joe Biden would not be re-elected.  We've had some great rallies along the way, and run TV, radio, newspaper and online ads advocating for Romney/Ryan and against Obama/Biden like this one below in Pittsburgh:

But something dramatic happened about one-week ago.

Our top strategic advisers had been monitoring the polls in key battleground states several times a day, each and every day.  And following our efforts in the Midwest and Mitt Romney's stellar debate performance, polls showed that the Romney/Ryan campaign had surged in five critical battleground states: 

Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Here was the Karl Rove & Company map at that time showing that all five of these states had become "Light Blue" states, and were no longer "sure bets" for Obama:

These states accounted for 70 Electoral Votes.  

But most importantly, the Obama campaign had assumed that four of them were "safe" Obama states, and that the fifth - Ohio - was moving in their direction.  But, now, things were completely different.

Our chief advisers gathered our team and gave us the update.  The bottom line:  if we were to focus on these 5 key battleground states, and if we were to win just 3 of them, then it was virtually impossible for Barack Obama to win re-election.

And so our team worked aggressively to refocus our efforts.  Instead of spreading ourselves thin in a big national tour and ad campaign, we were going to focus on 5 states that will likely determine who will be the next president of the United States. 

Yesterday, we received additional news that showed we were making the right decision.  RealClearPolitics updated their state-by-state Electoral Map, and now those 5 key states we were targeting had gone from Solid Blue (for Obama), to Light Blue (when we made our decision to alter our national tour) and now all five states were reclassified as pure "Toss Up" states:

So now we have turned our buses around and are heading back to Michigan - and its 16 Electoral Votes for another 17 rallies in this key state. 

We'll then cross Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio and end in Pennsylvania with a Grand Finale rally in Altoona, PA.

We need your support to make this strategic effort a sure-fire success.  We must deny Barack Obama these 70 Electoral Votes he had been counting on - and with your help we will deny Obama these Electoral Votes.

You can find our new, revised schedule for the "Rebuild America - Defeat Obama" tour here:

Phony Numbers, Phony Recovery, Phony President

by / Personal Liberty Digest

Phony Numbers, Phony Recovery, Phony President

Mark Twain once wrote, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” The phony jobs numbers issued last week and used by the phony President to tout a phony recovery are typical of the lies, damned lies and statistics spouted out daily by the political elites.

The elites walking the halls of power — the true 1 percent — are greedy and murderous psychopaths. They care nothing for their “subjects” and seek only more power, more money and more aggrandizement. They readily lie, cheat, steal and kill to achieve their goals.

The 7.8 percent unemployment number is a manipulated and meaningless figure. The Bureau of Labor Statistics cooks the books each month by using data it terms as “seasonally adjusted.” But this adjustment changes from month to month, and the BLS will not disclose what the adjustments are or how they are arrived at. It also does not tell the public that those factors change month to month.

John Williams at explains: “[T]he BLS knowingly has been preparing the seasonally-adjusted headline unemployment numbers on an inconsistent and non-comparable basis for some time. The September number was prepared using a different set of season factors than was used in coming up with the August number. The reporting difference can be large, when proper consistent month-to-month changes are used.”

In addition to applying nebulous and ever-changing seasonal adjustments, the numbers are based in part on information compiled by census workers conducting telephone surveys and home visits. They take monthly samples of 50,000 to 60,000 households in 31 States and the District of Columbia. Their criteria are ambiguous. For instance, the range for part-time work falls between one hour and 34 hours per week. “So if an out-of-work accountant tells a census worker, ‘I got one baby-sitting job this week just to cover my kid’s bus fare, but I haven’t been able to find anything else,’ this can be considered a part-time job,” writes Jack Welch in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal.

Because of the subjective and open-ended nature of some responses, the opportunity for data manipulation is legion. There is also a motive for data manipulation. Government workers conducting these tests and compiling the data are members of the American Federation of Government Employees, which is part of the AFL-CIO. Unions are in the tank for the Democratic Party in general and President Barack Obama in particular.

Welch came under fire last week after he tweeted that he was skeptical of the sudden three-tenths of 1 percent drop in unemployment on the heels of Obama’s dismal debate performance.

As an aside, that debate revealed what I and many others have known for some time: Obama is a phony.

He’s an empty suit (or chair) without the capacity for intelligent discussion beyond standard rote Marxist talking points, unless one of his masters has a hand up the back of his shirt in the form of a teleprompter. He has demonstrated this time and again through his choice of softball and heavily scripted interviews and the way he has responded as a petulant child to what few challenges he has received from the rare tough interviewer or the occasional Republican politician.

One of Welch’s critics last week was Austan Goolsbee, former chairman of the Obama regime’s Council of Economic Advisers. Demonstrating that, for the elites, history begins today and yesterday is irrelevant, Goolsbee conveniently forgets that just nine years ago he accused the George W. Bush Administration of cooking up phony unemployment numbers. In an op-ed piece for The New York Times published Nov. 30, 2003, Goolsbee wrote:
The government reported that annual unemployment during this recession peaked at only around 6 percent, compared with more than 7 percent in 1992 and more than 9 percent in 1982. But the unemployment rate has been low only because government programs, especially Social Security disability, have effectively been buying people off the unemployment rolls and reclassifying them as “not in the labor force.”
In other words, the government has cooked the books. It has been a more subtle manipulation than the one during the Ronald Reagan Administration, when people serving in the military were reclassified from “not in the labor force” to “employed” in order to reduce the unemployment rate. Nonetheless, the impact has been the same.
Under Obama, disability roles have risen in excess of 3.6 million since 2008, meaning Obama is using the same method of concealing true unemployment as the hated Bush.

According to Shadowstats, data manipulation has its roots in the Richard Nixon Administration. Williams writes that Nixon proposed that the BLS release each month one unemployment number — the one that was most favorable to the Administration — but not reveal whether it was the seasonally adjusted or unadjusted number. While there is no evidence this tactic was ever used, it demonstrates the mindset in Washington.

Even if one takes the official 7.8 percent number and BLS statistics at face value, they’re still nothing to crow about. Besides, the 7.8 percent number will not remain static. The BLS revises the data regularly and won’t issue a final number for the month until January, long after the election and when the September number is no longer relevant. The September number could change four or five times before January.

According to the BLS, total nonfarm payroll employment increased by only 114,000 in September. That’s not enough to keep up with population growth. It’s also 32,000 fewer jobs than the monthly average for this year, and 39,000 fewer jobs than the monthly average in 2011. Manufacturing jobs declined by 16,000 and overall have been unchanged since April. Yet we are to believe unemployment dropped?

The number of people employed part-time for economic reasons (that is they took part-time work because their hours were cut back or it was the only work available to them) rose from 8 million to 8.6 million.

Another 802,000 dropped from the labor force and weren’t counted in the jobless data, and they became part of the 2.5 million considered marginally attached to the labor force because they “wanted and were available for work, and had looked for a job sometime in the prior 12 months. They were not counted as unemployed because they had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey.”

Despite the rah-rah chanting of Obamaphiles, the truth is the number of people employed is near where it was in 2000 and well below where it was at its 2007 pre-recession peak. Actual unemployment, according to Shadowstats, exceeds 22 percent.

The Feds are likewise manipulating the inflation data. Called the Consumer Price Index (CPI), it is a measure of inflation based on the cost of a basket of goods. But the contents of the basket changes from time to time. Politicians like this because it is used to determine, among other things, the annual cost-of-living adjustments for Social Security. By manipulating the contents of the basket of goods, rising inflation can be masked and Social Security adjustments can be kept artificially low.

Using pre-Bill Clinton CPI methodology (that is, methodology employed until 1990), CPI inflation in August (September numbers are due out tomorrow) was 5.6 percent. Using methodology employed in 1980, CPI inflation in August was 9.3 percent, according to Shadowstats.

This is all part of the ongoing war on American seniors and savers being waged by the psychopaths in Washington.

Obama losing support among Israelis

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

Are American Jews also waking up to the most anti-Israel president ever, who has done so much to aid and abet the jihad against Israel? "'Post' poll finds Obama loses support among Israelis," by Gil Hoffman for the Jerusalem Post, October 14 (thanks to VQ):
Jewish citizens of Israel see US president as more pro-Palestinian than pro-Israel by a margin of 28 to 18 percent. 
The gap between the percentage of Jewish Israelis who consider US President Barack Obama’s administration more pro-Palestinian and those who deem it more pro-Israel rose by 10 percentage points over the past six months, according to a Smith Research poll sponsored by The Jerusalem Post.
The poll found that 28% believe the Obama administration is more pro-Palestinian, 18% find it more pro-Israel and 40% call it neutral, with 14% declining to participate. A Post/Smith poll asking the same question in April found that the proportion of Israelis who called the administration more pro-Israel and more pro- Palestinian was equal at 24%.
Israelis who identify themselves as right-wing were four times as likely to deem the Obama administration more pro-Palestinian than were leftwing Israelis, at 44% to 11%.
Among left-wing Israelis, 28% said the administration was more pro-Israel and 52% said it was neutral. Among rightwingers, 15% said it was more pro-Israel and 25% said it was neutral.
The poll of 500 respondents representing a statistical sample of the adult Israeli Jewish population was taken on Tuesday and Wednesday last week.
It had a margin of error of 4.5 percentage points....
In the first Post/Smith poll in May 2009, before the Obama administration started taking action on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, 31% predicted that the administration would be more pro-Israel and 14% said more pro-Palestinian.
The next poll was taken less than a month later, following the first White House meeting between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Obama, and the American president’s landmark speech to the Muslim world in Cairo.
The poll found a huge shift had taken place, with the proportion calling the Obama administration more pro-Palestinian rising from 14% to 50% and the proportion calling it more pro-Israel falling from 31% to only 6%....

And Now He's Ticked Off Hillary 
By: Mark Baisley  / Townhall Columnist
I am imagining that Hillary Clinton is spending a great deal of time with close advisors and political strategists this week.  She has been a very good soldier for Barack Obama for four years now.  But there is no way that Hillary Clinton is going to allow her own presidential ambitions for 2016 to be spoiled so that Barack Obama can be re-elected in 2012.

An inevitable gunfight has been building between the Chicago Democratic machine and the Arkansas Democratic royalty for weeks now.  And President Obama can thank his short-sighted Vice President for expediting the inevitable shootout to begin at the same time as early voting.

President Obama has escaped disaster time after time with scandals and cover-ups that would have taken down the cleanest Republican president.  The abuse of the National Labor Relations Board in an attempt to force Boeing to place its 787 plant in union-controlled Washington State left no chinks in Obama’s armor.  Bribing Lockheed Martin with covering of legal expenses if they will postpone required layoff notices until after the election does not seem to have raised a single liberal eyebrow.  Even invoking Executive Privilege to withhold information from Congress regarding the murders of an American Border Patrol and hundreds of Mexican citizens has not shaken the President’s loyal following.

But while the yellow-tinted, main-stream media is blatantly positioned on the side of the Democratic Party, they did not count on having to choose sides between Barack and Hillary in the final days of the 2012 presidential election.

It all started innocently enough.  The President and his Secretary of State set out on an international tour beginning in 2010, sharing enlightened American liberalism to a welcoming world.  Cultures who once hated America would naturally embrace the new oneness with a Presidential bow.  

The State Department’s mission now includes promoting the agenda of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community worldwide.  Or, as Secretary Clinton put it, “So here at the State Department, we will continue to advance a comprehensive human rights agenda that includes the elimination of violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. We are elevating our human rights dialogues with other governments and conducting public diplomacy to protect the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons.” (See

We could certainly expect that asserting the LGBT acceptance message to other cultures, especially to muslim countries, would be the Obama Administration’sdaisy in the gun barrel milestone.  To quote Secretary Clinton’s closing line in her address calling on every State Department bureau and every embassy to participate in the advancing of worldwide LGBT tolerance, this is “one of history’s great moments.”

Even Hollywood’s international ambassador, Madonna, did her part in carrying out the mission on an informal basis this summer.  Last month, while entertaining a crowd in Washington, D.C., the pop star included this supportive mention of the President’s program, “Y’all better vote for f_ _ _ _ _ g Obama, OK?  For better or for worse, alright?  We have a black muslim in the White House.  Now that is some s _ _ t.  Some amazing s _ _ t.  It means there is hope in this country.  And Obama is fighting for gay rights.  OK?  So support the man, G_ _ _ _ _ mit!”  This heartwarming message was delivered to an American audience shortly after returning to the U.S. from her tour in two decidedly Islamic countries, where she treated her muslim audience to a flash of her right mammilla during a concert in Istanbul.

After softening up the militantly modest sensibilities of Islam’s religious police through messaging, supported by Madonna’s indecent exposure tour, the Obama Administration got down to some thoughtful personnel deployments.  In an apparent act of altruistic hope and change, the State Department dispatched a gay man as Ambassador to Libya.  What could possibly go wrong?

The murder of Christopher Stevens and three other Americans took place just three months after Stevens arrived as America’s Ambassador to Libya.  In response to this horrific act, the Obama Administration and Clinton State Department jointly concluded that Libyans must simply have become impulsively emotional over a YouTube video called The Innocence of Muslims (see the trailer HERE).  After all, it was produced by a Coptic Christian who lives in California, USA.

Now here’s where the story gets weird.  The Obama Administration went all-in with the YouTube video as the sole impulse for Ambassador Stevens’ death.  They dispatched Susan Rice, America’s Ambassador to the United Nations, on a persuasion tour across television talk shows to convince U.S. citizens that an offensive video was the Libyan Ambassador’s actual cause of death.  The President himself even asserted the story on David Letterman’s nighttime show.  Every other spokesperson for the Administration stuck to the script.

The State Department even created a television ad (linked HERE) to calm down Muslims who may be prone to violence as a result of the YouTube video.  They paid Pakistani television outlets $70,000 to play the ad, which features both President Obama at the White House and Secretary Clinton saying, “Let me state very clearly that the United States has absolutely nothing to do with this video.  We absolutely reject its contents.  America’s commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation.”  One week later, the Coptic Christian filmmaker was arrested in California.

Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter struggled awkwardly in a live interview with Brett Baier to defend the Obama Administration’s storytelling.  Once off-air, she cried, “Help me, Brett.  I’m too pretty to be a Democratic Party hack.  I should be a Fox News girl!”  (OK; That last part is not true.)

But Congress has called on State Department personnel to testify under oath about the Libyan embassy attack.  And nothing from testimony is consistent with the Obama Administration’s contention that the murders were a spontaneous mob response to an amateur video.  Nor does the State Department support Vice President Biden’s debate claim (repeated by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney) that the lack of security personnel was due to funding cuts implemented by Congressman Paul Ryan “for the wealthiest 2%.”

The Obama-Biden team seems very willing to let Hillary Clinton become the scapegoat for their poor handling of foreign affairs and for covering up the real story of a loyal American left shamefully vulnerable by a president who blows off intelligence briefings daily.  Secretary Clinton will not take the fall for this president.  And if Bill Clinton chooses to weigh in on behalf of his wife this month, Mitt Romney will walk across the finish line on November 6.  In the worst timing for an administration up for re-election, a dithering media may actually choose to investigate the truth - out of not knowing what else to do.

On the Road to Death Panels 

By: Star Parker  / Townhall Columnist

With the first presidential debate and the only vice-presidential debate behind us, it seems pretty clear that so-called "social issues" are not going to get much attention in this year's presidential politics.

It's unfortunate, I think. We deceive ourselves to permit the assumption that values and behavior are not the real drivers behind our economic problems.

The fiscal crisis of our entitlement programs is the direct result of these values and behavior.

The fiscal soundness of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is rooted in the assumption that those who work can fund the needs of our elderly through payroll taxes. In the case of Social Security, we're talking about retirement income; in the case of Medicare, health costs of the aged; and Medicaid, long-term care of low-income elderly.

When these programs were founded, using payroll taxes to fund care for our elderly seemed like a viable idea.

The bottom has fallen out, however, because of changes in our behavior. There are fewer and fewer workers per retiree as result of longer life spans and a shrinking workforce.

In 1950, there were 16 working Americans for every retiree. Today, there are fewer than three. By 2030, it's projected there will be fewer than two.

It doesn't take a supercomputer to realize that if we don't reduce the retirement and health care resources available to our elderly, the burden on each working American to provide those resources increases substantially.

Yet the discussion about this crisis is 100 percent focused on how to cut the spending and zero attention is spent on restoration of values that could rebuild families, produce more children and stop destroying the unborn.

According to a new report just out from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the overall fertility rate of American women -- defined by the number of births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44 -- is the lowest ever recorded since the government started gathering this information. After years of hovering slightly above 2.1, it has now dropped below to 1.9.

According to demographers, a fertility rate of 2.1 -- in which each adult woman produces 2.1 children on average over her lifetime -- is necessary to keep the overall population steady.

Which means the overall U.S. population is shrinking.

We generally look to Europe to see low fertility rates and shrinking populations. However, according to the Economist magazine, the U.S., at 1.9, now has a fertility rate lower than France, whose fertility rate stands at 2.0.

A change in prevailing values could reverse this trend. But the opposite is happening.

According to a new Gallup poll, for the first time the majority of Americans feel that government should not promote any particular set of values.

In 1993, the first year that Gallup did this annual survey, 53 percent said that government should promote traditional values and 42 percent said that no particular set of values should be promoted. Now, in this latest survey, it is the opposite: 52 percent say no particular set of values should be promoted and 44 percent say government should promote traditional values.

With no rebirth of traditional values that could lead to more babies, caring for our elderly will become an increasingly onerous burden. Where can this soulless materialism lead?

In a Sept. 16 New York Times op-ed, Steven Rattner -- a New York investment banker and former counselor to the Treasury secretary in the Obama administration -- provided a shockingly candid answer.

The op-ed began by saying, "We need death panels."

Rattner then qualified this by saying, well, maybe not "exactly."

But, he concluded: "We may shrink from ... stomach-wrenching choices, but they are inescapable."

Barack HUSSEIN Obama...the catalyst for Middle-East disaster
By Diane Sori

As the dominoes of Arab countries continue to fall and burn, as the violence spreads even further, Barack HUSSEIN Obama still doesn’t believe, or want to believe, that terrorism is involved even after being ‘forced’ to utter the ‘T’ word for the sake of salvaging his re-election chances.

The Middle-East is heating up even more as Al-Qaida leader and vile mouthpiece, Ayman al-Zawahiri, contends that a simple little film did indeed mock the 'prophet' (gagging on that one) mohammad, and that that film proved to the world that Washington was waging a "crusader Zionist war" against  muslims and islam. Calling for more protests of American embassies, and singing the praises of those who took part in the violence and killings in Benghazi, he reiterated the usual rhetoric for instigating a jihadist ‘holy war’ against both the US and Israel. 

And then add into the mix that just the other day Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Turkey will retaliate with full force if its border with Syria is breeched again by Syrian weapons, and now you have the flames of discontention being fueled even more.

Oh what a tangled web the Middle-East has become with Benghazi seeming to be point zero for it all.  

And now with Pat Smith (the mother of Sean Smith, the Information Officer who was murdered in Benghazi along with Ambassador Stevens and the two SEALS) speaking out against Obama, saying she does NOT believe that he didn’t know this attack was forthcoming especially with the eleventh anniversary of September 11th looming, the cover-up known as BenghaziGate grows deeper.  Mrs. Smith even went on the record saying that when Leon Penetta told her, as he looked directly into her eyes, to ‘trust him’ to tell her the truth about her son’s death, she knew at that point they were all lying.

The fire in the Middle-East is now further being flamed by all their lies.

And now that fire is spreading beyond the confines of the Middle-East.  Yesterday, our consulate in the Indian city of Chennai was attacked because the ‘oh-so peaceful’ muslims claim that stupid little film again defamed their ‘oh-so wonderful’ (gagging again) prophet mohammad.  In this instance, a group of more than 2,000 muslim protesters threw stones and smashed the windows of our consulate, but thankfully none of our personnel was killed or injured.

The question that must now be answered is why...why is this all happening and why now?  I’ll tell you why it’s NOT’s NOT happening over a two-bit little film that’s for sure.  

But it is happening because our president and his minions let it happen is why.

Starting with the ridiculous rules of engagement Obama has our military fighting under, as in little or NO collateral damage in apologize for our troops every chance you in encourage and fuel an Arab Spring gone so horribly in blame Israel for everything simply because they in...well you get my drift.

Al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban are now all alive and well in their attempt to co-opt sporadic violence as a cover for planned and coordinated terrorist’s attacks against our interests in the area, against Israel, and even against us here at home. 

These groups once thought to be waning are resurging with new vitality and strength because our president sits back and does NOTHING!  Where is the retaliation for Ambassador Stevens and the others...there is none.  Where is the retaliation when roadside bombs go off killing and maiming our troops...there is none.  Where is the retaliation for all the damage perpetrated on our consulates...there is none.  There is NO retaliation for anything because we have a weak president who sides with the enemy instead of with America.

The muslim world respects and honors one thing and one thing only...STRENGTH.  Under the stewardship of Barack HUSSEIN Obama our beloved country is now seen as weak, NO longer a super power to be feared and admired for instead of showing strength this president shows weakness.  Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a weak leader if he’s a leader at all.

And at the bottom of all this is the question does Obama really want to bring positive change to the Middle-East or does he even really care if change happens at all?  I think NOT for if he did he would NOT have gotten the US involved in Libya, as its uprising was a civil war posing NO danger to America, and if we had not gotten involved the domino effect would NOT have even been put into place...all of which lead up to the Benghazi slaughter and now in its aftermath...the cover-up.

But the point of all this is that these people do NOT want an open and free society; they do NOT want democracy; they do NOT want a free speaking media or freedom of speech, and they sure as hell do NOT want our Western values and morals.  What they do want is to be left alone to live like backwards barbarians, and until change comes from within their own societies I say let them live like backwards barbarians but let them do it in their own cesspools of countries NOT here in America.

And by the way, since Barack HUSSEIN Obama considers them his brethren he can go live over there with them and start packing on November 6th.