Tuesday, November 8, 2022

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An Uncalled For Misstep 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

He has already proven to be a great president for under his stewardship not only was America great again, but American exceptionalism was on display for all the world to see. We were, to name but a few, energy independent; inflation was at a 40-year low; black American's and other minorities saw their job numbers soaring; our southern border was for the most part secured; and American foreign policy triumphs led to things like the Abraham Accords. And dare we forget that Vladimir Putin was kept in check; Ukraine was aligning itself with the West; we were free of Obama's very bad Iranian nuclear deal; and Kim Jung-un was but a laughable threat at best.

He obviously being America's 45th president...President Donald J. Trump.

America was on the right tract under this man leadership and would have remained so if not for Dominion voting machines; illegals and dead folks voting; mail-in ballots suddenly turning up in the middle of night; and other assorted Democrat initiated nasties...like made up scandals and false accusations. Simply, in no way did “basement Joe” garner 80 million votes, but what is...is...and nothing anyone can say or do will change the fact that we now are baring witness to Barack HUSSEIN Obama's third...and quite disastrous...term in office. The puppet master pulling the strings of a fool has seen his so wanted “fundamental transformation of America” sadly starting to reach fruition.

And while Donald J. Trump did prove that a non-politician could indeed get elected and do great things as President of these United States, what with his message and policy initiatives resonating with the soul of America as he stood strong for the rule of law that is the Constitution as well as for the values, ideals, and morals that we as Americans hold dear, in no way did we expect him to be perfect. However, I did hope that Trump would continue to conduct himself in a presidential manner even after his having left office. And while Democrats in no way adhere to that philosophy...Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama himself are prime examples of those who just will not relinquish the spotlight...I did expect Donald Trump to learn from past mistakes made and reemerge as an even stronger version of himself especially if he were to run again.

But, sadly it seems I was wrong. But before I get into that, let me say that if Trump does decide to run again and gets the Republican nomination, I will not only vote for him but work hard to help get him elected. We need a man like Trump to “Make America Great Again,” but we do not need the theatrics nor childishness...as in the name calling and barrage of insulting social media posts...that still seems to be Trump's hallmark.

Simply, Trump needs to learn to keep his mouth shut or he will not only loose the all important state of Florida as well as the independent vote come 2024, but he will loose that election itself. Why...because it seems he did not learn that childish behavior not only impresses no one, but actually turns people off. A case in point...at a campaign rally for Dr. Oz in Latrobe, Pennsylvania this past Saturday, Trump childishly gave the “Free State of Florida's” great and highly beloved Governor Ron DeSantis the insulting nickname “Ron DeSanctimonious.” Not only was that insulting and uncalled for especially with DeSantis now working hard to help restore southwest Florida to some semblance of its pre-Ian condition, but Trump knows that Ron DeSantis...according to leading pollsters...is his main rival for the Republican presidential nomination. And this is never mind that our governor...and yes I'm a proud Floridian...has not even announced nor given any indication that he will or will run for president in 2024.

But if Gov. DeSantis should choose to run for the Republican nomination, he likely is the only one in the list of possible candidates who could prevent Trump from garnering said nomination. And why... because DeSantis' record as governor speaks for itself. And nothing highlights that record better than the fact that during the Covid pandemic Florida rightfully earned the aforementioned moniker the “Free State of Florida” for not only were DeSantis' Covid policies driven by common sense and implemented with unwavering logic...remember Florida's schools and businesses were the first to reopen and stay open...but he successfully fought back against the left's racially driven and woke indoctrination nonsense while implementing true conservative policies in our state...the “Heartbeat Law” amongst them. And his response to Hurricane Ian is truly one for the history books what with destroyed bridges rebuilt in less than a months time. But, and this shows the true character of the man, Gov. DeSantis has done all this without his saying one negative word about Donald J. Trump, the man he knows played a key role in getting him elected the first time he ran for governor.

In other words, gratitude, respect, and above all honor has always been shown towards President Trump by Gov. DeSantis, the very things Trump seems to have trouble doing when he's faced with any sort of criticism let alone competition whether it be real or simply self-perceived. And it's this, in turn, which then leads him to revert back to childish name calling behavior.

In fact, Trump's latest uncalled for behavior directed at Gov. DeSantis has resulted in some conservative commentators...commentators usually aligned with President Trump...now calling him to task. Take for example Matt Walsh, a commentator at The Daily Wire and a leading voice amongst social conservatives who rightfully stated that, DeSantis is an extremely effective conservative governor who has had real policy wins and real cultural wins. Trump isn’t going to be able to take this one down with a dumb nickname. He better have more than that up his sleeve,” if he were to politically negate DeSantis. And Walsh added, “Also, nice job launching your public attack against the most popular conservative governor in America three days before the midterms when we’re all supposed to be showing a united front”...wise and truthful words indeed.

Then there's Rod Dreher, a senior editor at The American Conservative who simply stated of Trump, “What an idiot,” adding that, “DeSantis is a far more effective leader of the Right than Trump was, if, that is, you expect a leader to get a lot done, rather than just talking about it and owning the libs.” And while I would never use the word “idiot” to describe President Trump, after all he was one of our most economically successful presidents ever, I will say Trump needs to control the words that at times foolishly spew from his mouth.

And while other commentators (including editors at The Wall Street Journal) have also called Trump to task for his DeSantis remarks, I think the words of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo probably say it the best, and does so minus the nasty vitriol shown by some others. In his defending Gov. DeSantis, Pompeo tweeted these simple but powerful words, “Not tired of winning. @GovRonDeSantis you’ve proven conservative policies work. Florida is better for it. Vote for @GovRonDeSantis.” And to that I say if Trump was smart...and we know he is...he would humble himself and issue an apology to Gov. DeSantis, but with Trump being Trump, I sadly doubt his ego would ever allow him to do so.

So as things stand now President Trump will likely announce his 2024 presidential run next week, and will garner the Republican nomination no matter who announces his or her run for said nomination. And as I stated in the beginning of this article I will support, vote for, and work to help get Donald J. Trump reelected, even with there being some uneasiness not in my voting for him, but in an underlying feeling that this run for president is primarily based upon revenge instead of it solely being about “Making America Great Again.”

And so with both Gov. DeSantis and President Trump holding separate rallies here in Florida this past Sunday,* our governor wisely chose not to take the bait Trump laid out with his name calling. In fact, while speaking at the Sun City Community Center, DeSantis chose instead to focus on his record as governor...focusing on the issues at hand and issues that will arise in the future. But whether Ron DeSantis remains our governor in 2024 or chooses to run for the Republican nomination, know that this man will someday be President of these United States, and it hopefully will be with President Trump's support.

But for now if Trump announces a 2024 run I remain steadfastly loyal in voting for him...it's the patriotic, America loving thing to do...no ifs, ands, or buts.


* While in Florida on Sunday, Trump did urgeFloridians to vote for his good friend Sen. Marco Rubio and also for Gov. Ron DeSantis, but no apology or official endorsement was given regarding DeSantis.

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Today, Tuesday, November 8th, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen's and Diane Sori's Election Night Coverage...'The Red Wave' begins at 7pm EST and continues until we know who controls Congress. Hope you can tune in to RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on https://rspradio1.com. Click 'LISTEN LIVE' starting at 6:50 pm EST with show beginning at 7pm EST.