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Asia's Emerging Security Network Counters China
Ashton phrased his request carefully, in what several summiteers called words "calibrated" to avoid offending China.

Ashton said "In all of our interactions with our Chinese counterparts, the United States consistently encourages China to take actions that uphold -- and do not undercut -- the shared principles that have served so many in Asia-Pacific so well."

He added. "China's actions in the South China Sea are isolating it, at a time when the entire region is coming together and networking...Unfortunately, if these actions continue, China could end up erecting a Great Wall of self-isolation."

Great Wall of self-isolation. Was that calibrated for mild irony? Perhaps, but it also painted an accurate strategic picture.

Chinese diplomats immediately denounced Carter's speech.

Ryan's Endorsement Of Trump A Bitter Pill To Swallow

Ryan's Endorsement Of Trump A Bitter Pill To SwallowPaul Ryan is a disappointment. That's more difficult for me to write than it should be. My approach to politicians has generally been similar to that of lab researchers to their test animals: Do not get too attached. For scientists, it's a lot easier to stick a guinea pig with a needle if you know it as "test subject 43A" than if you know it as "Mr. Fluffy." For the columnist, it's easier to twist the knife if you don't feel personally invested.

But philosophically and temperamentally, I've long felt that Ryan is my kind of politician, and that judgment didn't change after getting to know him (which is rare, given how most politicians are all too human). His vision for government's role and the kind of party the GOP should be has always resonated with me, even if I didn't agree with him on every policy or vote.

For those reasons I wasn't just pleased that he held the line against Donald Trump, I was proud. And for those reasons, his endorsement of Trump was a true disappointment.

On May 5, Ryan announced that he wasn't ready to endorse. Trump instantly retorted: "I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan's agenda."

Ryan is no naif. His stance was both strategic and principled. We were told that he was giving his GOP caucus "cover" so they wouldn't all have to bend the knee to King Trump at once.

Muslims yes, Jews no: The hypocrisy of the New York Times
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Muslims yes, Jews no: The hypocrisy of the New York Times
The New York Times always sides with Muslims and against Christians and Jews. It is not a reliable source of news and analysis. It is just another propaganda arm retailing the point of view that the political elites want you to hold — and that point of view is that special accommodation for Muslims is […]
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Iran blasts US report on terrorism, saying DC backs ISIS, ‘Zionists’

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

iran-flags_2082902bHere’s the thing: the Iranians are half-right. In past times, we would have said that the US supports Israel and opposes jihad, and jihad entities such as ISIS. But now, under the feckless and treasonous Obama administration, the Iranian claim is still half-right, but the other half: the US supplies weapons and other aid to ISIS (by sending it to “moderate” groups in Syria who then turn it all over to ISIS or are quickly captured), and has betrayed Israel.

“Iran blasts US report on terrorism, saying DC backs ISIS, ‘Zionists’”, by Ariel Ben Solomon, Jerusalem Post, June 5, 2016:
Iran rejected terrorism charges raised against it in an annual US State Department report, Iranian media outlets reported on Sunday, with...

Whoever Wins…the Constitution Loses       By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots 

ht 1Hillary Clinton, along with violating the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Federal Records Keeping Act…along with her treason related to Benghazi and lies told to cover her ample, pant-suited ass…is also a vile and vicious anti-constitution freak show regarding our 2nd Amendment.

Before I get to her specific comments, allow me to ask anyone with a working brain cell…and the liberals without such…to tell us all just how effective the liberal gun control measures are working out for them.

Gun free zones? Really? The majority of mass shootings in this country take place in liberal induced gun free zones yet every time some liberal crackpot opens fire in a school or college, liberal numb-nuts rush to the nearest microphone or to their social media to demand more gun restrictions.

And gun restrictions and gun registrations…

There’s another couple of big bags of crap.

The Last Straw...Perhaps
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

And so the man...Donald J. Trump...who in his 'it's all about me persona'...the man who has failed to even mention the Constitution and our freedoms in any speech or interview given...opened up a huge can of worms last Friday after the Wall Street Journal published an interview in which he verbally attacked U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel...the very judge assigned to one of the fraud lawsuits against Trump University.

Calling Curiel a “Mexican” and a “hater” Trump chooses to forget the very fact that Curiel was actually born in Indiana to parents who had legally immigrated to the U.S. thus making him one hundred percent American. And why did he do this...simply because he claims Curiel has been “outspoken” on the immigration issue and is a “member of La Raza” the radical Hispanic group. But as usual Trump is wrong yet again as what Curiel is affiliated with is the Hispanic bar association La Raza Lawyers of California, two totally different things. Adding that Curiel is “too biased” to hear his case...a case Trump has said “I should have won this thing years ago”...Trump clearly insinuated that Curiel's heritage would overshadow his following the letter of the law when hearing said case, thus showing a decidedly bigoted and racist side to the man who wants to be the next president of these United States.

I’m building a wall. It’s an inherent conflict of interest,” whined Trump when he did not get the judge of his other words not a Hispanic judge...let alone get the case against him dismissed.

Failing to understand that the two issues...the wall and Trump University...have absolutely nothing in common, Trump has now basically let it be known that each and every person of Hispanic ancestry, not just Mexican ancestry, is biased against him. And to make it even worse Trump does not care that he continues to alienate Hispanics from ever voting Republican no matter that he has over and over told RNC Chairman Reince Preibus that he understands the party needs to improve its standing with non-white voters.

Well, Trump best start caring about non-white voters as his clearly bigoted words concerning Judge Curiel have raised the ire of some of his own supporters, key influential supporters like Newt Gingrich who said in an interview with the Washington Post that Trump's “description of the judge in terms of his parentage is completely unacceptable" and is “one of the worst mistakes” he's made. Adding that it's “inexcusable,” and that Trump needed to start acting like "a potential leader of the United States," Gingrich clearly showed his personal distaste for the man who thinks he's better than anyone else.

And how did Trump respond, “Gingrich's comment was out of line.” And Trump's comment about the judge...a comment that truly had all the earmarks of a bigoted individual apparently was not...oh really...actually Trump needs his mouth washed out with a proverbial bar of soap if you ask me. And now Newt best forget being Trump's VP pick as anyone who speaks out against his 'Trumpness' needs to be prepared for an onslaught of not only bully name calling comments being leveled against them, but also of their being thrown by the wayside.

And others in the current Republican hierarchy are now joining forces to rightfully condemn Trump for his bigoted remarks, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who said he "couldn't disagree more" with Trump's comments questioning Curiel's impartiality. And further calling Trump to task for his remarks, McConnell told Trump to stop focusing on Curiel and to “make good on his promise” to unite the still fractured Republican Party. Saying that "we're all behind him now,” what McConnell was actually saying was that uniting behind Trump might not be the case for too much longer if he continues to run his mouth, especially since he added that “it's a big mistake for the Republican party to write off Latin Americans as they're an important part of the country and soon to be the largest minority group in the country." 
A very important part for sure as Trump's so controversial comments concerning Curiel could have a 'down-ballot' impact on state and local races...especially impacting several Republican Senate and House candidates who need Hispanic support in the key states of Florida, Texas, and Arizona. And this possible scenario has even led Senator Bob Corker (TN), who has been key in supporting Trump's foreign policy agenda...if you call foreign policy sound-bytes an call Trump out on his comments about the judge. Saying on ABC's 'This Week,' "I think that he's going to have to change," referring to Trump's overall behavior and campaign tactics, Corker just might be next on Trump's chopping block for how dare he too criticize and call to task his 'Trumpness.'

Now add into the mix former presidential candidate, Florida Senator Marco Rubio...who has said he would honor his pledge to vote for the nominee. Saying in an interview that “I think it’s wrong, [and] he [Trump]needs to stop saying it,” Rubio added that “That man [Curiel] is an American, born in the United States,” finishing with that even if Curiel hadn’t been born here, he was still “a judge who has earned that position and in the end should be treated with the same level of respect as any other officer of the court.”

But the thing that most do not get is that Donald J. Trump does not respect anybody but Donald J. Trump as can be witnessed by his retort to the media concerning said criticism of Curiel. Saying ”I'm not changing” and that I'm not “adjusting my approach” to this issue or any other issues that may come up, Trump made it clear that, in his mind, what he says ifs, ands, or buts allowed.

And if people's eyes were really open they would see the true Donald J. Trump, a man who still has not said anything of substance against Hillary Clinton except to give her the moniker “Crooked Hillary.” Yet Trump is always on the attack against his 'supposed' fellow Republicans, and that alone should show even his die-hard, blind following supporters his true nature and true party allegiance that is not Republican and sure isn't Conservative...and they would see it if they would put the 'Trump kool-aid' down for even just a minute.

And now as if to add insult to injury, Monday on FOX News...and I personally heard it...Trump said that “all Mexican judges” will be biased against him. But what the clueless one doesn't get is that our judges are American not Mexican for this is America not Mexico after all...but I guess when he was busy playing sports in college after securing his phony 'to get out of serving in Vietnam' medical deferment for a foot injury, that he missed the required basic civics 101 class on judicial appointments.

Still holding firm and refusing to back away from his statement that Curiel's parents being born in Mexico had left the judge “angry” over his wanting to build a wall along our southern border thus makes him “biased” against him in the Trump University case. And Trump again spewed his bigotry and hate against anyone he deems not worthy by saying on CBS' 'Face the Nation' that he'd have “similar concerns” over a Muslim judge because of his proposal to ban muslims from entering the United States.

So Donald tell me who's judges because the KKK and David Duke endorsed him...Jewish judges because he wants to remain neutral in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict...Catholic judges because some misguided souls who support him consider the Catholic church to be a 'false' church...Oriental judges because heaven forbid they might be of Chinese ancestry...or maybe women judges because Trump has no respect for women as he went through girlfriends and now goes through wives like candy... like I said who else will be on Trump's 'they are not worthy to judge me' list.

'They can't judge or speak ill of me but I sure as hell can judge and speak ill of them' should be Trump's motto as judging and speaking ill of others race, ethnicity, and religion is a hallmark of the personal Donald J. Trump and goes back many years as witnessed by documented comments about blacks, Jews, and Hispanics in the book 'Trumped' by John O'Donnell. O'Donnell, who was a president of Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino for a year and who quit on his own accord to work for Trump's competitors because he said Trump did not know how to run a casino, stated in his book Trump's remarks that “And isn’t it funny. I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it,” to be followed up with Trump's stereotypical comment about Jews,“The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.” But I guess in Trump's mind that's negated because he marched, as he claims, in a Jewish parade.

And his remarks about black people continued on in O'Donnell's book as witnessed by this statement, “I think the guy is lazy,” Trump said of a black employee. “And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.” I wonder if Trump has the nerve to say those words to Senator Tim Scott, Congresswoman Mia Love, former presidential candidates Herman Cain and Dr. Ben Carson, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas...the list goes on and on as does Trump's racist and bigoted leanings towards black people.

Bigoted leanings for sure for remember back to 1973 when Trump was sued by the state of New York for racial discrimination against black people looking to rent apartments in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Trump settled the case without admitting wrongdoing, but if he did nothing wrong why did he settle instead of working to clear his name...just saying. 
And his disdain for Hispanic people in general is well-known and must not be swept under the rug by his die-hard followers. Remember, Trump has numerous times lumped all Mexicans together calling them rapists, crooks, and killers, and has said that Mexico deliberately sends these people to us. Trump even accused his former opponent Jeb Bush of liking “these people” solely because he has a “Mexican wife.” And lest we forget the time not too long ago when Trump personally had his security team kick award winning Hispanic journalist Jorge Ramos out of his press conferences in Iowa for simply speaking out of turn asking him a question about immigration...and what did Trump yell at him as he was being led away...“Go back to Univision.”

And now finally some tangible and rightful repercussions against Trump's big mouth and lack of decorum have started...and have started in of all places with the media after Trump's recent verbal tirade against them. The very media who have supported him 24/7 since day one now has their reporters being called “scum, sleaze, and bloodsuckers” all because they dared to report on the brouhaha between his 'Trumpness' and Judge Curiel.

In fact, on June 1st, press giant 'USA Today' said Trump’s attacks on Curiel were “unashamedly racist and dangerously dismissive,” adding that Trump’s “outrageous behavior,” is “unashamedly racist.”

Even the ubber liberal 'The New York Times' editorial board harshly called Trump to task for “steer[ing] his pirate ship into uncharted waters” and “firing off personal and racially tinged attacks against a federal judge hearing a case in which Mr. Trump is the defendant.” Also saying that Trump's words pose a “special danger…in that they emboled Mr. Trump’s many followers to feel, and act, the same way,” as in monkey see, monkey do, as witnessed by the many altercations at Trump rallies.
And in the May 31st edition of 'The New Yorker,' writer Jeffrey Toobin rightfully slammed Trump’s comments, saying that Trump’s overall “style” is not limited to judges, but is “bigoted name-calling” as opposed to “reasoned critique.” 
And this is just the tip of the print backlash against Trump, but said backlash is not limited to just the print and television media, but has crossed over into the internet media as well as witnessed by this recent statement from internet giant BuzzFeed's CEO Jonah Peretti who said, “...we don’t run cigarette ads because they are hazardous to our health, and we won’t accept Trump ads for the exact same reason,” as he terminated a deal he had with the Republican National Committee (RNC) to run political ads for Trump in the that would have run right up to the that would have brought into his company millions of dollars.

And know this backlash against Trump will not simply go away as he wishes as it's actually picking up steam daily. So what is Trump doing to counter this, in his eyes, targeted assault against his crybaby self...he's not apologizing that's for sure and has instead chosen to, according to 'Bloomberg Politics,' instruct his surrogates not only to continue to press that point about Curiel, but to intensify their attacks on the judge, and to expand those attacks to include the press.

The people asking the questions, those are the racists,” Trump said directly insinuating that any and all in the media who helped create and fuel the so-called 'Trump train' are bigots. Bet they all have egg on their faces now as should the millions of Trump supporters who are left with the reality that their boy is the epitome of and poster boy for bigotry and hate.

And so I remain as I have wisely been from the start #nevertrump #neverhillary and #neverbernie.


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