Monday, November 26, 2018

Good Grief: Snowflakes Melt Over a 'Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' Episode They Believe Is 'Racist'
Just when you thought Snowflakes in America couldn't possibly be offended by anything else, they surprise you. Apparently the "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" episode that was recently replayed on ABC is somehow racist. And Social Justice Warriors took the time to tweet about it.
UK PM personally blocked asylum for accused blasphemer Asia Bibi over Home Secretary’s objection, to appease Muslims

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

If there are any free people in Britain in future generations, they will curse the name of Theresa May, whose misrule is rapidly leading the nation to ruin. She won’t let in Asia Bibi, for fear that Muslims will be angry. So it is clear who is in charge in Britain now. The British government […]

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FBI: Anti-Semitic incidents surge, hate crimes against Muslims drop in 2017 

You would never know it from the sharia-compliant left-wing media, but the latest FBI statistics are out, and they prove, yet again, what a myth “islamophobia” really is. The fact is that “islamophobia” is a device designed to crush any criticism of Islam. It is the knee-jerk response to jihad carnage — victimizing the victim. Islamic supremacists and their leftist shills now decry “islamphobia” during Islamic jihad terror attacks. It is a vicious, ugly lie.

It’s too bad that the FBI doesn’t break down how many of the few “anti-Muslim” hate crimes are committed by Muslims. We often find that some of these acts of vandalism are done by Muslims in order to give proof to the islamophobia lie.

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Developing now, Monday, Nov. 26, 2018
  • Clashes broke out Sunday between U.S. Border Patrol agents and Central American migrants who attempted to rush a major port of entry in California.  Meanwhile, President Trump threatened to close the entire southern border in a dispute with Mexico over asylum-seekers
  • A Democratic senator suggested in a tweet that U.S. agents used 'chemical weapons' on migrants attempting to cross the border illegally - and later backtracked
  • President Trump is scheduled to appear at rallies in Mississippi on Monday in support of Republican U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, who faces Democrat Mike Espy in a pivotal runoff election on Tuesday
  • The United States on Sunday offered up to a $5 million reward for information leading to culprits behind the deadly 2008 Mumbai terror attacks
  • It is Cyber Monday, and analysts say shoppers will see more sites charging sales tax. One expert on FOX Business offers strategies for great deals
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