Monday, August 28, 2017

Trump To Visit Texas on Tuesday; Gov Abbott Praises FEMA, Trump's Response
President Donald Trump will visit Texas on Tuesday to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, the White House announced on Sunday. Earlier in the day, Trump had tweeted that he would not visit Texas until it would not be a distraction.

The storm dumped over two feet of rain on the state, and the city of Houston suffered heavy flood damage. There have been harrowing images of flooded roadways and daring rescues. A Houston news station was forced to stop broadcasting and evacuate the studio as the floodwaters began to rise.

The residents of a nursing home were safely evacuated after a photo of them lounging in floodwater went viral on Twitter.

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New Hampshire: Investigator charges mosque with “extremism,” police chief charges investigator with “Islamophobia”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


This Union Leader article is a particularly noxious example of how law enforcement authorities and the establishment media treat charges that a mosque may be teaching jihad and Islamic supremacism. As always, instead of investigating the charges and reporting on them accurately, they shoot the messenger. “On a scale of 1 -10, with 10 being […]
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“Palestinians” to Give US Ultimatum on “Peace Process”
The chutzpah. The “Palestinians” should be receiving ultimatums from President Trump about ending their genocidal incitement and Jew-hatred. Instead, the Trump administration has lost its way, and Mahmoud Abbas and his henchmen think they’re in the driver’s seat, able to call on “Palestinian” Muslims to murder Israelis wholesale on the one hand and then pose as “peace partners” on the other. And why shouldn’t they think this? They keep getting away with it.

“Report: Palestinians to Give US Ultimatum on Peace Process,” United With Israel, August 23, 2017:

The Palestinians are threatening diplomatic warfare if the US does not give in to their demands.

The Palestinians have decided to present President Donald Trump’s envoys, Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, with an ultimatum at their upcoming meeting with Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the end of the month.

The Palestinian ultimatum states that unless progress is made within 45 days on launching talks with the Israelis, the Palestinians will consider themselves no longer committed to the US mediation and will turn to an alternative plan to push for unilateral United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state.

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