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Gov. Evers Asks Trump Not to Visit Kenosha, What's Left of It
Wisconsin Democratic Governor Tony Evers on Sunday asked President Trump not to visit Kenosha, the city that's become a war zone under Democratic leadership, or lack thereof.

"I understand yesterday you indicated you would be visiting Kenosha," wrote Gov. Evers in a letter to the president. "I write today to respectfully ask you to reconsider."

The governor stated that he's overwhelmed with the problems he already has and fears the president's visit to Kenosha would only overwhelm him further.

"These past few months, from managing a pandemic to facing entrenched racial disparities and inequities, our state -- like so many others -- has faced unimaginable challenges. But this past week has been particularly difficult," the governor admitted.

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RNC BOUNCE! Donald Trump’s Approval Rises Nine Points Among Black Voters During RNC
By Geller Report Staff

Amazing. This latest poll has President Trump’s approval rating at 24 percent among Black voters. Trump only needs this number to be at 15 percent to crush Joe Biden and the Left in November. #Blexit.

President Donald Trump’s approval with black voters rose nine points during the Republican National Convention, according to a Hill-HarrisX poll conducted August 22-25.

The poll asked one question: “Do you approve or disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing as President of the United States?”

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Those Railroading the Police
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio 
Simply...I'm sick of Black Lives Matter...I'm sick of Antifa...I'm sick of Democrats not only condoning those folks most reprehensible of behaviors but egging them on as well. I'm sick of miscreants and thugs thinking that what's ours is theirs and that it's free for their taking. I'm sick of the police being deemed the enemy while black malcontents and criminal sorts are hailed as victims after the media morphs them into saints. I'm sick of the violence, the mayhem, the rioting, the looting, the arson, and the killing, but most of all I'm sick and tired of what should be law-abiding elected officials allowing these thugs to get away with it all while tying police hands behind their backs, thus making the police the perfect "fall guy" for their duplicity. 

I want my America back. I want the rule of law returned to America's streets, something surely now missing, as Democrat mayors and governors have indeed sanctioned the ongoing violence and free for all. And I want those very same mayors and governors arrested and charged with insurrection for both their actions and inactions as they are not only directly responsible for letting this mayhem continue on but are in violation of the very oath of office each and every one of them took. 
I (Governor__________) do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of __________against all enemies foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of __________.”
I solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of __________, (and the Charter of the City of __________), and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of (mayor of the City of __________) to the best of my ability.” 

Two oaths of office, the governor's oath and the mayor's oath, both seemingly sworn to without any meaning or merit for now in Democrat cities and states across America these oaths are neither worth the paper they're written on nor are they words upheld once spewed for they're but words spoken with fingers crossed behind one's back. And while both oaths clearly state that, “I will support the Constitution of the United States,” neither oath has been upheld in those cities and states still experiencing ongoing rioting and mayhem...ongoing almost on a daily/nightly basis...ongoing in what has turned into unabashed bloodlust. And now it's also the bloodlust that these Democrat elected officials look away from for their silence actually encourages the BLM and Antifa sorts to continue on unabated as it meets their political agenda while fueling on their hatred for President Trump...and they're doing so while at the same time "railroading" the police.

And it's their very unwillingness to even try to stop the mayhem and escalating violence that does make these mayors and governors as guilty of insurrection as those who are now physically doing the burning, looting, and rioting are, for we know well that while President Trump has offered to send in the feds to help restore “law and order,” that offer of help has resulted in these Democrat governors and mayors collectively spewing a resounding, “no.” And by this collective “no” what these most miserable of elected officials have done is send three powerful messages to both their constituents and to the nation-at-large...messages that no elected official should ever dare send. 

And the first message is that they actually approve of or at least will remain silent to all the destruction the rioters have caused; with the second message being that they don't give a damn about breaching the oath of office they took. And the most unsettling message of all is that these governors and mayors enjoy relishing in their showing of utter contempt for the Constitution itself...after all their now and forever sainted leader, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, has deemed the Constitution to be but an outdated document in major need of an overhaul of the socialist kind. It's all about appearances for these folks...appearances coupled with spewing calculatingly divisive rhetoric in the hope that it will play well with the Democrat masses... knowingly false rhetoric that the police, especialy white male police officers, are the root cause of all our nation's current racial woes. 

But how do these Democrat governors and mayors actually show both contempt for and their being in violation of the Constitution? For the answer to both of those questions one just has to look at the First Amendment which states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” and in today's anything but peaceful political climate these eight words stand out above all else, “the right of the people to peaceably assemble.” 

And to that affect know that protesters...even those of the vile BLM and Antifa kind...have the constitutionally given right to freely speak their minds and “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” but what they don't have is the legal right to assemble in an “unpeaceable” manner. And when they do so law in the police...have every right to step in and break up those unpeaceably assembling folks...and the police should be supported in this by those in in the governors of states and the mayors of cities now still in the throes of such antics. 

Police hands that must never be tied with orders to “stand down” are now being forced to do just that as they're being portrayed as the enemy while the rioters, miscreants, and thugs are deemed to be heroes no matter that the police are simply upholding the oath of office they took, as in to support the Constitution of the United States, their state, and the laws of their agency's jurisdiction. In fact, those officers sworn in actually have the responsibility to “ensure the safety and quality of life” of the residents in the communities they serve. But sadly, what is happening now is that the mayors of cities in turmoil are not allowing the police to uphold the oath they took...and that itself is a crime these Democrat mayors and governors must be called to task for. 

And with police hands continuing to be tied I'll go even one step further and say that a line has now been crossed into what is called sedition”...something these Democrat governors and mayors are surely guilty of to one degree or another. How so? With sedition encompassing both speech and actions that tend towards insurrection against the “established order” this case said actions are against both the government itself as well as the “rule of law”...and then couple that with incitement of violence against “established authority”...“authority” as in the police...the very folks tasked with seeing that “We the People” uphold the law... sedition as per the law becomes a charge these governors and mayors must now also answer for. 

But why...because with their willingness to turn a blind-eye to the riots and mayhem going on in their cities, these shameful excuses of elected officials are actually encouraging and helping to promote both rebellion and violence against the government, which in and of itself also borders on treason, if you ask me. 

Oh what a tangled and convoluted web these Democrats have weaved and it now seems to be up to President Trump to try to unravel the mess...or at least present a strong enough case as to why our police must not now or ever be defunded let alone disbanded...these Democrat mayors and governors be damned. And that comes back full circle to my being not merely sick but outright disgusted by these very folks who are helping to turn the police into the enemy via those in the media who are more than willing to help the Democrats bring America to her knees. After all, they dare not allow the truth to be told as to how the “railroading” of our nation's police was the long awaited catalyst needed to set off all we've been privy in the BLM and Antifa miscreants and thugs not only holding sway over America's streets, but actually holding the rest of us hostage with the police unable to “save the day.”  

Saying I'm sick of this maliciously orchestrated vendetta against the police put's it mildly...saying I'm seething is now more to the point...and the video below of an incident in the Bronx brings that point home.


And all we're now bearing witness to started with the death of George Floyd coupled with a long set agenda of hate that had to met within a certain time frame. And it was the time frame itself that allowed the police to become the lynch pin of all that was to in the police were in the right place at the right time thus making them easy targets for “railroading.” And when a white officer's knee was placed on a black criminal's neck...when said incident was videoed...the long awaiting catalyst for anarchy and insurrection was set in motion within the much needed pre-November election time frame.

And while we're all familiar with the specifics of said scenario...whether those specifics be truth or just outright can see that scenario and judge its merits or lack thereof for yourself in our Right Side Patriots Investigative Report: 'Derek Chauvin Should Be Exonerated'...know that the truth about a thug turned into a saint is again being manipulated for the sole purpose of overvilifying the police even more. And why...because without the police being the villain the entire BLM and Anifa rhetoric gets exposed for the lie that it is...along with the lie that Officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd with his knee. 

I'm sick of the lies especially when the liars themselves were once thought of as heroes...but no more.

These are the medical examiner's exact words in the official Hennepin County Medical Examiners Report... Layer by layer dissection of the anterior strap muscles of the neck discloses no areas of contusion or hemorrhage within the musculature. The thyroid cartilage and hyoid bone are intact. The larynx is lined by intact mucosa. The thyroid is symmetric and red-brown, without cystic or nodular change. The tongue is free of bite marks, hemorrhage, or other injuries. The cervical spinal column is palpably stable and free of hemorrhage.”  

This simply translates into meaning that Officer Derek Chauvin's knee, while obviously placed on George Floyd's neck, in no way exerted enough pressure to have killed him for there were no compression wounds on Floyd's neck; no breaking or tearing of any cartilage or of any neck bones including the critical hyoid bone; no damage to the neck's portion of the spinal column, nothing whatsoever to indicate what would be strangulation via knee...nothing to indicate murder. 

And when you add in the 55 mostly illicit drugs circulating through George Floyd's body...drugs that can slow down and/or arrest one's breathing...the true cause of death becomes a self-inflicted drug overdose. And while the timing of Floyd's death with a knee on his neck adding drama to the mix, that drama has now been intensified into all out lies what with changes being made to medical facts all in an effort to support a story that is not only bad fiction at best but fiction that's driving the entire BLM hateful rhetoric forward. And it's doing so while an innocent man and all who wear the badge are being “railroaded” into becoming the bad guys in order to meet the Democrats political agenda.

So with killer drugs like fentanyl now being downplayed as a possible cause of death with the claim that the “tremendous amount of fentanyl found in George Floyd's system can have vastly different effects on different people,” no matter that numerous drugs in this same class and worse were also found in his system...a knee doing no damage whatsoever to the man's neck has been deemed the official murder weapon...the now officially stated cause of George Floyd's death.

And the anger I now feel for Hennepin County's chief medical examiner Dr. Andrew Baker and former New York City chief medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden, who performed an independent autopsy at the request of George Floyd’s family, saying that Floyd's death was a homicide, proves to me that even the best and seemingly most altruistic of people can be bought...maybe not for money but to help meet the goals of a political agenda that once unleashed cannot be reigned back in. And why not be reigned back in...because to do so would cause heads to roll, arrests to be made, charges to be filed, and history itself to be changed.

Better to let the lies be perceived as truth than for truth to expose the guilty, for in this case if the guilty were exposed the entire Democrat party goes down before the November election. Better to sacrifice not only Officer Derek Chauvin but all of America's police, after all the narrative is now so erroneously embedded as fact that to backtrack would cause even more chaos in the streets as the liars scream cover-up and more blood is shed. And if that doesn't make you, my dear readers, as mad as it makes me, I don't know what will.

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