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DOJ Investigation DOA
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio
Based upon that review, we have decided not to open a CRIPA investigation of any public nursing facility within New York at this time.” 
- Deputy Assistant Attorney General Joe Gaeta in his letter to Republican lawmakers who had requested a formal investigation into New York's Covid-19 nursing home deaths

We all know elections have consequences and sometimes those consequences work in “We the People's” favor and sometimes they just help to push forward the winning party's political agenda and nothing else. Right now, unfortunately, the second option is the case as a cover-up on a grand scale is helping to make disappear what some call “negligent homicide,” but what I call “murder.”

And if that's not bad enough now add in that for certain Biden administration folks “accessory after the fact” surely must apply what with Merrick Garland's Department of Justice (DOJ) recently announcing that they will not, I repeat not, be investigating whether or not certain protocols regarding Covid-19 were met...protocols instituted by Democratic governors which are believed to have violated federal civil rights laws. And this specifically relates to the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CPIPA) act which authorizes the DOJ to investigate allegations concerning “unlawful conditions” in government run residences under which many attorneys and victims families believe public nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and veterans nursing homes apply.


But here I'll go one step further and say that not only were “unlawful conditions” put into place, but that said conditions deliberately placed the residents lives in danger. In fact, what I believe was done in New York and in other key Democrat controlled states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan, was a knowingly and ever so maliciously calculated “culling” of the costly to the government elderly herd. 

And why do I believe this...because if it wasn't true the DOJ would have no problem at least investigating the needless thousands upon thousands of Covid-19 nursing home deaths. It really is that simple for with no investigation taking place it means that those previously recorded death count numbers will stand as is, and that the true number of deaths might never be known. And this in turn means that the monies that would have been used to lawfully and humanely service and treat nursing home residents, residents who unfortunately are now dead, can be funneled back into the Democrats buying, if you will, of even more illegal votes.

Think I'm kidding about that...know that I'm not.

Remember that both the running and upkeep of a quality public nursing home or an assisted living facility costs money...lots of good quality facilities do not come cheap for either the patient, their family, or for the government. And it's these specialized facilities, as well as veterans nursing homes, where the sickest, most seriously wounded, and the most frail elderly amongst us where the vulnerable are the ones most likely to die from the nasty little gift sent to us courtesy of Dr. Anthony Fauci's playmates in Wuhan, China. And as I write this, the nursing home it is more commonly known...revolves around but a single question that demands to be answered but now it seems it won't in were government or public run nursing homes and other such facilities in New York forced by the feds to admit or re-admit Covid-19 patients after they were released from the hospital...released no matter that they were still sick as well as being deemed highly contagious.

And here it's important to know that said nursing home and other venue admissions not only helped to contribute to the early-on spread of the China virus, but to the still ongoing political manipulation of today's virus death count numbers as well...numbers manipulated solely to allow the Democrats to both control the public Covid information discourse and most assuredly to blanket over a truth that they dare not allow to be told.

And this entire nursing home fiasco rightfully came to a head courtesy of New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo who actually saw federal prosecutors in Manhattan then probing into how he both handled...mishandled is more apropos...the Covid crisis itself and if his coronavirus task force did intentionally manipulate the data regarding the number of nursing home deaths. And know of course he did so, for not doing so would not serve Andrew Cuomo's media anointed Covid sainthood well...especially after it was found out that the state’s original death count numbers reported had been much lower than expected because it deliberately left out the thousands of people who got infected in nursing homes, but who ended up dying alone in hospitals.

Evil now surely walks the Earth in the guise of Andrew Cuomo.

And we have President Trump to thank for this probe for it was he who in August of 2020, got the ball rolling with his having the DOJ's civil rights division request 'in writing' specific data from not only New York, but the other above mentioned states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan as well, regarding the number of both Covid infections and deaths in public nursing homes and other such venues.

And while the Andrew Cuomo probe appears to be somewhat still ongoing in New York's federal court, it's important to remember that this man not only knew exactly what he was doing when he publicly defended his decision to bar nursing homes from rejecting Covid-19 patients, but he knew the horrific in the deaths...that would ensue when he allowed still infected patients back into said nursing homes. 

In fact, Cuomo also publicly tried to place blame on overwhelmed hospitals for his allowing those very patients to be moved back into nursing homes as well as into assisted living facilities when another option was open to option he thought of as nothing but a political ploy by President Trump...which it was in Trump's sending to New York the one thousand bed hospital ship the U.S.N.S. Comfort...a ship sent specifically to relieve the pressure overwhelmed hospitals were experiencing...a ship that thanks to the self-serving political agenda of Andrew Cuomo coupled with his hatred of President Trump...only saw twenty beds being used.

Better for him to play partisan politics and send very sick folks back into nursing homes and other such facilities to help in the Democrats culling the elderly and infirm herd than to make use of a hospital ship that would have aided in keeping many of those folks alive. And if for nothing else that alone should place the 15,800+ nursing home and assisted living deaths squarely upon the shoulders of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo...a man, I believe, to be as guilty of murder as if he had “jabbed” those folks with a Covid infested needle himself.

But, sadly, with politics today being what it is, the families of his victims will probably never get the true closure they both deserve and need for their loved ones lost...loved ones who were forced to suffer by circumstances not of their or their families doing...loved ones lost who were unmercifully left to die scared and alone. And with their deaths seeing no accountability for the Democrat powers that be, the once honorable now fallen party of JFK has once again successfully used government agencies that were meant to protect us, instead using those agencies against us. And with said accountability truly meaning nothing to Democrats...after all garnering votes to remain in power is the only thing that matters to them...this latest most vile of decisions coming from the Biden administration's Department of Justice basically gives “the finger” to not only those who were lost but to their loved ones who were left behind. 

But the words of Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) say it best, “The families and loved ones of the victims of Governor Cuomo’s failed leadership deserve transparency, accountability and the truth about the lengths of the Cuomo administration’s cover up and corruption. The Department of Justice has now chosen to willfully participate in the effort to deny the public answers and accountability.”

And so Andrew Cuomo, the other Democrat governors involved, and the DOJ itself are now relishing in not only being basically absolved of contributed to thousands of American deaths, but also in the fact that a weaponized virus from China succeeded in getting Barack HUSSEIN Obama his much coveted third term in office courtesy of his now being the one to pull Joe Biden's strings.

And may God have no mercy on the blackened souls of Andrew Cuomo or the multitude of others who allowed these thousands of needless deaths to occur simply to propagate a political agenda riddled with but fear, hate, and the quest to agenda that should see them all rot in jail before their final resting place surely becomes the fires of everlasting hell. Case closed.

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