Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Cause and Effect of Silencing Free Speech
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio
...And why would said structure be serving non-city residents as opposed to residents... because the latest official U.S. government census report, along with the campaign donations of the official involved, definitively shows this very disparity as being truth. And by my saying the official involved, to that I must also add those individuals who knowingly or even unknowingly might be involved to a lesser but just as important degree.

How and why so? The act of misinterpreting the law has, at times, proven to be just as dangerous as not following the letter of the law, and in this case especially being when the wishes of outsiders...as in non-residents...non-residents whose pockets run deep...are more important to some on the dais than the “health, safety, and welfare” of the constituents they were elected to serve. And when fear of a petitioner's possiblelegal reprisal is thrown into the mix a dangerous situation usually arises as fear alone does tend to temper down and cloud ones better judgment and use of common sense...Read entire article here.
The Two Words You Never Want to Hear Following the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet
In Biden’s America, trains are derailing, airplanes are nearly crashing, and banks are failing. Some of you who can track these financial details daily probably saw this coming. Terrible things can happen when you’re a financial institution leveraged heavily in the tech industry, and that sector takes a beating on Wall Street. That occurred with Silicon Valley Bank, which California officials shuttered after a run caused its collapse. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is now taking control. Signature Bank, one of the top institutions for cryptocurrency, was shut down over systemic risk concerns. What’s next is on everyone’s mind, especially about whether this could be a repeat of the 2008 financial meltdown. The words 'moral hazard' have been tossed around since the failure of SVB, which will keep people on edge.
It will all depend on the analysis regarding SVB’s balance sheets, which are being combed through right now. Many have been clamoring for a bailout, which...Read more here.
Trump Faces Backlash For Praising Democrat Charlie Crist In Attack On DeSantis, Regrets Endorsing Him
Ryan Saavedra / DAILY WIRE
Former President Donald Trump faced backlash online Monday for praising failed Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist in a video attacking Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

“For those of you that didn’t notice, Florida was doing great long before Ron DeSanctus got there,” Trump said. “People are fleeing from New York to Florida and other places because of high taxes and out of control crime. It’s really bad. Not because of the governor, thank you Mr. President for doing that.”

“But it’s not because of the governor, Florida was doing fantastically,” Trump continued. “You had a governor named Rick Scott who did a very good job. Even Charlie Crist, a Democrat, did a good job and he had very good numbers.”

DeSantis crushed Crist in last year’s elections by a whopping 19.4 points with a margin of 1.5 million votes, the most dominant win in Florida gubernatorial history.

“Sunshine and ocean are very alluring. It’s not too hard to work with those factors,” Trump concluded. “So just remember Florida was doing really well long before Ron DeSanctus got there.” Read more, see tweets and videos here.

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