Saturday, October 31, 2020

 It's looking better for President Trump by the day!

Thread: Was This the Real 2020 Democratic Plan, which got Blown Up with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death?
Thread: Was This the Real 2020 Democratic Plan, which got Blown Up with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death?

Larry Schweikart has been tracking the early vote totals. He’s been signaling a Trump win for a bit now. He noted how Democrats are going to get bloodied in Florida. He also called out pollsters for how they were sampling GOP voters in their surveys. 

If that happens, Biden’s chances of winning the election dip below 50 percent, the core three (FL, AZ, and NC) probably go Trump, with Michigan and Ohio probably following suit. That’s the election right there. I mean, if we win Michigan, we’ll probably carry Pennsylvania as well. It’s the icing on the cake. Yet, Schweikart's recent thread on Twitter didn’t have to do with the early vote totals. It delved into the real 2020 Democratic playbook, and how they knew two years ago that they probably didn’t have a chance in hell of beating Trump due to the booming economy and frankly a real depth chart issue. You saw that in the 2020 Democratic primaries. None of these guys could beat Trump. None. 

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Black Civil Rights Leader Rev. William Owens Endorses Donald Trump

By Geller Report Staff

Excellent. President Trump is going to receive huge support from Black Americans on November 3rd.

In his personal capacity as a private citizen, civil rights leader and Christian activist Rev. William Owens endorsed Donald Trump for president Tuesday.

The founder and president of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), Owens, along with his wife, Dr. Deborah Owens, are the authors of A Dream Derailed: How the Left Hijacked Civil Rights to Create a Permanent Underclass.

In a press release, Owens noted the significance of the current election, explaining that Trump’s record on issues that are important to black Americans has earned him another term in office.

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