Sunday, October 16, 2016

Trump Ally Ready to Meet With FBI to Prove Innocence in WikiLeaks
As WikiLeaks releases thousands of emails damaging to the Clinton campaign, the Democratic nominee and her allies have made it clear they suspect her opponent is behind the hacking. Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta, who is Julian Assange's latest victim, accused Roger Stone, a former Trump campaign operative-turned ally, of having advance knowledge of the WikiLeaks cyber breach.
“I think it’s a reasonable assumption to — or at least a reasonable conclusion — that Mr. Stone had advance warning and the Trump campaign had advance warning about what [WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange] was going to do … I think there’s at least a reasonable belief that Mr. Assange may have passed this information onto Mr. Stone,” he said.
Stone, however, denies any connection to WikiLeaks and has now even offered to meet with the FBI to prove their innocence.

“I’d be happy to cooperate if they decided to call me,” Stone said.

In recent days, we've reported on several revealing WikiLeaks emails. Some especially intriguing messages showed Podesta asking former Clinton aide Cheryl Mills if they should use executive privilege to withhold President Obama's correspondence with the former secretary of state in the wake of a subpoena from the Select Committee on Benghazi. Others show Clinton talking trash about the environmental movement. Assange and company are expected to release 40,000 emails related to Clinton's scandals by Election Day.

In the meantime, however, the Trump Tapes seem to be overshadowing all these juicy emails - no matter how damaging they may be.

Clinton Economic Butcher’s Bill: $1.4 Trillion Tax Increase Over The Next Decade, Over 600,000 Jobs LostLast December, Hillary Clinton told the New Hampshire’s Concord Monitor that her economic agenda would cost us $1 trillion over the next ten years. Katie added that $1 trillion in tax increases would probably be needed as well. Well, that $1 trillion tax increase figure has mostly stayed the same, but we’re also set to lose close to 700,000 jobs and reducing economic growth by 2.6 percent. Ali Meyer at The Washington Free Beacon had more:
Hillary Clinton’s tax proposals would increase taxes by $1.4 trillion over the next decade and would reduce the growth of the economy by 2.6 percent, according to an analysis from the Tax Foundation. […]
Clinton’s proposals would increase taxes by $1.4 trillion over the next decade, most of which would come from individual income tax revenue that would account for about $817 billion. The estate tax increases would raise about $310 billion over the next decade, and increased corporate and payroll taxes would total about $300 billion.
According to the analysis, the Democratic nominee’s proposals would reduce the economy’s size by 2.6 percent, lower wages by 2.1 percent, and reduce the number of full-time jobs by 697,000.

Yes, stronger together…all the way to the poorhouse.

Hillary Clinton’s long record of enabling the global jihad
By Robert Spencer/ Jihad Watch


Hillary Clinton’s long record of enabling the global jihad
The facts at hand presumably speak for themselves, but a trifle more vulgarly, I suspect, than facts even usually do. “The Clinton Record,” by John Perazzo, FrontPage, October 14, 2016: Never in American history has anyone as unfit and undeserving as Hillary Clinton run for U.S. President. While she stands on the threshold of being […]
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LIBYA roiled as Clinton’s jihadis attempt COUP of UN-backed government


More of Hillary’s handiwork. In the run-up to the Libyan coup, Hillary Clinton was convinced that overthrowing Gaddafi would lead to a democracy, according to multiple sources interviewed by The New York Times.
Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said Clinton was a major influence in President Barack Obama’s decision to go to war. Gates recounted Obama once telling him a debate in the Oval Office on the issue was split “51-49.”more here
It led to the brutal murder of Qaddafi in the streets of Libya, complete chaos and  the rise of ISIS in Libya.

Today’s coup is led by by Khalifa al-Ghwell, former prime minister of the national salvation government, which was displaced by the GNA — Libya’s United...