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Outrage over $300K salary paid to Fort Hood jihad mass murderer spurs legislation

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

HasanBeard.jpgThe joke's on you, kuffar

Hasan shouldn't have been paid a penny. Who knows what jihad groups he could be aiding with this taxpayer money. So this legislation is, in other words, long overdue.

"Outrage Over Accused Fort Hood Shooter's $300K Pay Spurs Legislation," by Ned Berkowitz for ABC News, July 23:
For the nearly four years since Army Maj. Nidal Hasan allegedly gunned down more than a dozen American servicemen, U.S. taxpayers have continued to pay his salary -- to the tune of around $300,000 so far. But new legislation, called the "Stop Pay for Violent Offenders Act" and introduced Monday in the House of Representatives, would authorize the military to suspend pay for Hasan and other members of the military for any capital or sex-related offense. 
Current law allows the military to suspend the pay of civilian employees, but an Army spokesperson told ABC News last month that it cannot stop paying Hasan, who is still officially in the Army, at his usual pay grade unless he's convicted. Hasan has admitted to shooting his fellow soldiers, saying in June that the Nov. 5, 2009 attack on Fort Hood in Texas was done in the "defense of others," in his case, the Taliban. Hasan has repeatedly refused to enter a plea, so earlier this month the military pleaded "not guilty" for him.
While Hasan continues to draw about $80,000 per year, many of the Fort Hood victims say they've been denied financial and medical benefits due to the military's refusal to categorize the massacre as an act of terrorism, instead discussing it as "workplace violence."...

George Zimmerman: Hero?

by / Personal Liberty Digest

George Zimmerman: Hero?
George Zimmerman helped pull a family from a crashed and overturned vehicle.
George Zimmerman demonstrated why he was watching out for his community as a neighborhood watch volunteer on the night that Trayvon Martin was shot. He cares about his community.

Last Friday, he demonstrated it again. He was one of two men who pulled a family from a crashed and overturned vehicle in Sanford, Fla., less than a mile from where he shot Martin.

The corrupt persecutor who prosecuted the case against Zimmerman, Angela Corey, tried to portray him as a wannabe cop. But the reality is that Zimmerman is obviously an observant and conscientious American citizen who cares about others.

So despite thousands of death threats directed at him and his family, Zimmerman stepped out of his vehicle and helped pull to safety a family that he didn’t even know. It was something he didn’t have to do.

When someone puts his life in danger and helps others without regard to his own safety, he becomes a hero in my book.

The race-mongering punditry is already out saying it never happened, even though Sanford Police Department Capt. Jim McAuliffe told ABC News that it did.

Aside from all of the major divisions in this country on issues both current (Edward Snowden and the NSA, Syria, the Sequester) and long standing (social issues, state's rights, racial issues), one of the major things that continues to come up is the division between the political parties and within the political parties as well as the direction the country is going in.  60% of Americans think the country is on the wrong course; the President's approval rating has dipped below 50% for the first time since last year while Congress' approval rating is up from an all time low at 21% (which is the highest it has been in the last 2 years).  Shockingly, these are down from all time lows in 2008 where 90% of people thought the country was on the wrong track, only 22% approved of the president, and 9% approved of Congress' job.

Barring any sort of political discussion about who was running what, those kind of numbers don't reflect political affiliation but deep seated disapproval from the general population.  While the reasons why people disapprove may be different, the American people have spoken out: this country is on the wrong track, going the wrong way.  Is it any wonder why people have difficulty accepting the same party lines we've heard for years regarding the economy?  We don't trust the people in office to give us the correct information and we don't trust them to take the well being of the states, let alone the entire country, into consideration.  Only 21% of people in a recent study claimed the political affiliation Republican while 31% claim Democrat.  For the last four years, 37% of the polled claimed no political affiliation - a clear indicator that those guiding this country are not representing the will of the people.

We hear about the economic stresses being exerted on countries like Greece or Spain, where unemployment climbs toward Great Depression levels, but we're fed numbers like 7.6% unemployment when the real number is closer to 14.3%: a number which includes people who have been forced to take part-time or underqualified work (underemployment) or people who have been looking for work so long they don't qualify to be a part of the workforce anymore (long term unemployment).  If the American public was told that almost 15% of the population, approximately 44.7 million people, were in dire straits and that very little was being done to relieve the pressure - if that was tonight's major headline, coverage of the royal baby, Edward Snowden, Syria, and George Zimmerman would stop on a dime because the major news would be the riots and protesting done at capitol buildings.

So what can be done?  Both sides of the political spectrum need to remove their extremist elements and get back to core American ideals and beliefs.  Money needs to be removed from the political process: not just from the campaigning, but also from the endless benefits that the judiciary, the legislature, and the executive branch enjoy.  There needs to be a real, total audit of the American government to see what we're spending and where - and if it makes sense, keep it.  If it doesn't make sense or it could be done better, toss it.  We send billions of dollars in foreign aid overseas, while we create laws preventing businesses from being successful here.  We're building bridges in Africa while the roads in America are falling apart - I'd much prefer that if I had to give tax dollars to the government that I could at least point to where the money was going and see some benefit to the American people.

Even further, there needs to be a serious discussion about finance and investment with the American population.  A real asset or investment is going to make you money.  Gold purchases made at the turn of the century made almost 5 times the money back at their peak.  Silver purchases made during that same time period would have done almost 10 times the return.  Rare coins would have seen an even higher rate of return over the same period.  If we as Americans are going to get back to the idea of independence and self-reliance, we can't keep looking to the same old investment vehicles that are offering paltry returns.  A diversified portfolio of rare coins, precious metals, and collectibles is a smart first step into protecting your wealth from a government that doesn't know how to manage the money it has already been given.

In the wake of the shooting of a Nazi officer, Police Capt. Louis Renault played by Claude Rains in the 1942 movie "Casablanca," ordered his men to "round up the usual suspects." Was Renault engaging in some sort of profiling? He may have been, but what is profiling? Let's look at it.

We can think of profiling as a method to economize on information costs by using easily observed physical characteristics as a proxy for some other characteristic more difficult or costlier to observe.

For example, say you seek to hire people to manually unload trucks containing heavy merchandise. I'm guessing that most would use sex as a proxy for strength and select men over the women. That can be called sex profiling. Of course, if you assumed that men and women have equal strength, you'd hire randomly.

You might say, "Profiling is unfair, and individuals should be judged individually!" Taken to the limit, such a position is ludicrous. Suppose police are trying to catch the criminal who just raped a woman in a city park. Would you want them to use sex profiling -- i.e., just round up men -- or should they round up everyone, regardless of sex? I'm betting that most people would view the latter as stupid. But there is a near equivalent in government. Ninety-six percent of the FBI's list of most wanted terrorists are Muslim, and most terrorist attacks in the U.S. have been committed by young Muslim males. Despite this, the Transportation Security Administration people behave as if each person who seeks to board a plane is of equal danger. That's why they search, frighten and inconvenience 5-year-olds and elderly people.

Some racial and ethnic groups have higher incidence of -- and mortality from -- various diseases than the national average. The Pima Indians of Arizona have the world's highest diabetes rates. Black males have the highest incidence rate for prostate cancer in the United States. Black males are also 30 percent likelier to die from heart disease than white men. Laotian, Samoan, and Vietnamese women have the highest cervical cancer rates in the United States.

Whether genetics, environment, or some other factor accounts for the association between race and the incidence of certain diseases, it is undeniable that such an association exists. That means an easily observed physical characteristic, such as race or ethnicity, can be used as a proxy for a higher probability of the existence of some other, more difficult-to-observe characteristic, such as prostate cancer, coronary disease, diabetes or cervical cancer. Simply by knowing a patient's race or ethnicity, a medical practitioner can be alert to and better customize a patient's screening needs. I wonder how many people would seek action against a doctor for medical profiling if the doctor recognized the association between race and the higher probability of a disease.

In a number of cities, there have been complaints of racism because some taxicab drivers turn down black fares. By simply knowing that a driver refused a black passenger, we cannot make an unambiguous statement about whether the decision was motivated by racial preferences. As early as 1999, D.C.'s taxicab commissioner Sandra Seegars, who is black, issued a safety advice statement urging the city's mostly black cabbies to refuse to pick up "dangerous-looking" passengers. She described "dangerous-looking" as a "young black guy ... with his ... shirttail hanging down longer than his coat, baggy pants down below his underwear and unlaced tennis shoes." Would anyone argue that black cabbies who turn down black fares are racists? A law-abiding black person denied a taxi is rightfully angered, but to whom should his anger be directed, at the driver who's trying to protect his life or at the people who've instilled fear by robbing and assaulting cabbies?

By the way, unlike us mortals, God wouldn't have to do any kind of profiling, because he knows everything. We mortals, with our imperfections, must find substitutes for his omniscience.
A no punches held solution to immigration reform 
By: Diane Sori

The Zimmerman case is over (hear that Holder...over)...we don't give a rat's behind that overpaid, untalented black rappers and singers don't come to Florida ('Stand Your Ground' stays) we welcome that... and the royal baby has been introduced to the now it's time to get back to the business of America.

First, Benghazi must NOT and will NOT be forgotten by 'We the People'.  We'll continue to sit here and wait for answers to questions, and rest assured we will NOT let up until we get those answers and someone (can you say Barack HUSSEIN 'Stand Down' Obama and Hillary 'What does it matter' Clinton) is held responsible...held responsible and pays dearly for willfully and with malice leaving behind four Americans to be murdered by muslim terrorists (yeah I said it...muslim terrorists), and then tries to cover it up with the biggest cock-and-bull story about a ridiculous amateur YouTube video...and that in and of itself should be grounds for removal from office based on shear idiocy alone.

Second, while the IRS scandal, the NSA spying scandal, the AP and FOX scandal, the Snowden leaks, and all the other scandals continue to plague...and rightly so...the Obama administration, we again sit and wait to see if Congress will do right by 'We the People' and follow through with defunding the monstrosity known as ObamaCare.  But I wouldn't hold my breath for that one, because yesterday they capitulated to 'the anointed one' and will fund the Syrian rebels.  Guess they're just too scared of the race card being used against them to realize that they have now joined Obama in 'aiding and abetting the enemy' for these rebels are funded and supported by Obama doesn't remember them...let me remind him..they murdered 3000 Americans on 9/11 as it seems his memory needs a bit of refreshing..

So, that leaves number three, the totally screwed-up disaster known as 'Immigration Reform'.  Immigration Reform has divided the right into two camps...those who seek a workable pathway to citizenship and those who say NO to any solution that even smells of the word 'amnesty'.

But most are overlooking something that can actually bring both sides on the right together, and it's called 'self-deportation'.

While those words have been thrown out and bantered around before, 'self-deportation' could very well be a solution to the ILLEGAL problem if done correctly. Differing from 'voluntary departure', which allows one to legally come back to the United States after a certain period of time, because of the circumstances involved in how ILLEGALS came here and raped our welfare and health care systems, 'voluntary deportation' would be permanent, which sadly, is really something that's needed in this case.

Let me explain...being in this country ILLEGALLY is indeed a crime, hence the word ILLEGAL (meaning against the law), but in reality there is NO way we will be deporting 11 to 20 million people (depends on which figures one goes by) NO matter how much we'd like just isn't going to happen and those supporting this idea need to get a grip on reality will NOT happen.

But there is a way to get them to deport themselves back to their home countries.  First, our borders MUST be sealed...NO ifs, ands, or buts...sealed, locked down, NO entrance for anyone unless they come here LEGALLY through all the proper channels.

Locked down and sealed BEFORE any discussions relating to reform of any sort begins.

And there is absolutely NO negotiation on this sealing and locking down of our borders...NONE.  And do NOT say it can't be can...Israel did it and so can we.  In fact, I'm sure the Israelis would be happy to help 'We the American People' if we asked for help in doing so...and I'm NOT being sarcastic here because look who our president (gag) is and how he does NOT want our borders sealed.

Then immediately after the borders are sealed and locked down ALL...and I mean ALL aid to those here ILLEGALLY must be stopped (and the feds know exactly who they are and where they are and don't let them try to fool you that they don't)... as in ALL freebies and in NO welfare, NO food stamps, NO housing vouchers, NO school vouchers, NO free medical care, NO Obamaphones, NO charity of any kind...NO anything.

And that also means NO jobs.  And here is where the 'self-deportation' comes in.  Fact, NO person should be working here in our country...taking jobs away from LEGAL Americans... without either having proof of citizenship or a legal green card.  And I mean none NO matter they be blue collar or white collar jobs.  ALL persons currently working would be required to show proof of citizenship to their employers to verify their status (this might seem an inconvenience but one that could actually give jobs back to Americans), and those without legal papers or legal proof of status would be fired immediately.

So if one loses ones job and then gets NO government aid whatsoever... NO health care... NO food stamps...NO welfare...NO anything...they would most likely be forced to leave our country because their free ride would be over, and I believe they would do so voluntarily because they would have NO other option if they wanted to survive...literally survive.

And after the ILLEGALS start voluntarily leaving because the rules already on the books are strictly enforced in full, then and only then should any discussion be started on revising or updating existing immigration laws...if they even need revising or updating at all.

Yes, I realize this seems harsh, but our country cannot keep supporting criminals, and coming here ILLEGALLY makes one a criminal NO matter what the bleeding heart liberals say.  And more importantly, it's way past time that America's leaders start putting LEGAL Americans BEFORE all others....way, way past time.