Monday, November 5, 2012

"Allahu akbar, Death to America, Death to Israel, Damn the Jews, Victory to Islam"

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

There are groups with slogans like this all over the world, and the U.S. Government's official position is that Islam has nothing to do with any of them, and that to investigate their actual motives and goals is forbidden, because it gets them into...Islam. It's a recipe for suicide.

"Yemenis suspect Iran's hand in rise of Shiite rebels," by Adam Baron for the Christian Science Monitor, October 30 (thanks to Lachlan):
While the graffiti on the walls of Rayda’s bullet-scarred Awadin Mosque condemns the United States and Israel, the clashes that briefly transformed this agrarian town into a war zone were fought between local foes. 
The fighting in Rayda was just the latest flare-up in a series of violent clashes in Amran and neighboring provinces that have pitted backers of the Houthi movement against their largely Sunni Islamist foes. And while its roots seem to be local political maneuvering, many here see the tensions as a result of Iranian interference in northern Yemen.
Yemen’s far north has long been wracked by fighting between Houthi rebels and various foes. From 2004 to 2010, the Houthis were the target of a series of offensives launched by the Yemeni government and their tribal fighter allies, who saw the Houthis as an Iranian-backed group intent on destabilizing the country.
When the government's control over much of Yemen weakened during last year’s uprising against Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Houthis were able to effectively gain control over the northern province of Saada and areas of neighboring provinces. Even in the capital, Sanaa, the Houthis have emerged defiantly. Graffiti bearing the group’s vitriolic slogan, “God is Great, Death to America, Death to Israel, Damn the Jews, Victory to Islam,” is a frequent sight on the capital’s streets.
Representatives and supporters of the Houthis characterize the group’s growth as a natural result of their widespread support, saying the group has gained the trust of Yemenis due to its commitment to clean governance and its uncompromising opposition to the current government’s alliance with the United States’ government.
But many Yemenis insist that the Houthis’ gains can be attributed to outside players, characterizing them as a pawn of Iran, citing longstanding accusations that they are receiving funding and possibly arms from the Islamic Republic.
“You can see Iran’s hands in the growth of the Houthis,” says one Yemeni politician, speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the topic. “It’s a threat to Yemen, it’s a threat to Saudi Arabia and it’s a threat to American interests.” ...

Cleaning Obama’s Bloodstains 

By: Katie Kieffer  / Townhall Columnist

Cleaning Obama’s Bloodstains
Blood is staining the globe. Not the blood of terrorists (enemies of America), but the blood of innocent Americans. We cannot resuscitate our loved ones. We can only attempt to clean President Obama’s bloodstains by removing him—and all who think like him—from public office.

There is no need to “judge” Obama’s heart to realize that he is unfit to lead; God will be his judge. We need only objectively view the results of his puerile national security policy and his unconstitutional healthcare mandates:

Blood in Benghazi 

On September 11, four Americans including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens were killed in a terrorist attack by militants linked to al-Qaida and Ansar al-Sharia. Militants stormed the U.S. consulate building in Benghazi, Libya with rockets and machine guns; Stevens and four other Americans died.

President Obama’s White House and State Department knew of the danger to Stevens for months and did nothing about it. On August 16, Stevens sent a cable notifying Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the State Department of an anticipated “coordinated attack” that the consulate would not be able to control without backup support. The State Department did not take proactive measures to respond.

On the day of the attack, reports indicate that the CIA initially denied requests from its own personnel for backup assistance at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and later at the CIA annex or safe house. When support finally arrived, it was too late.

Stevens became the first U.S. Ambassador since 1988 to die in office. And CIA employees and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were both killed despite the fact that the U.S. military had almost seven hours to send them back-up assistance.

Obama covered up his incompetency by initially blaming this terrorist attack on an amateur online video preview. Stevens and four other Americans are now dead as a result of Obama’s failures on two accounts: First, he exercised constitutionally questionable military intervention in Libya, which more than likely incited blowback. Secondly, he refused to address the consulate’s pleas for help before and during the attack.

Blood on the Border 

As I have written here and here, U.S. Border Patrol agents like Nicolas Ivie and Brian Terry are just a few of the American agents who have died due to repercussions from Obama’s scandalous Fast and Furious gun sting operation. Not to mention the rising death toll (over 50,000) due to Obama’s continual cooperation with Mexico in fighting an unconstitutional war on drugs.

Blood in Afghanistan

Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East, particularly in Afghanistan, has led to a surge in American deaths from insider attacks, overextension and suicide.

The Afghan forces we trusted and trained are increasingly turning on NATO troops and killing American soldiers.

Furthermore, Obama is responsible for the surge of 30,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. But, since 2008—the year Obama was elected—the U.S. has sustained nearly two-and-a-half times the number of fatalities in Afghanistan as the six previous years combined.

One U.S. soldier commits suicide every single day. In late July, TIME Magazine reported that 2,676 Americans had died by suicide since the war in Afghanistan began. In comparison, 1,950 Americans had died in combat in over a decade of Afghan intervention.

Blood of Babies

Obama unconstitutionally uses federal taxpayer dollars to promote a culture of repugnance for human life in two ways. First, his U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate circumvents the First Amendment and requires religious organizations to offer contraceptives, sterilization methods and abortion-generating prescriptions in their private insurance plans. Secondly, Obama supports fungible federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

We must hold President Obama accountable for the blood on his hands. We cannot judge Obama’s motivations; we can only see the results of his decisions, namely increasing numbers of Americans dying.

There is no way to bring innocent men, women and children back to life. The only way we can attempt to clean Obama’s bloodstains is to vote him—and all who think like him—out of office.

True the Vote: Keeping Our Elections Free and Clean 

By: Katie Pavlich  / Townhall Daily

True the Vote: Keeping Our Elections Free and Clean
HOUSTON, TX - The 2012 election will be the first in 30 years where the country will see a large organized presence dedicated to the integrity of votes cast, all thanks to voter integrity group True the Vote.

During the 2008 election cycle, Catherine Engelbrecht volunteered at the polls in Harris County, the second largest voting block in Texas. She noticed that although she was there with a small group of people to observe, Harris County had a poll watcher shortage of at least 50 percent. There weren’t enough people observing the election process to prevent fraud. Shortly after her experiences at the polls, Harris County authorities found 23,000 invalid voter registration forms that had been submitted by an ACORN operative. It was then that Engelbrecht founded True the Vote, where she now serves as president. The mission of True the Vote is simple: prevent voter fraud and uphold the law.

“We recognized there was a problem,” Engelbrecht tells Townhall. “There are raging debates about Cap and Trade and healthcare and you name it, but if the election process isn’t trustworthy, if it’s not reliable, then you know what does any of it really matter? It’s a scary thought to think about how tenuous, how fragile the process really is but it was so clear that something was not right and the quickest fix was to remind citizens that voting was not enough.”

Engelbrecht and True the Vote volunteers quickly started to identify how citizens could get further involved with the election process by looking at the process as a whole. Poll watching was an easy way to get a large amount of people involved in the election process.

“What got my attention is the simple fact that this where it all starts. If we cannot freely and fairly elect our representatives, nothing from there goes the way the citizens of the country want it to go, that’s the beginning,” True the Vote volunteer Joni Carlisle, who uses vacation time to help the organization 14 hours a day, tells Townhall. “We’re making a huge difference.”

By Election Day 2010, True the Vote had trained 1,000 poll watchers who could be used by election officials to observe polling stations in Harris County. Training of everyday citizens was then expanded across the country to further prevent voter fraud.

“We didn’t look for it to be a national thing, we just thought, ‘We see a problem and we need to fix it,’” Engelbrecht says. “We really decided we would become the boutique provider of in depth, real life training opportunities and it seemed to resonate across the country in ways that we could have never imagined.”

Bill Ouren started volunteering with True the Vote in January 2010 and is now the National Elections Director. His job is to connect citizens with their desire to ensure the freedom and fairness of elections.

“I was looking for something positive, something I thought would make a difference. There is nothing more fundamental to our democracy than our vote and the freedom and the integrity that surrounds that vote and it just appealed to me individually,” Ouren tells Townhall.

But what is a poll watcher or election observer? And is it effective? The fact is, poll watching is a time honored tradition dating back to the women’s suffrage movement and served as an important part of the Civil Rights movement. The NAACP used to support election observation because it keeps the process honest and ensures all voters are treated fairly. Poll watchers watch the election process to protect the rights of the voters. They do not watch the voters, they watch the process.

“They [poll watchers] are they eyes and ears of the Republic. They are not to talk to voters, they are to observe and report and they do that on behalf of the stakeholders they represent which is typically a party or a candidate or an issue on the ballot or in some cases like in Wisconsin, poll watchers can be self appointed citizens,” Engelbrecht says. “Observation changes things. Frankly, people want to do the right thing but it’s human nature to cut corners and you cut and you cut and you cut and before long you get to where we are and in many places across this country where the process isn’t even recognizable.”

Today, the NAACP, ACLU, SEIU, AFL-CIO, major media outlets and other far Left groups launch regular attacks on True the Vote and its volunteers, despite the organization's efforts to prevent voter fraud being non-partisan.

“They must be looking to protect some system of subversion that they’ve protected under the dark of night and they don’t want it to be exposed,” Engelbrecht says. “It’s stunning to hear these  groups just deny vote fraud even exists. There’s every evidence to the contrary. It’s a known fact that it exists but yet they refuse to speak the truth.”

The catalyst for expanding from being a local group in Texas to a national organization according to Engelbrecht, was attacks by the Left because they gave True the Vote a new platform.

“Because of that platform, people from across the country began to contact us and say, ‘Hey that’s what you guys are seeing? That’s what we’re seeing too. Can we work together?’” Engelbrecht says. “Although there are many groups that want to continue to paint us into a corner, the fact is our message is one for all Americans."

Heading into Election Day 2012, True the Vote has trained thousands of people in 50 states to legally poll watch. Christian Adams, a former Department of Justice Attorney, New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case whistleblower and author says this is exactly why the Left is going “berserk.”

“I know this, there will be less crime in the election this year than there was in 2008,” Adams said. “There will be less crime nationwide than there was in 2008 because True the Vote is on the ground and that is something they deserve a great deal of thanks for.”

The True the Vote program is set up so that on Election Day in addition to volunteers conducting observations at the polls, they submit incident reports. This gives True the Vote evidence that can later be looked at, studied and used to reform broken parts in the election system to prevent fraud in future elections.

“This is not a press to go through the 2012 election,” Ouren says. “We have come a long way in two years, we will go probably that much further in another two years. We’re going to continue what we’ve been doing.”

There’s no doubt True the Vote has had an impact.

“I think we’ve changed the national debate. I think we’ve brought focus to an issue that’s been a dirty little secret of both parties for an awfully long time that everybody worries about after the election for few days and then everybody gets on with their business and it never fixes itself. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished,” Engelbrecht says. “We are doing the right thing.”

Sunday night, hundreds of volunteers gathered one last time at True the Vote headquarters before heading into Tuesday’s election. After four years of attacks and smears, they’re ready to use their training to keep our elections clean.

“We are responding as best as we know how as good stewards for our country. It’s been an amazing privilege to be part of a movement born of nothing, born of an inspiration that didn’t exist prior in this way and be part of what I think is historic,” Engelbrecht says.

Tomorrow...America rises
By: Diane Sori

Tomorrow America goes to the polls to determine our future.  Will America be, as the song says, on the ‘eve of destruction’ or will America be on the verge of a new beginning...we will know that in a matter of hours.

I know how nervous we all are...I admit even I am to some degree, but I have said since day one that I believe with all my heart that Mitt Romney will win and win big, and I stand by that conviction.

I also know that when Barack HUSSEIN Obama asks Americans to vote for revenge red flags should rise, for revenge is NOT what America is about.  America is about ‘liberty and justice for all,’ and above all else America is about freedom.

And who is his revenge's against ’We the People’...Barack HUSSEIN Obama wants revenge against Americans.

So when Mitt Romney asks we Americans to vote NOT for revenge but for love of country, I know for me my choice was well founded and right, for here is a man who honors our great country, who respects ‘We the People,’ and who will restore what Obama has stolen from America...her exceptionalism and all that has made her the greatest nation the world has ever known.

The time for political rhetoric has now come to an end.  The campaigning is over and the sides have been clearly drawn.  Do we head further down the path towards European style socialism (or worse) as Obama wants, or do we return to the principals laid down in our Constitution as Romney wants...I know we patriots know the answer to I pray that the rest of Americans do too.

‘We the People’ know that our economy still flounders under the failed policies of this president, as his so-called recovery is moving ahead at a snail’s pace if it’s even really moving ahead at all.  We Americans are hurting and hurting bad...out of work, out of money, and some out of hope.  America cries under a president who spends more time on the golf course and appearing on mindless talk shows than he does meeting with those he needs to meet with to get a handle on what is truly happening in the county he is supposed to love and honor but which we know he does not.

And sadly, ‘We the People’ now are governed by a man who ‘leads from behind’ if you even can call what he does ‘leading’...a man who has NO respect for our military or rightly they for him...a man who has NO trouble siding with our enemies against the very country he was elected to lead.

Can America as we know and love her survive intact under the stewardship of another four years of Barack HUSSIN Obama...I think not...nor can she survive under all the cover-ups and lies spewed forth by this man on a daily basis.  Our dead from Benghazi need to rest in everlasting peace but cannot as long as this man is allowed to defame them with his untruths about what happened that fateful night.

But it goes even beyond all this to a man who does NOT believe in God and country, but who is all about himself...his wants, his misguided vision, and his determination to rewrite our Constitution and ‘We the People’ be damned.

So on the day before the most important election of our lifetime, I remember all these things and much more that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has done to shame and dishonor our great nation in the eyes of the the eyes of ‘We the People’...and most importantly in the eyes of God.  

And I know that Mitt Romney is indeed the hero on the proverbial white horse charging to the rescue of everything we Americans hold dear.  With Mitt Romney America has a future...with another four years of Obama we have NOTHING...NO hope, NO dreams, and NO future.

We Romney volunteers have worked so very hard to help Mitt in his mission to restore our beloved country to her roots as intended by our Founding Fathers...the roots of a Judeo-Christian nation founded upon God given morals, values, principals, and ideals...the very core that separates us from all other nations...for we are a nation that beckons all to her shores, giving all the chance to be free.

Under the leadership of Mitt Romney that will remain true...under another four years of Barack HUSSEIN Obama it’s over, as our beloved America will become NOT only unrecognizable to us but to the world as well.

So as you cast your vote tomorrow please vote like America’s very survival depended on it, because my friends it surely does.