Monday, May 10, 2021

Another Major Piece of COVID Theater Has Been Debunked
Katie Pavlich / Townhall Tipsheet
The list of bad decisions by so-called experts and leaders during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic keeps getting longer. Now we're learning that plexiglass installed in schools and businesses across the country, at an enormous cost, may actually increase the spread of the the disease. Closing playgrounds and keeping kids inside also makes things worse.

This news comes after a study from Brown University shows masking students for hours on end in schools doesn't necessarily stop the spread and could also be making things worse. From Scott Morefield

In areas of high community transmission, masked school students saw a case rate (defined here as daily cases per 100,000) 37 percent higher than non-masked school students, or 19 cases per 100,000 in 'no masks required' schools vs 26 in 'masks required' schools. 

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The Scarlet V x Three = U.S. Entry 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

I'm mad, angry, and seething all rolled into one for with my being part of the Republican/Conservative movement I have been bearing witness to my beloved America being destroyed by the collective Democrat party enemies within, and they're doing so one policy at a time. And it started on day one of the Biden/Harris administration...with the “Scarlet V”...“V” as in future votes...being the driving force.

And with that said let me begin by saying that as we all knew he would, Joe Biden on said day one, did indeed change via executive order the border policies President Donald Trump had put into place...successful policies that had cut the number of illegals entering our country to the lowest numbers in decades. And Biden did so to such a degree that, in my opinion, border enforcement has basically become an all out free for all much to the chagrin of those legal immigrants waiting patiently, some for years, to not only enter our country but to become productive members of our American society...productive members as opposed to those coming solely for the promised “free stuff.”

Free stuff”...conservative America's curse for Joe Biden knows well that the more folks he lets into our country the more votes Democrats will garner, votes happily secured at the expense of we middle class taxpayers who will, of course, be facing a tax increase to pay for all the said “free stuff.” But does Biden care about he does not for caring about the middle class is not now nor has it ever been part of the Democrats agenda.

And when it comes specifically to actual border security or now the obvious lack thereof, the Democrats agenda becomes quite simply an agenda of unabashed idiocy hiding behind a total lack of transparency where not only is the true cause of increasing illegal numbers being toned down but outright ignored. And on the rare occasion when some reason for the now called “surge”...or as Biden likes to say the “non-crisis” given it's always either Trump's fault or as per Kamala Harris' recent words of blame, “food insecurity, hurricanes, or covid-19.” And if to add insult to such a nonsensical injury Harris tacked on “corruption, violence and poverty, the lack of economic opportunity, the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience, and the lack of good governance," good little drama queen that she is.

After all, it was only a matter of time before the lie known as “climate change” in the “weather”...was blamed for certain folks suddenly and opportunistically needing their Biden promised share of “free stuff” coupled, hopefully, with a guaranteed lifetime welfare ride...which has led to the resurgence of folks beating down our southern border doors. And beating our doors these anything but suffering folks have done as way too many cross into our country not only wearing Biden T-shirts but with i-Phones in hand; computers stuffed into their backpacks; $200 Nike sneakers on their feet; women carrying Prada, Gucci and Coach purses; and most folks looking quite well fed. And dare we forget the drug dealers looking to make “mucho dinero” off the habit of the addicted, plus other criminal sorts now left to roam free and turn America's streets red with the blood of their next innocent victim.

Simply, the current southern border fiasco is and will will remain a man-made mess...a Joe Biden simmering cauldron of a mess with Kamala Harris happily stirring the “Scarlet V” filled pot. And that pot continues to be fed with now an additional $310 million in U.S. taxpayer dollars going to Central America as part of a $4 billion regional strategy the Biden administration recently signed on to where he pledged to "address factors driving migration from Central America," yet he never really addressed what those factors are.

However, no matter any words to the contrary, migration it is not...invasion it is. And the fact is that these folks would be better served not coming here to be both an economic and a societal drain on our country, but staying in their home countries and working together to oust their own corrupted "powers that be" from office...ousted either via the ballot box or with force if need be.

I'm now beyond angry...on the way to seething for sure.

And than there's Biden's job killing, also day one executive order canceling of the Trump approved permit for the Keystone XL oil and gas pipeline...the pipeline that would have moved 830,000 barrels of crude oil a day from Alberta, Canada's tar/oil sands to refineries to be processed here in the U.S...U.S. processing that would have replaced the current processing from Latin American countries thus creating thousands of well-paying jobs for American workers.

And this is the very pipeline that would not only create additional adjunct jobs and industries as well, but would also have helped rid us of any remaining dependency on any form of foreign oil. But than again why wouldn't Biden cancel what's good for our country as what he did follows in lock step with Obama's blocking of the very same pipeline because,“the pipeline would have too heavily favored Canada while producing additional greenhouse gas emissions,” or so he said and erroneously claimed.

But it's the words and truths not spoken that are way more important than either the musings of Obama or the actions of Joe Biden for missing from the discourse is the fact that Democrats dare not cut off Latin American oil processing or they in turn will cut off the Democrats southern border vote garnering operation. A simple case of tit-for-tat with our country willingly being sold out by two presidents all while certain Latin American countries see their government officials prosper both monetarily and via their now being able to rid said countries of unwanted, economy draining, human baggage...human baggage the Democrats willingly take into our country as these folks have the much coveted “Scarlet V” deeply imprinted on their foreheads.

Am I mad about this...let's just say my anger is now red hot.

And lastly, for now anyway, Biden again, as expected, reversed President Trump's travel ban on certain countries with majority muslim populations for the same reason...he needs their “Scarlet V.” And while saying with a straight face that, “The United States was built on a foundation of religious freedom and tolerance...” omitted from Biden's anything but constitutional discourse was the fact that a majority of those from majority muslim countries, and those from certain African countries as well, want to come here not just for the “free stuff” in exchange for their votes, but to turn our country into the very cesspools they left behind.

The word “invasion” once again comes to mind.

And know that muslim neighborhoods have some of the highest crime rates in our country, and that more and more of those neighborhoods are now being allowed by our liberal courts to become “Sharia No Go” police or non-muslims allowed. And dare we not forget the number of muslims now in Congress...muslims like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib who hate this country and all she stands for...yet their numbers in both the House of Representatives and in state legislatures do continue to grow with each and every election. And this does not even include the terrorist aspect of this said population...but no matter for these folks will vote Democrat most every time. 

The “Scarlet V” is a powerful incentive that allows the Democrats to ignore this and other said truths, and to say I'm now seething puts it mildly at best.

But the bottom line is this...we Republicans and conservatives know well, with the Constitution's own words to back us up, that the United States of America was never intended to be the world's dumping ground no matter the ever so poetically pretty words engraved on the Statue of Liberty's plaque. Yet sadly under current Democrat party rule that seems to be exactly what we are becoming. And to that I say the “Scarlet V” and the Democrats be damned.

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