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Iran: Our nukes proof of Islamic power 

What Tehran really says when world's not listening

By Reza Kahlili / WND

ayatollah-ali-khameneiIran, which has denied clandestinely developing nuclear weapons technology, is now bragging its nuclear achievements have brought power and prestige to the Islamic world.

Tehran also says the third round of talks with the P5+1 world powers over its illicit nuclear program, to be held in Moscow this month, will be fruitless. The P5+1 comprises U.N. Security Council permanent members the U.S., Britain, France, China and Russia, plus non-permanent member Germany.

The official website of the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in a bold and resolute move, has posted an infographic on the “Outcomes of Iran’s Resistance on Nuclear Issue.” It praised Khamenei’s guidance and Iran’s nuclear achievements despite worldwide condemnation.

The graphic, which has been translated into several languages, indicates Iran’s nuclear achievements have given the Islamic world:
  • Belief in its abilities, pride and proof of the power of Islam.
  • A sharing of nuclear energy with Islamic nations.
  • Expansion of the values of the Islamic republic.
  • Proof the West is incapable of stopping Iran’s nuclear program.
  • And most importantly, “Preparing the ground for national and international power!”
Khamenei said Sunday the international community’s suspicion Iran was seeking nuclear weapons is based on a “lie,” reported. He insisted international sanctions against Iran were ineffective and only strengthened the nation’s resolve.

The supreme leader’s speech, broadcast on state television to mark the 1989 death of his predecessor and founder of the Islamic republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, contained no sign Iran was prepared to make any concessions on its disputed nuclear program.

Khamenei also warned any attack by Israel on Iran will blow back on the Jewish state “like thunder.”

Khamenei’s show of resistance has been supplemented by threats from his generals.

Maj. Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi, Khamenei’s top military aide, said both Israel and America lack the ability to start a war because of their internal political and economic problems, according to the Fars News Agency, an outlet run by the Revolutionary Guard.

“The Zionists are living in such international condition that if they intend to launch an attack against Iran, 1 million Jews will flee Israel in the first one or two weeks,” Safavi said. “Jews are very vulnerable there. The Americans have over 20 bases and 100,000 troops in the region, all under threat by Iran.”

Another top adviser to the supreme leader on international matters, Ali Akbar Velayati, in an interview last week with reporters from Egypt regarding the possibility of an attack by Israel, stated, “The Zionist regime has neither the power nor the courage and venture to do so for it knows that if it embarks on doing such a thing, it won’t exist anymore.”

Velayati has an arrest warrant on him by courts in Argentina for his involvement in the Jewish community center bombing of 1994 that killed 84 and wounded hundreds.

As revealed in February, Alireza Forghani, the former governor of southern Iran’s Kish Province and an analyst and a strategy specialist in Khamenei’s camp, laid out the legal case for the annihilation of Israel and all Jewish people. The piece, published by the conservative publication Alef and run by all media of the regime, specifically stated a pre-emptive attack to annihilate the people of Israel is essential.

That article, which is in line with the recent statement by Gen. Safavi that “Jews are very vulnerable there,” indicated Israeli cities with the highest Jewish populations must be targeted by Iran’s Seji l and Shahb 3 ballistic missiles to achieve maximum casualties.

Forghani recently posted on his website that Islamic nations must arm themselves with nuclear bombs.

He quoted the Quran, An-Nisa 74: “Let those fight in the cause of Allah who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. To him who fighteth in the cause of Allah – whether he is slain or gets victory – soon shall we give him a reward of great value.”

In a recent speech, Khamenei said, “We’re still at hillside … when Iranian nation reaches the peak, all enmities, evils will end.”

He also said, “It is Islamic Iran that has triggered an earthquake that is shaking the pillars of the hegemonistic powers … Sanctions cannot prevent the Iranian nation from making progress.”

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and author of the award-winning book, “A Time to Betray.” He is a senior fellow with EMPact America and teaches at the U.S. Department of Defense’s Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy.

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Who Is Brett Kimberlin And Why Should You Care?

by / Personal Liberty Digest

Who Is Brett Kimberlin And Why Should You Care?Progressive organizations are essentially funding convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin's attacks on right-leaning bloggers.

The Democratic Party is the party of tolerance. We are told this with regularity. After all, the party tolerates — promotes, actually — deviant lifestyles, the murder of babies in the womb, legalized theft by government, general sloth by the populace, terrorists, big government, coercion, mob violence and thuggishness (workers unions), central planning (socialism and Marxism), and crony capitalism (which is essentially fascism).

What it doesn’t tolerate is free speech. In fact, it goes to great lengths — even engaging in criminal activity — and great expense to ensure that dissenting views are squelched, particularly the views from the right. And that’s where Brett Kimberlin comes in.

Kimberlin is a Democratic Party operative. But he has a very sordid past. He partners with Brad Friedman — a liberal blogger — in two leftist nonprofit organizations: The Velvet Revolution and the Justice Through Music Project (JTMP). He’s also an associate — self-described — of Daily Kos contributor and Democrat operative Neal Rauhauser.

Kimberlin has made a habit — really more of a career — of attacking right-leaning bloggers. He does this by abusing the court system, filing false charges, committing perjury, harassing and intimidating family members, invading privacy, making veiled threats, and intimidating workers in the workplace. Bloggers Aaron Walker (who originally blogged as Aaron Worthington), Patterico, Liberty Chick and Robert Stacy McCain have all been targeted by Kimberlin.

The Back Story

In the mid-1970s, Kimberlin, then in his early 20s, took up with an Indiana woman named Sandra Barton. According to Mark Singer in his book Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin, Kimberlin began to show more than a passing — most people would say unhealthy — interest in Barton’s 10-year-old daughter, Jessica. For three consecutive summers, 1974-1976, Kimberlin took Jessica on extended vacations to Disney World, Mexico and Hawaii without Sandra’s attendance.

Kimberlin began to introduce Jessica to friends as his girlfriend, claiming their relationship was chaste and he was waiting for her to become old enough to marry.

By 1978, Sandra’s mother, Julia Scyphers, began voicing her concerns about the nature of the relationship between Kimberlin and young Jessica. According to reports, several verbal altercations occurred between Scyphers and Kimberlin over the issue. On July 29, 1978, Scyphers answered a knock on her door. A man she did not know inquired about items she had recently tried to sell. She took the man into the garage to show him the items, and the man shot her in the head.

As police began investigating the murder, their attention was drawn to a suspect who was an associate of Kimberlin – and, therefore, to Kimberlin himself — in a murder-for-hire scheme. Shortly thereafter, bombs began going off in Speedway, Ind., the community in which Scyphers lived. Eight bombs exploded over six days. No one was killed in the bombings, but a man named Carl DeLong was seriously injured when a gym bag he found in the parking lot outside Speedway High School exploded. The blast tore off his lower right leg and two fingers, injured his left leg and embedded shrapnel in his abdomen. Bomb fragments also injured his wife Sandra.

After three trials, Kimberlin was convicted of the Speedway bombings. A jury found him guilty on 33 separate charges. Included in these were illegal use of Department of Defense insignia and illegal use of the Presidential Seal: documents he forged and used to help obtain the explosives used in the bombs. He was also convicted of perjury and conspiracy to traffic marijuana.

No one was ever convicted in the Scyphers murder, but police speculated that Kimberlin used the bomb spree to draw police off the murder investigation. Kimberlin associate William Bowman was arrested on suspicion of murder, but police let him go when Scyphers’ husband Fred — who claimed to have gotten a glimpse of Bowman in the front yard on the day of his wife’s murder — died of cancer two weeks after Bowman’s arrest. The murder remains unsolved.

While Kimberlin was in prison, DeLong committed suicide in 1983 after becoming despondent over the extent of his injuries. Sandra DeLong sued Kimberlin and won a $1.6 million judgment in civil court.

In 1988, Kimberlin became a national figure when he claimed he’d once sold marijuana to Indiana Senator Dan Quayle, then a candidate for Vice President. Kimberlin never provided any evidence to bolster his claim, and Quayle denied it ever happened.

After serving about 13 years of his 50-year sentence, Kimberlin was paroled in 1994. When he failed to make an effort to pay the civil judgment to Sandra DeLong, Kimberlin’s parole was revoked. He remained in prison until 2001.

In 2005, Kimberlin formed JTMP as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. He quickly began receiving donations from the George Soros-backed Tides Foundation, which provides most of the funding for the left-wing hate site Media Matters; the Barbra Streisand Foundation; and Heinz Family Foundation, led by Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.). Other listed funders are the Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift, Schwab Charitable Fund, Threshold Foundation and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

The nonprofits are Kimberlin’s lone known source of income. So those organizations are essentially funding Kimberlin’s attacks on the right-leaning blogosphere.

Aaron’s Story

Aaron Walker’s story is so long and convoluted that 10,000 words wouldn’t do it justice, so my brief summation won’t either. Walker described it in detail here. Prepare for a couple of hours of uninterrupted reading if you want to read it all. He bolsters his account with police reports, court filings, copies of emails and surveillance video.

In short, while blogging as Worthington in 2010, Walker learned of Kimberlin’s story through Patterico (real name J. Patrick Frey). Patterico and Liberty Chick on wrote about Kimberlin’s efforts (through Velvet Revolution) to have James O’Keefe and Hanna Giles prosecuted for their operation exposing ACORN as a criminal enterprise. (The articles resulted in Kimberlin threatening to sue Frey for libel and other perceived slights.)

At the time, Walker was also following a case in which Kimberlin had sued a blogger named Seth Allen in Maryland for defamation. In the claim, Kimberlin attributed statements to Allen that Allen had not made. A default judgment was issued against Allen. Allen asked Walker, an attorney, for help with his case, so Walker provided free, brief legal advice to Allen. He did not represent Allen because he is not licensed to practice in Maryland.

When Kimberlin learned that Walker had assisted Allen, Walker became the target of Kimberlin’s ire. At this time, Kimberlin only knew Walker as Aaron Worthington, so he filed court documents to try to learn Worthington’s real name. Walker did not want it made public for a number of reasons. Kimberlin also went after an attorney named Beth Kingsley who Walker had retained to handle another matter for him. In an email to Kingsley, which Kimberlin asked her not to share with Walker, Kimberlin made veiled threats to Kingsley’s livelihood and threatened to file ethics charges against her. Then he proposed a settlement that involved publicly identifying Walker as the person behind the Worthington persona.

In the settlement offer, Kimberlin also threatened to file criminal stalking charges against Walker, although the sum total of Walker’s ever having mentioned Kimberlin in his writing prior to Kimberlin’s court filings consisted of one paragraph in one article about the Allen case in which he mentioned Kimberlin’s bombing conviction.

However, once Kimberlin directed his thuggish behavior at Walker, Walker began writing about it.

On Jan. 9, Walker went to court in Maryland in response to Kimberlin’s court filings in the Allen case. Walker represented himself in an effort to have court documents revealing his identity sealed and, he hoped, have Kimberlin sanctioned by the court for his behavior.

Walker says the judge was irritated because Allen failed to appear and had little patience for what he viewed as a squabble between two people that didn’t concern the case. So Walker got little satisfaction from the courtroom. After the case was over, Walker gathered up his things and began to leave and found himself right behind Kimberlin.

After they exchanged a few words, Kimberlin turned and raised his iPad. Walker said he did not know whether Kimberlin was trying to strike him or take his photograph, but he instinctively grabbed the iPad away from Kimberlin and refused to give it back. Police were called; Walker gave the iPad to them; they gave it back to Kimberlin.

That afternoon, Kimberlin filed a criminal assault complaint against Walker. He alleged that Walker:
attacked me physically while exiting the courtroom.  He hit me on the shoulder and chest and pushed me, and grabbed my iPad away from me and refused to return it.  Mr. Walker has been harassing me and stalking me online for months, and as we were exiting the Courthouse / Room 5 / Floor 9, he said he was going to continue harassing me, and as we left the courtroom, he grabbed my iPad, hit me in the face, shoulder and chest and wrestled the iPad away from me.  Several people witness [sic] this event and the police were immediately called.  They got my iPad back and safely escorted me from the building.  Mr. Walker tried to come at me several more times but was restrained.
On the night of their altercation in the judicial building, Kimberlin exchanged emails with Walker’s former attorney telling her, in essence, that he would file additional charges against Walker if Walker continued to write about him. He also contacted Neal Rauhauser (mentioned earlier) who wrote about the incident, casting Kimberlin as a victim. He sent two more emails that night to Walker that Walker considered threatening, extortionate and defamatory.

Over the course of the next several weeks, Kimberlin filed a lot of paperwork with the court system alleging all sorts of grievances on him by Walker, including assault charges over the altercation. He also obtained a peace (restraining) order prohibiting contact by Walker, though Walker had never contacted Kimberlin except in response to court filings. The fallout of all this was that Walker was suspended without pay by his company because the company president feared that Kimberlin — a convicted bomber — might bomb the company. Walker’s wife, who worked for the same company, was also suspended without pay.

On May 17, Walker wrote his long article about his dealings with Kimberlin. On May 19, Kimberlin went to court and obtained another peace order against Walker. Walker continued to write about Kimberlin; and on May 29, when Walker went to a Maryland courtroom, he was arrested for violating the peace order. In essence, Walker was arrested for writing articles about a public figure: a clear violation of Walker’s 1st Amendment rights.

As mentioned earlier, Walker is not alone in his dealings with Kimberlin. Frey and Liberty Chick have been threatened with lawsuits. Frey claims that someone called police, gave Frey’s address and said he had shot someone, causing police to show up at his house with guns drawn. This practice, called “swatting,” is becoming a prevalent tactic the left is using against right-leaning writers and bloggers. Circumstantial evidence points to Kimberlin. Michelle Malkin writes that Frey has told her the entire story of his dealings with Kimberlin and “his plight will send chills up your spine when he’s ready to tell it.”

He has also received threatening tweets from a man named Ron Brynaert, an associate of Kimberlin.

Robert Stacy McCain claims he was forced to take his family and flee his home as a result of threats from Kimberlin.

What Is It With Democrats And Terrorists?

The left’s embracing — and funding — of convicted domestic terrorist Kimberlin is eerily similar to its embracing of convicted bomber Bill Ayers.

Ayers groomed President Barack Obama and launched his political career. Yet his association with a man who, as part of the Weathermen Underground, set off numerous bombs — including one that may have killed a San Francisco police officer — has not hurt Obama’s standing in the least.

In the 2010 election, a number of Democratic candidates used Rauhauser’s firm to help with their social media efforts. Rauhauser also hired a number of people to tweet libelous and vulgar tweets about Tea Party activities during the height of the Tea Party’s activities.

The progressives’ ideas of bigger government, more spending and “hope and change” can’t stand up to arguments against smaller government and liberty. So the leftists resort to thuggery, intimidation and the courts to silence their detractors. But right-leaning writers (joined by some on the left) see Kimberlin’s attacks for what they are: an assault on free speech — and, therefore, freedom itself.

That the left and Democrats would even embrace convicted domestic terrorists like Kimberlin and Ayers — and, in fact, invite them into their inner circle and encourage their tactics — demonstrates that the progressives who have taken over the party are true enemies of America.

Another Alinskyite emerges from Obama's past 

Disguised man in 'Dreams from My Father' may be 1st link to Ayers

In her New York Times column this past weekend, Maureen Dowd quotes Barack Obama’s boss at his 1980s community organizing job in Chicago, one Jerry Kellman.

Dowd, however, failed to note that in his book “Dreams from My Father,” Obama disguised Kellman’s name by using a so-called composite character, a fictional “Marty Kaufman,” to depict his former boss.

Perhaps Kellman’s name was masked because, it turns out, he is an Alinskyite who may have served as the link that introduced Obama to Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

The title of Dowd’s column, “Dreaming of a Superhero,” channeled the title of Obama’s book.

In the column, Dowd quotes Kellman’s observation of Obama: “He was not unwilling to take risks, but was just this strange combination of someone who would have to weigh everything to death and then take a dramatic risk at the end. He was reluctant to do confrontation, to push the other side because it might blow up – and it might. But one thing Alinsky did understand was that within reason, once something blows up, to a certain degree it doesn’t hurt, it helps.”

Kellman gave those remarks to David Maraniss, author of the new biography “Barack Obama: The Story.”

Kellman was the chief of the Developing Communities Project, or DCP, an institutionally based community organization on Chicago’s South Side. He brought in Obama in 1985 to serve as the DCP’s director and a lead organizer. It was Obama’s first job in Chicago.

In Obama’s own autobiography, he relates his first job in Chicago as a community organizer and claims the name of his boss at DCP was “Marty Kaufman.”

Kaufman doesn’t exist. The DCP chief at the time was Kellman, who was reportedly trained by Saul Alinsky himself.

The DCP, with Obama as director, received two grants. One grant was for $40,000 in 1985 and another for $33,000 in 1986 from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, a group that promoted Alinsky-style organizations.

While Obama was at the DCP, in 1988, he was brought in to the coalition of a project associated with Ayers and founded by Ayers’ father.

The Weatherman terrorist earlier resurfaced after going underground amid multiple criminal charges related to his extremist activities. The charges were dropped due to prosecutorial misconduct.

In 1988, in response to a Chicago summit that documented the poor quality of education in the city, Chicago United, a group founded by Ayers’ father, the late Thomas Ayers, formed a community advocacy coalition called the Alliance for Better Chicago Schools, or ABC. Thomas Ayers was the chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison.

When he created his ABC coalition in June 1988, Thomas Ayers included Obama in the coalition as the DCP’s organizer. It was Obama’s role in the DCP, it seems, that provided him with the opportunity to join ABC.

The contact for the ABC coalition, on which Obama served, was none other than Bill Ayers himself, who at the time was at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Ayers started attending the ABC coalition’s monthly meetings, held, according to ABC documents reviewed by WND, over breakfasts of eggs, sausages, rolls, fruit and coffee in a conference room on the 57th floor of Chicago’s First National Bank downtown headquarters.

Marine: Obama Claimed He Was Born In Mombasa

Jim “Race Bannon” Bancroft was told by Barack Obama in 1980 that he was born in Mombasa, Kenya.

In this radio interview about his thirty year old memory, Bancroft recounts Obama’s admission. Bancroft was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps at the time and met Obama in the vicinity of Kalakaua Blvd., one evening in early August of 1980.

Hear the interview here:

Bancroft has published the account of his personal meeting with the then Barry Soetero online at the Gathering of the Eagles Blog.

Bancroft writes in his essay:
He also told me something that I never forgot, for it caused me to do some other things in an effort to be nice to him and possibly a favor.
We spoke of where I had been and the world as I saw it. I told him I had been to Africa, Mombassa specifically, and he said to me abruptly, “I was born there.” I told him he is not eligible to be president if that was true, but I remembered he said his mom was an American, so, maybe it was okay. But it was what I did after that makes this a true memory: I went back to the barracks and told others of this guy and suggested we all grab our photo albums and visit him again and show him pictures of Mombassa so he could see where he was from.
No one wanted to go, and at that time, my camera had failed me weeks before we hit Mombassa and it was late August or early September until I had borrowed someone else’s pictures to develop myself so I had copies of where I was. But I never forgot meeting that man for those reasons. I was going to do him a favor and show him his home country of birth. And I never went back for some reason, most likely I forgot to or just felt that a one time chance encounter would be meaningless to both of us and didn’t mean we were friends.
Bannon then closes his testimonial with the following observation:
In the light of what is called “The Birther” movement, these memories are still foremost in my mind concerning this. While I cannot swear it was Barack Obama, all the details I do remember of that chance encounter fit the profile of the man who some people claim is born in Kenya and others claim he was born in Hawaii. The man I met was about 18, thin, Mulatto, told me he was born in Mombassa, raised overseas, was living in Hawaii and hadn’t yet been to many places in the world outside of those places, mostly, hadn’t been to the mainland of America for any long time period if at all. And he openly told me he wanted to be President.
And I remember that face, the face of a young man who sat on a table to my right front, his hands resting on the edge of the table, him leaning forward, his smile, all teeth. It was Barack Obama. I don’t know if I’d bet my life on it, but I am willing to tell people openly at the risk of my ridicule. I was there, and saw him, spoke to him, and he openly told me he was born in Mombassa, Kenya, not Hawaii.

Obama’s failed foreign policies...a plus for Romney
By Diane Sori

No matter how much Barack Hussein Obama bloviates while on his, ‘It’s all about ME, ME, ME and how I got Osama bin Laden’ world tour (forgetting that all he did was shake his head yes to what Bush’s policies had set in motion), the bottom line is that his foreign policy stinks.

Mitt Romney has it right when he says “Obama has made the United States less safe by failing to lead on the world stage.”

There are so many instances of this that it’s hard to know where to begin. For starters, how about that Barack Hussein Obama broke a cardinal rule of warfare when he told the enemy exactly when we would be withdrawing our troops from the Iraq and Afghan theaters.  Now all they have to do is sit back and wait for us to be gone, then move in and retake the countries we fought so hard to free.  What total degradation to all those who made the ‘ultimate sacrifice’ to help free an oppressed people.

Next up is Iran.  Iran is on the verge of acquiring a nuclear bomb, and a weapon of that magnitude in the hands of a madman like Ahmadinejad is just out and out dangerous not only for Israel but for Europe and America as well.  One cannot reason with a madman, yet Obama continuously tries to tie Israel’s hands from pre-emptively going in (with our support) to take Iran out once and for all.  Obama is pushing the diplomatic and economic sanctions route but that’s not getting anywhere as delay after delay in the talks gives Iran time to complete the building of a bomb.

Thankfully, the ‘Flame’ virus was recently released (thank you Israel, wink, wink) and seems to have slowed that progress down, if not completely, at least brought it to a halt for now.  But I bet you that it will only be a matter of time before Obama starts bloviating that he ordered the virus’ release. 

And speaking of Israel, let’s NOT forget that Barack Hussein Obama wants Israel to return to her now indefensible pre’67 borders; declare that it will accept a two-state solution to the Palestinian problem; and has NO problem with a divided Jerusalem.  

But guess what, Mr. Obama, none of those things are going to happen.

Hey ‘bama’ just so you know...the United States does NOT sellout and stab in the back our one true ally in the Middle East but then again what do you care as you have NO love for Israel or the Jewish people, and could care less if Israel was, as your muslim brethren so love to say, ‘wiped off the face of the Earth.’

And lest we forget to add to his foreign policy failure list the entire ‘Arab Spring’ movement, starting with his violation of the Constitution’s War Powers Clause in his involving us in Libya, all the way up to the fall of Egypt into basically the Muslim Brotherhood’s hands, to the total disaster that is Syria.

And now add into the mix North Korea...they’re still going strong in their threats against South Korea, Japan and us.  And eventually they will have missiles capable of reaching our west coast.  Obama has done nothing about them except to put the same useless sanctions on them as he has on Iran.

Obama still hasn’t figured out that sanctions don’t work, because all these ‘rouge’ nations have to do is deal and trade with countries who are against us...which they already do.

But the topper to all this is Barack Hussein Obama’s cutting of our defense budget, both foreign and domestic.  Obama must have either been absent, asleep, smoking weed or doing blow the day in  government class when it was taught that the one area you NEVER cut funding to is defense.

Mitt Romney has publically spoken against Obama’s proposed defense cuts that would amount to over $1 trillion dollars over the next ten years, something that would set us up for military failure both here and abroad.  While Obama calls for shrinking our military by 100,000 Army and Marine troops, Romney calls for adding 100.000 troops and increasing our fleet of naval ships.  

That is strong leadership in defense of our country...something Obama knows nothing about.

So there in a nutshell is the foreign policy of Barack Hussein Obama...NOT something to be proud of if you ask me.  This poor excuse of a president is cheering hard for America to falter as the world’s leading military and economic power, and would probably jump for joy if America became nothing more than just another country among all those in the world.  He has said, and I quote, that his goal is to have, "a U.S. leadership that recognizes our limits."

Well guess what, Obama, the United States of America takes a backseat to NO country, and we set the limits NOT have others dictate limits to us!  Hope that sinks in while ‘We the People’ countdown the last few months until the end of your miserable presidency.

Hope and Change don't work!