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Aiding and Abetting Seditious Mobs Should Have Consequences

Aiding and Abetting Seditious Mobs Should Have ConsequencesThe opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of
After at least one murder, several shootings and reported rapes, not to mention destruction of property, CHAZ has finally been chopped—or is it the other way around? Little difference. We can all take some small comfort that this nation recently formed within America’s borders is no more. Mayor Jenny Durkan at last summoned the moral clarity to declare this violent occupation in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle an “illegal assembly.” But only after protesters surrounded her home, giving her a taste of how it feels to fear for one’s safety at the hands of a mob.

But then, now comes Bill DeBlasio allowing the same embarrassingly insane anarchy to occur in New York.
CDC: COVID-19 is close to losing its epidemic status in the U.S.
By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT

This will get NO coverage from the seditious Democrat media complex - COVID deaths are at an all time low.

The latest data show that the percentage of deaths in the country attributable to those factors had as of the last week in June reached its lowest point since the end of last year, becoming "equal to the [current] epidemic threshold of 5.9%," the CDC said.

The Democrats need lockdowns to destroy the economy to defeat Trump. Enemy of the people.

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Racism, the Media, and the Call For Revenge 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

Racism...a concept that has existed throughout human history in one form or another and is comprised, I believe, of two main components...outright hatred for another being the key component coupled with a smoldering, hiding below the surface feeling of not wanting to be seen as being jealous of another. And some see that hatred manifesting itself in the belief that a given group of people other than those who share their skin color are less than “human,” if you will...are “inferior” intellectually wise...are socially less moral than they well as their lacking a sense of civility...basically being the antithesis of all they themselves hold dear.

Racism, much to our chagrin, is indeed alive and well in today's America, in fact it's thriving and growing but not in the way most people think or believe. Remember, while most do know that being a racist is a learned condition...after all no one is born a racist for racism itself is not an inherent human trait...racism must be learned and then nurtured along so it can grow and take hold within both an individual and in the given population at large. 
And it's the recent and still ongoing actions of some that have been the very lesson learned by others, what with black...yes black...miscreants and thugs trying to both bolster and embolden their own misplaced sense of self-worth while funneling their energy, time, and their growing numbers into a cohesive whole comprised mostly of those seeking to do physical harm towards others not of their black kind.

Now no longer being willing to see or judge a white individual as but one small part of the non-racist whole, the black miscreants and thugs instead make the assumption that even a single white person is indeed a representative of the entirety of what they consider to be the racist white population. And sadly, we now see a lesson being taught that we, no matter our skin color, never wanted to learn from...a forced upon us lesson whose truth has always been that one's actions do indeed speak louder than one's words, whether it's a single voice speaking or collective voices speaking in unison representing the whole.

And the catalyst...the fuel...for today's lesson in racism manifests itself at its core in simple jealously, but it's jealousy now coupled with indignation for self-perceived wrongs being pinned on the whole instead of on the one. And that jealousy remains as it has been for years with the same group of black folks wanting what the collective of white folks have but wanting it all for free...and making sure they get it by any and all means possible...even if it means using one of their own as their excuse for now once again “behaving badly.”

Rioting, looting, mayhem, and arson are the main components being taught in today's lesson of learned racism...a lesson the black miscreants and thugs themselves are now the teachers of. Using their own personal failings as their strategy for both avoiding personal responsibility and for rationalizing placing blame on white folks for what in reality is their own self-inflicted miserable lot in's white folks who are their targeted scapegoats...scapegoats who need to be punished, attacked, and even murdered, all in their quest for revenge. But it's revenge not really for the sins of the past, but revenge as justification for their above stated personal failings and lack of self-worth.

So while this latest of racism's sad lessons to be learned continues to breed a feeling of superiority by the black miscreants and thugs coupled with illogical thought processes that have allowed both the media and the politicians to herald white folks as the new inferior now seems we are being forced to acquiesce to the whims, ways, and wishes of those who have via violence, intimidation, and threats anointed their black selves as the superior race whom we must now obey. We must do as we are told, we must look away from the truth, we must erase our nation's history if it's not to their liking, and we must excuse the actions of those who are “behaving badly” for not to do so is politically incorrect. We white folks must cater to them, bow to them, and kiss their feet so to speak, in addition to the dollars and cents they demand we must pay them as they try and hold us prisoners chained to a past we were not part nor party of. 
This, sadly, is the newest face of black racism in America today, and the lessons we are being taught are being played out on TV and on the internet 24/7 ad-nauseum. But, and this is critical, with all the violence we've been privy to...with what is both anarchy and insurrection now taking place...the very lessons that most of the decent, hard working, law abiding black folks wish we would now learn...lessons in tolerance, acceptance, and equality... are being replaced with lessons full of hateful rhetoric and calls for revenge. And yet it's these very black teachers who refuse to see let alone understand that what they are teaching is actually counterproductive to what they wish to achieve.
So what exactly are they teaching...simply...the hows and whys one becomes a racist...and they're doing so by example...a truly sad lesson now being learned even by those of us who were never before racists in our hearts let alone something we wore on our sleeves. And while most of us are not becoming racists against the whole of America's black population...we're better and smarter than that...we are becoming racists of sorts against the black miscreants, thugs, and their fence-sitting silent black condoners...folks who are being both fueled on in hate and financed by anti-American, liberal, Trump-hating, white enablers...white enablers whose army of sorts is comprised of those who left the safety of their parents basement confines to fight a battle that they in the end simply cannot win.


And this I call selective in racism by degree...condemn the few...condemn them harshly... while leaving the whole intact...yet it is still the very definition of racism albeit subjective in kind. And for the majority of Americans who once saw racism as a cut and dry issue of black vs. white and white vs. black, we now see that issue being mixed into becoming varying shades of brown with blue...the color of the police...being thrown into the hate for not so good measure.

And here we thought that we as a nation had moved passed the issue of skin color, at least we did before Barack HUSSEIN Obama became president and uttered the now infamous words, “If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon Martin,” thus setting race relations back fifty years or more. But as it turns out the issue goes much deeper than just how much melanin comprises one's skin color, for skin color itself has now become a political movement that has truly shaken our nation to its very constitutional core.

How so? First know that a political movement can easily morph into a political party as my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen clearly explains in his recent article, America...You've Been Warned. And let's be honest here in that in today's America political party's do hold sway over the multitudes mindset. Independent (and I'm not talking party here), fact-based, rational, common sense thinkers do not comprise the masses, the sheeple replete with party line voters do as it's the easy way out. And it's these folks who simply do not understand that the mayhem...the looting, the arson, the murders, the insurrection...we now see taking place throughout our country is indeed against the law as laid down in the in our right to “peaceably” not violently “assemble.” And if that truth was understood then voices...white, black, yellow, and red voices...would collectively be shouting, “We've had enough...the violence and mayhem must stop!”

But the problem with this now becomes that the mainstream media itself is either selectively deaf to that truth or simply refuses to report the truth about those “behaving badly,” especially those of the black kind. Cleverly calculated and deliberate omissions helps the media in pushing forward the Democrats divisive agenda while at the same time helps to lay the groundwork for leftist political parties waiting in the wings to be born, if you will. And with the mainstream media being our country's most powerful political voice, it's a one-sided political voice focusing on speaking out against President Trump while at the same time protecting the old establishment order of career politicians from both sides of the political aisle...politicians who they can easily manipulate into dividing our country even more than she already is.

Now bought and paid for by the Democrats to do their bidding alone, the mainstream media relishes in painting the negative as a positive with the truth be damned. Black vs. white has now become black is right and white is wrong for negativity brings in viewers and ratings, and therefore the big advertising bucks...after all it's all about money for the media for money buys them even more control as he who controls the flow of information gets to deem what is truth and what is not. Unfortunately, right now the truths that we need to know are simply not available to us for those truths do not meet the political agenda of those the media is beholden to.

Take for example the recent words of Hawk Newsome, the leader of the New York chapter of Black Lives Mater (BLM), who stated in a recent FOX interview that, "If this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking...figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It's a matter of interpretation.” Besides the fact that his words are not of the interpretation can see his words in literal action as sections of cities are looted and burned...but are indeed a threat against this country...a call to violence and insurrection. And he followed those words with these, “I just want black liberation and black sovereignty, by any means necessary.” But were any of Newsome's words picked up by any in the mainstream they were not for to do so would go against the Democrats political agenda.

And that now brings me back full circle to where I began this article with...racism...for the truth is that the biggest racists of all are not white folks but are black folks like Hawk Newsome and his men and women whose skin color is all that defines them. They have no accomplishments of the tangible kind, they feed on and live off of the hate they spew...they are the miscreants and thugs who, I believe, give good, decent black folks a bad name. They are the ones who loot, riot, and burn things down and use long ago slavery as their excuse...they are the ones who think America owes them everything just because they are black. Well guess's America owes them nothing for that debt was marked “paid-in-full” when the slaves became “free men and women,” and the miscreants and thugs "gimme-gimme" mentality is truly getting both tiresome and old.

And besides, if these black, white-hating folks still think America owes them something then the chains their ancestors were freed from are technically still around their ancestors necks. Think about that is all I can say...and while you do so bow your ungrateful, black, racist necks in shame for you dishonor the very country and its people who set your ancestors free. Case closed.

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