Friday, December 18, 2015

Weather Weasels of the Apocalypse REJOICE!!!

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

Now that Obama has ISIS contained…Paris, San Bernardino, most of the Middle East, a good portion of North Africa and areas of Europe along with various other places within the geographical boundaries of earth notwithstanding…the collective heads of state have turned their collective heads to more pressing matters.


That’s correct…a CLIMATE CHANGE deal has been reached and thus, for the first time since the creation of the 3rd rock from the sun, our climate will not change!!!

There was a standing ovation as the 195 countries involved in utter nonsense announced that a deal had been reached by which the world’s temperature would not rise by more than 2 degrees Celsius and fossil fuels would become obsolete.

See below for details…

As the Omnibus bill gets secretly worked and reworked, all lips are sealed. Still, it seems that common sense may be returning to the Congressional assessment of space, specifically to preserve America’s ability to launch intelligence satellites to necessary, deep space orbits through and beyond the end of this decade.

If public reports are correct, Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala) has recognized what many space and intelligence experts have been suggesting for more than a year, after the dismaying decision by Congress slap space-related sanctions on Russia: Setting an arbitrary deadline on American military access to the unique RD-180 Russian launch engine – that is, cutting off our ability to buy these engines – would be foolhardy. The way to protect American national security is two-fold, and Senator Shelby seems to be on this track.

The first part of the answer is to avoid loss of critical launch capacity until America can design, test, certify and deploy an American-made rocket engine – one that will match the RD-180 dollar-for-dollar, pound-of-thrust-for-pound-of-thrust, one that is equally reliable and provides us with proven heavy lift.

Obama: No “specific and credible information about an attack on our homeland”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Obama: No “specific and credible information about an attack on our homeland”
Watch out for those right-wing extremists, but otherwise relax. Jihad? Pah! It’s a Religion of Peace! In September 2014, the Islamic State issued a lengthy communiqué calling upon Muslims in the West to murder non-Muslims. It included the exhortation to “strive to your best and kill any disbeliever, whether he be French, American, or from […]
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Augusta School Board Buffoons Close School in Response to Parental Outrage to Shahada School Assignment

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

isis flagThe Augusta School Board responded to the outrage caused by their school calligraphy assignment — write the shahada (did the kids have to say it too? If they said it three times, they are Muslims because that is required to convert) — by closing the school. Read more here. 

The shahada — that is what is on the black flag of jihad.

Did they have the kids recite the Shema? The Lord’s Prayer?

During a world geography lesson on Friday about world religions, including Islam, teacher Cheryl LaPorte had students complete an assignment that involved practicing calligraphy and writing a Muslim statement of faith, also known as the shahada, which translates as: “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the...


A Truth That Must Be Told
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots /

OK's time to stop placating those out to kill us all for the fact is...whether some like it or NOT... we are at war with islam...all of islam...for like Turkish President and avowed islamist Recep Erdogan says,"There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it”...period. And we sure do NOT need the likes of Lindsey Graham apologizing on national television to muslims for the recent verbal attacks on their 'supposed' faith just because we (rightfully) do not want any more of 'them' coming into our Judeo-Christian nation.

Islam is without question the number one threat to our country today, and it's time we all admit it, for the simple fact is that no legitimate religion in today's world commits blood thirsty campaigns of genocide against Christians; threatens daily to wipe the Jewish State of Israel off the map; beheads and burns people alive; executes the weak among us simply for being disabled; rapes, tortures, and brutalizes women and children; throws gay people off buildings...need I go on...I did not think so.

And we sure do not need a president who will not even say the words 'islamic terrorism' nor do we need presidential candidates who play word semantics as they tip-toe around and refuse to acknowledge in full who the enemy is...and the enemy is not simply the is not what some like to call 'radical islam' is islam itself...the barbaric political system...the savage cult of death that calls itself a religion...a cult that wraps it's tentacles around those who believe until it drains the life blood out of them and then comes for the blood of we who do not believe...we they call the infidels.

And Barack HUSSEIN Obama...himself a muslim as we all know...saying that, "We are not at war with Islam...the notion that the West is at war with Islam is an ugly lie,” is in and of itself the ultimate lie...the 'true' lie...and that lie is being pushed forward...ever first, Obama's compadre in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton, who said that, “Islam is not our adversary...Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism,” and an American news media who has sold out to the man who they 'anointed' as the savior of us all.

And that can be seen by the way the collective media recently reported on the 'San Bernardino Massacre' following the Obama dictated mantra of blaming America's so-called 'love-fest' with guns for the 14 deaths that were in reality solely committed by a muslim husband and wife killing team...blaming the victims for their own deaths... and using the massacre to lecture 'We the People' about how bad we are for seeing all the oh so 'peaceful' muslims in a bad know the supposedly 'moderate' muslims whose not condemning these acts of jihad sends the loud and clear message that they condone said acts. And we are the ones the media call bigots and haters just because we see the need for a temporary...and possibly permanent... halting of our Refugee Resettlement Program when it comes to those trying to enter our country from the Middle East as we cannot vet incoming muslims whose very countries of origin keep no data-bases from which we can pull the necessary background information so-critically needed to vet them with.

NO data bases to draw and vet from and yet Obama has laid out the welcome mat for 10,000 Syrian anything-but refugees...refugees whose own oil-rich neighboring muslim countries will not take them in. And while we know that not every muslim is a terrorist we also know that every recent act of terrorism has been committed by muslims... muslims yelling “allahu-akbar” as they try to 'take out' as many of we infidels as they can before they head off to their '72 virgins' and paradise. And if truth be told...and I always speak the truth...everywhere you look in today's world muslims are the sole cause of violence and unrest in every country they emigrate every country they every country they try to force conversions to islam.

In every country they invade...and the invasion of America began on a sunny September day 14 years ago when America's consciousness was changed forever. And while today a full 60% of Americans believe that we are at war with radical islamic matter that Hillary says “this fight is not America's fight”...and that 92% now regard radical islamic terrorism as a serious threat to our country as well...even they are still missing the point that radical islamic terrorism is and will always remain an encompassing factor of the entirety of islam for islam's very (un)holy book...the qur'an...calls its followers to holy wars of conquest as it commands them to do the very acts that we in the West...that we of the Christian and Jewish faiths...rightfully find beyond reprehensible.

And when you have a man like Barack HUSSEIN Obama as the steward of America's ship...a man who deliberately ignores the fact that what America needs is not only a strong national security policy but one that is enforced in full to actually protect our country from the very same invaders that have become Europe's just know the depth of the serious trouble we now find ourselves in. And when that very same man has America disarming while islamist nations are arming...while Iran is arming itself with nuclear weapons...weapons courtesy of that man's very bad nuclear deal...a deal bad for America but good for America's enemies...for the brethren...the scope of that trouble runs deeper than one can imagine.

Good for America's enemies means we have allowed ourselves to become politically correct to the point of being blinded to what is calculatingly being done to our America simply because we do not allow our civilized selves to fathom the extent of islam's vileness and cruelty. We cannot understand an ideology that is the antithesis of all we believe in especially when we are media force-fed lies about islam on a daily basis as our leaders lie to us...those wanting to be our leaders lie to us...and our houses of worship lie to us as they are still trying to get us to believe that we can 'hate the sin but love the sinner.' But in the case of islamic savagery we can no longer abide those beliefs...we can no longer be blinded by an ideology that common sense tells us goes against all the tangible realities unfolding before us...we can no longer close our eyes and turn away from the blood of our fellow infidels flowing through the streets of Europe and now here in our own beloved America as well.

And above all else we must admit that this war we now find ourselves in is indeed a war against the whole of islam...a modern-day flesh and blood 'crusade' if you will...and the weapons we have to use are the very weapons Barack HUSSEIN Obama ties our military's hands from using coupled with 'boots on the ground' because only boots can 'clean-up' the mess Obama has left behind...and if collateral damage runs high then collateral damage be damned for in this crusade it is either 'them' or us.

And to those who want us to believe that we can stop terrorism done in the name of islam simply by tracking and then cutting off islam's money supply, because they believe that terrorists cannot operate without financing, is indeed the stuff of daydreams for islam is growing like an unchecked cancer...out of control as the host will always gobble up into the whole the treasure of those they conquer, convert, dominate, and subjugate...meaning the money supply will never dry up.

So as Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his adoring media work hard to hide the truth about the true enemy we face...we must take it upon ourselves to finally admit out loud and in one unified voice that terrorists operating in the name of islam...a huge difference from the placating words 'islamic terrorism'...are already here on American soil actively spreading the ideology of a perverted madman who demanded his followers base their very existence on the amount of blood they shed...blood shed as their hate drives them ever forward in their quest to bend the will of the world's people back to their 7th century ways.

Back to the ways of glorifying death and all perverted things unmentionable, yet ways that are islam's is the norm that hatred of all nonbelievers is a must if one is to follow islam. And remember, tolerance of divergent societies and cultures...of beliefs different than those commanded in the qur' not and will never be accepted by those who follow islam. And that to them justifies their acts of jihad...their acts of terror...and leaves to us to decide do we fight them in a tangible way...a way where we can win...and know that can only be done in naming who the enemy really is...or do we remain on our knees begging God to do our fighting for us.

And if that be the case, I believe, it will lead to our collective demise for this tangible, flesh and blood battle against those spawned from the mind of a madman. And we must not allow ourselves to be led into surrender by the worst among the likes of one Barack HUSSEIN Obama...a man unwilling to commit to true military action against those he sees as brothers in faith and blood.

And so the choice is we unite to fight and call out the enemy by name...and its name is islam...or do we turn away from the truth for fear of being not politically correct...and watch as heads roll in the streets of America with the blood of patriots staining our very souls. And that truth if it dared be said must be said not later but now for with every tick of the clock the cancer that is islam grows stronger as the America under Obama...grows weaker until he has the America we know and love becoming just another state in the ever-expanding caliphate of the cult that is known as islam.