Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Investigative Report
Obama's Deal With the Devil...Part 2 of 3
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots / www.americanpbn.com

In Part 1of our Investigative Report: 'Obama's Deal With the Devil' (http://thepatriotfactor.blogspot.com/201...), we presented why we believe Obama gave the speech he did and why the San Bernardino police are acting after the fact in a way they should have acted before the fact. But what is...is...and we are left not with questions per se, but with facts that we can no longer afford to overlook...and those facts center around Barack HUSSEIN Obama himself and where his true loyalties lie.

To put the pieces of the puzzle together we need just look at Obama's actions, policies, and words since he became president. Let's start with his Cairo, Egypt, speech soon after he assumed the office of the presidency. In that speech Obama aligned himself with the muslims by saying his job as president of the United States was to "fight against negative stereotypes of islam wherever they appear." However, that is not the job of an American president...his job is to 'protect the health, safety, and welfare' of the American people above all else, as it is his job to show America in a positive light where and whenever possible. An American president does not defame or dishonor his country, its military, or its people...which Obama routinely does...nor does an American president bow to any foreign leader... especially to a leader whose allegiances are still somewhat in question. And in this case we mean Obama's bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia in whose country islam's (supposed) holy city of Mecca lies.

Also, an American president does not during a time of war announce to the enemy when he is pulling out of said theater of war for that gives the enemy time to lay low, regroup, and reemerge stronger than ever after our troops have left. And this is exactly what Obama allowed when announcing our date of withdrawal from the Afghan and Iraqi theaters of war...and thousands of innocents who would not have died did so because of his actions.

And in doing what he did allowed ISIS to be born for in ISIS' birth Obama...good little islamist that he is...saw what he thought would be a way to unite Sunni muslims against the secular government of Syrian Shi'ite President Bashar al-Assad. And embedded within those he helped to unite were known radical islamists who saw this union as their way to form different terrorist groups each with their own terrorist agenda...groups who morphed into the likes of Jabhad al-Nusra and into the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria...ISIS if you will...amongst others...yet all working together to create just the right mix for unifying the islamists living in not only Sunni dominated Iraq and Syria, but with the hope of drawing into the whole the entirety of the Sunnis in the Arab world...drawing them into their jihadist army...an army united in the qur'an dictated mission of killing us all.

And how does Obama fit into this beyond his allowing for ISIS' birth...what is critical to his involvement is to know exactly who this man is. First, Obama is what's known in some muslim circles as a 'cultural muslim'...a muslim who might not outwardly practice the faith but a muslim whose sympathies and actions against Israel, and specifically its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, shows his loyalties lie with those in the islamic world who see themselves locked in a self-perceived life and death battle against the Jewish State.

And while it can be rightly assumed that Obama is no Christian as he has never attended a Christian church service since becoming president but has made sure to celebrate Ramadan with members of his staff and Congress...and along with his vile words against Christianity at this year's National Prayer Breakfast there exists no record of his converting. Remember, Obama's being a muslim can be proven by not only his Indonesian school records listing his faith as 'islam' for if he was not a muslim he could not have attended the madrasa school he did attend, but also by his many slips when being interviewed where for example he said, “my muslim faith.” And if somewhere there is a record of his converting that would mean that under islamic law he would be a 'murtadd' (apostate), an ex-muslim converted to another religion who must be executed.

Executed unless the mullahs and islamic leaders found a use for him.

And found a use for him they did for with the rise of radical islam and its hoped for prophecy of a final caliphate, they needed someone they could control to do their bidding...to basically assume the persona of a Christian in the political sense so that islam could gain a foothold into the American political arena...thus making it easier for the islamists to stop the 'Great Satan' from thwarting their ultimate goal. And while a devout muslim would find it hard to assume that role...to blend into a society that is counter to their principals of sharia law...a 'cultural muslim' would fit that role perfectly for such a muslim could pull off Bukhari (49:857) with a straight face..."He who makes peace between the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar..." meaning lying for the fulfillment of islam's goals is permitted when the end justifies the means.

And this is what Obama has done time and time again over these seven long years, but now it has backfired on him as the man once anointed to be the 'savior of us all' is now a shell of a man that even the islamists have no use for.

And why...remember the 'good information' Obama told us about how the Arab Spring would bring democracy to the Middle East...remember how Obama told us that the dictators...the secular dictators...had to be replaced for democracy to take hold never mentioning that he would be replacing them with his fellow Muslim Brotherhood puppets whose strings he assumed his handlers would allow him to pull. And you know how well that turned out not only in Libya, but in Yemen, and most specifically in Egypt. Egypt...who fell to the Brotherhood at first but who fought back and won against them in the end as Abdel Fattah el-Sisi became president...paid a heavy price for their rejection of the Brotherhood for soon after el-Sisi was voted in our State Department welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy to a meeting at the White House, and soon after Egypt exploded in jihadi violence with Christian heads starting to roll.

But even with this it still was Egypt who set the stage for Obama's fall from islamic grace...a stage that he has never been able to regain for 'they' are done with him as Obama promised Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood and in the end he could not deliver on his promise.

'Done with him' even though Obama has allowed the Muslim Brotherhood, who has direct ties to ISIS, to infiltrate the halls of America's government through his close personal relationship with Muslim Brotherhood 'puppetmaster' Valerie Jarrett pulling his strings...as well as his placing those suspected of being members or those admitting to being members of the Brotherhood in positions they have no place being...positions as high up as in the Department of Homeland Security where the Deputy Mayor, Arif Alikhan, a devout Sunni muslim sidetracked the Los Angeles Police Department from monitoring potential terrorist activities within LA's muslim community; where Mohamed Elibiary, a member of the Department of Homeland Security's Advisory Council, and whom Obama granted access to a nationwide database that contained terror watch lists and sensitive FBI reports, 'leaked' a number of them to the media in order to trump up charges of 'islamophobia' within Texas Governor Rick Perry's administration; and where Eboo Patel, the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood's founder, Siraj Wahhaj, advocates for the islamic takeover of America under the banner of Sharia Law. And lest we forget that Malick Obama, the half brother of our muslim-in-chief, is the head of the Muslim Brotherhood Finance and Arms Procurement group, but nary a word of contention or condemnation crosses Obama's lips.

And this is just the beginning as it's the Muslim Brotherhood who is ground zero for all the islamic terrorism going on in the world today for not only does the Brotherhood support ISIS but the Brotherhood is the model from which ISIS patterned their killing-machine after. Remember, too, that the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to have the Brotherhood be the the 'brains' of the caliphate...the Sunni caliphate...and for ISIS to be the 'enforcers' of the caliphate. And know that ISIS' Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and al-Qaeda's Ayman al Zawahiri both were Muslim Brotherhood members as was Osama bin-Laden, and that once you are in the Muslim Brotherhood you are considered always in the Muslim Brotherhood...death not withstanding.

Now here is where again Obama comes in and it's something as simple as to whom he has our country aligning with, and in this case we are speaking about Jordan. First, it must be understood that Jordan's King Abdullah II is not America's friend as Abdullah's government, as it stands now, is still pushing for a broad national dialogue, including with the Muslim Brotherhood because the Brotherhood has the support of around 30% of Jordan's six million people...90% of whom are Sunni muslims and it's the Sunnis who are aligned with ISIS. And the Muslim Brotherhood has well-infiltrated Jordan's State Department as Jordan's State Department, for all intents and purposes, is the political faction of Hamas with the Muslim Brotherhood/Iran being their Palestinian chapter.

And while Abdullah has on surface appearances cemented his ties with the regional campaign against ISIS, isn't it interesting that ISIS attacks all the non-Muslim Brotherhood aligned countries yet does not attack Jordan and Qatar...Qatar which by the way is playing both sides of the coin as it hosts both the Muslim Brotherhood and one of America’s largest military bases, and acts as what some call an 'ATM for terrorists.' And isn't it interesting that Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which are not Muslim Brotherhood aligned countries, and who contributed hundreds of jets to the coalition fight against ISIS when Jordan sent only six jets into the fight...six as cover as Abdullah did so with a wink and a nod to the Brotherhood just to hide from the West where his true allegiances lie.

Now let's go into this a little deeper...remember the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot...our 'sources' in the Middle East tell us that the pilot's fate was NOT to send a message to Jordan but was directed at Saudi Arabia and the UAE to let them know that their actions in joining the coalition would not be tolerated by the Brotherhood. In a no longer on the internet video released solely in the Middle East by Al Jazeera...a Doha-based state-funded broadcaster partially funded by the ruling family of Qatar...a Muslim Brotherhood supporting country...the Jordanian pilot puts blame on Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Morocco (where many jets were launched from and who also do not support the Brotherhood) for his capture never once mentioning Jordan's king when asked who wanted this coalition. And isn't it more than a bit odd that the UAE pulled out of coalition air strikes almost immediately after the capture of Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh and after the video was released, saying they feared for the fate of their own pilots should they be captured. In other words they ran scared from ISIS' warning sent...thus allowing ISIS to win yet another PR round.

Now add in that the pilot's father met with Abdullah two weeks before his son was put to death and who was assured that his son would be home within a few weeks, but Abdullah never said if his homecoming would be in death, which (we believe) he knew would soon be coming. And isn't it even more interesting that after his death, the pilot's cousin went to fight, but went to fight with ISIS not with the coalition, leaving one to wonder why fight and die with those who murdered your cousin.

And here are some other little tid-bits about Jordan few know...remember seeing all those pictures of ISIS with Toyota vehicles...well it turns out that those vehicles are from a block of 4000 Toyotas sold to Jordan's government and who Jordan's king in turn gave to ISIS as Jordan is a trading partner with ISIS...especially buying their oil...and who Jordan's royal family trades weapons on commission with. Those vehicles were part of a trade deal along with the king supplying them with manpower as 4000 Jordanians have joined ISIS.

And the circle is now complete as Jordan trades with the enemy ISIS who is in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood and whom Obama remains a stalwart believer in, so much so that he still believes the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates should be treated as legitimate political entities.

Guess that means ISIS too, as Obama has done little to nothing to stop them from their caliphate building besides his bombing empty warehouses and long-deserted training camps. In fact, he's actually helping ISIS reach their goal by his siding with and arming the anything-but moderate rebels in Syria. And now Obama can add to his 'Do-Nothing' list his calling for denying guns to those on the 'No-Fly-List'...as if this will stop any terrorist who wants a gun from obtaining a gun. Remember, no such a law would have prevented the San Bernardino terrorists nor those who came before them from obtaining guns. And that list is itself quite a joke as 72 members of DHS are on the 'No-Fly-List' as are some of those in the Muslim Brotherhood who are now infiltrating our halls of government.

And while both Egypt and Saudi Arabia have declared the Muslim Brotherhood a 'terrorist organization', and while the UAE designated the Muslim Brotherhood front groups operating in the U.S. as 'terrorist entities', Obama instead chooses to remove them from our list of state sponsors of terrorism...removes from our list the very source that funds almost all terrorist activity worldwide, including funding Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas, ISIS, and the Taliban, amongst others...with these being the groups that have tried to eradicate Christianity from the entirety of the Middle East.

And now even with reports coming in that Obama will not listen to nor act upon intelligence reports on certain islamic terrorist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama's fall from islamic grace still stands NO matter his giving Iran what they wanted...nuclear arms...for far more important than who he arms is his promise about land for the caliphate and in that he did not come through...and his fall is courtesy of Egypt's President el-Sisi and Vladimir Putin's standing strong against those Obama aligned our America with.

In Thursday's Part 3 of of our Investigative Report: 'Obama's Deal With the Devil', we wrap up with the ramifications of what happens as Obama’s deal with islam falls through.