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The Second Coming of Reagan...Maybe the Third
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem." - President Ronald Reagan's First Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981

In my lifetime I have been honored to vote for two of the greatest modern day U.S. presidents...Ronald Reagan and Donald J. Trump. And while obviously I cannot vote for President Reagan again, I can once more vote for President Trump, as the nomination is his if he does decide to run again. And might I add, that Donald Trump did more good for our country and for the world in his single term as president than those who were president between Reagan's time and his time.

Two quite unorthodox presidents who share political commonalities, with first and foremost being that both men put America and Americans first while at the same time heralding American exceptionalism and triumphs. Ronald Reagan truly loved this country as Donald Trump still does, with both believing in America's greatness being an integral part of their very being. And neither man was part of the so-called D.C. establishment as neither held federal office before becoming president nor did they put up with Democrat partisan driven nonsense. And like Trump, Reagan excelled at campaigning with Reagan being deemed the “great communicator” while still on the campaign trail, while Trump brought in the crowds like no one before him or probably even after him ever will.

And as president, both these men advocated for simple yet workable solutions to complex domestic and foreign problems. Trump excelled economically...he was and still is a highly successful businessman who knew how the economic end of the “business of government” should be run. In fact, under his leadership jobs numbers soared, especially for minorities, with record tax cuts for all. And Trump was the man who started the ball rolling towards long sort for Middle East Peace via he and his administration's brokering of the “Abraham Accords.” And Ronald Reagan, a strong-willed man of character, did what most thought was impossible as it was he who brought the Soviet Union down with but a few simple words said at the Berlin Wall on June 12,1987, “Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

And while both men were former Democrats who became conservative political popularists, being champions of America's blue-color workers and heroes to those in America's heartland they, more importantly, were men who actually listened to what “We the People” had to say. And not to be forgotten is that both men were against illegal immigration and for the closing of our southern border.

But above all else, it is my opinion, that under President Reagan's and President Trump's stewardship, America was respected on the world stage, America was listened to, admired, and to a degree rightfully feared, for we were the world's number one superpower with our military surpassed by no other. In fact, while Trump was in office even Vladimir Putin knew not to cross the so-called “red line.” But sadly, that has now all changed for America has become a laughing stock both at home and abroad for with Joe Biden as president, we and the world are bearing witness to his playing political checkers while Putin rules what really is a chessboard, especially in regards to Ukraine's future.

And so America is teetering on a dangerous precipice what with the 2022 mid-terms fast approaching, for not only is this election critically important for our country, but is so for the world as well. A world without counted upon American military strength and superiority; a world where America hangs our allies and friends out to dry, that is not the America we patriots nor our Founders and Framers ever envisioned our future to be. 

In fact, if the numerous wrongs committed by the Biden administration...which includes the stack of executive orders he blindly signed on day one...are not rescinded in November...we likely will be a facing a future that sees President Reagan's famous words, America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere," being but empty words of what we once were, for America will no longer be respected, trusted, or believed in at all. And sadly, right now we are indeed very close to that point.

But this scenario does not have to be for on November 8th we do have one last chance to start setting wrongs right, with November 2024 then completing that job. And while it seems that come the mid-terms we Republicans will be taking back both the House and the Senate we cannot ignore the fact that voter fraud will play...or at least try to play...a big part in that election. Remember, most Democrats will say and do any and everything to hold onto power...after all they do so relish in lying, cheating, and stealing as long as their pockets get lined, never mind the fact that they've successfully turned voter fraud into an art form, something President Trump, unfortunately, knows all too well.

So here lets assume that Republicans have indeed taken back the House and the Senate, and that America is set upon the road of correcting Biden's wrongs. And with Biden now having been rendered politically impotent to do any more harm, the Democrats will set their sights on 2024 where they hope to flip everything back again. And here is where things become critical for we must choose the right candidate...a candidate who cannot only bring in all Republican votes, but independents, and disgusting with Biden's socialist agenda moderate Democrats as well. And know that the voter fraud being committed will be tenfold in 2024.

Now as previously stated President Trump is sure to get the Republican nomination if he chooses to run, for the fact is that if the 2020 election wasn't stolen...yes stolen...from him we and the world would be facing a different scenario than we are today. Amongst other things our southern border would be secure, America's economy would be thriving, inflation would not be at an all time high, crime numbers would be down not up, and ridiculous mask mandates and Covid passports would most assuredly be gone. And might I add that Vladimir Putin would not be staging his Ukraine show, Kim Jung-un would not be test firing more rockets, and China would not dare think of invading Taiwan.

It is all about strength and as president, Donald J. Trump made America stronger after the disastrous eight years of Obama's apology tour. Trump had to put up with a lot of nonsense, probably more than any other president has, and he truly does deserve a chance to finish what he in turning America right again...making our beloved America strong again. And, of course, I and my family would again vote for question about that.

But here is something just as important as Trump possibly heading the 2024 ticket...his running mate. We all know what a back-stabber Mike Pence turned out to be, in my opinion he's a traitor not just to Trump but to our country as well. I knew he'd be trouble from the beginning when he made that ridiculous statement that he would not even have a one-on-one business lunch with a women since that woman wasn't his wife. Wearing one's religious dogma on their sleeve just isn't my cup of tea...never was, never will be. And while Pence, thankfully, isn't even an option at this point, the who it would be and why is critical for Trump for as per the constitution he could only serve one more term with his VP then running for a hoped for eight year term.

Simply, if Trump does decide to run again he will need a strong man...yes his side, a man who shares his beliefs in American exceptionism, as well as in American military strength for the next president will have to rebuild our military after Biden's (as in Obama's) demanding that they be “woke.” And it will have to be a man who knows... just like Reagan knew...that “government is the problem not the solution” to our problems. A man of strong moral character who will buck the “system” when need be to do what's right for the good of “We the People”...a man loyal to Trump and his all important “America First” philosophy.

And I believe that the best man to complement President Trump as his Vice-President, is the very man who has proven himself both a leader and a man who has rightly bucked both the “system” and the “powers that be”...especially during the covid “scaredemic.” And that man is my great Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a man now respected even by many Democrats. And if anything (God-forbid) were to happen to Trump, DeSantis could step in in a heartbeat keeping both the policies and visions of Trump intact, something most critical in today's dubious times.

And when Trump's now single term was over DeSantis could himself then run for president, thereby extending Republican time in office to twelve years if he were to be elected. And if he picked as his VP someone like South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, the Republican hold on the presidency could actually run for twenty years straight if she were then to run for and become America's first woman president.

Twenty years without having to worry about America becoming a socialist nation...twenty years of doing right by the American people...twenty years of being respected and honored on the world stage. Twenty years would give Democrats plenty of time to once again become the party of JFK, a time when Democrats and Republicans worked together for the good of our country and where American exceptionalism and ingenuity shone bright.

But what if Trump decides not to run again, what happens then? Would a candidate free-for-all be the order of the day...I sure hope not for just such a scenario was what allowed Joe Biden to become the Democrat nominee. Here I would hope that Donald Trump would himself pass the torch to Ron DeSantis. endorse him, campaign for him, and do everything to help get DeSantis elected with Kristi Noem as the VP standing by his side.

Either scenario works for me...I hope, dear reader, it works for you too. Case closed.

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