Monday, March 21, 2022

Biden's Economic War On America 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

While Ukraine has dominated the 24/7 news cycle for weeks now and rightfully so, going on here in our own country is an ongoing war of sorts being waged against both “We the People” and America herself. And it's an economic war comprised of three parts...a war on we consumers; a war on domestic oil production; and a war of invasion at our southern border; all courtesy of the scorched earth policies set into place by a faux president, his puppet master, and the Democrat party itself. Now attempting to both sabotage and destroy all that we as Americans value and hold dear, Biden's economic war is but a last ditch attempt to try and not only “fundamentally change” who and what America is...after all Obama is pulling Biden's strings...but to force us to accept socialism as the only solution to remedy our country's ongoing economic woes.

Simply, the promise of the America that was is to be replaced with an America that has been beaten down into submission so as to accept the policies of the left...policies that see our government ruling our lives via their dictating to us what we can and cannot do; where we can and cannot go; what to eat when and if it becomes available; and what to buy and when and where to buy it...and might I add basically to control what we think. And it's all being done in the name of initiating freedom's demise because the Democrats see the writing on the wall for both 2022 and 2024. In other words, initiating “payback” even before the Democrat's election demise.

So here let's begin with part one of Biden's economic war on America, specifically his war on the American consumer. With inflation reaching its highest level in 40 years, we saw February's Consumer Price Index (CPI) rising to 7.9% from just a year ago. And even if you remove the across the board rise in both food and energy prices...which also moved sharply higher during February...that still sees core inflation rising 6.4%, the highest since August 1982. And when you get into the specifics of consumer spending regarding gas prices, groceries, home purchases, and rental prices all going up as well, coupled with worker paychecks purchasing power falling further and further behind said price increases, Biden's war on the American consumer is staring you right in the face, and it directly effects each of our pocketbooks. In fact, the average consumer now spends over $300 more per month on the very same items they purchased when Trump was in office.

And even as grocery store shelves themselves become a victim of Biden's economic war on we consumers...and know it has nothing to do with truckers or even the supply chain as he so likes to's just part two of Biden’s overall economic war that is hurting we the consumer the most, as in his war on domestic oil production. In what started at the Resolute desk with but a stack of executive orders...after all Biden had to keep his promises made to the far left...with pen in hand Joe Biden canceled out all of President Trump's successful economic polices that made us energy independent. And it starting with his swapping said energy independence to us becoming a nation dependent on foreign oil starting with his closing down the Keystone Pipeline, making deals with Russia for oil, and upping our purchases from OPEC. And these deals cost we Americans over $100 million dollars per day...leaving some of us to wonder how much and by whom he was being paid to do what he happily did.

But don't think for a minute that oil costs will start coming down anytime soon or that Biden is even trying to “do everything he can” to bring down the price at the pump... a price that has doubled or even tripled since Trump was in office depending on where one lives...a price that sees the usual pump fill-up now costing we the consumer over $20 more per tank. And even after he finally caved to bi-partisan pressure to stop the importing of Russian oil... what with images out of Ukraine presenting the truth of right versus wrong...even what oil we lose from Russia will be make up for with Biden's purchasing more OPEC oil while at the same time continuing his groveling for the oil of a Venezuelan dictator, a Saudi king, and the mullahs of Iran. 

Ignoring the fact that in the long run it would be both cost efficient and help to create more jobs for American workers by opening up drilling sites right here on American soil...adding of course his first reopening the Keystone Pipeline...Joe Biden instead continues to cater to the demands of the “green” far left while ignoring the wants and needs of the America consumer. Now leaving the words “Drill Baby Drill” to become the calling card of what he considers to be far right malcontents, it's obvious that “supply and demand” be damned.

Now add to this that we learned just a few short weeks ago that the Biden administration also put even more new restrictions on the building of liquefied-natural-gas terminals here in the U.S. on top of the restrictions he already had in in restrictions on the terminals we need to liquefy our supply of what is clean natural gas...gas that we ship worldwide and make money that aids in what was American's economic success. Instead, Joe Biden has chosen to add even more to our country's previously stated $100M per day loss by us not shipping natural gas or producing our own oil.

Now as to part three of Biden's economic war on America comes the monetary ramifications the illegal invasion at our southern border has on our invasion Biden and his administration do nothing to invasion that costs we taxpayers billions of dollars a year while putting a severe strain on our economy at the federal, state, and local levels.

How so? Albeit briefly, most illegals coming through our southern border have come here with their hands out, and those who do work, many times work in what's called the “underground economy” where they do not pay into the tax system, while at the same time they collect welfare and other government ordered benefits put in place by Democrat administrations. Also, while many Americans cannot afford health insurance, illegals see billions of our taxpayer-funded dollars being used for their medical needs including for free emergency room services. And not to be forgotten is the cost that we taxpayers pay for both the incarceration of illegal criminals as well as for the educating of illegal children. 

Illegals first, Americans last is the card Biden is playing. And he's doing so in order to help Democrats secure the illegal vote while we taxpayers foot the bill, a bill that most Americans can ill afford to pay what with our economy tanking, inflation rising, and a war going on in Ukraine that could at any time turn into WWIII.

And while in fiscal year 2021, $17.7 billion was spent just on 'Customs and Border Protection' (CBP), which includes both the Border Patrol and operations at ports of entry, illegal immigration increased in 2021, the first year of Biden as president, hitting a 20-year high with over 1.5 million illegals coming into our country. And while a small number of expulsions and deportations did happen, most who entered stayed, and with their hands out for “free stuff” in exchange for their votes these illegals willingly drained and bilked the system, thus adding to our current economic woes. If that's not an economic war on America and Americans than I don't know what is.

And so with Biden continuing to push forward economic policies detrimental to America...he must keep his puppet master Obama happy after all...Biden's economic war parts one, two, and three finds him blaming Vladimir Putin for all America's current economic woes. But know Biden's blame-game is solely being done in an effort to try and deflect off him what will be a 2022 political massacre of both he and his party...and rightly so for “We the People” can only be pushed so far before we muster the courage and start pushing back. And mustering courage is a lesson we should learn from the Ukrainians who are now fighting for both their lives and for their country's very survival, something you'd probably never see most Democrats willing to do. Case closed. 

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