Thursday, July 28, 2016

When A War Went Worldwide 75 Years AgoSeventy-five years ago, the world blew up in just six months.

World War II ostensibly started two years earlier, when Germany invaded Poland. In truth, after the rapid German defeat of Poland in September 1939, the conflict was mostly confined to Western Europe for nearly the next two years. By summer of 1940, only Britain had survived Hitler's European victories.

The dormant European war only went global on June 22, 1941, when Germany suddenly surprise-attacked the Soviet Union, its former partner.

America and Asia were still not directly involved in the 1941 expansion of the war until the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and British Malaya on December 7-8.

Yet the war was even then not truly global until Germany and Italy inexplicably declared war on the United States on December 11.

America was suddenly mired in a two-front war on land, sea and in the air against the Axis powers -- from the Arctic Circle to the Sahara Desert, and from the coast of Florida to China.

These three calamitous events of 1941 marked the real beginning of World War II, in which some 65 million perished, more than 60 percent of them civilians.

Democrats Get Mad At the Russians; In Other News, a Dog Marries a CatI guess we should be excited that liberals and the media have finally sided against the Russians. After all, my college years were spent listening to them demand that we unilaterally disarm in the face of the Big Bad Bear. And then my post college years were spent in West Germany with the mission of killing Russians for as long as I could before my platoon and I were wiped out. Later, I helped train Ukrainians. So welcome to the party, you pinko dorks. It’s about freaking time. 
But apparently now me and a bunch of other certified Cold Warriors – yeah, the Army gave me a certificate for perfect attendance in the Cold War – are Putin’s pals because we are enjoying the hell out of the strongman’s perfectly timed disclosure of the DNC’s purloined emails. They make undeniable what we always knew, and what the Democrat-owned media has tried desperately to hide; that the Democratic Party is not a political party but a crime cartel peddling lies, trading influence for dollars, and crushing the aspirations of anyone stupid enough to actually believe in it.

Of course, the DNC’s reaction to revelations was not to change its ways. No, all it did was dump that babbling half-wit Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a sacrifice akin to giving up Spam and Clamato smoothies for Lent.

Erdogan tightens iron grip on power: Turkey shuts down over 130 media outlets, dismisses 2,400 military personnel
By Christine Williams / Jihad Watch


Erdogan tightens iron grip on power: Turkey shuts down over 130 media outlets, dismisses 2,400 military personnel
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is actively using the recent coup attempt that led to some 290 deaths on July 15 to claim sweeping new powers for himself. Now he has ordered the shutdown of over 130 media outlets and dismissed 2,400 military personnel. Some say that the coup was staged precisely to give the tyrannical leader […] 
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VIDEO: Democrats BURN Israeli Flags at #DNCinPHL
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.33.37 PMThere were no American flags at the convention of the party of treason. But there were American flags at the flag burnings outside. Inside the arena, there were terror flags such as the “Palestinian” flag of jihad, and communist flags, too. As one tweeter said, “Didn’t see any Palestinian flags at the #RNC. @TheDemocrats aren’t hiding anything anymore. #DNCinPHL”

KapoJewEvery Jew who supports the Democrat party ought to wear these proudly.

“Protesters burning an Israeli flag at the DNC convention,” The Jewish Press, July 27, 2016:

Reporter Byron Tau tweeted Wednesday morning that “protesters are burning an Israeli flag now in front of the secure perimeter and chanting ‘intifada.’”...

Two Very Rotten Islamic-Condoning Peas In One Campaign Pod
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

"Ultimately, this is a ticket that represents one thing: four more years like the last eight, just with more corruption and scandal….” 
- Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus

Let’s be honest here…Hillary Clinton wanted uber liberal HUD Secretary Julian Castro as her running mate and Julian Castro wanted desperately to be her running mate, something he most likely was slated to be. Young, dynamic, and most importantly Hispanic, Castro was the perfect foil to bring in the Hispanic and millennial vote…something Hillary can’t seem to do. But then he went and committed a big no-no when he violated the Hatch Act…an act prohibiting federal employees from engaging in political activity while in their administrative role. And this Julian Castro most assuredly did when in an April 2016 interview with Katie Couric, Castro said he was supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations while discussing HUD programs in his official capacity.

So out goes “crushed and disappointed”…his words not mine…Julian Castro…as it was obvious even to Hillary that she could ill-afford having someone on her ticket who was involved in yet another political scandal. And Castro’s words…excuses actually…about Hillary needing someone with foreign policy experience as VP because of ongoing ISIS and other terrorist threats is truly complete and utter nonsense, because if this was so important to Hillary and her minions why on day one of the Democratic National Convention, a day complete with 61 speakers, did not one speaker have the words ‘ISIS’ or ‘islamic terrorism’ cross their lips. 

So with Julian Castro out of the picture let’s talk about the real reasons why Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was tapped as Hillary’s VP running mate. First, with Kaine speaking perfect Spanish coupled with his pro-immigration stance Hillary sees him as a plus when playing to the large Hispanic populations in the must-win states of Florida and California and second, but actually most importantly, Hillary can control him and what he says and does for Tim Kaine is truly a Clinton compadre in her muslim love-fest and is a man who will work together with her to push forward her and Obama’s pro-islamic, muslim placating agenda.

Let me explain.

Tim Kaine, like Hillary Clinton, is most definitely an islamist-condoner if not an outright supporter and who like Hillary’s muslim BFF Huma Abedin, Kaine also has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood…I can say it no more directly and to the point than that. First case in point…in 2007 when Kaine was governor of Virginia he appointed Libyan-born physician and devout muslim Esam Omeish…the Hamas supporting president of the ‘Muslim American Society’ (MAS) who to this day calls its critics “Islamophobes”…to Virginia’s Immigration Commission. 

Now add in that in 2008, federal prosecutors cited in court documents that said society was “founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America,” while at the same time Dr. Mamdouh Mohamed, Educational Adviser for American Open University, unequivocally stated that MAS actually is the Muslim Brotherhood. And both these facts Kaine had to know before he appointed MAS President Omeish, because in 1994 a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood document…written by the Palestinian Committee (a ‘supposedly’ secret part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood set up to promote and advance the Hamas agenda)…was circulated outlining just how the Muslim Brotherhood was using MAS to prevent the building of ties between Muslim-American leaders and Zionist organizations.

And how do we know that…a little background information on Esam Omeish tells it all…background information Tim Kaine had to have come across when he ‘supposedly’ was vetting Omeish before appointing him. First, Omeish, who for two years served on the national board of the ‘Islamic Society of North America’ (ISNA) an organization which the DOJ labeled a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, helped found and served as president of Georgetown University’s first chapter of the ‘Muslim Students Association’ (MSA) and chaired the MSA Council for the Washington, D.C. area while still a Georgetown student…meaning Kaine knew well before appointing him that Omeish had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood as the Muslim Brotherhood never hid the fact that they were behind the founding of the MSA nor the ISNA. 

Second, Esam Omeish was a former vice president of the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, a radical mosque known for its ties to terrorism and was the very mosque that was frequented by two of the 9/11 hijackers and by Nidal Malik Hasan of Fort Hood infamy. And while serving on its Board of Directors, Omeish helped push for Anwar al-Awlaki to become the mosque's imam. And if that name sounds familiar it’s because Anwar al-Awlaki was the very man who was part of al-Qaeda in Yemen and who became not only their English language go-between, but their principle bomb making teacher who also divvied out monies for missions in addition to instructing al-Qaeda members on how to carry out all manner of suicide attacks. 

And still Kaine appointed him but ended up with ‘political egg’ on his face when Esam Omeish…who had directly shown extremist allegiances before Kaine appointed him by claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood is “moderate” and admitted that he and MAS were influenced by the islamist movement as well as publicly criticizing both Israel and the U.S. government as he encouraged and justified jihad, only then was Kaine forced to remove Omeish from his position in 2008. And not learning his lesson with Omeish, Kaine’s islamic-condoning ties continued on unabated as Kaine himself served for two years on the national board of the ‘Islamic Society of North America’ (ISNA)…a known tentacle of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as their being an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-financing trial.

Nice huh…and it gets even worse for like always all we have to do is follow the money trail to see the truth as fact. 

And it’s that very money trail that shows Tim Kaine’s direct ties to radical islamist groups. For example, when Kaine was running for governor, the ‘New Dominion PAC’ (an Arab-American political action committee with deep ties to the Virginia Democratic Party as in giving almost $257,000 in donations to them) donated $43,050 between the years 2003 to 2005 to Kaine’s gubernatorial campaign. And Kaine’s campaign also received monies from the above stated Muslim Brotherhood backed ‘Islamic Society of North America’ (ISNA) as well as from the ‘Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR)… and we all know what CAIR is all about. 

So when Kaine was asked by the very same ‘New Dominion PAC’…whose slogan is we are the “voice for Arab Americans in Virginia”…to speak on behalf of one of their own he was more than happy to comply…monies donated do talk and command after all. And so on September 25, 2011, Tim Kaine spoke at a Candidates Night event organized by said PAC, where he presented Jamal Barzinji…the very man whom the ‘Global Muslim Brotherhood Watch’ described as a “founding father of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood”…with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Some award as Barzinji gave $10,000 to the very PAC who donated to Kaine’s gubernatorial campaign, and he did so through his connections to the ‘International Institute of Islamic Thought’ (IIIT), yet another one of the Muslim Brotherhood's many ‘front groups.’ 

And Tim Kaine knew all this before speaking and yet he still chose to speak.

And Tim Kaine’s islamic-condoning continues on to this day even as he sits on the ‘Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on the Middle East, Central Asia and Terrorism’…even as he claims to be what he says is a ‘champion for Israel’ but which he sadly is not.  How so…Kaine did not attend Bibi Netanyahu’s March 2015 (amazing) speech to Congress, citing what he believed to be Netanyahu’s political motivations for delivering it right before the Israeli elections as the reason why…a reason proven to be totally false. And just this past March, Kaine and 26 fellow senators, signed a letter strongly ‘urging’ Obama to continue his support and demand for a two-state solution in regards to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

So, now that Tim Kaine’s ties to radical islamist groups have been ‘outed,’ one has to wonder why in this day and age of escalating islamic terrorism did Hillary Clinton pick as her running mate a man who both knew, looked away to, and accepted monies from those whose main goal is to kill us all. The answer to that is quite simple for Hillary needed a compadre in her muslim love-fest…a compadre who would not oppose her islamic agenda and with Tim Kaine’s ties to Islamic groups he fits the bill quite well. And with his having a smattering of monies changing hands…not unlike the Clinton Foundation accepting monies from Arab countries that don’t like us very much…albeit on a much smaller scale…Tim Kaine became the logical and only choice after socialist leaning Julian Castro’s slip of the tongue eliminated him from the position he so coveted.

But you must also know that the ‘compadreship’ between Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton do not end just with their all-important islamic ties, but amongst other things extends into the actual whelm of governing. Case in point, when Hillary did not a thing of substance as a New York senator, Kaine did nothing in the Senate as well for he sponsored no bills that were passed into law. And Kaine like Hillary is nothing but a political whore, if you will, for Kaine admitted that he only ran for Lt. Governor of Virginia because it offered him a better opportunity and chance to become governor, quite similar to what Hillary did when running as a carpetbagger candidate for New York’s senate seat solely to lay the groundwork for her presidential runs.

And Kaine supported Obama’s very bad Iranian nuclear deal which mirrors his and Hillary’s pro-Palestinian stance. And while gun owner Kaine ‘sort of’ supports our Second Amendment rights, he like Hillary wants to expand background checks for firearms purchases as well as imposing restrictions on the sale of combat-style weapons and high-capacity magazines…a watering down of our very Second Amendment rights he claims to support. 

Also, Tim Kaine voted against the Keystone Pipe Line yet voted for and continues to support both the monstrosity commonly known as ObamaCare as well as supporting legal abortion-on-demand…a must when running with Hillary as it plays well to garnering the liberal women’s vote even though hypocrite Kaine claims that he as a Catholic is personally against abortion. Like I said, two very rotten peas in one pod.

So whose vote can the Clinton/Kaine ticket count on…the uber far left of course, the total of the muslim vote and the majority (but not all) of the black vote…that is as long as the promise of ‘free stuff’ remains in place for the ‘you owe me’ folks in both groups. The Hispanic vote is a toss-up depending on which Hispanic population the ticket chooses to pander to…but the always important dead vote is a given, as is those who vote multiple times, along with those who are harassed and threatened by groups like the New Black Panthers and/or Black Lives Matter into voting for who they say they must vote for. 

But when all is said and done, the reality is that if Hillary Clinton...the socialist, islamic-condoning, murdering, traitorous bitch forever to be known as the ‘Butcher of Benghazi’... together with her fellow islamic-condoning, liberal and oh so progressive running mate Tim Kaine is elected to the two highest offices in our land, we will indeed be faced with yet another four years of corruption and scandals, coupled with sharia law slowly but steadily encroaching upon our beloved Constitution…and when and if that happens I will angrily tell you, ‘I told you so.’