Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Compare and Contrast...The Present vs. The Future
By: Diane Sori / The Patriots Factor / Right Side Patriots, Right Side Patriots Radio
...“Build back better”...what a farce those three words are especially economically wise as they come from the very man whose now proposed economic plan would fast track our country towards bankruptcy, higher interest rates, higher inflation, and much higher taxes for all... most especially for the struggling middle class. A tax and overspend plan we as a nation can ill afford...typical of the Democrat's socialist agenda via a wish list that sounds more like the wants of Bernie Sanders and AOC than it does a wish list from a man purporting himself to be a “moderate”...at least he loves to play one on TV... 

TRAITOR Liz Cheney censured in Wyoming for vote to impeach Trump: ‘Did not represent our voice’

By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT 

Take out the trash, Wyoming.

The Republican Party Central Committee in Carbon County, Wyoming, has censured Rep. Liz Cheney for voting to impeach President Trump, as support for the one-time rising GOP star crumbles in her home state.

The censure resolution passed in a unanimous vote by the 45-member central committee. It included a demand that Ms. Cheney appear before the committee to explain her actions.

“Our representative did not represent our voice,” said Carbon County GOP Chairman Joey Correnti IV, who presented the resolution to the central committee at a Saturday meeting where the vote took place.

The resolution condemns Ms. Cheney for conduct described as defying the will of most Wyoming Republican voters and joining in a rushed impeachment that did not examine all the facts and denied Mr. Trump due process. Read more here: https://gellerreport.com/2021/01/traitor-liz-cheney-censured-in-wyoming-for-vote-to-impeach-trump-did-not-represent-our-voice.html/ 

On His Way Out the Door Trump Signs an Executive Order Aimed at Beltway Bureaucrats
President Donald Trump on Monday signed an executive order to ensure "democratic accountability" in the nation's law-making processes moving forward. Specifically, he referenced bureaucrats who are placed in unelected positions yet choose to act at their own discretion.

"American democracy operates on the principle of the consent of the governed.  Regular elections for the Congress and the President and Vice President of the United States are designed to ensure that the officials responsible for making and executing the law are held accountable to the American people," the executive order stated. "The President chooses Federal agency heads who exercise executive authority and implement his regulatory agenda. The American people, in electing the President, thereby have a role in choosing the individuals who govern them."


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