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Exclusive: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference

By l / Townhall Columnist

When it became clear last fall that the CIA’s now discredited Benghazi talking points were flawed, the White House said repeatedly the documents were put together almost entirely by the intelligence community, but White House documents reviewed by Congress suggest a different story.

ABC News has obtained 12 different versions of the talking points that show they were extensively edited as they evolved from the drafts first written entirely by the CIA to the final version distributed to Congress and to U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice before she appeared on five talk shows the Sunday after that attack.

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White House emails reviewed by ABC News suggest the edits were made with extensive input from the State Department.  The edits included requests from the State Department that references to the Al Qaeda-affiliated group Ansar al-Sharia be deleted as well references to CIA warnings about terrorist threats in Benghazi in the months preceding the attack.

That would appear to directly contradict what White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said about the talking points in November.

“Those talking points originated from the intelligence community.  They reflect the IC’s best assessments of what they thought had happened,” Carney told reporters at the White House press briefing on November 28, 2012.  “The White House and the State Department have made clear that the single adjustment that was made to those talking points by either of those two institutions were changing the word ‘consulate’ to ‘diplomatic facility’ because ‘consulate’ was inaccurate.”

Summaries of White House and State Department emails — some of which were first published by Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard — show that the State Department had extensive input into the editing of the talking points.

State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland raised specific objections to this paragraph drafted by the CIA in its earlier versions of the talking points:
“The Agency has produced numerous pieces on the threat of extremists linked to al-Qa’ida in Benghazi and eastern Libya.  These noted that, since April, there have been at least five other attacks against foreign interests in Benghazi by unidentified assailants, including the June attack against the British Ambassador’s convoy. We cannot rule out the individuals has previously surveilled the U.S. facilities, also contributing to the efficacy of the attacks.”
In an email to officials at the White House and the intelligence agencies, State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland took issue with including that information because it “could be abused by members [of Congress] to beat up the State Department for not paying attention to warnings, so why would we want to feed that either?  Concerned …”

The paragraph was entirely deleted.

Like the final version used by Ambassador Rice on the Sunday shows, the CIA’s first drafts said the attack appeared to have been “spontaneously inspired by the protests at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo” but the CIA version went on to say, “That being said, we do know that Islamic extremists with ties to al-Qa’ida participated in the attack.”  The draft went on to specifically name  the al Qaeda-affiliated group named Ansar al-Sharia.

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Once again, Nuland objected to naming the terrorist groups because “we don’t want to prejudice the investigation.”

In response, an NSC staffer coordinating the review of the talking points wrote back to Nuland, “The FBI did not have major concerns with the points and offered only a couple minor suggestions.”
After the talking points were edited slightly to address Nuland’s concerns, she responded that changes did not go far enough.

“These changes don’t resolve all of my issues or those of my buildings leadership,” Nuland wrote.

In an email dated 9/14/12 at 9:34 p.m. — three days after the attack and two days before Ambassador Rice appeared on the Sunday shows – Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes wrote an email saying the State Department’s concerns needed to be addressed.

“We must make sure that the talking points reflect all agency equities, including those of the State Department, and we don’t want to undermine the FBI investigation.  We thus will work through the talking points tomorrow morning at the Deputies Committee meeting.”

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After that meeting, which took place Saturday morning at the White House, the CIA drafted the final version of the talking points – deleting all references to al Qaeda and to the security warnings in Benghazi prior to the attack.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said none of this contradicts what he said about the talking points because ultimately all versions were actually written and signed-off by the CIA.

“The CIA drafted these talking points and redrafted these talking points,” Carney said. “The fact that there are inputs is always the case in a process like this, but the only edits made by anyone here at the White House were stylistic and nonsubstantive. They corrected the description of the building or the facility in Benghazi from consulate to diplomatic facility and the like. And ultimately, this all has been discussed and reviewed and provided in enormous levels of detail by the administration to Congressional investigators, and the attempt to politicize the talking points, again, is part of an effort to, you know, chase after what isn’t the substance here.”

UPDATE:  A source familiar with the White House emails on the Benghazi talking point revisions say that State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland was raising two concerns about the CIA’s first version of talking points, which were going to be sent to Congress:  1) The talking points went further than what she was allowed to say about the attack during her state department briefings; and, 2) she believed the CIA was attempting to exonerate itself at the State Department’s expense by suggesting CIA warnings about the security situation were ignored.

In one email, Nuland asked, why are we suggest Congress “start making assertions to the media [about the al Qaeda connection] that we ourselves are not making because we don’t want to prejudice the investigation?”

One other point:  The significant edits – deleting references to al Qaeda and the CIA’s warnings – came after a White House meeting on the Saturday before Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on five Sunday shows.  Nuland, a 30-year foreign service veteran who has served under Democratic and Republican Secretaries of State, was not at that meeting and played no direct role in preparing Rice for her interviews.

Click below and see and hear the ABC news report:

Washington, DC – We all know about the notorious Obama “Kill List.” CIA Director John Brennan proudly told us about that last year when he described how the O-Team decides which Americans should be executed by Hellfire Missile fired from remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs). Why hasn’t the White House used this capability to “take out” those who killed our diplomats in Benghazi, Libya last year?

Clip and save this column. Herein are some important events, names, places – facts your children and grandchildren will need to know about these perilous times:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012, Benghazi, Libya. The U.S. consulate and a diplomatic annex in this city on the Mediterranean coast are assaulted and destroyed by radical Islamic terrorists. Four American citizens: U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith and two former Navy SEALS, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, are killed during two attacks over a seven-hour period. Officials in Washington take no action to stop the attacks or save lives.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012. The President, standing beside Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, describes what happened in Benghazi as “an outrageous attack” and promises, “We will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.” For weeks thereafter, White House officials, the Secretary of State and lesser government functionaries, reiterate Obama’s claim the attack was fomented by a crude anti-Muslim video posted on the Internet. It’s not true.

Thursday, October 4, 2012. Thirty-two days before the presidential election, and desperate to preserve the fiction that “al Qaeda is on the ropes” because “Osama bin Laden is dead,” the State Department announces formation of an “Accountability Review Board” (ARB) headed by former U.S. Ambassador Tom Pickering and a recently retired Joint Chiefs Chairman. Though the Reagan White House provided Pickering with extraordinary additional security when he was threatened by terrorists in El Salvador, the ARB report, delivered on December 20, 2012, found “mid-level State Department officials” were responsible for security lapses in Benghazi.

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies under oath before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In response to questions posed by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) about who attacked the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi and why, she explodes: “What difference at this point does it make?”

Wednesday, May 8, 2013, three brave men testify before the House Government Reform Committee about the lies, misfeasance, and incompetence in the Obama administration’s handling of the jihadist attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi. Gregory N. Hicks, deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya, the highest-ranking American diplomat in the country during the attacks; Mark I. Thompson, a former U.S. Marine and operations coordinator for the State Department’s Counterterrorism Bureau; and Eric Nordstrom, formerly the senior diplomatic security officer in Libya, all testify about what really happened on 9-11-12. To avail themselves of legal protections against retribution, all three claim status as “whistleblowers.”

Their testimony indicts the President, the Secretary of State and Administration minions of incompetence and lying to the public about what happened before, during and after the Benghazi attacks. Supporters of the Obama regime describe the three as “politically motivated” and claim there is “nothing new” in what they said. That’s not true either. Herewith, a few important facts we now know thanks to the courage of these three men:

Though radical Islamists routinely use “anniversaries” to motivate adherents to violence, the Obama administration did absolutely nothing to anticipate such a possibility by pre-positioning quick-reaction military forces in the Middle East prior to the 9-11-12 attacks. Worse, instead of granting Ambassador Stevens’ repeated requests for additional security assets, the O-Team actually reduced U.S. security personnel in Libya. This abysmal failure reflects, inter alia, a near total deficit of human intelligence (HUMINT). The Ambassador and three other Americans paid for this misfeasance with their lives.

In the midst of the deadly attacks in Benghazi, bureaucratic inertia and infighting in Washington prevented any response which might have saved lives. In the aftermath, the Obama administration insulted the Libyan government by refuting their assertion that the perpetrators were radical Islamists. The result: more than two weeks before FBI agents could visit “the scene of the crime.”

Since 9-11-12, the Benghazi terror attack has been probed by five separate committees of Congress.

The State Department’s ARB is at best a whitewash. Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) and more than 140 of his colleagues have called for a bi-partisan select committee of both houses to fully investigate the matter. Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham support the proposal. It’s time – unless Congress wants to participate in a cover up.

State Department officials heavily involved in Benghazi talking points edits

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

Removing mention of al-Qaeda, so as not to show up Obama's then-recent statement about al-Qaeda being on the ropes.

"Report: State officials involved in Benghazi talking points edits," by Jonathan Easley from The Hill, May 10:
The State Department contributed to heavily editing talking points surrounding the attacks that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Libya, leading to the removal of references to terror groups and CIA warnings about threats in the region, according to emails and documents obtained by ABC News. 
The ABC News report says that the White House and State Department were informed by intelligence officials that the CIA was aware of potential threats to the Libyan consulate from terror groups before the attacks. But the report said references to those threats were removed from the final version of the talking points used by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice because of pressure from the State Department.
According to the network, "12 different versions of the talking points" indicate extensive editing was done after they were first drafted by the CIA.
Rice appeared on Sunday news shows following the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks and argued they were a spontaneous reaction to a video deemed offensive to Islam. The administration later admitted Rice’s claim was made with insufficient intelligence, and labeled the event an act of terror.
One of the emails obtained by ABC shows State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland objecting to a paragraph in the talking points that referenced specific terrorist threats in the region because it “could be abused by members [of Congress] to beat up the State Department for not paying attention to warnings.”
The CIA had written that "(t)he Agency has produced numerous pieces on the threat of extremists linked to al-Qa’ida in Benghazi and eastern Libya.”
“These noted that, since April, there have been at least five other attacks against foreign interests in Benghazi by unidentified assailants, including the June attack against the British Ambassador’s convoy. We cannot rule out the individuals has previously surveilled the U.S. facilities, also contributing to the efficacy of the attacks.”
According to the ABC News report, that paragraph was deleted entirely after Nuland’s email.
The White House maintains that it had no substantive input into what went in to the talking points, and that it merely requested the word “consulate” be changed to the accurate term of “diplomatic facility.”...

"Mounting evidence" links Tsarnaev brothers to earlier triple throat-slitting of Jews

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

The victims were all Jews who all had their throats slit on September 11. Hmmm.

"You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers [to be] the Jews..." -- Qur'an 5:82

"So when you meet those who disbelieve, strike their necks..." -- Qur'an 47:4

"'Mounting evidence' links Tsarnaev brothers to earlier triple homicide," from RT, May 10:
There is “mounting evidence” which suggests that Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were involved in an unsolved triple homicide in 2011, according to Massachusetts investigators. 
Forensic evidence from the crime scene matched the brothers’ DNA, and cell phone records put them in the area of the murders on the date they occurred, officials told ABC News.
In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, authorities in Middlesex County began to investigate the link between Tamerlan and Brendan Mess - one of the three men killed in the triple homicide.
Mess and two other men were found in a Waltham, Massachusetts residence with their throats slit and their bodies covered with marijuana on September 11, 2011. Tamerlan and Mess were once roommates and practiced boxing and martial arts together.
The officials stressed that until more definitive DNA testing is complete, it is still too early to bring an indictment against the surviving suspect, Dzhokhar.
The cold case was made active again once the victims’ family and friends saw the Tsarnaev brothers’ photos in the media. It was then that they were reminded of Tamerlan’s behavior after the murders. He did not attend Mess’ funeral and disappeared from the martial arts gym where the men had sparred together....

Attorney to Malzberg: Benghazi Whistleblower Reassigned, Demoted
By: Todd Beamon / Newsmax

Benghazi whistleblower Greg Hicks has been demoted to a desk job for speaking out on the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks at the U.S. post in Libya that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, his attorney said on Friday.

"He was offered a choice: no job or a job that doesn't mean anything," attorney Victoria Toensing told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV. "It's a desk job."

Story continues below the video link to the report.

Hicks, the former deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya, testified on Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee about what happened that fateful night.

He challenged the State Department’s initial claims that the attacks were caused by a spontaneous reaction to an anti-Islamic video posted on YouTube.

Hicks, who was Stevens' deputy, has since been reassigned to a desk job. And he could have that or no job at all, Toensing told Malzberg.

"It's like telling a starving man, 'Hey, you get this choice: You can either have no food or you get rotten steak. What would you like?'" the former federal prosecutor said. "Would you like a rotten piece of beef or no food at all?"

Toensing accused the Obama White House of trying to "destroy the messenger," and that includes using various governmental departments and media outlets.

"Administration officials say he stalked the desk job he described as a demotion," she said. "It's just little old me out here — and they've got taxpayers' money, the whole press office, and the whole general counsel's office trying to do him in. It's outrageous."

Dems derail condemnation of 'willful murder'

Substitute statement seeking prevention of 'abusive' treatment

By: Michael Carl / Newsmax

BoxerBarbaraTwo Senate Democrats apparently have blocked a resolution that would have condemned Philadelphia abortion murder case defendant Kermit Gosnell.

The proposed resolution cited Gosnell for the “untrained and uncertified personnel performing abortions, nonmedical personnel administering medications, grossly unsanitary and dangerous conditions, violations of law regarding storage of human remains, and above all, willful murder of infants born alive by severing their spinal cords.”

Instead, a substitute resolution expresses the sense of the Senate that “abusive, unsanitary, or illegal health care practices should be … prevented.”

The original cited Gosnell by name; the substitute only references “a physician at the Women’s Medical Society of Philadelphia.”

It was Sens. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., and Barbera Boxer, D-Calif., who stopped consideration of the resolution by dismissing the reports of infanticides that took place at Gosnell’s business.

The senators successfully substituted SR 133 with SR 134, a resolution that all medical facilities that commit abusive activities be investigated and prosecuted. The Blumenthal-Boxer resolution cites several cases of apparent malpractice and says “incidents of abusive, unsanitary, or illegal health care practices should be condemned and prevented and the perpetrators should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

The original resolution, authored by Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee and co-sponsored by 20 other senators, would have encouraged Congress and all 50 states to “gather information about and correct abusive, unsanitary, and illegal abortion practices and the interstate referral of women and girls to facilities engaged in dangerous or illegal second- and third-trimester procedures.”

It cited the nation’s belief “that every human life is precious from its very beginning” and also said:
  • “No women should ever be abandoned, by policy or practice, to the depredations of an unlicensed, unregulated, or uninspected clinic operating outside of the law.”
  • ‘The report of the grand jury … of the policies and practices of Dr. Kermit Gosnell … found multiple violations of law and public policy.”
  • “The report … documented a pattern, over a period of two decades, at the Women’s Medical Society of Philadelphia of untrained and uncertified personnel performing abortions.”
The resolution also noted that “Planned Parenthood facilities in Delaware have been described by former employees as resembling a ‘meat market.’”

The nation, the resolution said, must prevent such situations.

Catholic Association President Maureen Ferguson, in cooperation with other pro-life groups, denounced the Democratic senators’ actions and said the resolution properly exposes the reality of what went on in Gosnell’s clinic.

“The Gosnell trial has given us a rare window into both the legal and illegal abortion practices in the United States,” Ferguson said. “It’s horrifying, looking on the inside at what we know. It’s heartbreaking. It (the Gosnell trial) sheds great light on the practices that have been hidden from the eyes of Americans for so long.”

Lee’s press secretary, Brian Phillips, said the purpose of Lee’s resolution was to draw attention to the unregulated abortion facilities that operate like Gosnell’s Philadelphia business, which reportedly brought him millions of dollars.

“The first step is to highlight these atrocities and let the American people know that they’re not rare and that it does go on in a number of places around the country,” Phillips said. “Many of the states have laws against these practices. So, we need to alert the people that the laws governing these places are not the same as the laws governing other health care facilities.

“It’s possible that people have a misconception about that (that abortion clinics are regulated like other health care facilities), so you need to educate the people as to what’s really going on in their state,” Phillips said.

Lee is also the sponsor of S886, the Pain Capable Abortion Ban for the District of Columbia. Senate Bill 886 has 32 co-sponsors, all Republicans.

The bill would make it illegal to perform abortions in the District of Columbia after 20 weeks of gestation.

Gosnell allegedly performed abortions on babies that were past 24 weeks in violation of Pennsylvania law. Phillips says Lee is aware that passing a law does not automatically ensure compliance.

However, Phillips says Lee’s bill would provide necessary regulation of abortion clinics in the District of Columbia, which he believes is the first step towards ending late-term abortions.

“You can have a law saying that abortion should not be performed past 20 or 24 weeks, but if those clinics are able to get around the law, because no one is checking up on them, and there are no regulations requiring the states to do so, then the law is effectively meaningless,” Phillips said.

“So the first thing we need to do is to educate people as to what the laws really are and that just having a law saying you can’t do an abortion after 24 weeks isn’t enough. There needs to be more regulation on these clinics,” Phillips said.

Ferguson says that even though Lee’s bill S886 will only cover Washington, it’s a solid first step.

“Congress has jurisdiction over D.C. because it’s a federal enclave, so it’s appropriate for them to regulate abortion in that instance,” Ferguson said.

 “Congress does have an oversight role. We know that from the testimony, Gosnell is not an outlier, and is not alone in these practices. Sadly, this is the reality of abortion in the United States.

“Congress should be commended. Just today, the House Commerce Committee and the House Judiciary Committee sent letters to all 50 states’ attorneys general and health departments seeking information on the enforcement of the various regulations,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson says it’s been medically proven that babies can feel pain at 20 weeks.

“Protection is a basic human right, and these women, too, they need to be better protected than the protection they’re getting at these abortion clinics,” Ferguson said.

Phillips said Lee would like the states to follow the 20-week ban.

“The senator very much believes this is an issue that should be handled at the state level. It is not his position at the moment to write some federal legislation that would require all 50 states to follow,” Phillips said.

“All abortion doctors talk about stopping the beating heart of the unborn child. In every abortion, there’s a beating heart. There’s a living and developing human being and we need to educate our fellow citizens about that fact,” Ferguson said.
The beginning of the end might now be in sight for Obama and crew        
By: Diane Sori

It just gets better and better as more information is starting to surface about this miserable president and his equally miserable administration. Now if only Congress would have the courage to call for the arrest of Barack HUSSEIN Obama on the grounds of treason, aiding and abetting the enemy, and crimes against America only then will our country be set right again.

Oh and while they're at it bring those same charges against Hillary Clinton too.

Just maybe last Wednesday was the start in that direction as the 'whistleblowers' spoke the truth about Benghazi, exposing this administration's lies and cover-ups (including finding out that the 'talking points' were changed 12 times) about the MURDERS of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and ex-Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

And then just a day later, three families of fallen Navy SEAL Team 6 members and one family of an Army National Guardsman (the team killed on August 6, 2011 in a questionable hastily arranged mission that resulted in the downing of a Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan that killed 17 SEALS) came forward at a national press conference with 'a truth' that is absolutely sickening...almost beyond these grieving families said the US government is “as much responsible for the deaths of their sons as is the Taliban.” as they accused the Obama administration NOT only for the misguided mission itself and for an investigation they said was nothing but a cover-up, but also that the very same Pentagon that does NOT permit any mention of our true Judeo-Christian God being said while one is serving in the military, invited a muslim cleric to speak at the service for the SEALS. And this part is pure vileness, for this muslim bast*rd had the audacity to take the memories of these heroes and NOT honor them as they should have been but instead, in Arabic, deliberately damned them to hell as infidels to allah, mocking their memories and mocking the true living God of we Christians and Jews.

And NO one who was present  from our government said a word, and don't tell me that NO one there spoke or understood Arabic.

Also at the press conference a video was shown with an audio of the prayer this bast*rd said and a translation that scrolled over the screen. Below is the Arabic words said and the English translation of those words.

آمين. أنا المأوى بالله من الشيطان الذي كان يلقي بالحجارة.
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الغفور.
الصحابة من "النار"
الخطاة والكفار الذين هم العلف للنار جهنم)
ليست متساوية مع الصحابة من السماء.
أصحاب الجنة (المسلمين) هم الفائزون.
وقد بعث هذا القرآن إلى الجبل، وكنت قد رأيت سجد الجبل في الخوف من الله.
الاستهزاء إله موسى)
هذه الأمثلة هي ما نقدم للشعب، بحيث يظن.
التوبة واعتناق الإسلام)
سلم أن إلهكم (الله) إله المجد وما يصفون.
وسيتم على رسل (الأنبياء) وذلك بفضل صلى الله رب كل الأكوان (الإنس والجن).

Amen. I shelter in Allah from the devil who has been cast with stones.
In the name of Allah the merciful forgiver.
The companions of “THE FIRE”
(The sinners and infidels who are fodder for the hell fire)
ARE NOT EQUAL WITH the companions of heaven.
The companions of heaven (Muslims) are the WINNERS.
Had he sent this Koran to the mountain, you would have seen the mountain prostrated in fear of Allah.
(Mocking the GOD of Moses)
Such examples are what we present to the people, so that they would think.
(repent and convert to Islam)
Blessings are to your God (Allah) the God of glory and what they describe.
And peace be upon the messengers (prophets) and thanks be to Allah the lord of both universes (mankind and Jinn).

The fact that a muslim cleric, or any muslim for that matter, said these or any words over the bodies of American military personnel is so morally debased and despicable that it raises important questions that must be answered and answered now. First, why was a Judeo-Christian funeral for American servicemen mixed with the muslim funeral for the Afghans killed in the crash especially when NO American muslims were among those killed. Second, why was this done when doubts have been raised about the loyalty of the Afghans who were on that mission. And third, who exactly in the Pentagon (and I mean 'We the People' want names) gave that order, and who in turn ordered them to allow a muslim to say anything at all, for whether the Pentagon cares to publicly admit it or NOT muslims are indeed the enemy and they damn well know it. 

So how much more can and should 'We the People' take from this muslim president (YES he is a muslim NO matter his soulless words to the contrary) and his muslim-sympathizing administration. I say NO freakin' more as we've reached the end of hearing the lies, discovering the cover-ups, playing cat and mouse games of subterfuge and wild goose chases, and placing blame and seeking revenge on those who come forward with the truth. I believe that with the MURDERS, lies, words of 'stand down' and the cover-ups that mark all that was and is Benghazi, and now finding out that a muslim cleric spoke words of damnation over our dead heroes bodies, that it should be obvious even to the most politically apathetic of observers that our military's high command has been breached, compromised, and corrupted by worthless politicians loyal to the traitor who occupies the White House. 

The military of any nation reflects a nation's character, it's strengths and weakness, it's flaws and its accomplishments through the actions of its troops and our American troops are the best of the best, yet there's an old saying that goes, "If you want to take over a country demoralize its military." And with every apology, every bowing down to, and every excuse made for those out to kill us Barack HUSSEIN Obama is doing just that, for this man's actions show he stands with the enemy and our troops be damned.

And by the way, the only time I ever want to see a muslim cleric attend a funeral is when it's his own.