Monday, September 26, 2016

Crowds vs. Polls: Predicting the 2016 Election


Does voter enthusiasm translate into electoral victory?
If so Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. For the duration of his campaign, both in the primaries and in the general, Trump has drawn record crowds everywhere he goes. In the primaries, the only man sharing his populist appeal was Sen. Bernie Sanders, who led a progressive revolt on the DNC establishment just as Trump was doing the same thing within the Republican Party.

For Hillary Clinton, it’s been a much different story. Among her voting base, as many people are planning to cast a ballot against Trump as they are for Hillary. They will be marching to the polls out of grim obligation in November, if they march at all. Certainly, they haven’t bothered to show up for her campaign events. As Fox News reported on Friday, one look at a Hillary Clinton “rally” is enough to make a Democrat reach for the antidepressants:
It was another day out on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton, and another event held in a small room, in front of a small crowd.
Supporters and media alike crowded Wednesday into a community center gym in Orange County, Fla., a critical battleground in what is arguably a must-have state for any presidential nominee, to hear the Democratic nominee speak. Campaign officials estimated “about 500” people in attendance, and “another 500” in an overflow room – though Fox News counted only about 300 in the gym, and the pool report pegged the overflow crowd at “about a hundred.”
That same day, Republican opponent Donald Trump was packing a theater in Toledo, Ohio, with an estimated 2,700 people.
If that sounds bad, consider this: For Trump, 2,700 is a moderate turnout at best. For Hillary, a packed 500-seat auditorium (if that was indeed the case) is a step up from her usual numbers. If you go by crowd size and ignore the polls, you would think President Donald Trump was an inevitability

Hillary advocates gun control as response to terrorism
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Hillary advocates gun control as response to terrorism
Nothing about addressing the jihadis’ motivating ideology. Her response was all about preventing Americans from being able to defend themselves from jihadis. “Hillary Clinton: We Cannot End Terrorism Without Gun Control,” by AWR Hawkins, Breitbart, September 23, 2016: In response to questions from AARP Bulletin, Hillary Clinton made clear her position that to be successful, […]
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Trump Meets Netanyahu, Affirms Jerusalem as Capital
By Cathy Burke / NEWSMAX
Donald Trump met with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu privately at the GOP nominee's Trump Tower on Sunday, vowing to "finally accept the longstanding congressional mandate to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of Israel."

Image: Trump Meets Netanyahu, Affirms Jerusalem as CapitalIn a statement from the Trump campaign, they also discussed "at length Israel's successful experience with a security fence" – an issue Trump has made a cornerstone of his campaign – as well as "the nuclear deal with Iran, the battle against ISIS and many other regional security concerns."
Netanyahu was accompanied to the meeting by Israel's ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer, and Trump was joined by his son-in-law Jared Kushner,  The Jerusalem Post reported.

Netanyahu was scheduled to meet Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton later Sunday before flying back to Israel.

In the statement, Trump described U.S. military assistance to Israel as an "excellent investment," and Middle East peace can only be achieved when "the Palestinians renounce hatred and violence and accept Israel as a Jewish State."

Muslim Teacher SUES School Over 9/11 Film

Pamela Geller / The Geller Report

Mind you, this is only 15 years after 9/11. Considering how fast Western elites are caving and submitting to Islamic demands, how many more years do you think it will take before all mention of Allah, jihad and Islam are scrubbed from 9/11 histories? Five? Ten at most.

The last martyrdom letters of the 9/11 jihadis invoked Allah over 90 times — how many people are aware of that salient fact?
Muslim teacher is suing a school for ‘race discrimination’ after she was sacked for objecting to a video of 9/11 being shown to 11-year-olds.
Suriyah Bi was assisting the class at Heartlands Academy in Birmingham
The pupils were shown the horrifying video which was rated for over-18s.
Ms Bi said the clip was inappropriate as...
Silence Is Not Always Golden 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio 

I have been saying this for years, “If you do not condemn you condone.” Seven simple words no longer spoken just in regards to acts of islamic terrorism committed by those who really have no business being here, but seven simple words that now sadly also tell a story of homegrown terrorism...and in both cases mimicked is the silence of voices that need to be heard. 

By now everyone is familiar with the recent happenings in New York City; Seaside Park, New Jersey; and in St. Cloud, Minnesota when one islamic terrorist planted seven bombs injuring 26 innocent people and another islamic terrorist slashed and injured eight innocents as well, and all done in the name of allah…the made-up deity whom I call the most unholy.

And so on the one hand the slasher…20-year old Somali-born muslim Dahir Ahmed Adan…a self-professed ‘soldier of the islamic state’…is dead as he was rightfully taken out by an off-duty police officer who just happened to be in the right place at the right time…which means we taxpayers thankfully get a break as we do not have to suffer through the expense of keeping this muslim terrorist alive as he awaited a trial that would probably take years to begin

Now on the other hand we have serial-bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami...a muslim of course...recovering from surgery for wounds inflicted when police officers captured him instead of taking him out. And taking him out is what they should have done as it would have saved us the money that now will be wasted on this islamic savage who will most likely live out his life in a cushy jail cell on our hard-earned taxpayer dime. And to make matters worse, we just got his wife back from Pakistan because investigators said they needed her help to figure out why, where, and how this ‘supposedly’ Americanized muslim became radicalized...and folks that too is on your and my taxpayer dime.

Well, I can save us some money and a lot of time as here's the why Rahami did what he did: simply…he's a muslim…a muslim who lives by the commands of the qur’an...the most unholy of books...a book that orders its followers to kill we infidels by any means possible…and the possible ‘de jour’ in Rahami’s world was to blow us up until we were just bits and pieces of flesh scattered here, there, and everywhere…mimicking and relishing in the blood lust his fellow muslims exhibit against Christians and Jews not only in the Middle East but now becoming quite routine in Europe as well.

As to the where...all one has to do is go on the internet...and that includes see islamic recruiting pages, sites, and propaganda spewing the call to jihad coupled with vile anti-Christian and Jewish rhetoric or step into most any mosque in this country to hear imams sounding off that the sharia must be the law of our land and that the Constitution be damned.

And here's the how: Rahami also went on the internet to learn how to build bombs out of pressure could not be any simpler than that…hence monies have now been saved in what would have been a very time-consuming, very expensive investigation that in the end would arrive at the very same conclusion as I just did...and my investigation cost we taxpayers not one single dime. 

And by the way, the media-generated nonsense that Rahami was a 'lone wolf' is the stuff of fairy tales gone dark for even the supposed and claimed 'lone wolf' communicates with other equally vile sorts of their kind leading one 'lone wolf' to morph into two 'lone wolves' and multiplying outward from there to soon become an army of 'lone wolves.' And now thanks to Rahami surviving surgery we have to foot the bill for this anything but ‘lone wolf’ and most vile and cowardly of men…foot the bill for him to languish in jail for probably decades to come.

How I wish Rahami had become one less savage we have to worry about and one less savage we now have to spend our hard earned taxpayer dollars on. But it is what it is and will continue to remain so as long as political correctness, the kumbaya touchy-feely sensitive sorts, and the islamic-condoners rule America’s roost…and as long as we still allow these savages to come to our shores.

And where are the ‘so-called’ moderate muslim voices condemning these two newest islamic terrorist attacks...they're as silent as they were with all previous attacks.

And while Adan and Rahami are indeed terrorists of the islamic kind we now also have our own homegrown, home-born sorts to deal with as those 'behaving badly' have crossed the line and now deserve the moniker ‘domestic terrorists’ because that is what they are. And all one has to do is look to Baltimore, Ferguson, and now Charlotte NC to see that this latest rightful shooting of a black man by a black officer…a man (Keith Lamont Scott) who refused to disarm when told to do so 11 times in 45 seconds…has turned the lowest element of black society…both local and bused in…into savages who think that by burning, looting, and destroying their own they will somehow be afforded justice for self-perceived injustices by ‘whitey’ without knowing the facts. 

And if truth be told the time has come to stop coddling and pandering to these criminals…for that too is what they are...criminals who know that the chocolate color of their skin protects them from the white man who they still perceive as slave masters forgetting the fact that no one alive in America today…or in the previous generation or two or three or more owned slaves. Oblivious to the reality that one’s lot in life is of one’s own doing, the blame game they play has truly run its course and is quite tiring as well for their cry of racism being alive and thriving in today’s America is the doing of one of their own…one of their own who is currently...but thankfully not for much longer…occupying the ‘People’s House.’

Hanging on street corners with pants pulled low to try to show how ‘cool’ they are, young black men have willingly allowed themselves to become prisoners of their ancestor’s past…prisoners who expect their self-perceived slave masters to provide for them…to feed, cloth, and house them…as they are ‘owed’ this because their far distant kin once pulled a plow or felt the sting of the taskmaster’s whip. But what they forget is that every race, every people, every religion has at one time or another been slaves to their conquerors, yet their children moved on from the past to live in the present and strive for the future.

But not the collective whole of a certain segment of today’s black America.

Young black men and young black women…young black women who see having many children by different daddies as a means to more welfare checks…are the very ones holding back a once proud people who just a few decades ago left the ghettos behind to get an education, to better themselves, to raise an intact two parent family, to become an American success story, and above all else to take responsibility for their own actions. But thanks to those who cannot see beyond the color of their skin a ‘thug culture’…a sad sub-culture of today’s black culture…has arisen where being ‘bad’ is good and being ‘good’ is seen as a sellout to the white slave masters or worse…being ‘good’ is seen as trying to be white.

And that myth is perpetrated by both some black leaders and clergy along with a media who symbolically continues to portray blacks as the perpetual victim…it’s good for ratings you know…while at the same time some of the worst of their own the anything but Reverend Al Sharpton... people who talk the talk while at the same time stir the pot but do nothing to help solve the problems because they would then have to hold themselves accountable...are the very people who enjoy relishing in telling their own that their anything but self-perceived sorry lot in life will be their destiny unless ‘whitey’ is put in his place. 

And hence the birth of groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’ who exist to ‘egg on’ the malcontents… both local and those hired and bused in…to riot, loot, and burn their own people’s businesses down so that ‘whitey’ can come in, clean-up their mess, until time and circumstances can afford them the opportunity to do it all over again.

Christmas shopping of sorts done early and costing the looters not a dime but costing we taxpayers millions.

And just like with the ‘so-called’ moderate muslims who give a wink and a nod to their fellow muslims when acts of islamic terrorism occur, black residents of these areas in crisis who do not riot, loot, or burn down their own people’s businesses…folks who do protest peacefully (which is their right to do) or who do not protest at all…also do not raise their voices against those ‘behaving badly’ because a sizable faction of black America… especially those living in the inner-cities…aligns their emotions with some of the frustrations the malcontents feel no matter that said frustrations are of their own doing. To them these acts committed are a way to pay ‘whitey’ back for the sins of the past, and so they remain silent while they give their silent wink and a nod to those ‘behaving badly’…just like the ‘so-called’ moderate muslims do every time a bomb goes off or a Christian head rolls.

And so a vicious cycle of hate coupled with self-perpetrated despair and hopelessness makes anyone white the enemy of the black man in their minds…for to them being white means privilege, money, education, and most importantly to them it means ‘whitey’ gets a pass on any and all infractions of the law they might make against a black man…which we know is simply not true.

So what is the solution to the problem of those ‘behaving badly’…a solution to the supposed abject poverty they use as their excuse as to why they behave so badly….actually it is a two-fold solution with an education being key as only an education can offer opportunities and a viable future but that must be coupled with an intact black family unit with the mother married to the father and with children birthed of said father alone

A stable intact family affords children of any color both guidance and a moral compass as to what is right and to what is wrong; a stable intact family sets a positive example by correcting negative behaviors as they appear before they have a chance to become the norm; and above all else a stable intact family helps in teaching children that they and they alone are responsible for their own actions. And this one lesson alone affords children the opportunity to learn that placing the blame for their actions elsewhere and then expecting those they blame to fix their wrong actions is not the solution to their problems nor is it the needed solution to fix black inner-city communities…communities they themselves have sadly destroyed as black on black crime runs rampant and as a 'thug culture' seems to have overtaken common sense.

So you can see that in both cases…that of the ‘so-called’ moderate muslims and that of those good people in our black communities…their voices not only need to be heard but must be heard for only in their condemning acts of terrorism both of the islamic and of the homegrown sort will this nonsense stop for like I said at the start of this article, “If you do not condemn you condone.” It cannot be any simpler than that.