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He Cried For His Mother 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio 
We still don’t know what happened. All we know is the amount of force that was applied in this situation was over the top.” 
- Memphis Police Chief C.J. Davis

A horrific incident caught on police bodycam shows a young black man basically being beaten to death by five black officers and yet this is now being called a hate crime by some...a hate crime in a city...Memphis, TN...whose population is 65% black and whose police force is 58% black. But there is way more to this story than just what we witnessed in a most disturbing video most of us have seen by now. And the video proves this had nothing to do with color, but had everything to do with five rogue cops behaving like a gang of common street thugs up against one man who was no threat to them at all.

The death of 29-year old Fed-Ex worker Tyre Nichols was an abomination from the start for what was a routine traffic stop...a stop we still don't know definitely for what...turned into the horror we saw on the recently released bodycam video...a video not easy to watch...a video showing that not only was Tyre confronted by immediate aggression from the officers as soon as they got out of their police car and dragged him out of his car, but that for three long minutes while screaming profanities at him, this one young man was repeatedly kicked in the face, punched in the face, kicked about his body, pummeled with a baton, and pepper sprayed all while his hands were cuffed behind his back. And in the end before collapsing and losing consciousness as he lay motionless on the pavement, Tyre Nichols cried out for his mother...and while watching the events unfold I cried too for in no way did Tyre Nichols deserve to die, and in no way did a mother have to lose her son.

(To see the unedited video in full, click only on the words 'Watch on YouTube.')

And so Tyre's battered, bleeding, and bruised body...beaten even after he collapsed...was dragged over to a squad car where he was propped up while these five pieces of human garbage exchanged so-called “fist-bumps,” while they stood around joking and complaining about not only items lost during the altercation, but about some being caught in the pepper spray fall out. And know that it took more than 20 minutes for an ambulance to arrive before any sort of medical attention was given to Tyre, which led the Memphis Fire Department to fire the two EMTs, Robert Long and JaMichael Sandridge, as well as Lieutenant Michelle Whitaker, for their ignoring protocol thus not meeting expectations by failing to conduct an adequate patient assessment.” In other words, for their not attending to Tyre Nichols in a timely manner, for their not stabilizing him, and for leaving him propped up against the car still in handcuffs, moaning, in pain, and slowly dying.

Five monsters did the actual beating and lied about why, and if you ask me these five should be put to “eye for an eye” in my opinion truly does apply here...but we know that will not happen for while these five were fired...which did not happen until January 18th, eleven days after they beat Tyre Nichols to death...and are now being charged with “aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, official misconduct, and official oppression,  I find it very disconcerting that they were only charged with “second degree murder because no legally defined “premeditation” was involved. But I say there was “premeditation” of sorts for these five decided to act as one, for not one of them refused to take part in or even tried to stop the beating. Taking it upon themselves to end this young man's life, these five became judge, jury, and executioner with their deemed sentence alone being carried out for Tyre Nichols died in the hospital three days later from a broken neck, multiple broken bones, kidney failure, and cardiac arrest... unrecognizable to his family...his physical condition was that bad.

And while five officers alone were involved in the actual beating aspect of this case, some still believe that the majority of police officers must continue shouldering the blame for the few...a very dangerous precedent to set. So as others persist in stirring the pot of racial hatred simply to push forward their political this case the rightfully faltering, “Defund the Police” movement...what continues to be ignored is the issue of why more blacks than whites seem to be the victims of police actions, and why the “system” has supposedly failed them. Simply, the “system” has not failed them...they and their actions have failed the “system” for one's actions do speak louder than one's words. And this is especially true in regards to the fact that proven statistics show that blacks kill more blacks than do whites kill blacks, and that includes those killed by the police. And while both black and white officers have at times been forced to shoot and kill, in Tyre Nichols case no gun was involved thus taking the wind out of the gun control loons bare-fisted hands, booted feet, and a baton were these now former officers weapons of choice leaving another dangerous precedent to be set.

And in Memphis precedent was indeed set when Police Chief Cerelyn “CJ” Davis who, after personally viewing the disturbing video, disbanding the very unit these five officers were part of clearly not understanding that the unit itself served a greater purpose, a purpose high-jacked and twisted into being what it was not. Saying in a prepared statement that, “It is in the best interest of all to permanently deactivate the Scorpion unit,” and that it was “imperative” that the department “take proactive steps in the healing process,” what the police chief failed to understand is that the Scorpion unit ... which stands for Street Crimes Operations to Restore Peace In Our Neighborhoods...was an idea greatly needed for if crime in Memphis' streets had truly been under control this unit whose stated aim was to “target violent offenders in high crime areas”...would not have been necessary nor needed.

Think of it this does not throw the baby out with the dirty bath should not throw out an entire law enforcement unit because of the heinous actions of a dirty few, especially when that unit is instrumental in helping to keep the peace.

But in the case of Memphis, TN...a city with one of the highest crime rates in the country...fear alone overrode the police chief's better judgment...fear that the video's release would result in riots and mayhem breaking this video would become a call to action for looting to begin, fires to be set, and with personal responsibility be damned. Thankfully, that did not happen as to do so would have dishonored Tyre Nichols name, and besides no amount of stealing nor fires set would bring this innocent young man back to life.

However, the BLM and Antifa sorts...who relish in exploiting police killings of young black men to advance their leftist political agenda while further diving our country along racial lines...did take to Memphis' streets sans the rioting...for now as I write this anyway...where they let out a collective cheer upon hearing that Scorpion had been “dissolved” with one protester screaming over a bullhorn that “the unit that killed Tyre has been permanently disbanded.” What he or she should have screamed was not about the unit itself but that thankfully the five officers who had badly dishonored the unit of 30 were now being held accountable. And that, in turn, should have been the much needed catalyst to open a dialogue as to why “fatal encounters” with law enforcement seem to keep happening despite repeated calls for change.

Taking responsibility for one's own actions coupled with simply obeying the law immediately comes to mind...but not in this case...for this is a case of an innocent young man being the victim of, to put it quite mildly, excessive police brutality.

And know that more times than not these particular types of encounters have nothing to do with one's skin color per se, but have everything to do with an individuals actions in the perpetrator vs. the police. But with Tyre Nichols and the five officers involved in his actual beating...Desmond Mills, Justin Smith, Emmitt Martin, Tadarrius Bean, and Demetrius Haley...all being black, race should never have entered the public discourse, and yet it did.

How so? Because one of the three EMTs in Robert Long...was white, as was Officer Preston Hemphill who was relieved from duty at the start of the initial investigation as he was present at the original traffic stop, and was the one who fired the taser at Nichols, but he was not on scene when the beating took place,

And of course now entering the public discourse is none other then the anything (but} Rev. Al Sharpton. During a recent speech in Harlem he stated that the black officers actions were “especially egregious” because the officers, like the victim, were black. “Your Blackness will not stop us from fighting you (meaning the police). These five cops not only disgraced their names, they disgraced our race.” 

And Sharpton himself did just that by his again bringing race into the discourse when at Tyre Nichols funeral he made his eulogy an actual indictment of race. Saying that if Tyre had been white, police "wouldn’t have beat him like that, that night," ignoring the obvious that the five rogue officers probably could care less what color Tyre's skin color was, as some sort of inner rage probably drove them to do what they did.

So as BLM sorts and other black activists, along with both leftist Democrats and their cohorts in the mainstream media, continue to spew the tiring rhetoric about how “systemic racism” can manifest itself in the actions of non-white people...simply it cannot. Why so...because as brutal and sickeningly vile as the case of Tyre Nichols was, this case must remain not about color, but about five rogue cops taking matters, literally, into their own hands with an innocent young man their victim, and in no way is what happened indicative of the actions of the vast overwhelming majority of our nation's police officers.

These five officers must be punished no one is denying that, but know that in this particular case neither politics nor a political agenda belongs in the discourse, and the sooner this fact is accepted with punishment adjudicated accordingly it's then time we and white folks together...move on from playing the over hyped, over indulged, race and anti-police game.

And here I'll some say something that some might not like, but I believe that Tyre Nichols' family should have laid their beloved one to rest privately, and with all due respect should not have turned his funeral service into a media side show replete with Kamala Harris and the anything (but) Reverend Al Sharpton, two individuals who relish in making everything about race and hatred of our nation's police. Hate the five who did the unspeakable, but do not make all police officers out to be the monsters these five ex-officers do that actually dishonors Tyre Nichols memory.

Rest in Peace Tyre Nichols, you will never be forgotten by those of us who seek true justice for all.

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