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REPORT: 'Whistleblower' Who Complained About Trump's Call to Ukrainian President Zelensky RevealedEverything Trump's defenders feared about the whistleblower is true. According to a report from RealClear Investigations, the whistleblower is 33-year-old Eric Ciaramella.

Ciaramella is a holdover from the Obama administration and a registered Democrat. He's been accused of leaking like crazy. He worked with Joe Biden, he's a vocal critic of President Trump, and he invited a DNC operative inside the White House to attend meetings. He also helped instigate the investigation into Russia collusion. So, of course, Democrats would believe his second-hand complaint about President Trump's phone conversation with Ukranian President Zelensky over the actual transcript of the call itself.
Dead By Rightful Design
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

"Last night was a great night for the United States and for the world. A brutal killer, one who has caused so much hardship and death, has violently been eliminated.”
- President Donald Trump on the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

There were no U.S. casualties during the compound raid, with but a military working dog named Conan sustaining minor injuries when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, also known as Caliph Ibrahim, blew himself and his three young children up...children he had been using as human a true act of cowardliness after realizing his fate had been sealed...sealed thanks to President Trump.

It was an operation five months in the operation involving joint ground intel as well as ongoing monitoring which culminated in a daring, two-hour nighttime raid on al-Baghdadi's compound. Located in Idlib province's Barisha hamlet, this particular hamlet and compound had been under our surveillance for some time due to its being in what was left of ISIS held territory in northern Syria.

And so the actual lead-up to al-Baghdidi's death started around 5p.m. EST last Saturday evening when after having finished rehearsing the raid in Erbil, Iraq, eight helicopters carrying teams of elite U.S. troops included Delta Force commandos, launched from al-Assad airbase in Anbar province Iraq and flew over what President Trump called "very, very dangerous territory" towards the compound where “al-Baghdadi spent his last moments in utter fear, in total panic and dread, terrified of the American forces bearing down on him.” Finally meeting his demise in what was a dead end tunnel...Abu Bakr al-Baghadadi detonated his suicide vest and blew himself and his three children straight into hell.

And know that al-Baghdidi is indeed dead contrary to what the naysayers are now saying as DNA tests done about 15 minutes after his “very messy demise” positively confirmed that that the dead man indeed was ISIS founder and Iraqi national Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In fact, U.S. teams on the ground as per President Trump, "brought body parts back" so there could be no questions as to who was killed, unlike Barack HUSSEIN Obama who had our military, “respectfully” dump Osama bin Laden's body into the sea. More like destroying the evidence I'd say.

And while our president's critics are now chiming in with condemnation regarding his actions can read about that in my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen's article, He Died Like a Dog...also know that President Trump tentatively approved the final mission about a week before it commenced. 

Rightfully keeping the mission a secret, Trump knew that to do otherwise would see a number of Democrats “letting slip” certain key bits of information, thus jeopardizing not only the mission to take out the world's most wanted man, but would also put those involved in said mission in serious danger. 
In fact, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo agreed with President Trump's decision to keep the mission for the most part mum saying that “there were only a handful of us that were dialed into this operation, myself and a handful of others, and then those, of course, who were executing the mission, in the run-up to this.” Also according to Pompeo those involved in the operation had two priorities, ensuring information security and executing the mission...and I believe this is exactly how all critical operations should be in the less who know the better.

We’ve been tracking this guy for a long time, we wanted to take no risk that anyone would ever compromise the operation, so we were very focused on information security...and we wanted to make sure we were doing it right, and so we were focused on delivering the outcome that we got,” were Mike Pompeo exact words. 

And so successful was our president and those few who knew in keeping this operation a secret that only now has it become known that two or three previously planned missions were scrapped until every last detail for success was locked into place.

But while it was our U.S. forces alone who actually went in and accomplished what they were tasked with doing... a task that also saw at least nine members of ISIS killed in addition to al-Baghdadi with many of them being his family members...the mission itself was still a joint operation of sorts...a chain of both information and cooperation...with trusted Iraqi officials, Vladimir Putin, as well as the Kurds living in Syria's northeast quadrant...being given a heads-up as to what was going to take place. Even Turkey was given a cursory heads-up no matter that they deem the YPG Kurds to be terrorists, for it was those very YPG Kurds who also saw the danger ISIS posed not only to the region in general, but to their all important quest for an autonomous state, thus solidifying their cooperation. 

In fact, it was the commander-in-chief of the Kurdish forces in Syria, one Mazloum Abdi, who admitted in a tweet after the operation was completed that the intelligence gathering that led to al-Baghdai's death had indeed began in earnest about five months ago...thus proving to Trump's critics that this was no impulsive move on our president's part. And Commander Abdi also announced within hours of al-Baghdadi's death that U.S. backed anti-ISIS forces remaining in northern Syria had also taken out Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, a close associate of al-Baghdadi, and that they did so courtesy of SDF intel shared with our military.

And then just this past Monday, Commander Abdi told NBC News that another of his SDF informants actually helped lead the Americans to al-Baghdadi’s compound. Adding that the still unnamed informant had gained al-Baghdadi's trust to such a degree that he was a "facilitator and logistics aide" involved in helping al-Baghdadi move from numerous safe houses in Idlib province before settling into the compound where he met his end, and also that the informant provided personal details about al-Baghdadi, including the fact that he always wore a suicide vest when traveling so that he could blow himself up if cornered.

And as I write this neither the Pentagon nor the White House has officially commented on a "high-level mole" being part of the mission to kill or capture al-Baghdadi. And yet that is not out of the whelm of possibilities as "moles" have at times been an integral part of such types of operations.

But to me what is most critical to this mission's success was the fact that Russia..who controls the much needed airspace over Idlib province...made no attempt to stop said mission as Putin...remember he had been informed of the mission and his country is part of the U.S. led coalition against terror...knew that not only is ISIS a destabilizing force in the region, but that they are an enemy of all civilized men.

And so at around 3:30am Syrian time after the mission was successfully completed... including our gathering up of ISIS intel and documents laying out their future plans...U.S. choppers took off for the return journey to Erbil, Iraq, flying unchallenged over the so-called “badlands of Syria,” briefly crossing into Turkey, then into northeastern Syria, continuing on to the Kurdish held north of Iraq, the very place where the long hunt for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had really begun. After all it was in Camp Bucca where al-Baghdadi was reportedly held back as late as 2009, only to be “unconditionally” released to the Iraqi's who in time let him go...and so began al-Baghdadi's unrelenting killing spree. 

And so the seedlings of what became ISIS...seedlings that were actually planted in Iraq back in 2009...grew to where on June 29, 2014, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed that a "caliphate" was now straddling both Syria and Iraq and that it was under ISIS control.

But the question still remaining is what exactly allowed what became “Operation Kayla Mueller”...named in honor of the young American aid worker who was kidnapped, tortured, and then killed on al-Baghdadi's go forward? The fact is that up until a little over a month ago we still had little if any serious leads as to al-Baghdadi's current whereabouts. But a much needed break finally came in September courtesy of Iraqi National Intelligence Service officials who were able to identify a Syrian man who had recently moved his own family from Iraq to Syria as being the same man who had smuggled into Syria's Idlib province through Turkey the wives of two of al-Baghdadi’s brothers. In fact, it was also learned that this very same smuggler had previously helped smuggle al-Baghdadi’s children from Iraq into Syria, again through Turkey. And luckily these same Iraqi officials were then able to “bribe,” if you will, the smuggler and his wife, along with one of al-Baghdadi’s own nephews, into providing information about the route al-Baghdadi had used along with the final destination of those traveling with him.     
And in early October, the Iraqi's turned over their now confirmed intel to the C.I.A. who then in turn were able to locate al-Baghdadi, with the Iraqis continuing to provide updated real-time information to President Trump once al-Baghdadi had settled into the Barisha compound. And so the man who was always on the move out of fear for his own safety was now back in Syria where he had been very many times before.

And here I'll include as a side note that back in 2013, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was indeed in Syria masquerading as one of the “supposed” Syrian rebels, and it was here in Aleppo that it appears he met with Sen. John McCain as can be witnessed by these photos. It would have been interesting to know exactly what, if anything, transpired between these two men or if McCain had any idea of who Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi really was or of what evils he soon would become capable of.

But with that being but an interesting yet mute point, the fact remains that once the Iraqi's shared said intel with President Trump...who had made taking down al-Baghdadi one of his top priorities...he was then able to order military commanders to begin drawing up specific plans for al-Baghdadi's take-down. And while the actual decision to move begin “Operation Kayla Mueller”...was not officially finalized until Saturday morning after his having received “actionable intelligence” that al-Baghdadi was indeed in the Barisha compound, did members of the Joint Special Operations Command Delta Force Team carry out the high-level and still then secret operation. 

"Something very big has just happened!" was President Trump's tweet after Saturday night's successful completion of “Operation Kayla Mueller” had taken place.

And so the annals of history will now show that America once again stood strong and proud under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump as we were the ones who took out one of the baddest of all bad guys. And while this one chapter regarding ISIS is now closed, the ISIS book in regards to Syria itself still has for us at least two chapters remaining open. One chapter concerns our troops still being stationed in eastern Syria to not only protect the oil fields that are under our control, but to keep the oil out of the hands of a possible and highly likely ISIS tried expected resurgence to avenge al-Baghdadi's death.

And while neither Syrian nor Russian forces have to date challenged our control of those oil fields, it should be noted that another still open chapter sees us keeping a small number of troops at the Tanf garrison near the Syria-Iraq border what with American commandos housed at Tanf still being tasked with training an anti-ISIS force separate from the joint SDF mission.

The death of Baghdadi is an important moment in our fight against terror but the battle against the evil of Daesh [Isis] is not yet over.”
- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on hearing of al-Baghdadi's death.

So while ISIS in Syria might seem to be no longer a threat, all parties involved should still be wary for ISIS has well prepared for such an occasion as their founder and leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's death. Remember, the deadly rattlesnake can bite even after its head has been cut off, and know that ISIS can too even without its titular head.

Copyright @ 2019 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved. 

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