Friday, May 6, 2022

Ukraine says more civilians rescued from Mariupol steelworks

The fight in the last Ukrainian stronghold of a city reduced to ruins by the Russian onslaught appeared increasingly desperate amid growing speculation that President Vladimir Putin wants to finish the battle for Mariupol so he can present a triumph to the Russian people in time for Monday’s Victory Day, the biggest patriotic holiday on the Russian calendar.

Some 2,000 Ukrainian fighters, by Russia’s most recent estimate, are holed up in a vast maze of tunnels and bunkers beneath Azovstal steelworks — and they have repeatedly refused to surrender. Ukraine said a few...Read more, see pictures and video here.

Chief Justice Roberts Has a Message For Those Trying to Sway the Bench's Decision-making
Leah Barkoukis / Townhall Tipsheet
Speaking Thursday at the 11th Circuit Judicial Conference meeting in Atlanta, Chief Justice John Roberts called the leak of the court’s opinion “absolutely appalling” but said it will not affect the bench’s decision-making. 

“A leak of this sort — let’s assume that’s what it is — is absolutely appalling, and if the people behind it, or person behind it, thinks that it’s going to have an effect on our decision process, that’s absolutely foolish,” Roberts said. “We will go about doing our work as we would in any event, regardless of the leak.”

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court confirmed the draft opinion’s authenticity but cautioned it's not the final position.

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