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One Tweet Wrecks the NYT's COVID Panic Piece on Churches

One Tweet Wrecks the NYT's COVID Panic Piece on Churches
The new COVID cases. It’s all the media can talk about—and it means nothing. Who cares about new cases? Is the death rate spiking? No. In fact, it’s low. Very low. Low enough that half of the country remains on their charted paths to reopening or they have reopened. And notice that it’s always the cases that are highlighted. Memo to the media, new cases don’t mean new deaths no matter how much you want it to be. You want another lockdown. You want more job losses. You want more economic despair. And you especially want more people to die. Sorry, but that’s not going to happen. For starters, the credibility behind the lockdowns met a quick death when y’all decided to just stop reporting on COVID for two-to-three weeks to give George Floyd rioters positive coverage. Don’t go outside, unless you’re going to protest…or riot, right?

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On Race, Politics, and Behaviors Learned
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

To quote a 2018 article in National Geographic, “There’s no scientific basis for race - it's a made-up label.” The first question then is, is that really the truth for what we are witnessing in today's America seems to counteract that very statement. And while genetically we might all be biologically the same, behavioral wise we seem far from it. And the second question is, have certain behaviors been “selectively programmed” into certain folks or is behavior coupled with both actions and inactions simply something learned due to “cause and effect” and nothing more?  

I've come to believe the answer to those questions encompasses a combination of both along with jealously being its driving force, and the reasons are as telling as white and black being diametrically opposite on the color wheel. 

So let's start with the fact that the concept of race, as in one race is superior to another race, has been used by those in power to both separate certain people from the general populace while at the same time keeping said people's actions in check. A perfect example of this can be seen in Nazi Germany when Hitler deemed the Jews to be an inferior race even though both the Nazis themselves and the Jews were of the same Caucasian (white) race. Rounded up, tortured, turned into slaves, and “exterminated” by the millions, Hitler's Germany saw the Jews as a threat not because they were actually intellectually or physically inferior but because as a people they were more successful and more educated, thus posing a threat to both the status quo and a madman's plan to conquer the world. 

Simply, sheer jealousy saw Hitler turning a group of people into a separate race because a scapegoat was needed by which he could funnel and focus the German people's economic frustrations into a tool he could use to gain, keep hold of, and expand both his power and control. The German people learned to hate the Jews not because they really harbored said hate against their one time friends and neighbors, but because they were indoctrinated into the behavioral aspect of hate by those in power. Change your behavior, do as we say, or join the Jews in the gas really was as simple as that. 

A learned, emotionally driven behavior was manipulated into becoming a hateful, dangerous, and deadly behavior...a behavior that got out of hand and almost destroyed the world. Sadly, such behavior is now seemingly coming to life again right here in our beloved America, but this time it's not against the Jews but against white America as a whole. And who is perpetrating such behavior...the Democrat politicians in D.C. are...politicians who are using America's black population as their tool by which to divide this country even more than the division Barack HUSSEIN Obama willfully and willingly set into motion. 

And with the Democrats divisive and vile behavior being on par with Hitler's persecution of the Jews... albeit of course to a far lesser just has to look at the rioting, looting, vandalism, attacks on and murdering of both innocent white folks and the police being either played down, ignored, or excused by the media so as not to let us see the truth of said behavior in action. And the Democrats have a quite specific motivation by which to channel and hopefully manipulate black America's behavior towards the majority of America's white population...with their reward being the recapturing of lost black votes...votes lost after having thrown black America under the bus in favor of garnering the illegals votes. 

And the specific behavior being taught and learned by many, but of course not all black Americans, is that only “Black Lives Matter” no matter that it's at the expense of all others. White America owes black America for the sins of slavery's past the Democrats want all black folks to believe, and by their saying it enough times what was and is an ongoing lesson in behavioral indoctrination has now seemingly become a newly ingrained, learned, black behavior. 

White supremacy is the enemy and it must now end. That is the very lesson too many in America's black population have learned along with the countering by white folks as to why such hate and ideologies still exist, especially when the concept of supremacy is actually just one of numbers. Simply stated, white America is indeed larger population wise than black America, always has been, always will be, especially when black America is not only the biggest killer of their own people crime wise, but sees more black babies being aborted than white or Hispanic (so-called brown) babies combined. Numbers don't lie...white supremacy in regards to population is just the reality that it is. 

Even so, the questions concerning ideologies in regards to supremacy still needs to be answered in biological terms before the black vs. white issue can finally be laid to rest for misunderstood biology itself seems to be the root cause of all the predominately black misbehavior we see in our country today.  

Bottom line...there's absolutely no white supremacy biologically wise nor will there ever be black supremacy biologically wise for science itself has proven that all humans are biologically the same... we are of the same species, the same type, and the same kind...we evolved from the same ancestor...we are all born with the same clean behavioral slate... it's just when nature, nurture, and the environment come into play where we...where the so-called races...start to diverge. But even that divergence does not make one race biologically superior over's a combination of both “survival of the fittest” and opportunities taken or not taken that does. 

And while it's fact that the man-made concept of race has basically been relegated to the visual aspect of how a certain group of people look as opposed to another group of in skin color, eye color, hair texture, etc...simple genetic diversity resulting from naturally occurring random mutations...tiny tweaks to our DNA, the so-called “code of life” what accounts for these differences. These visuals do not and will not change our common genetics, it's our behavior and our emotional reactions to situations in general where what is deemed a “racial divergence” is clearly now being seen.  

How so? White folks in general tend to act and react to situations more out of logic and common sense, while many black folks tend to act and react to the same situation on a more emotional and many times illogical level...a counterproductive level that does more to harm than help their specific agenda...albeit many times their given agenda is based upon lies and half-truths believed. 

The George Floyd reaction is a perfect example of such a scenario for while most white folks wanted a full investigation into the matter with “due process” taking place, a good number of black folks took to the streets to riot, loot, and burn thus anointing themselves the (not so) rightful judge, jury, and executioner in this specific matter. And to make matters worse they deemed their actions and reactions justified because their ancestors were once slaves and “whitey” owed them “free stuff” to make amends for the chains they themselves never were in. 

Forgotten by these black folks is that throughout history peoples of all colors have been slaves at one time or another, and that it's they alone who cannot or simply will not move on from the past. And it's here where once again a learned behavior comes into play for the Democrats and the media have taught yet another generation of black people that they still remain under the white taskmasters whip, so to speak, when the only whip they remain under is in their believing the Democrats lies as being the truth.

The concept of race has no genetic or scientific basis.” - Dr. Craig Venter, a pioneer of DNA sequencing 

And it's this lesson learned along with corresponding bad behaviors that has allowed for not only a social and economic division between blacks and whites, but for what's deemed racism itself to continue to exist in today's America...a collective behavior learned whether consciously or not that has become buried so deep within a certain segment of America's black population that it has actually become part of who they are. And this is sad indeed as it allows both racial and cultural distinctions to continue to shape both our politics as well as black folks sense of self-worth.  

And shape our politics racism surely has, with racism being easily adaptable to fit one's given message and/or agenda. And how Democrat candidates love to pull out the “race card” when needed so that they can deny that it's they themselves who are actually closet racists by their turning racist accusations back onto their in their Republican opponents. This can be seen today in presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden falsely accusing President Trump of being a racist when it's his past actions and words that have actually proven him to be the racist. You can see Biden's actions and words for yourself in my article, Disassembling Joe Biden. 

And you can also witness both the “race card” and the “black victim card” being played in the politically fabricated and media generated world of “identity politics” along with its companion “counter culture.” How so? Just take a look around and see as fact that while the Democrats do not hold either the Senate nor the White House, it's the Democrats who have made black Americans their pawns in their deciding what is justice served and what is not. And they're doing so while using “political correctness” to try and push forward their lie of “white supremacy” simply to arouse the black malcontents into once again “behaving badly.” 

So while on the surface white Democrats do try to visually reject crude and overt “in your face” displays of racism...saying or even thinking the N-word being their biggest no-no...their hatred for white America...their (faux) hatred for their own kind...they proudly wear on the sleeves knowing it's for political expediency alone. White Democrats understand that eventually the truth about who is to blame for psychologically keeping black Americans chained to the past will in time come out for anything as virulent as the truth about racism can only be kept secret for just so long. 

Simply, in the end, lessons learned through indoctrination are fragile at best and in time will become but meaningless words. But the sad part is that they will only do so after those screaming racism have put a stake through the heart of American traditions, American values and morals, and most importantly American history.   

This is what our country is experiencing right now as the fire that is racism heats up thanks to those who still don't understand that we are all biologically the same. One's bad behavior can and must be relearned or at least modified for and white...are all Americans, and it's time we put skin color and the hate aside. It's time we judge others on their own merits not lump all into a specific racially driven collective. And it's way past time that appeasement be removed from ones political and personal agenda before appeasement itself destroys this country.  

I think President Donald J. Trump said it best when he spoke at Mt. Rushmore by saying that, “The United States is the most just and exceptional nation ever to exist on Earth and no nation has done more to advance the human condition than the United States of America and no people have done more to promote human progress than the CITIZENS of our great nation."  

How right our president is and those "behaving badly" must be called to longer to be excused nor appeased...for as President Trump also said, “they would tear down the beliefs, culture, and identity that have made America the most vibrant and tolerant society in the history of the earth." And to that I say, as do many others, “United we stand, divided we fall” really is as simple as that. 

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