Tuesday, June 26, 2018

BREAKING NEWS...the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision affirmed that the travel ban WAS constitutional in the case of Trump v. Hawaii, and that the order WAS within the scope of presidential powers granted by the Immigration and Nationality Act. And Chief Justice Roberts...who wrote the opinion...also stated that nowhere in the order was religion mentioned and he "slammed" the dissent for providing no sound rebuttal. Kudos to the SCOTUS on doing the right thing no matter it being a party line vote.

Iran: Protests expand in Tehran, protesters chant “Our enemy is right here, they lie when they say it is America”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


#Breaking Protest expanding in Tehran. Images of protest around Majlis (Parliament). People are chanting "Our enemy is right here, they lie when they say it is America."#IranProtests #IranRegimeChange pic.twitter.com/7wavvzHtmX — Amir Bolurchi (@ablrchi) June 25, 2018 The Iranian people deserve better than the brutal and inhumane Islamic Republic. We can only hope they will soon […]
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Developing now, Tuesday, June 26, 2018
  • The South Carolina GOP gubernatorial runoff will be the focus as voters will decide primary contests in seven states Tuesday
  • Democrats reportedly worry that calls to publicly shame Trump administration officials will hurt them at the polls and possibly the November midterm elections
  • The Justice Department refused House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes's request for more information about the FBI's use of alleged informants in 'spygate'
  • The Trump administration has temporarily scaled back a key element of its 'zero tolerance' immigration policy amid backlash over the separation of children from their illegal immigrant families
  • FOX News has learned the identity of the Congressional intern who cursed at President Trump on Capitol Hill last week  - and that the intern will not be fired

Today, Tuesday, June 26th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss 'Becoming Europe is Not an Option'; Circus Cannons, Guatermelons, and the Law'; and important news of the day.

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Becoming Europe Is Not An Option
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”
- President Ronald Reagan

Last Friday in my article Vetting and Votes...Replete With Children Thrown In For Good Measure, I explained why the current 'illegal alien' problem at our southern border is in no way President Trump's fault. Laying blame directly where it belongs...at the feet of former President Bill Clinton and his signing of the Flores Consent Decree into law...I also explained how Barack HUSSEIN Obama expanded Flores making the problem even worse and how President Trump, via an executive order, is at least trying to remedy the situation...especially in relation to minor children being “separated” from their 'supposed' parents after they breech our border. I even laid out a solution...as in send them all back from whence they came...because these folks are not “immigrants” to our country but “invaders” of our country...many invaders MS-13 in style and agenda...“invaders” not totally unlike the muslim “invaders” of Europe. 

But first, one needs to understand what exactly a true “immigrant” to America is...as in one who goes through all the “legal requirements and processes” in order to enter our country with their objective being not just gaining permanent residence here, but of assimilating into the fabric of our American society with the ultimate goal of becoming American citizens. And I mean “red, white, and blue” American citizens not “hyphenated” Americans...but law-abiding, taxpaying Americans who have something of substance to contribute to our country, and who do not continuously have their hands out expecting a free-ride and handouts for life at 'We the People's' expense. 
Now as for those whom, I believe, are indeed invading our country via our southern border...one must first understand that an “invasion” of America does not necessarily mean by another county's armed forces during a time of war. An invasion, as it is happening right now at the border, is simply an unwelcome intrusion into our country by a large number of people who cannot be properly vetted yet who still want entry...and at times demand entry...believing it is their “right” to enter our country no matter they did so illegally by breaking our immigration laws.

And most, but of course not all, of those now crossing our southern border are doing just that...invading our country via a welcome mat both designed and laid out for them by the 'desperate for votes' Democrats. And their votes the Democrats will surely garner upon their handing over the promised “goody bags,” if you will, bags full of freebies and handouts...for remember one never bites the hand of those who feed, house and clothe them. And it's all paid for with the sweat and labor of we American citizens...American citizens now sadly relegated in importance to second place below that of said “invaders.”

And to make matters worse the “invaders”...with their 'supposed' children in tow...because of their shear numbers will more than likely slip through the cracks of our already overburdened immigration and legal system and invade all corners of our country putting Americans out of work while at the same time 'raping' our welfare and health care systems. But hey...it's okay...after all the Democrats will get the illegal vote to counter the votes they won't get based upon their non-workable policies and platform alone.

Now here are just a few facts that many have closed their eyes to in regards to the invasion coming through our still unsecured southern border. Fact: since 2016, 110,000+ minors...mostly teenagers of MS-13 recruitment age... have entered the U.S. illegally and been released...yes released...along with 200,000 Central American 'supposed' families caught sneaking across the border. Fact: with over 11,000 minor children of illegals now in custody...again with many being teenagers of MS-13 age and the 'supposed' sons of single male 'supposed' fathers...and with 250 or more arriving every day, there could be upwards of 30,000 minors in custody by this summer’s end with the teenagers of MS-13 age again being released... remember the only allowed 20-day hold...to transverse our country as they see fit. Fact: the Hispanic population in our country as it stands now is estimated at almost 60 million and is predicted to exceed 100 million by 2050. 

And why is this number critical in regards to the current invasion at our southern border... because when any minority population reaches the point where they are no longer a minority it alters either or all of the political, legal, societal, or demographic landscape of the country they invaded...and most times it is not for the better.

And it is indeed starting to happen here and sadly we are allowing it to happen.

And no...I am not saying all Hispanics are “invaders”...of course they are not so don't even go there...I am, however, referencing these facts solely in context to the current situation regarding those now illegally entering our country. I am referencing those folks who once here have no intention of assimilating into our culture wanting instead to keep their 'third world' mentality, mindset and culture; along with those comprising the ever-growing numbers of Hispanic males of MS-13 recruitment age...as in middle to high school age...now entering our country who will most likely be released via the 'get out of jail free card' known as the Flores Consent Decree.

MS-13...short for Mara Salvatrucha...is a gang or should I say criminal organization...now “operating” in at least 42 states and Washington, D.C...which alone has over 6,000 members and counting. Leaving a trail of drugs, extortion, and dead bodies in its wake, MS-13 is comprised mainly of those from El Salvador or their first generation offspring, however, all those of a certain age now entering illegally through our southern border are ripe for recruitment as well as are the weak and easily swayed of America's youth.

Now also remember two other important things in regards to the “invaders”...first, in general those who do not assimilate tend to have more children than those who blend into our society which has great impact on our population numbers and cultural identity and second, gangs like MS-13...who live by their own set of rules...see the growing influx of unaccompanied, smuggled, and/or “prop” children...minors posing as “fake” family units...as ripe for the picking 'soldiers' to be used in their war against our country...a war whose goal is easily laid out as per their motto...“Kill, Rape and Control.”

And those four words alone constitutes the components of an invasion, and dare I say it's an invasion not unlike the ongoing muslim invasion of Europe. Surprised I'm equating the invasion at our southern border with that of Europe... don't be for their commonalities are more than a wee bit obvious if one just opens one's eyes.

How so...let's start with the fact that Europe...with its open-borders policies...has allowed their countries to be overrun by an invasion of mostly young, strong, healthy muslim men... while millions more sit waiting to invade their shores. Accepting migrants...accepting refugees...accepting muslims in the name of diversity coupled with Europe's collective soul and bleeding heart mentality for the downtrodden...has Europe now seeing its culture and its individuality being destroyed by 7th century barbarians who come equipped with the 21st century weapon de jour known as terrorism. And the leaders of once proud countries sit back and watch their women being raped, their citizens being killed, and their country's monies via their version of welfare actually going to help fund the takeover of their respective countries by the very “invaders” they so foolishly embraced.

And while some of Europe's countries are now saying 'no more'...countries like Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania to name but a few...others have basically surrendered because they have neither the will, the capabilities nor the monies to fight back as the muslim population within them now grows and sadly their native populations decrease. Think Great Britain, France, and Germany as three prime examples of countries losing a war based upon “invaders” numbers growing daily with no sign of abating...no sign of abating as 'No Go' zones and sharia courts increase by the day. Just look at London with it's now muslim population out numbering Brits by 51 to 49 percent coupled with the fact that Britain’s 'Muslim Council' has filed a request for an official inquiry into “islamophobia” within the British Prime Minister’s Conservative Party. And know there will be such an inquiry for the population numbers are there to not only demand it be so, but to also get the changes they alone see fit.

Talk about using a host country's own laws against them...talk about that already happening here as well.

How so...we in this country have allowed over 340 “sanctuary cities” to house and protect from prosecution up to 20 million illegals...with some saying that number is as high as 31 million illegals...most of whom have entered our country through our unsecured southern border. Criminals all in their illegality alone, these folks are protected from being rounded up by ICE and also from legal prosecution courtesy of elected officials such as mayors and governors no matter how many rapes, robberies, and murders they've committed, and no matter how many “anchor babies” they've spawned. And this surely constitutes an invasion not unlike Europe's for it continues year after year as our leaders sit by...or should I say Congress sits by...doing not a damn thing of substance to stop it. Talking is one thing...a lack of definitive action is quite another.

The only difference between we and Europe is that Europe has muslims as its “invaders”...we on the other hand have an invasion for the most part of Central Americans who would rather be given a free-ride by our country than fight to make right their countries of birth. But don't think for a minute that an all-out muslim invasion won't be next...we are already seeing the first signs of it with mainly muslim men sneaking in amongst the hordes now illegally crossing our border.

Remember, Congress and especially Obama, has already allowed moderate and radical muslims dedicated to destroying our Constitution and replacing it with sharia law into our country. And let's not forget “chain migration” where once here these muslims can now legally bring their families here as well. And with muslims breeding like rabbits, with most muslim families consisting of between eight to ten children with each wife...and with their 'so-called' religion allowing them up to four wives...you do the math...that number alone should wake you the hell up.

And with Europe now seeming to be losing its battle against their “invaders,” the question that remains is will we lose ours courtesy of our southern border still not being sealed? And with the Democrats not wanting it sealed, how far will Republican lawmakers go to enforce the immigration laws currently on the books or will they cave yet again and cow-tow to Democrats and cut deals...as in we'll give you this for that...while the real issue is not being addressed? And that real issue is that most of 'We the People' do not want illegals here...period. 'We the People' do not want deals made that appease those who break our laws nor do we want lawmakers who just don't get that the words etched into the plaque on the Statue of Liberty are not now nor will they ever be constitutional law. 
In other words, legal immigration...yes....illegal invasion...no.

So what do 'We the People' want? We want President Trump’s promised wall at our southern border and we want the “zero-tolerance” policy followed albeit of course done humanely. We want sanctuary cities gone and we want deportations of illegals started post-haste, most especially those who have committed crimes while in what is "our” not "their" country. And most importantly of all, we want our American culture, language, and way of life...the very fabric of our American society...protected at all costs for nowhere in the Constitution does it say that these United States must be the world's refugee garbage dump. Send us your best and brightest...send us those who long to be free and who have something to offer this country not those who just want to bilk us dry. Send us those or send us none...it is as simple as that.
The bottom line is this...immigration is vastly different than invasion...America welcomes legal “immigrants” but we will not tolerate being invaded. The muslim invasion of Europe, for the most part, has succeeded unless their people rise up now against leaders corrupted to their very core. We cannot allow the invasion occurring at our southern border to lead us into becoming Europe for remember all invasions start small and grow through ignorance, platitudes, and appeasement. We Americans cannot save the world...we cannot save Europe as they must save themselves...but we can save our country and our way of life but we best start doing it now before it becomes too late.

I cannot say it any plainer than that.

Copyright @ 2018 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.

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Today, Tuesday, June 26th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss 'Becoming Europe is Not an Option'; Circus Cannons, Guatermelons, and the Law'; and important news of the day.

Hope you can tune in at: http://listen.samcloud.com/w/73891/American-Political-Radio#history