Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Official Portraits Gone Wrong
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

They're a total disgrace to the office of the presidency and an affront to America and to 'We the People'... portraits deliberately painted to mock the reverence of the office that we as Americans hold dear. In fact, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery should refuse to hang them or else hang them in some back closed-to-the public room. And why...for out of all the great African American artists they and the Obama's could have chosen to paint their official presidential and first lady portraits, they chose two of the most untalented paint-by-numbers sorts to bring shame to the Portrait Gallery and to all presidents and first ladies past.

In fact, Barack HUSSEIN Obama's portrait, done by Kehinde Wiley, looks like some ..."wham! bam! pow!"... cartoon style comic book rendition of a man sitting stoned in the middle of a drug field, but then again the suit the artist wore to the unveiling looked as bad and undignified as his painting.

Sorry but at an official event that is known to garner as much attention as this one, one does not go dressed as a clown.

And Michelle's portrait does not even come close to looking like her let alone her dress being an affront to the class and elegance that other first ladies brought to their position and to their portraits. In fact, if artist Amy Sherald thinks she is making Michelle look like some regal long ago African queen, her official portrait, unfortunately, comes across like a high school rendition of a paint-by-numbers on velvet fiasco...or that of a wanna-be rock star...which by the way Michelle "I've never been proud of my country until my husband became president" is not.

And oh yes, Michelle's hands are so out of proportion that they look like the giant claws of some lobster maybe sharing the same drugs Obama himself seems so high on in his absolutely ridiculous official formal portrait.

So why can I say what I said style and execution wise...because I hold a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree (BFA) from one of the top art and design schools in our country.

And while each artist has their own unique and individual style, there is a time and a place where respect should 'trump' all else. And when one is painting portraits that will represent the man and his presidency and will hang in a place like the Smithsonian, that indeed should be the time and place for respect to be shown. But then again when the subjects themselves had and still have no respect for the positions they once held what can one really expect.

Now this is but one portrait hanging in the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery that conveys the due-respect the office of the presidency should be afforded. And I'm not saying that just because it is of our beloved Ronald Reagan, but because all past presidents and their first ladies, both Democrat and Republican, have had their portraits done in such a way as to honor our country and show respect due the highest office in our land.

And I can guarantee you that in seven years when Donald Trump leaves the office of the presidency and when Melania is no longer our first lady, that their portraits will show class, dignity, and a love for our country that the Obama's portraits simply do not.

Art is subjective I know but then so again is trash...if you know what I mean...just saying.

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TRY THIS! Facebook’s Changing Your Newsfeed. Here’s How To Make Sure You Still See Posts By Your Favorite Sites
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Facebook’s Changing Your Newsfeed. Here’s How To Make Sure You Still See Posts By Your Favorite Sites.

By James Burnett, Daily Wire:
Facebook recently announced that it will be making major changes to its newsfeed that will significantly impact what users see. The emphasis, CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained, will be on posts from users’ friends and family, as well as what Facebook calls “trusted sources.”

Those “trusted sources,” however, are not necessarily going to be the same pages and news sites that users follow; rather, they are sources that Facebook designates as “trusted” through what it says will be rankings produced by “a diverse and representative” sample of Facebook users (see full post below). Which sources are “trusted sources” and which are not, is unclear. Sources not deemed “trusted” — even those you choose to follow — will get buried or de-emphasized in your newsfeed.

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Today, Tuesday, February 13th, from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss the case of the dueling memos; possible stupid new California laws; and important news of the day.

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The Case of the Dueling Memos
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

It was a set-up from the get-go...we knew it, the Democrats knew it and didn't care if President Trump knew it. And he indeed knew it and was so right in saying that the Democrats rebuttal memo was written as it was so that they could "blame the White House for lack of transparency."

And Trump's claiming that the Democrat's memo, as it stands now, was written as "a very political and long response memo which they knew, because of sources and methods (and more), would have to be heavily redacted"...is of course true for it was deliberately written in just that way knowing well that F.B.I. and D.O.J. officials would tell Trump it could not be released as written...which they did.

So, the very two agencies complicit in the Russian scandal itself...are now both complicit in making sure President Trump alone would be blamed for a lack of transparency no matter that he publicly stated that he is absolutely not against releasing the Democrats memo...a rebuttal to the recently released Nunes' what Trump called “blockbuster” memo...but that they need to "re-do and send back in proper form!" After all, the Republicans had their memo properly prepared so it could safely be released to the public...as in removing anything that might compromise national security...so why shouldn't the Democrats have to do the same thing.

They should have to do the same thing no matter that, as expected, senior members of the Democrat hierarchy called Trump to task for his refusing to release said memo...or what they sometimes call a “document”...claiming that the president had no right to withhold it after he had cleared Nunes' memo almost immediately. But what the Democrats are really saying is they demand their media-driven soapbox to attack and try to further discredit Donald Trump and they demand that soapbox post-haste...national security be damned.

And Trump knows this and to that affect, White House Counsel Donald McGahn outlined our president's rightful concerns in a letter he sent to Rep. Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee Chair. The letter included two main points. First, in a document from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, regarding specific passages in the Democrat response that involved as per A.G. Sessions, "longstanding principles regarding the protection of intelligence sources and methods, ongoing investigations and other similarly sensitive information"...McGahn pointed out the exact passages that needed to be redacted. And second, McGahn wrote that in "public interest and transparency in these unprecedented circumstances," President Trump had directed "Justice Department personnel be available to give technical assistance to the committee" in making the needed revisions.

And yet even with said specifics given...specifics that were and still are an easy fix...the Democrats whined in defiance...including whining that the White House sent said memo back to Nunes directly instead of submitting it to Rep. Adam Schiff, the H.I.C's ranking minority member and the memo's chief composer...along with whining that they believed their memo was to be revised solely "to mitigate risks identified"...as in to take the heat off President Trump...no matter that those who have already seen said memo have said that in no way does it negate anything in Nunes' memo.
And the whining continued on throughout this past weekend no matter the fact that not only did above said White House Counsel McGahn, on President Trump's “directive” no less, personally offer Rep. Schiff the above said technical assistance so that the memo could be released in a timely and proper manner...McGahn did so no matter that the memo in its current form would see him saying that it “contains numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages”...passages that would obviously have to be redacted and/or revised before being released for public consumption.

But was the offer of technical help good enough for the Democrats...of course not...and out came the usual cast of characters to say that President Trump is once again obstructing justice...their version of justice that is. And the attacks, as expected, were led off by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer who said that Trump's double standard when it came to transparency was "appalling"... and "What is he hiding?"...to be followed in tune by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's claiming that the memo's “blockage” shows that Trump's “hypocrisy” is on full display, and that this is nothing but his attempt to put and end to the still on-going Russian investigation.

Continuing on by saying that Trump's not releasing said memo was "a stunningly brazen attempt to cover up the truth about the Trump-Russia scandal from the American people"...“the president has something to hide"...and... "Why won't the president put our country before his personal and political interests?"...Nancy Pelosi is very woman who not only puts illegals and her and their corresponding personal and political interests before our country, before American citizens, and before our troops who defend our freedoms in the theaters of war...but also before those here at home...as in our police...who help keep America's streets safe...or at least they try to what with the animosity our police have to deal with all initiating and coming from the left.

And while the Democrats continue to whine and stamp their feet like the two-year old children they relish in acting like, there is another memo slowly circulating that most know nothing about because the liberal controlled media refuses to report on it.

And why do they not report on it...because this document, known as the Grassley-Graham memo, absolutely corroborates both the claims made in the Nunes memo...claims that Obama's F.B.I. and D.O.J. did indeed use only the “anonymously sourced, Clinton-campaign generated innuendo”... as in the Steele dossier...to convince the FISA court to issue surveillance warrants against Trump campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Page...and that in their doing so, they deliberately, and I say with malice, concealed both the Clinton campaign and the DNC role in getting the Steele dossier compiled and funded.

And why did Hillary's people zero in on Carter Page as the fall guy...a man who by the way had left Trump's campaign before the first warrant was even issued...simply because they knew that if they secured the much needed FISA warrants that the in-their-pocket F.B.I. could now “seize” not only Page’s “forward-going communications,” but also “seize” any past emails and texts he may have stored on his computer...as in communications between him and the Trump campaign.

Devious sorts Hillary's campaign people were...well trained by Obama and his people but of course.

So what exactly is in the Grassley-Graham memo (a letter actually) that is so very damning to the Democrats...and most especially to Hillary and Obama...how about these three key facts. Fact one: the FISA warrant targeting Carter Page appears to have been issued on “insufficient grounds.” Fact two: the Steele dossier itself, which was the basis for the FISA application, “appears to contain no additional information corroborating the dossier allegations against Mr. Page.” And fact three: the F.B.I. “relied more heavily on Steele's credibility than on any independent verification or corroboration for his claims.”

In other words whether Steele deliberately and with malice misled the F.B.I. about the “extent of his contacts” with the press, especially in regards to his 'supposed' findings coupled with whether this should have influenced the F.B.I.'s assessment of him being credible, and if they took what is deemed “adequate steps” to either confirm or refute Steele’s reporting before they sought a wiretap order.

Obviously the F.B.I. did none of the above for they obviously knew the truth all along...at least their hierarchy did...and for that they need to be investigated.

Now add in that we also need not only an investigation into just the FISA warrant applications themselves but also into how the FISA judge(s) could dare to sign both the original truly baseless warrant and its three just as baseless renewals..including the last renewal that was done after Donald Trump became president.

Can you say collusion via “activist judges” sitting on the FISA court...I can. And I absolutely refuse to buy into the nonsense that some on the left are now spewing...as in that the FISA judge(s) warrant approval allowing the surveillance of U.S. citizen Carter Page was based upon the 'supposed' fact that the court was not given the full picture of exactly who was behind the unverified obviously partisan dossier of a man who was a known former aide to the presidential campaign of the opposition party.

And know that both Sens. Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham composed their memo...which they sent to the D.O.J. in early January weeks before the Nunes memo was composed...strictly in support of the criminal referral recommending that Christopher Steele be investigated for making false statements to the F.B.I., which some might not know is a felony. And while their memo was at first withheld because its contents were deemed “largely classified,” it was finally released shortly after the Nunes memo but with heavy redactions...redactions done for national security reasons...which was the right thing to do.

And as I write this we seem to have reached a stalemate of sorts as the Democrats keep whining that Trump's refusal to declassify the Schiff memo is nothing but an “assault on the legitimacy of the government's Russia investigation” as well as it being a ploy to undermine Special Council Mueller's lead in that investigation.

So, where do we go from here as we await seeing if the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee will do the right thing and put the Schiff memo into its “proper form” replete with the much needed for national security reasons redactions, or if they take advantage of what is known as 'Rule X'...a rule that would allow the Democrat committee members to call for a committee vote on releasing said memo over the objections of the president. 'Rule X' was what allowed the Nunes memo to be released setting all into motion. But thankfully they would need the support of the majority Republicans on the intel committee which they surely will not get, so I guess we are in for more accusations and mud-slinging against President Trump and his administration.

More mud-slinging for sure even while we know that the cunningly crafted Schiff memo was composed not as true rebuttal to the Nunes memo, but solely to back Trump into a corner in a desperate attempt to try to convince 'We the People' that the Trump administration is hiding something from us...which they are not.

So as President Trump rightfully and truthfully continues to call out the Democrats for playing “political games,” and with the Democrats countering...whining actually...that Trump “flip-flopped” over the memo's promised release denying them promised transparency, the fact remains that all this memo back-and-forth has done is implicate not President Trump but the Democrats themselves. And to that I say job well done.

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Today, Tuesday, February 13th, from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss the case of the dueling memos; possible stupid new California laws; and important news of the day.

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