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They Don't Want Your AR-15: They Want Everything

They Don't Want Your AR-15: They Want Everything
The “news” media is ranting the democrats familiar song, after a muslim jihadi committed atrocities in a gay nightclub: “We must ban the AR-15, a weapon of war, it has no place in the public’s hands. Why does anyone need an AR-15 to murder Bambi?”

It doesn’t matter to the “fair and balanced“ media that the mass murderer (not “gunman,” a deliberate derogatory sexist slur against men—and guns) didn’t use or even have an AR-15.

It doesn’t matter that banning the AR-15 would have zero effect on what was done, or what the next jihad assault will do. All that matters is that murders create political capital and useful propaganda that influence useful idiots to press Congress to act against the Constitution. And they do. For shame.

What democrats and anti-rights bigots want is to ban all effective weapons in American hands.

Without realizing it (maybe) they pursue marxist goals of making the public subservient to the government boot. It is the exact opposite of why the Second Amendment is in the Constitution in the first place: It’s there to balance federal power.

Ever since the so-called Gun Control Act of 1968, when officials could get all the machine guns they wanted, but you and I could only get single-shot rifles like the AR-15, we have been subarmed. The balance of power flipped decisively to government.

That’s why you see the atrocious federal leviathan that concerns everyone. Even the ACLU is worried about how much federal power has grown. Mao was right. Power comes from the barrel of a gun. All I have is the barrel of a pen. Ain’t much of a match.

George W. Bush Steps in to Help Save GOP Senate SeatsIn one of few times since leaving the White House, former President George W. Bush is stepping back into the political limelight. He is reportedly fundraising for some of the senators who are now vulnerable thanks in large part to the GOP's controversial presidential nominee.
"President Bush believes that it's critical to keep the Senate in Republican hands. He is actively helping some senators in tight races who are strong leaders and share timeless conservative values," Bush spokesman Freddy Ford told NBC News.
A few senators who will benefit from Bush's political return include Kelly Ayotte (R-SC), Roy Blunt (R-MO), Rob Portman (R-OH), Ron Johnson (R-WI) and John McCain (R-AZ), who faces an especially frightening challenger in Ann Kirkpatrick. These Republican leaders - and many more - may have a difficult time defending Trump's rhetoric to their constituents. Kirkpatrick leads McCain in new polls and 44 percent of voters surveyed said they are less likely to vote for McCain because of his Trump endorsement. In this nervy context, McCain admitted that this race was the "race of his life."

As for the 43rd president, he has indicated he's no fan of Trump. Both he and his father opted to skip the 2016 RNC convention next month.

Can Bush help keep the Senate in Republican hands?

The people at the very top of America’s vast defense system are endangering the nation’s security.

It’s an astonishing warning from a national security professional who recently worked deep inside the federal government, former Department of Homeland Security officer Philip Haney.

In a radio interview this week, Haney charged that President Obama has not faithfully carried out his duty to guard Americans against terrorism. Haney said he and his colleagues collected a vast amount of information on terrorist networks.

“We’ve done our job,” he told host Alex Jones. “But the administration literally, deliberately and intentionally has refused to acknowledge the existence of this information.”

Haney, author of the smash bestseller “See Something, Say Nothing,” once spearheaded investigations at the National Targeting Center, which provides information in real time to Customs and Border Protection agents making decisions about who to let into the country.

He specialized in finding the connections between different groups and individuals before they could strike. However, an investigation into a global network known as Tablighi Jamaat was shut down by Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the DHS because of fears that it violated the civil rights and civil liberties of Muslims. Haney believes that if the case he helped develop had been allowed to continue, it might have prevented Sunday’s terrorist attack in Orlando and the attack in San Bernardino, California, in December.

Iran files lawsuit against US at International Court of Justice in the Hague
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Iran files lawsuit against US at International Court of Justice in the Hague
Hizballah is Iran’s proxy and has been since its inception, so the court ruling is entirely justified. But Iran, knowing that the Obama administration hastens to do its bidding, is pressing that advantage in every way it can. “President Rouhani: Iran Files Lawsuit against US at Hague,” Iran’s Fars News Agency, June 16, 2016 (thanks […]
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Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs
omar mateen 66And Obama is inviting this savagery by importing tens of thousands more Muslims, among whom there will be any number of ISIS fighters, to our shores. This treasonous administration is hellbent on doing as much damage to the U.S. as possible.

“ISIS Praises Mateen as ‘Lion of Caliphate,’ Urges Attacks at Theaters, Hospitals, Amusement Parks,” by Bridget Johnson, PJ Media, June 14, 2016:
An ISIS-affiliated media group issued new statements today praising Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen as a “lion of the caliphate” and a “hero” for slaughtering 49 “infidels” — and calling on other lone jihadis to follow his example….
The Al-Battar Media Foundation, which previously...