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Standing With Tucker Carlson
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio 
This an opinion piece, my opinion alone, and does not necessarily represent the views of
FOX News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways." We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor.” 
- Official statement issued by an unnamed FOX News Media spokesperson (4/24/23)

As Republican party infighting continues unabated; as consumer prices soar and gas prices edge higher once again; as the war in Ukraine rages on while draining America's pocketbook; and as Biden and crew refuse to lock down our southern border... we now find that the left has a new defacto ally in FOX News.

Once the news haven of we on the right, FOX News is now on the verge of committing ratings suicide with what amounts to their firing of Tucker Carlson, whose show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” was the top rated FOX show. And Carlson's being let go after 14-years with FOX came less than a week after Fox settling a defamation lawsuit...settled to a tune of $787.5 million...with Dominion Voting Systems (an electronic voting and hardware company) whose attorneys claimed that some FOX News personalities, including Tucker Carlson, peddled what Dominion considered to be false claims regarding the 2020 election being stolen...which in my personal opinion it was for in no way do I believe that a supposed shananigans-free “basement dwelling Joe Biden garnered 81+ million votes.

But even before Tucker Carlson's unexpectedly being let go, FOX had already started losing both credibility and viewership, and it all started when they severed its 20-year tie with Bill O'Reilly. And why...simply because a New York Times report alleged that either O’Reilly himself or that the Fox Corporation itself had paid $13 million to settle five cases of “alleged” sexual and assorted other harassment charges against O'Reilly...with “alleged” as in “unproven”...being the operative word...charges that Bill O'Reilly continues to deny to this very day.

And so with O'Reilly, FOX set the tone of being “fire happy” instead of taking their chances in court. And if that doesn't send a message...a message that FOX's hierarchy alone will be judge, jury, and sole purveyor of guilt or innocence regarding any charges leveled against one of their employees even if said charges are minus tangible proof. And FOX will continue to do so if it helps prevent having to pay out larger sums of monies in any such lawsuit. Remember, in the world in which FOX operates it is, was, and always will be all about the money...credibility and truth be damned.

And FOX seems to be stuck in a cycle of sorts...a cycle not just about firings per se, but about public demotions as well. And that particular cycle seems to have started with Judge Jeanine Pirro's being demoted from her highly rated prime time show “Justice with Judge Jeannine”... to her being but one of “The Five.” And while “The Five” was and remains a ratings success, it is mostly a “fluff style” news and celebrity gossip show, a far cry from “Justice.”

Then came Dan Bongino, a former FBI and secret service agent, as well as a former New York City police officer whose show, “Unfiltered,” was canceled after he and the outlet could not come to terms on a new contract. “I want you to know it’s not some big conspiracy,” Bongino said on his podcast, adding that,“I promise you. There’s no acrimony. This wasn’t some WWE brawl that happened. We just couldn’t come to terms on an extension.”

But, no matter that negotiations went bust regarding his show  “Unfiltered,” Dan Bongino still saw his other show, “Canceled in the USA”...which ran on FOX Nation...also being removed from FOX's lineup, in spite of FOX's claim that Bongino may still “occasionally” show up as a guest on other FOX shows. And while “Canceled in the USA” was also ratings gold that FOX's hierarchy, for whatever reason, still decided to cancel, leaves me to wonder just why was Tucker Carlson..the man who was rightfully considered to be the very face of FOX News...made the fall guy for what in reality was FOX's own ineptitude in regards to the Dominion fallout.

Simply, in their shadow blaming Tucker's Dominion erroneous as it is what with Carlson always having been vocal in his not being a fan of Donald Trump coupled with correspondence gathered that clearly has him stating that Trump's take on Dominion was wrong...Rupert Murdoch and sons...with said sons probably being the ones now running the show...have made fools of themselves for they never took into account both Tucker Carlson's popularity and the fact that it was their actions alone that saw within one day of Tucker's being let go both a 3.6% stock price loss...equating to a $962 million market value loss...coupled with a major loss in viewership. And with dollars and ratings always being the bottom line, I'm surprised that daddy Murdoch himself was not on bended knee begging Tucker to come back for even he has to realize that Tucker's departure is proving to be nothing but network suicide.

And with FOX now in trouble, I'm also surprised that Tucker's coworkers have not rallied around, united with, and stood strong behind him for even they have to know that the whims of Murdoch and sons could see them being the next to be let reason or excuse needed..and that includes Sean Hannity, Jessie Waters, Laura Ingram, Greg Guttfeld, and my personal favorite Judge Jeanine Pirro. Also not to be overlooked is that FOX's news anchors...Brett Bair, Neal Cavato, etc...were quick to jump on Don Lemon's firing over at CNN but did not say a word about their coworker and friend Tucker Carlson being let go. Guess they were told not to open their mouths or else “they would be next” as the old saying goes. After all, threats do seem to work wonders when nothing else does.

And speaking of threats...veiled or otherwise...were threats coupled with truths kept hidden the real reason why FOX and Tucker Carlson...who relished in holding the left to account...“parted ways”...the very two words used by FOX's aforementioned unnamed spokesperson? In my opinion it never was the Dominion brouhaha for that started back in February 2021 when Dominion first sued Fox for defamation claiming the network willfully “spread and endorsed one of the most damaging lies in this country's history,” with FOX counter-suing saying that the suit was nothing but a “political crusade” that would negatively affect the country's “First Amendment rights.” And this what is but a he said/she said scenario had two years to fester and grow all on its own with no input from Tucker Carlson needed.

No, I remain steadfast in my belief that Tucker Carlson was let go due to his in-depth January 6th expose replete with his debunking of the left's narrative about an “insurrection” that never was, courtesy of the Capitol tapes where the truth could clearly be seen by all.

And with said expose FOX was privy to what was probably the biggest news story since the "presumed to be stolen" election election I and millions of others still believe was stolen...yet not a word about Carlson's expose was reported on by any of the FOX news anchors. And this is probably because Rupert  Murdoch himself along with his RINO Paul Ryan...who sits on FOX's Board of Directors...said it was a “no go”...after all...and again in my opinion...the entire Murdoch clan as well as Paul Ryan...are but carelessly veiled Trump hating liberals hiding in the not so good disguise known as FOX News.

And there's something else that must be added into the “parting of the ways” mix yet is being kept silent. And that is the fact that Tucker Carlson was currently looking into the truth and the lies surrounding the “Ray Epps” affair... which actually was considered to be ground zero of a supposed conspiracy theory that the January 6th attack was but a “false flag” orchestrated by federal agents. And of course this scared Murdoch and crew for many times conspiracy theories are indeed based in truth, and those who sided with the Democrats dare not let even more truth about January 6th come out...especially out of the mouth of someone like Tucker Carlson.

And so Tucker Carlson is now free of the reporting shackles put on him by in the censoring and the incursion of woke nonsense slowly working its way into to be who he really is as in a seeker of political truth...a maverick if you will and a maverick with millions of loyal included. And the loser in all this remains the FOX Corporation who continues to lose money...and lots of it...viewership, and respect while Tucker Carlson grows in status with each passing day...a hero to we on the right. 

So what will Carlson do now, what with job offers coming in, including from Glen Beck and the Blaze; the Hill; OAN, and even from Russian State TV? Personally I think with Tucker Carlson now reaching cult status...and rightly so...that the best thing he can do is remain an independent of sorts and call his own shots. Maybe he should do what Dan Bongino did and hook up with Rumble via a podcast of his own...a podcast like Bongino's where he and he alone controls its content.

Or maybe...and here I'm thinking outside the box...maybe Tucker Carlson should hook up with Bongino and start a network of their own...a network that combines the best of Republican and conservative values with a healthy dose of Constitutionalism thrown in for good measure.

And who knows maybe they could even pool their monies together and try to buy Rush Limbaugh's old EBI radio network...the largest privately owned broadcast entity in the country today...and bring back the likes of Bill O'Reilly and other truth tellers who became victims of closet leftists too afraid to openly show who they really are.

And in closing, there's one little bit of personal advice I'd like to give to Tucker Carlson regarding whatever he chooses to do, and that is that he never use company servers to send emails and private messages again...just saying. 

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