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Has An American Race War Already Begun?
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio at

From the blood of the American Revolution was born the greatest nation the world has even known. A bastion of freedom and “unalienable rights”...rights that while written by man were rights determined and set into motion by the hand of God the Father of us all. And even as we stumbled at times while walking that very path of freedom...with wars, slavery, self-perceived injustices, and misplaced visions of inequalities being but some of the obstacles strewn in our path...the United States of America has remained the guiding light of freedom and hope for those who came and are still coming to our shores.

But now once again our beloved America faces obstacles...obstacles placed not from without but from within by forces who see and relish in playing upon our country's foibles instead of heralding our country's achievements. No one individual is perfect nor is any country perfect, most especially when that country is known as a “melting pot”...a “melting pot” comprised of those whose differences and similarities run the gamut from cultural to emotional to political tangibles...tangibles that more times than not see diametrically opposed individuals tending to view Americanism, American history, and the American dream itself in terms of both partisan politics and figurative black vs. white issues instead of in what should be collectively driven American red, white, and blue.

Now trying to destroy the fabric of our American society... the very fabric that sets us above all other nations in the freedoms and rights we afford our citizens...the fact is that while some on both sides of the political aisle speak of a second 'civil war' fast approaching no matter who is elected president this November, the truth is that America is already somewhat but not officially at war...a Democrat initiated war with herself...and it seems we patriots can only figuratively fight back against the ongoing anarchy and insurrection that surrounds us as partisan driven politicians continue to stoke the fires of hate instead of dousing those fires with the 'rule of law.'

Most folks tend to forget that America is a nation of laws and that no one must ever be above the law. That is the very promise and premise as laid down by our Founding Founders in the Constitution, but it's a promise we now see being broken time and again, a promise broken for political expediency alone. How's new socialist-Democrat party's continued existence, whether they win in November or not, depends solely upon their continuing to allow certain folks...BLM, Antifa, and illegal sorts to be continue to be above the rule of law. And it's these miscreant folks who are being played simply for their votes, yet they refuse to see themselves as having become the Democrats sacrificial lamb in their “take down Donald Trump by any means possible” ongoing political game. 

And for the Democrats, taking President Trump down even means throwing the law by the wayside and replacing our constitutionally laid out 'rule of law' with unabashed mob rule currently masquerading in the guise of calling itself a democracy...a "pure-democracy" where power is exercised directly by the people...very bad people in this case... instead of by duly elected representatives. And in today's now racially charged and media manipulated America, that truly does become the very definition of anarchy, for he in the mob who screams the loudest becomes the ruler of said mob and hence the people. And for those who embrace anarchism that means we would be seeing an anything goes society where what you have is theirs and it's free for their taking with not a thought being given to the collateral damage involved or even whether said damage is of the concrete and mortar or of the flesh and blood kind.

So, knowing all this the question is, are we now a country hovering on the threshold of a full-blown race war and is our country really ready for that?

Sadly, the answer is twofold. As conservatives we're currently bearing witness to the skirmishes that if allowed to continue unchecked will surely lead to an actual weaponized and bloody race war; while the Democrats are already both vested and invested in such a war. How so? Why else would the Democrats formally condemn white people 15 times in their party platform, thus leading to yet another question, exactly how long will we conservatives allow this to go on without us having to admit that we are indeed at war. 

Welcome to this summer's pre-election, Democrat initiated and funded what they already consider to be a race war, a war Democrats say President Trump started, a war where anarchist tactics are being condoned...actually they're being Democrat mayors and blue state governors none of whom seem to want to condemn let alone stop the violence. And unfortunately, it's anarchy that always seems to gain a foothold in cases like this especially when police hands are tied, which they most assuredly are and have been since George Floyd's untimely death at the hands of the Minneapolis police. And when the media relishes in turning a career criminal...a common street thug arrested yet again right before his death...into a sainted hero, you just know that the Democrats have a specific agenda and goal in mind. 

And said agenda now not only includes the always hoped for removal of Donald Trump from office, but of actually overhauling or totally disbanding via defunding America's police force, as well as solidifying Barack HUSSEIN Obama's so wanted fundamental transformation of America into a socialist state...a state where everyone would be equal at the bottom rung of the socio-economic ladder except for a chosen ever so vocal few. Simply, what the Democrats want is for anarchy to reign supreme with insurrection being heralded as a “just response” for a segmented population's self-perceived black woes.

Again...conservative Americas are already seeing the skirmishes leading up to what the Democrats have already deemed to be a race war...a 'civil war' with both the powers that be and with the police. And while the Democrats instigated this what could become an all out armed war, their troops in the field, so to speak, are misguided BLM and Antifa sorts who once again have failed to learn from the lessons of history...history they want to erase. And with some in the BLM hierarchy alluding that Marxism has always been their driving weapon of war...and as we see the streets of some of America's largest cities turning red with the blood of innocents...can both the weapons and manifesto of Nazism itself really be that far behind especially when the war they engage in is driven by pure unadulterated hate. 

No it cannot, and sadly Nazism in spirit and application is already here it just goes by a different name...appeasement...and it has a slightly different in every white man, woman, and child...coupled with those of any color who wear “blue.” And like it did in Nazi Germany with the now hoped for and being seen defunding and eliminating of numerous U.S. police departments, the BLM and Antifa sorts have openly made the police their prime played for the media target for they know that without the police standing in their way they would be totally free to riot, loot, burn, and beat up and/or murder innocent folks. And it's all in a concerted effort to sway November's presidential election...not unlike Hitler's “Brown Shirts” did back in 1930's Germany...coupled with their own self-serving quest for power. 

And just like in Nazi Germany, the BLM and Antifa miscreants and thugs are in a way being given free reign to do exactly that because the Democrat mayors of certain American cities, cities now seeing violence on a nightly basis, are actually blaming the Trump administration not the rioters for the ongoing and increasing violence in their cities. And it doesn't just stop with the blame game...word semantics if you will...but has now crossed the line into application as some mayors are actually ordering the police not to quell the violence nor arrest the perpetrators of said other words ordering the police to “stand down.” 

For example, as tensions continue to boil over in Portland, Oregon, a city who has seen violence for over 60 straight nights now, just a few days ago its Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler, along with five other Democrat city mayors, actually pleaded with Democrats in Congress to block the Trump administration's (rightful) plans to send in at least 100 extra federal agents to his and other cities in an attempt to stop the escalating violence. And that escalating violence also includes the ongoing violence in Seattle, Washington, where the police were recently forced by BLM protesters actions to declare this particular protest to be a riot, and were forced by the BLMers increasingly violent actions to pepper-spray the around 2,000 folks who were “behaving very badly."

In fact the left's lunacy...lunacy always fueled on by Democrats and their cohorts in the leftist Trump-hating media...has gotten so out of hand as to who's to blame for Democrat controlled cities going up in flames, that last weekend as both racial tensions and graphic violence increased, thousands of protesters in other key Democrat cities took to the streets to protest not the BLM and Antifa sorts who are the perpetrators of all the violence and mayhem, but to protest what they called “the antics” used by the police as they tried to stop the orchestrated violence...truly bizarre is it not.

And how's this little side note for bizarre...while around the same time that Michael McHale, the head of the National Association of Police Organizations rightfully accused former President Obama of being the one responsible for what he called a “War on Cops”...which I, too, personally believe he was...Google's translation app, 'Google Translate,' actually listed the words “a police officer” as the primary definition of the word “demon,” with but the secondary definition of "demon" being “an evil spirit or devil.” 

And while Google took said definition down after receiving numerous complaints, it leaves one to wonder just where the current what is a “war on the police” will go next what with many black leaders feeling that there are no easy nor quick answers or fixes concerning what they perceive to be ongoing racism, racial tension, police brutality, and their always fall back on complaint of escalating gun violence in America...the excuse the left always uses when trying to take away our firearms and our Second Amendment right to possess them. 

So as the Democrat mayors of those cities destroyed by anything but peaceful protesters now are starting to beg President Trump for federal aid to help clean-up and rebuild their cities, there does remain a way out of this mess and it's not by simply choosing a non-violent path forward as some black leaders are calling for, for that is just putting a band-aid on a problem that will surely resurface and once again stain the band-aid red. Simply, not only must police hands be immediately untied and their departments be refunded so they can do the jobs they became police officers to do, but we as the collective of the American people must take a good hard look around and really see and digest all that has happened, and then not only call to task those responsible for the carnage, but we must vote out all Democrats from office who sat back and encouraged said violence or who did not a thing to stop it.

And if we don't, what are now considered by we conservatives to be but skirmishes will match what the Democrats already consider to be a full-blown race war...and it will be a war that surely will not end well for either side...especially when one side still erroneously believes that only black lives matter.

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