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Second Japanese Hostage Beheaded
By: Diane Sori

BREAKING NOW...newest ISIS video shows the second Japanese hostage being beheaded. When will people learn you CANNOT negotiate with terrorists...EVER!

And it seems there is a possibility that he and the Jordanian pilot were executed a week ago and all these negotiations were smoke and mirrors. Time to put a stop to this once and for all...bomb these freakin' savages back to the 7thh century that spawned them...period.

Freakin' savages...and Obama still will NOT say 'muslim islamic terrorist'! Look at this picture long and hard because it's coming here if we don't stop it 'over there.' This is the tangible here and now enemy I speak of...any questions...

Austerity American-style; is it too early to change the course? Obama wants to ditch sequestration, and he will use the typical talking points. On the White House website, sequestration is being blamed for cuts in after-school programs that will affect 1.2 million kids, along with the elimination of 30,000 teaching jobs, meals for more than four million homebound seniors, and less funding for first responders in local communities.

Of course, the administration does not like to talk about any cuts to spending – spending that includes attempts to make emergency unemployment insurance a permanent fixture.

The left-leaning Economic Policy Institute correlated the expiration of such long-term benefits with a drop in fewer people who were lifted out of poverty.
Night Watch

Pakistan: Update. The Ministry of Interior rejected a request by former president Musharraf to travel to Saudi Arabia to pay respects to the late King Abdallah.

Comment: Musharraf remains on the Ministry's Exit Control List (ECL) because of the multiple court actions against him, including treason. A court ordered his name placed on the ECL. The government is serious about bringing him to trial.

Pakistan-US: Pakistani officials and analysts continue their criticism of the US President's deals with India. At a press conference today, foreign ministry spokesperson Tasnim Aslam warned about the implications of the 10-year US-India defense agreement.

Aslam said that "on the conventional side, India's massive acquisition of weapons further complicates regional strategic stability" as India's defense spending had increased by 12 per cent in 2014-15 and stands at US $38.35 billion. (Pakistan's defense budget for 2014-2015 is about US $6.9 billion.)

"India has been the top buyer of arms for the last three years. In this backdrop, the US-India 10-year defence agreement can only add to the conventional asymmetry and hence strategic instability," she said.

The media spokesperson also reported that Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif was in China during the US President's visit to India. The Chinese reportedly promised Pakistan "cooperation in all respects." Aslam said that Pakistan attached great importance to its relations with Beijing because China was a source of peace and stability in the region.

Punjab Province Governor resigned. Pakistan Punjab Province Governor Chaudhry Sarwar resigned on Thursday following a conversation with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over his public statements about the government's foreign policy. He said, "Obama's visit to India is a failure of the Pakistan government. The second visit of Obama to India is Pakistan's big failure on foreign affairs front as it should have arranged his visit to Pakistan."

Other reactions by Pakistan included sending messages of moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri militants. A Pakistani senator said that Pakistan's historical mistake was to develop close ties to the US and to ignore Russia.

Obama has agreed to 80 percent of Iran’s demands in nuclear talks

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Not only has President Obama insured that the jihad force has nuclear weapons, but Russia finally has nuke superiority over the U.S.

I warned repeatedly in my book, “The Post American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, that Obama would dismantle American hegemony and betray our allies.

iran obama 3American is slouching into a very dark period.

“Obama has agreed to 80 percent of Iran’s demands in nuclear talks, Israeli officials tell Ch. 10,”  Jerusalem Post, (thanks to Van)
Israeli officials told Channel 10 on Friday that they are convinced the Obama administration has already agreed to most of Iran’s demands in the P5+1 negotiations over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear...


Friday, January 30, 2015

The 2014 midterm elections was one for the history books. When President Barack Obama said all of his policies were on the ballot, voters rushed to the voting booths to give Republicans an extraordinary landslide victory. And as we know now, one of the biggest motivating factors was Obama’s illegal executive actions on immigration policy.

It is extraordinary to watch a twice-elected President create a humanitarian crisis on the Southern border. For the sake of a radical-left political agenda, Obama is willing to keep the border unsecured, grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, and ensure our country is less safe. The end goal is a long-term and permanent demographic shift to favor the Democratic Party and big government for future generations.

But the American people are waking up. New polling from the respected Paragon Insights shows that voters will overwhelmingly support the Republican Party if they chose to fight Obama’s efforts to grant amnesty to the approximately 12 million illegal immigrants in this country.

The poll shows that only 19 percent of people making less than $50,000 and only 15 percent of blue-collar workers support Obama’s amnesty efforts. But 40 percent and 47 percent, respectively, strongly oppose it. The Paragon Insights poll mirrors a poll conducted by Facebook’s pro-amnesty CEO Mark Zuckerburg, which found that even 78 percent of Hispanics support increasing security along the Southern border, with roughly the same number support rules for employer background checks and stronger penalties for overstaying visas.

These numbers are devastating, and should give the GOP the grassroots ammunition they need to win this critical fight. And this is bad news for Democrats in the Senate, as all 46 Senators signed a letter opposing the defunding of Obama’s executive amnesty.

The problem is, the political establishment in both parties supports amnesty. An eclectic and well-funded network of big businesses, progressive community organizers, and Hispanic groups are very influential in Washington, D.C.

So far, the House Republicans have yet to offer serious legislation to secure the border. Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul (R-TX), introduced the "Secure Our Borders First" bill (H.R. 399), but it does not stop amnesty or address the need for more fencing. In fact, anyone from Mexico who claims to be asylum-seekers will be waved into the country after breaking our laws. No wonder the GOP proposed it the same day as Obama's State of the Union address, and are in such a rush to pass it.

Now, it is time to call out the House leadership for being more interested in appearances than actually fighting Obama’s amnesty agenda.

The stakes have never been higher, especially as Obama just appointed Loretta Lynch, an amnesty supporter, to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General. She once said, “If someone is here, regardless of status, I’d prefer they are participating in the workplace.”

Obama’s Progressive government is already busing illegal immigrants into cities without warning local governments, and border states are being forced to spend millions of dollars to handle this growing crisis.

The border needs a double-fence, a biometric exit system, and more well-trained Federal agents.

Until a new President is elected, it is up to Republicans to use the mandate voters gave them and secure the border now.

Let me make it clear that I’m happy that Beau Bergdahl is home. Mostly because it’s now possible for him to be court-martialed under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

I’m more troubled by the deals that Obama is making right now.

On Tuesday I had Townhall’s political editor, Guy Benson, who officially is one of the top 30 under 30 something or others in the world apparently.

Let’s just say he’s a really big deal.

He is troubled as well. He pointed out that the Obama has a habit of making bad deals.

In China, we entered a so-called “climate change” deal that gave China everything and we got nothing, except the bill for China’s growth.

In Cuba we lifted an embargo and got little in return, and even what we got wasn’t delivered.

In the Bergdhal deal we released top terrorists-- some of whom say they will come back to fight the United States-- in what the Obama administration said was a prisoner exchange. But really they just want to shut down GITMO.

Or maybe they are making room at Guantanamo Bay so that they house only families making $250,000 or more per year.

Don’t worry: None of this will affect you…until it does.

But what troubles both Guy Benson and me most are the on-going negotiations with Tehran over their nuclear program.

Iran will get the bomb not despite the efforts of the United States, but because of the efforts of the United States.

Raymond Ibrahim: The West — Desensitized to Islamic Violence

Following the January 7 massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, where Islamic gunmen killed a dozen people because the satirical magazine had mocked the prophet of Islam, one thing has become clear: the amount of atrocities committed in the name of Islam all around the world have become so frequent, so ubiquitous, that other, lesser hostilities by Muslims, which might once have been newsworthy, are now completely falling by the wayside, seen as minor and insignificant—commonplace, almost expected.

Thus, while Islamic gunmen were massacring “infidels” in Paris (and elsewhere),  “everyday Muslims” in Europe were engaging in less dramatic, but no less significant behavior.

On Friday, January 9—Friday being when Muslims get most riled during mosque sermons and when non-Muslims are frequently attacked—“foreigners” in Italy, believed to be Muslims, attacked a man kneeling in prayer before the statue of the Virgin Mary, tore the photo of a loved one from his hand, and then broke and urinated on the Virgin Mary statue.  By the time police arrived at the chapel the attackers had already fled.

Ten days later, also in Italy, a crucifix near a populated mosque was shattered to pieces.

Immediately after this incident, according to the report, “People have already strongly reacted across social networks. They are outraged at this new blow to their deepest feelings, to their beliefs. People can’t take it anymore.”

Nor did the municipality’s Councillor Giuseppe Berlin of the civil list “Your Town” mince words:
It’s time to put an end to the do-gooders’ policies of welcoming and integrating by a certain political party.  Before we put a show of unity with Muslims, let’s have them begin by respecting our civilization and our culture. We shouldn’t minimize the importance of certain signals; we must wake up now or our children will suffer the consequences of this dangerous and uncontrolled Islamic invasion.
Meanwhile, Pope Francis called on Catholics and Western people in general to refrain from insulting other religions—namely Islam: “It’s normal, it’s normal [violence]. One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith.”… Keep reading

Terrorist released in deserter Bergdahl swap returns to jihad

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

When Obama released senior Taliban leadership in exchange for a deserter who went AWOL to join the jihad, patriotic Americans were outraged.

Who is surprised that these devout Muslims are returning to wage bloody holy war in the cause of Islam? No one. It was predicted by all of us immediately.

Why is the enemedia not calling out Obama on his treachery? Because they are complicit.

There is a divide in America. Patriots versus the destroyers, and I suspect it will come to war eventually. I do not believe we will go silently into night. The left scored a deathblow with the election of Obama, but it ain’t over yet.
“Officials: Detainee swapped for Bergdahl suspected of militant activities,” By Barbara Starr,...

Kissinger Physically Threatened at Senate Hearing; McCain Denounces 'Scum'
By Greg Richter / NEWSMAX

Image: Kissinger Physically Threatened at Senate Hearing; McCain Denounces 'Scum'
Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain said he is willing to put up with protesters in his hearings, but he is concerned that members of Code Pink on Thursday physically threatened former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who is 91.

Kissinger, along with fellow former secretaries of state Madeleine Albright and George P. Shultz were testifying when members of the group held up a sign calling Kissinger a war criminal and approached the witness table. One of the protesters dangled a set of handcuffs over Kissinger's head, McCain said Thursday on Fox News Channel's "Your World with Neil Cavuto."

McCain said it is the first time he has seen protesters physically threaten someone in a hearing room. Only one Capitol Police officer was in the room, "and that individual really didn't do anything," McCain said.

Story continues below video.

Several senators left the dais to stand between the protesters and the witnesses until more police could enter to remove the protesters, he said.

"Now, this is a 91-year-old man, who, by the way, is recovering from a broken shoulder who … has served his nation, in my view, incredibly honorably over many, many years, going all the way back to World War II," McCain said. "And they treat him this way."

McCain said he believes the protesters should be arrested for potentially threatening Kissinger.

As the protest continued, McCain warned the group to sit down and shut up or face arrest.

"Get out of here, you low-life scum," he finally said.

"Usually, what they do is stand up and yell and scream. I've been to many hearings where they do it," McCain told Cavuto. "But this is the first time where I've seen almost a physical confrontation."

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Just Like Obama Jordan's King Caves to Terrorists
By: Diane Sori

“The priority of Jordan from the start of the crisis was to insure the life of our son the pilot Kasasbeh.”
- Mohammad Momani, Jordan's Minister of State for Media Affairs

The man who marched in Paris against terrorism in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre is now giving in to the very ones whom he marched against. Setting a dangerous precedence and sending an equally dangerous message of capitulation to the enemy, Jordan's King Abdullah II has proven himself to be a coward of the first degree.

Tuesday, Abdullah's government...on his insistence...agreed to release convicted terrorist Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi in exchange for Jordanian air force pilot Maaz al-Kasasbeh. Captured last December 24th by ISIS during a Syrian bombing raid, al-Kasasbeh is the first coalition member to now be in the militant's hands.

In a video released this past Tuesday, ISIS had threatened to behead...the Jordanian pilot and remaining Japanese journalist Kenji Goto...a war correspondent with experience in Middle East 'so-called' hot zones (Haruna Yukawa, a private military contractor, was beheaded last Sunday). Saying they will be killed if their 24-hour deadline for an exchange was NOT met...the Japanese government has decided to work with Jordan... one of four Arab countries participating in the Syrian try to get the two men freed. And why wouldn't they as today's Japanese 'kumbaya' government is a far cry from the stalwart Japanese of 70 odd years ago.

And so Jordan...engaged in indirect talks with ISIS through religious and tribal leaders in Iraq as per the words of Bassam Al-Manasseer, chairman of Jordan's Foreign Affairs Committee...and with Japanese officials working closely with their counterparts in fact Japan's Deputy Foreign Minister Yasuhide Nakayama is in Amman to co-ordinate hostage-release efforts with join our traitor-in-chief...who exchanged five Taliban for one American breaking the cardinal rule that one does NOT negotiate with terrorists...period.

And this cowering by Abdullah has proven to be what I...and my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOT partner and friend Craig Andresen...have said all along...King Abdullah II is a weak man and an even weaker leader who buckled under growing criticism from those radical islamic sympahizers within his country who ratcheted-up the criticism of Jordan’s decision to join the American-led coalition against ISIS. And this is ever so sad as the coalition has actually proven to be quite ineffective as Obama continues to tie their hands from doing what needs to be in carpet bomb the barbarians back to the 7th century from which they were spawned...just like he tied the hands of our troops from killing too many of his blood brethren.

And the piece of human garbage ISIS demands to be released is, like I said, a woman by the name of Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi. A would-be suicide bomber who claimed she was avenging her three brothers who she says were killed by American-led troops in Iraq, this vile woman...along with her husband... was one of four suicide bombers who attacked three hotels in Amman, Jordan in 2005, killing more than 57 people. Kasabeh was the only bomber to survive because her explosive vest did NOT detonate, and she was soon captured and rightfully sentenced to death...but now could very well be freed to kill again.

Could be freed has still NOT been freed because ISIS has NOT yet proven that the Jordanian pilot or the Japanese correspondent are still alive.

And at 3pm (GMT) on Wednesday, Jordan's foreign minister Nasser Judeh wrote on Twitter: “We asked a while ago for proof that hero Maaz (al-Kaseasbeh) is alive but we have not received anything.”

So ISIS then issued their own taunting message soon after Judeh's twitter post condemning Jordan for NOT releasing al-Rishawi, adding that unless she is freed within 24 hours...and again as I write this that deadline has passed and al-Rishawi has NOT been released...the pilot, followed by Goto, will be beheaded. And they closed by saying that this is the group's last message.

And sadly, if past actions hold true, these two men will be killed and all these negotiations will be for naught...negotiations that NEVER should have taken place because who stands strong and claims to be against terrorism... especially after marching in Paris but a few short weeks does NOT now or ever negotiate with terrorists. But can we really fault Jordan's king when our own most miserable of American presidents...a man who is a traitor to all things we as Americans hold dear... negotiates with terrorists all the time. The infamous 5 for 1 Taliban/Bergdahl trade; acquiescing to Iran's wishes as they work towards securing nuclear weapons; Obama's refusal to say the words 'islamic terrorism;' his stacking our government with his muslim brethren via the Muslim Brotherhood; need I go on...didn't think so.

“The United States does not negotiate with terrorists,” insisted former State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland at the time the U.S. was pressed to release the Blind Sheik. But the sad fact is that while Obama is by far the most grievous in this aspect, America has always negotiated with terrorists all the way back to the early days of our Republic when our Founders negotiated with the Barbary pirates...muslims acting up even back then...when they authorized an annual provision of naval supplies for what they called 'protection.’ And the policy we supposedly follow today against negotiating with terrorists has its origins in the early 1970s, when terrorists began kidnapping our diplomats and government officials to attract attention to their causes, to secure the release of imprisoned comrades, or to demand money to pad their cause's coffers.

But as bad as it was our negotiating with terrorists from the 1970's through 2001 (the Iran Hostage Crisis, the Iran-Contra scandal, Bill Clinton's sitting down with Hamas and the Taliban, just to name a few), in this day and age of on-going muslim islamist terrorism...the actions of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, King Abdullah II, and the Japanese government...who ignore the fact that when one rewards those behaving badly...behaving like savages...will most assuredly have them continuing with their unspeakable acts because they know the chances are good that they will be rewarded for those very acts of behaving badly.

And never mind that negotiating with terrorists shows the world your weakness and literally puts a price on the heads of all others being held...and this is what Jordan's king and the Japanese government are now doing with this deal in the making... negotiating with terrorists also shows the world where ones true allegiances lie.

And as I write this it's 4:30 pm EST and the deal for the Jordanian pilot and the remaining Japanese correspondent has NOT yet gone through. And now with the newest deadline issued by ISIS also having passed, Jordan is again demanding proof that their pilot is still alive, and that proof has NOT yet been given. But knowing what ISIS is capable of I would safely bet that both are now without their heads...and Obama is heaving a sigh of relief that his blood brethren have again triumphed and that King Abdullah II will forever have egg on his face and be known as yet another leader who capitulates to terrorists.

Guess just like here in America it's way past time for a regime change in Jordan as well...just saying. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz named preserving President Obama's executive amnesty as the only "bright line" for the White House in the upcoming Department of Homeland Security funding bill.

"Our view is we want a clean DHS bill," Schultz said. "I've seen some reports of Republicans sort of floating certain riders and such that our bright line thus far has been we will veto anything that includes a rollback of the president's executive actions on immigration."

Obama's unprecedented executive action on immigration, issued just this past November, would grant temporary amnesty to more than 4 million illegal immigrants including, work permits, Social Security numbers, drivers licenses, and billions of dollars in tax credits.

The House of Representatives pass a DHS funding bill that would rollback Obama's 2014 executive actions, as well as his 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, earlier this month. The Senate is set to begin debate on that bill this month, but it is unclear if they can get the 60 votes necessary to overcome a Democrat filibuster.

Even if they did find the 60 votes, Obama has also issued a veto threat to any DHS funding bill that undoes his amnesty policies.
Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East and North Africa. Eight million Israelis are surrounded by some 400 million Muslims in more than 20 states. Almost all of Israel's neighbors are anti-Israeli dictatorships, monarchies or theocracies-- a number of them reduced to a state of terrorist chaos.

Given the rise of radical Islam, the huge petrodollar wealth of the Middle East and lopsided demography, how has Israel so far survived?

The Jewish state has always depended on three unspoken assumptions for its tenuous existence.
First, a democratic, nuclear Israel can deter larger enemies. In the Cold War, Soviet-backed Arab enemies understood that Israel's nuclear arsenal prevented them from destroying Tel Aviv.

Second, the Western traditions of Israel -- free-market capitalism, democracy, human rights -- ensured a dynamic economy, high-tech weapons, innovative industry and stable government. In other words, 8 million Israelis could count on a greater gross domestic product, less internal violence and more innovation than, say, nearby Egypt, a mess with 10 times more people that Israel and nearly 50 times more land.

Third, Israel counted on Western moral support from America and Europe, as well as military support from the United States.

Israel's stronger allies have often come to the defense of its democratic principles and pointed out that the world applies an unfair standard to Israel, largely out of envy of its success, anti-Semitism, fear of terrorism and fondness of oil exporters.

Why, for example, does the United Nations focus so much attention on Palestinians who fled Israel nearly 70 years ago but ignore Muslims who were forced out of India, or Jews who were ethnically cleansed from the cities of the Middle East? Why doesn't the world worry that Nicosia is a more divided city than Jerusalem, or that Turkey occupies northern Cyprus, or that China occupies Tibet?
Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East and North Africa. Eight million Israelis are surrounded by some 400 million Muslims in more than 20 states. Almost all of Israel's neighbors are anti-Israeli dictatorships, monarchies or theocracies-- a number of them reduced to a state of terrorist chaos.

Given the rise of radical Islam, the huge petrodollar wealth of the Middle East and lopsided demography, how has Israel so far survived?

The Jewish state has always depended on three unspoken assumptions for its tenuous existence.
First, a democratic, nuclear Israel can deter larger enemies. In the Cold War, Soviet-backed Arab enemies understood that Israel's nuclear arsenal prevented them from destroying Tel Aviv.

Second, the Western traditions of Israel -- free-market capitalism, democracy, human rights -- ensured a dynamic economy, high-tech weapons, innovative industry and stable government. In other words, 8 million Israelis could count on a greater gross domestic product, less internal violence and more innovation than, say, nearby Egypt, a mess with 10 times more people that Israel and nearly 50 times more land.

Third, Israel counted on Western moral support from America and Europe, as well as military support from the United States.

Israel's stronger allies have often come to the defense of its democratic principles and pointed out that the world applies an unfair standard to Israel, largely out of envy of its success, anti-Semitism, fear of terrorism and fondness of oil exporters.

Why, for example, does the United Nations focus so much attention on Palestinians who fled Israel nearly 70 years ago but ignore Muslims who were forced out of India, or Jews who were ethnically cleansed from the cities of the Middle East? Why doesn't the world worry that Nicosia is a more divided city than Jerusalem, or that Turkey occupies northern Cyprus, or that China occupies Tibet?
Iran Targets Netanyahu’s Sons
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Yair and Avner Netanyahu are the latest targets of the Iranian regime.

But Obama threatens to veto any sanctions against the world’s number one state sponsor of terror.
“In Call for Revenge, Iran Targets Netanyahu’s Sons,” Breaking Israeli News, January 28, 2015
Yair and Avner Netanyahu are the latest targets of the Iranian regime.
A website affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) has painted a proverbial target on the backs of the sons of the current and former prime ministers of Israel.
The threat came in response to an alleged IAF airstrike last week in Syria in which 12 Hezbollah and Iranian operatives, including an Iranian general, were killed.
Mashregh News website ran an...

WHITE HOUSE SpokesIdiot says: “The Taliban is NOT a terrorist organization” 
Bare Naked Islam


Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz responded to a question about whether Jordan’s plan to make a prisoner trade with ISIS was similar to the U.S. swapping five Taliban members for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. First, Schultz said that the U.S. doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Then he said, “I don’t think that the Taliban is a terrorist organization…it is an armed insurgency.”

FOX News  “It slits throats, it attacks buses, it drives car bombs into markets, it slaughters hundreds of schoolchildren, and it’s not a terrorist group? Look, you can’t parody this administration,” Charles Krauthammer said this evening on “Special Report.” This comes at the same time as Al Jazeera English’s directives not to use words like terrorist, extremist, Islamist or jihad.


See Krauthammer video here:


Obamacare Fiasco Will Cost $50,000 Per Person


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President Obama’s signature healthcare legislation was sold to the American people as a way to shield the 30 million Americans without health insurance from disaster. It would cost $900 billion over ten years, and it would not add a single dime to the deficit. It would strengthen the economy, protect America’s most vulnerable, and provide a shining highway to a bold new future.
Of course, we all knew it was BS from the start. Those who didn’t know found out when the architect of the law – Jonathan Gruber – was exposed admitting as much to his liberal colleagues. And those that didn’t even believe it then are finding out now. The Congressional Budget Office has released their report on the law’s estimated budget for the next decade, and they’ve found some discrepancies between the truth and the promises. In other words, the report has exposed the lies. Again.
According to the CBO, it will cost the United States $50,000 for every single person who signs up for insurance under Obamacare. That’s real taxpayer money, and it translates to about $1.35 trillion over the next ten years. For the mathematically-challenged, that’s about $135 billion more than Obama promised. What’s even more insidious is that the CBO projects that 30 million Americans will still be uninsured by the end of the projected time period.
To pay for it, in part, will be more than $600 billion in new taxes, fees, and penalties attached to the law. That this still leaves a shortfall of several hundred billion dollars is a matter the administration would prefer not to address. And if the medical device tax is overturned, the shortfall will be even more substantial. What does that do to the national debt? What does that do to the financial stability of the United States?
When you combine the law’s expansion of Medicaid with its subsidies for low-earning Americans, the total cost rises to nearly $2 trillion. Of course, this figure is shockingly distant from the $900 billion Obama originally promised. His lie of omission was made possible by the graduated implementation of the law. When he made his promise in 2010, looking forward ten years, he was able to include a four-year period where Obamacare would only be partially unveiled. The big spending didn’t start until last year. Deception and lies, just as Gruber admitted.
The really frightening thing is that all of these estimates are based on a best-case-scenario. They do not include the economic effects that the employer mandate could have on the country. They do not include the disastrous effects of Obama’s illegal immigration action, which could encourage employers to choose immigrants over citizens because they would be exempt from the insurance mandate.
Republicans need to focus on an alternative to Obamacare that can rally Americans against this despicable waste of money. Repeal efforts will be in vain if there is not a sensible plan put forth. We need that plan right now, before we go so far down the Obamacare path that voters forget how awful it really is.
- See more at:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Congratulations on your new healthcare system, America. It's actively hurting far more people than it's helping, it's whiffing on virtually every central promise made in its promotion, it's been widely unpopular from the moment it was proposed, and this parade of failure will cost you a cool $2 trillion over the next ten years. We've exposed Congressional Democrats' bogus 2010 accounting gimmicks many times before, and the tab just keeps growing (via Phil Klein):

President Obama's healthcare law will spend about $2 trillion over the next decade on expanding insurance coverage but still leave 31 million Americans uninsured, according to an analysis from the Congressional Budget Office released on Monday
When Obama pitched the healthcare law to Congress, he said it would cost "around $900 billion" over 10 years. But his statement was misleading because the way the law was designed, the major spending provisions didn't kick in until 2014. This meant that 10-year estimates at the time the law was passed in 2010 were artificially low, because they included four years (2010 through 2013) in which spending was negligible. The new CBO analysis finds that between fiscal years 2016 and 2025, spending on the law's expansion of Medicaid will cost $920 billion and insurance exchange subsidies will cost nearly $1.1 trillion. The major spending provisions, taken together, will total $1.993 trillion....By 2025, the end of the projection period, the CBO projects that Obamacare will increase insurance coverage by a net of 27 million, while 31 million will remain uninsured.
Klein notes that the full impact of the law's various delays, waivers and Kafkaesque pay-fors aren't reflected in the latest CBO numbers because Congress' nonpartisan bookkeepers have given up on trying to provide full fiscal impact analyses about Obamacare.  Conn wrote up CBO's budget projections earlier in the week; they belie President Obama's tendentious crowing about deficit reduction in his State of the Union Address. He always elides the inconvenient part about the unprecedented explosion of red ink in his first term:

The "low" FY 2015 deficit is still hundreds of billions of dollars higher than the Bush average, and our annual shortfalls are expected to soar again in the coming years, once again topping $1 trillion by decade's end.  A House Budget Committee review of the numbers concludes, "these deficits will add another $9.5 trillion to the national debt by the end of the decade – bringing the total to over $27 trillion."  The United States has accrued roughly $8 trillion in national debt since President Obama took office, making him far and away America's undisputed historical 'Debt King.'  By Obama's own standard, his fiscal tenure has been exceptionally "unpatriotic." I'll leave you with embattled CBO director Doug Elmendorf describing the country's fiscal footing as unsustainable at a hearing this week:

This reality has been clear for some time, but the White House is explicitly uninterested in solving the problem. The president and his party would prefer to cynically demonize others' solutions for short-term political gain -- because, you see, Obama is so committed to engendering "a better politics." The federal government has a spending problem, and in spite of all of the DC chatter about "the rich," middle class earners should be worried about leviathan's rapacious appetite.
See video here: 
During testimony and questioning from lawmakers Wednesday on Capitol Hill, attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch failed to answer questions about the Department of Justice role in the IRS targeting scandal, arguing because she hasn't been briefed on the case in her capacity as U.S. Attorney, she can't comment.

"With regards to the actions of any of the agencies in our government there is certainly no place for bias, or favortism, or anything other than the even handed application of the relevant laws and regulations. Certainly, that has always been my goal as a prosecutor and would be my continued goal should I be confirmed," Lynch said. "With respect to the IRS investigation, I am generally aware that there is an investigation going on but it's not a matter that's either being conducted by my office or that I've been briefed on as United States attorney so I am not able to comment on the status now." 

Tomorrow Catherine Engelbrecht, President of voter integrity group True The Vote, will testify in front of the Committee about DOJ's role in the IRS targeting scandal, which included inquiries about how the agencies could work together on criminal prosecution and charges for conservative groups who "lied" about political activity on application forms.

Department of Justice leaders appointed trial attorney Barbara Bosserman in 2013 to investigate targeting of conservative groups. Bosserman is a democratic donor and gave thousands of dollars to President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.

You can watch Lynch's remarks here. Her comments about the IRS targeting scandal can be found at time marker 46:36.

Former Defense Intel Chief Blows the Whistle on Obama

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

There is no question that I and a handful of brave, honest voices of truth are/were correct and have been for years. Here Lt. General Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, says what we have been saying for the past 10 tears. Our warnings have been largely ignored, not just by the usual suspects, but by the right as well. So reading this in the Weekly Standard is, well….satisfying.
And it is also true that Obama has been purging anyone who speaks of the jihad threat or seeks to oppose it. It is clear. It’s treachery at the most senior level.

Reading what former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency Lt. General Michael Flynn says here is like reading an Atlas blog post. It’s staggering to...

Two Rotten Peas in One Very Rotten Pod

By: Diane Sori

“There will be hell to pay for Obama’s critics in the second term.”
- the words of puppet master Valerie Jarrett to all who oppose Obama's socialist and islamic agenda

OK...let's get something straight right up front...Barack HUSSEIN Obama is indeed a muslim. He surrounds himself with muslims...his actions and words confirm he is a muslim...and NO church in America has any record of him ever having converted to Christianity.

Now with that said it must be understood how this man has allowed our American government to be infiltrated by the enemy...and YES...muslims at this point in time are indeed America's enemy. And I do NOT want to hear 'it's NOT all muslims' because guess is...for where are the so-called moderate muslim voices condemning the actions of the for a mere handful they remain silent...and if you do NOT condemn you condone...period.

Now let's remember that Obama is the very man...who through the fiasco known as the Arab Spring...actually aided in and allowed the rise to power of islamic terrorist groups in the Middle East, most notable at this point in time being ISIS. And he is also the man who allowed federal government positions of importance to be filled by members of the Muslim Brotherhood...a designated terrorist group in its own right. And with them now holding positions of power, it's in-your-face-obvious how U.S. policy has undergone a drastic 180 degree turn to outright supporting those who shall we say, behave very badly, while at the same time throwing our allies aside...especially Israel.

Cases in point and these are but a few...remember just as relations with Libya were somewhat normalizing Obama threw his support to the al-Qaida backed militias opposing Gaddafi's secular government (Gaddafi had renounced terrorism and was aiding the West with intelligence)...remember Benghazi and the could only have come from him 'stand down order'...remember his support for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood puppet President Mohammed Morsi and how it took a populist uprising and a military coup to remedy that 'so-called' unfortunate situation...remember his still on-going support and sending of our taxpayer dollars to al-Qaida, ISIS, and Muslim Brotherhood linked 'so-called' rebels in Syria...and remember too his announcing our dates of withdrawal from the Iraqi and Afghan war theaters which gave America's enemies...his blood brethren...the time they needed to lay low, regroup, and move forward.

And always remember his continuing refusal to call the terrorism now gripping the world what it truly is...muslim islamic terrorism...key words being 'muslim' and 'islamic'...key words that describe exactly who Barack HUSSEIN Obama is.

Yeah...Barack HUSSEIN Obama...the man who thinks the most beautiful sound in the world is the muslim call to a muslim alright and so also believed to be is a certain key member serving as his Senior Advisor...that being puppet master Valerie Jarrett.

Born in Iran in 1956 to American expatriate parents working as doctors in the aftermath of the CIA-assisted MI6 coup that deposed Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh (a champion of secular democracy who resisted foreign domination especially in his push to nationalize Iran's oil industry), and with Farsi as her mother tongue, this most vile woman held top positions in local Chicago government, politics, and business, and now with the official titles...but with her NEVER having been vetted or confirmed by Senate hearings...of 'Senior Advisor' and 'Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement,' Valerie Jarrett's hands are deep into every major and minor decision this miserable excuse of a president makes.

In fact, it's been rumored that Valerie Jarrett tells Obama what each and every one of his decisions will be, who he can or cannot appoint to government positions, and she probably does so while dining with the first family in their private quarters most each and every night. And the decisions...besides critical policy decisions...
include her cattily telling Obama who’s loyal to him and who’s NOT...who he should see or NOT see when visiting a foreign country...and which foreign leaders he is 'allowed' to invite to the White House and who must at all costs be kept in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

And Valerie Jarrett...just like her NOT only (I believe) an American traitor, but like Obama is a true islamic sympathizer. A freely admitted socialist and progressive with decidedly communist leanings, her goals are every bit as nefarious as Obama’s, and that includes her sharing his wish to 'fundamentally change' our beloved America into something totally unrecognizable to 'We the People' 'fix-America' if you will to be more like the rest of the be part of the caliphate as the end game.

As unrecognizable to us as her anything but pro-American background now comes her belief that Obama was elected president to engineer social change. Simply put, Jarrett's communist/socialist views lean most decidedly to the communist side courtesy of her parents being communist sympathizers, her family having intermarried (Valerie Jarrett is black) into the ever-so nefarious Bill Ayers family along with her grandfather and ex-father-in-law's involvement with Frank Marshall Davis, the former head of the Communist Party USA and who some believe is Obama's true daddy. And oh yes...many claim it was Valerie Jarrett herself who introduced Michelle to Obama...introduced my eye...who 'arranged' this sham of a marriage between two racially-driven people who hate their black Obama's case his half black much as they hate white much as they hate this country.

Vicious little circle isn't it...and it gets's this for a bit of background and I only touch the surface, but know that Obama's and Jarrett's ties run do her ties to any and everything corrupt emanating from this White House. In fact, at Obama's insistence, Jarrett sits in on National Security Council meetings, meetings on the economy, on the budget, and on foreign policy. And get this, Jarrett, who outwardly supports the Muslim Brotherhood's agenda, is also 'point man' for the administration in meetings with muslim activists, and she routinely, albeit 'privately' (as in what is she hiding), meets with muslim and Arab-American leaders and advocates at the White House to discuss and share policy information, as well as briefing them on health care legislation, foreign policy, the economy, immigration issues, and critical national security information. I call that 'aiding and abetting the enemy'...I call that treason.

And like others of her in the Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson mold...Valerie Jarrett, a typical Chicago lawyer, built her career lining her pockets by taking advantage of her own people. While working in Chicago this anything but noble women was what we call a slumlord while at the same time working as a 'supposed' reformer... sounds akin to Obama's community organizing now doesn't it. And here's a shocker....her slum project was in... surprise...surprise...former State Senator Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Senatorial district. And it was he who helped Jarrett secure federal funding for said slum... Grove Parc Plaza. And as the CEO of Habitat Co., which managed Grove Parc Plaza, her mismanagement led to the complex being seized by the federal government after inspectors found the conditions 'unlivable.' And this in turn led to then Chicago Mayor Daily (the second Mayor Daily) to fire her sorry butt after a scandal erupted over Jarrett's role in misuse of of the very public funds Obama helped her secure for this, among other things, 'unlivable' public housing project...for this slum.

And this woman is now Obama's 'right-hand-man' if you piece of trash advising another piece of trash on important issues facing our country...and doing so from a strictly islamist point of view as they work together to make America ever weaker on the world stage.

And advise Obama...more like order Obama...she does...most times to serve her own evil purposes, which thankfully sometimes backfire on her. An angry black woman...just like was Jarrett who told Obama he needed to force a showdown with Republicans over ObamaCare as part of her so-'called' strategy to regain Democratic control of the House...which obviously failed. Also having Jarrett's marks all over it are the overly-expensive, unworkable, and much hated anything but health care plan known as ObamaCare complete with its 'death panels' and HHS mandate requiring all religious groups and institutions to fund both abortion drugs and contraception. And it was Jarrett who insisted Obama allocate the $535 million taxpayer-funded loan guarantee to Solyndra...and we all know how that one turned out.

But it's her successes of sorts that are truly dangerous, and they come by way of her close ties to the Iranian government. Remember it was Valerie Jarrett who got Obama to fire most if NOT all competent administration appointees and replace them with pro-islamist the names of supposed muslim converts John Brennan and Chuck Hagel ring a bell. And of course she did so that she could orchestrate and control, through her puppet Obama, the Iranian nuclear talks to work in favor of her birth country. In fact, Jarrett is alleged to have held secret talks in Bahrain with representatives of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's government for a year before the formal negotiations in Geneva began. And her goal...and let's be honest here...was to work it so that at the talks Kerry would sign-off on whatever Iran wanted...which on Obama's orders...on her orders actually...he did. Iran did after all get to continue their uranium enrichment program...that was worked out during those secret talks...and now have the upper hand in the current round of anything but disarmament talks...all courtesy of Valerie Jarrett pulling Obama's strings.

But even with all the power Jarrett wields, I do need to make one thing clear NO matter that the conspiracy sorts might NOT like it...Valerie Jarrett did NOT issue the order to 'stand down' in Benghazi because she had nor does she continue to have any legal or Constitutional authority to do so. And NO general, admiral, or ranking officer loyal to the Constitution would accept any order from her to 'stand down.' It was Obama himself who gave that order...period.

But the bottom line remains that Valerie Jarrett is the most dangerous and vindictive woman in America today for it's she using radical political and social propaganda...aided by the mainstream media of course...who actually makes Obama's decisions for him...which he than as president implements...decisions that include knowingly sabotaging our economy and helping to make our beloved America less safe. It's Valerie Jarrett who directs Obama's Marxixt/socialist agenda that equates to big government controlling every aspect of our lives...and it's Valerie Jarrett...power hungry ego-maniacal narcissist that she is...who feeds into and actually directs Obama's wish to do away with the country our Founders envisioned and to replace it with a sharia ruled islamic theocracy.

But being kept from Obama as he revels in a clueless reality that exists in his mind only is that it's with Valerie Jarrett herself as queen bee and with him as NOTHING but a lowly worker bee in-waiting.