Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Guatemalan And American Officials Agree On How To Stop America's Immigration Crisis

Guatemalan And American Officials Agree On How To Stop America's Immigration CrisisThe Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Ministry of Government of Guatemala on Tuesday signed an agreement aimed at combatting the flooding of illegal aliens to America's southern border. The two countries will work together to combat human smuggling and trafficking; drug trafficking; illegal trade and financial flows in the Northern Triangle of Central America – Guatemala, Honduras. and El Salvador.

“I am proud to sign this agreement with Minister Enrique Antonio Degenhart,” Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan said in a statement. “Through our continued collaboration and partnership, the U.S. and Guatemala are formalizing a number of initiatives to improve the lives and security of our respective citizens by combating human trafficking and the smuggling of illegal goods, helping to limit ‘push’ factors that encourage dangerous irregular migration to the U.S., perpetuating the ongoing crisis at or border.”
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blames one side in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

As Governor DeSantis should. It is the Palestinian leadership who have prolonged the conflict with Israel, due to  their terrorism, incitement, and Jew-hatred. DeSantis is rightfully providing Israel with unconditional and total support over the Palestinians.

Furthermore, why would any rational American take sides with the neo-Nazi and anti-America Palestinians, over the democratic and pro-America Israel? This is not rocket science.

It is only the anti-Semitic Left (the Democrats) who would  align with the murderous Palestinian Authority. #JEXIT!

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